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Flows of Pure Creation in the Harmony of the Whole Elena Foschi Art Historian

In “Dissolve” series, dazzling luminous spots of light seem to take shape among the predominant multi-coloured areas, and they appear to us as thoughts, dreams, psychological connections between different souls. Every presence in Bilge’s painting is a network with the “outside”, in an increasing blaze of conjunctions that inspires an extreme intensity. Here, Bilge has the power to cause a vibration in our souls. In compositions such as “Love is Like This” the contours vibrate and sparkling touches of light blend together, ready to change form. Ultimately, in Bilge’s creations a metamorphosis is in progress: endless chrysalises are convulsively palpitating to become beautiful butterflies, the bodies inter-penetrate and melt into one resplendent creature. We perceive a feeling inspired by D’Annunzio’s “panic sentiment”, a very profound perception of the outside world that creates a fusion between the natural and the human element: a tension in identifying oneself with the natural forces and instinctively merging with them. Bilge’s characters slowly become a simple unit, the faces meld in an orchestra of thoughts, worries, fears and human empathy. This empathy is so powerful it radiates compassion. This comprehensive philosophical naturism and completion comes to its climax with the viewer’s presence: now, we also adhere with all our senses and with all our vitality to Bilge’s nature, immersed in his artworks and blended with his vibrating soul.

‘Love Is Like This‘, 2011 Oil / Mixed media on board, 75x93cm 51

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Gültekin Bilge - The Compelling Unveiling of Souls  

Gültekin Bilge - The Compelling Unveiling of Souls