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Gültekin Bilge


Inner Life

The “Inner Life” series highlights the contrast between the two dimensions of man: the personal hidden world and the outer visible one. Not always intra-personal communication is clear and fluid and Bilge represents this difficulty, on one hand, through a vortex made of a continuous spiral-like brush stroke that connects us with our core; on the other hand, with a concentric series of blurry circles outlining the confusion we experience when looking for the focal point within ourselves. As the artist quotes: “I felt the need to make a contrast between forms symbolising subtle inner energies and other forms representing the material appearance of human life, [...] The inner images represent life at a different level of energy like life within a cell. They also symbolise our emotional, creative and psychological energy, which may be less tangible, but not less real.”

‘Mozart: The Source‘, 2010 Oil / Mixed media on board, 68x85cm


Profile for Chianciano Art Museum

Gültekin Bilge - The Compelling Unveiling of Souls  

Gültekin Bilge - The Compelling Unveiling of Souls