mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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festival preview

25.–26.08.2012 • Greece In the North of Greece, situated between sea and mountains, at a spacious beach celebrate a 4 Day International Music, Arts, and Sustainable Living Festival. Where Aristotle was born, named after the real Godmother of Greek gods, in the North of Greece this festival will let you experience music and arts at its finest. The festival, named after Gaea, the embodiment of Earth in ancient Greek religion, will be held between the 23rd and 26th of August at Asprovalta which is in the North of Greece and close to Thessaloniki (80km), which is also the nearest airport. Situated between the sea and mountains, at a 15 km long, spacious beach - and close to the birthplace of Aristotle - people who are seeking a harmonious relationship with our planet will celebrate a ‚4 Day International Music, Arts, and Sustainable Living Festival‘. At each of the two floors, named ‚Pangea stage‘ and ‚Land of Wonder stage‘ around 40 DJs and acts form all over the world, a good many from Greece and Germany will be playing: Natron (D), Duotekk (SWE), Frechbax (D), Grouch (NZ) Ibojima (SWE), J+B project (D), S range (SWE), Lemonchill (IS), Terra nine (NZ) to name but a few. At a market area called ‚Alternative Agora‘ clothing, equipment and all sorts of accessories will be offered. Gates will open at 8:00 am on the 22nd. There will be a large space for camping divided into 2 distinct camping areas complete with toilets, showers and free water, plus a quiet area for families. You should not bring glass, pets, generators, and illicit drugs. Phone reception enables you to make everyone envious at home. Tickets will be 80 Euros (between 1st of May and 31st of July), 90 Euros from 1st to 20st of August, and 100 euros at the doors. Gaea festival is organized by Gaea Production which is an „event promotion company“ aiming to provide „a completely original and highly creative atmosphere“ while also fervently supporting sustainability standards, e.g. ‚Recycle, Reuse, Reclaim‘.

An einem Strand in Asprovalta, im Norden Griechenlands wird zwischen dem 23. und 26. August vier Tage lang internationale Musik, Kunst und nachhaltiges Leben gefeiert - der nächste Flughafen ist Thessaloniki. Auf zwei Floors spielen jeweils rund 40 DJs und Live Acts aus der ganzen Welt. Auf der ‚Alternative Agora‘ werdet ihr allerlei Schönes und Nützliches finden. Einlass ist ab 8 Uhr morgens am 22.. Der Campingbereich wird alles vorhalten, was zu erwarten ist - Glas, Haustiere, Generatoren sowie illegalisierte Substanzen sollten besser zu Hause gelassen werden. Tickets beginnen bei 80 Euro (1.Mai bis 31.Juli), 90 Euro (1.-20.August) und 100 Euro Abendkasse. ‚Recycle, Reuse, Reclaim‘.