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CritiCal nalysis ArtistaName Artist selected for the Chianciano Biennale Artist: Dr. MartĂ­n Raskovsky organised by the Chianciano Art Museum Art Critic: Christopher Rosewood

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“Out There” Oil on Canvas

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The Critique

(The following text is an example critique by the International Confederation of Art Critics, however this particular artist is not exhibiting in the Chianciano Biennale) Frances Dennis is a complex and expressive artist from Perth, Western Australia, gifted with the innate ability to conceive evocative and stimulating paintings as well as fabulously unique ceramic sculptures. The artist experiments with a wide variety of mediums, however her primary affinity is with oil and therefore is the chosen technique addressed by this critical text. The artist is definitely inspired by Turner, and his passionate landscapes, albeit her approach to painting is exceptionally diverse and eloquently conveys her distinctive imagination. Her compositions are beautifully enriched with colour and movement that is, at times, soft while simultaneously inherently powerful. Dennis is much more than merely a landscape painter, she is an observer and part of her artistic gift is to be able to assimilate her surroundings, analyse visual input and translate her experiences onto canvas. Dennis interprets the landscape and translates it through her language of emotion. The result of such a process is the direct opposite of a figurative approach to art and is an inquisitive journey through composition and subconscious inspiration. The viewer encounters artworks that do not intend to be narrative representations of nature but magical worlds uniquely conceived through the artist’s creative vision and imagination, thus inviting the viewer to ponder and reflect. Dennis’s vibrant artworks are able to be wonderfully personal and, in parallel, also a stimulating homage to art history. She is an impressive and innovative artist with powerful variety and numerous facets to her creative process. Connections can be made between Dennis and Edvard Munch, primarily in her portraits and in relation to the depth to the work, as Expressionism is undoubtedly an inspiration in her paintings with the delightful choice of intense colour, emotive application of oil and the innate ability to convey emotion. The artist explores the artistic style of not painting the objective reality but instead creates artwork that explores the responses and instincts that arise within the viewer. Dennis utilises numerous aspects of her artistic innovation in the formation of her extraordinary abstract paintings, and quite certainly draws some inspiration from Pollock himself. Ideas from Abstract expressionism seem to be a focal element to her paintings and the artist is wonderfully capable of connecting creative philosophies within her work confirming that she is as refined and talented as she is unique. In addition, although one cannot define Dennis as an impressionist, one cannot ignore an affinity with a late Monet. Light is an essential factor in Dennis’s work and the investigation of shade and shadow is, perhaps, as fundamental to her process as it was to Monet. Frances Dennis is a very stimulating artist who has the ability to provoke thought whilst conveying emotion. She is an intriguing talent that is innately unique and creative albeit rich in culture and art history. Christopher Rosewood International Confederation of Art Critics

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International Confederation of Art Critics

Example Critique Chianciano Biennale 2018  
Example Critique Chianciano Biennale 2018