mushroom magazine May/June 2012

Page 25



Killerwatts „Blow your mind“ (Nano Records) The debut album from the power house duo of Tristan and Avalon, which focuses on creating full force daytime tracks for big crowds and monster sound systems, Never shy to experiment and push their sonic limits, they teamed up with young Brazilian Psy sensation Waio on 2 tracks - sure dancefloor hits.

Loud „No More X“ (Nano Records) Loud are pushing boundaries once more with their new album. It makes way for a fresh sound, a more mature approach demonstrating a move towards a deeper more listener friendly sound. A musical journey of deep Trance grooves and hypnotic acid spirals - as much for home listening and dance floor.

Jocid „No boundaries trance“ (Pixan Records) No one like Jocid reflects the Pixan spirit. With his fifth album Joshua Gablam rewards us with a stylish and perfect understanding of the psychedelic fields. With every track you almost hear John Cleese‘s voice from the Monty Python‘s in your head saying.“And now for something completely different!“

Musik Magier „Moved“ (Cyan Music) ‚Moved‘ as all of his productions so far features a eight- tracks mixture of Psychedelic and organic Forest Psy backed by powerful bass lines, ingenious breaks, and drifting atmospheres. Being neither Full-On nor Minimal Musik Magier‘s style is some organic fusion of both: multi-layered Psytrance.

Andromeda „Equilibrium“ (Vertigo Records) This CD is definitely one of the most long awaited scene comebacks of this year. Legendary Swedish progressive Trance maestro Andromeda is back with a new exciting solo album. Without doubt most of the tracks from this album will become dancefloor anthems in the upcoming open air festival season.

Crossing Mind „The Inner Shoft“ (Suntrip Records) The 2nd Crossing Mind album is a concentrate of dancefloor devastators made of dishy Goa melodies spiced up with acidic sounds & hypnotic background atmospheres. All story-tellers ensuring a mindboggling colorful trip! The Inner Shift also provides 2 downtempo tracks for a safe landing back to reality!