mushroom magazine May/June 2012

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Vertigo Records Innovative sound of the underground Founded in 2004, Vertigo Records from Moscow was one of the first Psytrance labels in Russia. Almost 30 CD releases tell the story of a true underground sound legend. However, there still is evolution going on. What is the sound of Vertigo Records, how did it evolve? At the beginning, Vertigo was known for its cutting-edge Dark Psy releases, both from Russian and international artists like e.g. Psykovsky, Furious, Terminator, The Nommos or Dejan- which we discovered to be on the edge of modern psychedelic sound. After some years our music preference moved towards the morning or twilight area with original and diverse sounds. Since 2007 we release different styles of well-done underground Psy music. Were there any changes in the label structure, too? Today the label management consists of DJ Nowhereman, label founder and main ideologist, and DJ Max Crystal, co-owner of the Label. He joined in 2007 and influenced Nowhereman & Max Crystal the new sound line, which is still underground, but more diverse with artists like Ocelot, artists to help them to get more recognition Trold, Yudhisthira, Terrafractyl, etc. Recently DJ Unitone joined the label as marketing and and gigs. booking manager. Tell us a bit of your plans for this year! What is your strategy to keep up with Very soon we will release the long-awaited album Equilibrium by Andromeda, who is a good the modern Trance scene? friend of the label. At the end of the year we exWe try to keep up with the music market. As pect the 3rd album by legendary Trold: Time For CD sales go down, we focus on digital sales Solution. Plus a couple of compilations, one Chill of our music, our latest releases are now available at all the online traders. Despite that Out and one Psytrance CD. We also plan a few we also continue making a limited amount of digital-only EPs by acts such as Whoop, Soladria, etc. Let the Vertigo in your mind! CDs for our staunch fans. In our online shop fans can find all our older releases which are not available anymore anywhere else. And we started to provide booking services for our LIKE US AT FACEBOOK: