mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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locks into position – under no circumstances should you skimp here unless the words “falling laptop” don’t make you cringe. Finally, a good way to add one more layer of protection to your laptop is to get a keyboard cover, like this one that KB Covers makes that actually comes with the Traktor keyboard shortcuts printed on it! Be A Booth Nazi This one can be hard, but one of the best ways to keep your gear safe is to be extravigilant about what goes on in the DJ booth. It’s ok to say ‚no‘ to people coming up to you: No, you can’t come in the booth; No, you can’t keep your drink on the booth, etc. You don’t want to be a party pooper here, but when it comes down to it, your gear is worth it.

Our best advice here is to make friends with the in-club security (if there is any) and asking them to keep an eye out for you and your gear. Often times they can help you by running interference on patrons who are insistant about breaking your booth rules, and when you’re in the

middle of a set it’s great to have someone who can lend you a hand in this respect. Think Like A Roadie: Use Gaffer’s Tape If you find your gear perching a bit too precariously, consider bringing along a roll of gaffer’s tape and taping down your controllers, laptops, or perhaps most importantly, your audio, USB, and power cables. The last thing you want is your soundcard’s USB connection to get snagged and pulled out. Ean takes great pride in a simple custom USB snake that he made for his setup, which ensures that his USB cables stay connected to his hub- a source of constant irritation. You can make one yourself just by taping together all of your USB cables into a hub! DIY at its finest. Protect Your Most Important Asset It’s time to talk very briefly about protecting the one

thing you can lose very quickly but can’t buy again: your hearing. Hearing loss is no joke in the DJ world, so be sure to bring and USE two very valuable tools: Regular earplugs (for before and after your sets): Other DJs are gonna be blasting the place, and there’s no sense in getting ear fatigue before you even get a chance to play. In-Ear monitors or musician’s earplugs, but if you don’t have the cash for them, consider getting a special pair of earplugs for musicians that evenly block sound across the spectrum, allowing you to DJ with them in.

After Your Gig Nice job! You’ve finished your gig, and now it’s time to pack up your gear. This is when you’re going to lose most of your stuff if you’re not careful – you’re excited, ready to party with your head in the clouds. Take a moment