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Two Faced World a green area - the soft, vital part of the body - portraying representatives of the people alongside distressed and suffering men. These two very distinct, separated and non-communicating partitions are painted in Bilge’s typical ‘Turkish Whirling’ technique that is a personal elaboration of ‘Ebru’, in which colours are dropped and manipulated on a shallow watery surface only to be subsequently transferred onto paper or cloth, giving the typical effect of marble striations. This artwork is a perfect balance between visual beauty and depth of meaning. It is rich with texture, colour, dynamism and perspective and at the same time with profound symbolism and significance. A





engages all our senses thoroughly and leads us towards an intrinsic message of hope. The two profiles that face in opposite directions can also represent the most ancient two faced Roman God Janus Bifrons, who turns one face towards the past and one towards the future: a past divided by fratricidal conflicts and an auspicious and possible future made of fraternal harmony.

Karen Lappon International Confederation of Art Critics

‘Two Faced World‘, 2011 Oil / Mixed media on wood, 69x183cm 59

Profile for Chianciano Art Museum

Gültekin Bilge - The Compelling Unveiling of Souls  

Gültekin Bilge - The Compelling Unveiling of Souls