mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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New releases Geomagnetic Records Cortex: Remix It Shake: I Breathe Music Sychodelicious: Another Level Jaws Underground: Frontier(s) Raz: Music For Ever Sienis: Remixer Organika: by Shake Terraformers: No Rules BioKinetix: RockTheWorld SuperNatural v.2: by Viber Tetrium: Precision Mechanics


New releases GOA Records Ainur: 7th Spirit Sun Tribe: Boom Energtica Optical Report: Hypnotist Diemos: We Have Forgotten Goa Masters v.1 2CD: Random Try2Fly: Faith Innovation Modification: Memories Goa Moon v.3: Ovnimoon/Dr. Spook 01-N: Raison D‘etre TeTuna: Crazy Trips Sonic Elysium: Mahaon

New releases Ovnimoon Records Ovnimoon: Magnetic Portal Rmx 2CD Progressive Textures 2CD: Ovnimoon Lupin: Espacio de Mezclas Chile Psy v2: Ovnimoon Voxel9: Beyond Barby: Infiltrator Ren Toudu: Intangible Side Winder: Faith Alchemix: The Visions Begin Trinodia: Stargazing Mysteries Of Psytrance v.2 Ovnimoon

20 Years of Psychedelic Trance This anthology of the Goa-Psytrance movement is the first comprehensive book about our scene: statements of 45 authors and 700 expressive images from more than 40 photographers document the unique and unparalleled global culture of Psytrance and showing events on all five continents, including the legendary Boom Festival in Portugal, the Ozora Festival in Hungary or Burning Man in the USA. 320 full-color pages in 25 x 25 cm size, 4 lbs (1.9 kg) mega book – for only € 49.80! ISBN 978-3-03788-189-7 (Book & DVD)

Order now at or at or by email: Discount for collective orders! We are looking for worldwide distributors! NACHTSCHATTEN VERLAG AG Kronengasse 11, 4502 Solothurn, Switzerland.