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Gültekin Bilge

Artwork Analysis All is divided in two in Bilge’s world. Be it divisions and factions or hypocrisy and deceit. Be it personal or social, individual or political. Whatever the case, Bilge hunts duplicity to its most hidden lair, brings it to light and denounces it as the pathology of the world. This clear, forceful message can be read throughout all his series. It is ever present and the cause of much turmoil for the artist. “Two Faced World” is maybe the emblem of Bilge’s statement. It is part of the Carved Wood series. The slice of tree trunk has been intentionally carved into the shape of a woman, a black silhouette embodying Mother Earth that conceals the various causes and effects of division, represented by the two faced figures in the outline. A green spread of colour speckled with red, like flowers on a field, painted with the sgraffito effect of Bilge’s ‘Turkish Weave’ technique, indicates the perceived and generally accepted symbol of the fecundity of Mother Earth, behind which a vertical and a horizontal line delineate the hidden underlying truths. Two red lines, like the blood spilt in conflicts, separate a blue area - the head of the figure - in which the faces of politicians and deus ex machina decision makers are depicted, from

‘Twisted Neck Woman‘, 2011 Oil / Mixed media on wood, 59x170cm 58

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Gültekin Bilge - The Compelling Unveiling of Souls  

Gültekin Bilge - The Compelling Unveiling of Souls