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The Radiant Macrocosm of an Imperishable Optimism Timothy Warrington International Confederation of Art Critics

Through his intense artistic pathway, Bilge has developed astonishingly forceful approaches based on the ancient Turkish cultural heritage, such as the Turkish Weave, Turkish Whirling and Dissolve techniques, born by mixing the oil paint with alkyds and resins. Subsequently he is enchanted by wood and started to convey his creative instinct on a Cedar trunk, sliced, dried, sanded and carved. The outcome is an intensely vivid surface of paint, whether on canvas or wood, in front of which the viewer is dazzled by the brightness of the pure tints. These vibrant hues have always followed Bilge’s evolution in styles and creative efforts, in a production that is increasingly stunning and extensive. The authentic mastery of an artist is to inspire unique emotions in the inner subconscious of the spectators and Bilge’s artworks fully meet this canon. At first sight, we are completely enchanted by a waterfall of bright, pure colours that immediately capture our primary senses. Thus our primordial emotions are shaken by the vibrant contrasts of tints used by Bilge and therefore his works are able to catch the eye, as magnets for our senses.

‘Endless Revolution‘, 2014 Oil / Mixed media on board, 130x173cm 73

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Gültekin Bilge - The Compelling Unveiling of Souls  

Gültekin Bilge - The Compelling Unveiling of Souls