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MuseTech Gear Catalogue 2012

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20 & 21

Hybrid Amplifiers & Fender | Røde | Akai | Boss | Speakers Ernie Ball | Roland | Alesis

22 & 23

40 & 41 Behringer | Fane

42 & 43 Pioneer Controllers

44 & 45 24 & 25

HK Audio | KRK | Audix

Hybrid Loose Speakers



26 & 27

Pioneer Headphones

Electro-Voice | Rane | DPA| myMix | TC Electronic

Hybrid + Speakers

28 & 29 Hybrid Mixers

10 & 11 Samson Audio | Wharefdale Pro

30 & 31 Hybrid Microphones

46 & 47

32 & 33

Gibson | Epiphone

Hybrid Lazers

12 & 13 Allen & Heath

14 & 15 Albion | G7th | Samson | Stagg

34 & 35 Numark CDJ & Controllers

36 & 37 Numark Mixers

16 & 17 Gemini | Denon

18 & 19 Chauvet Lighting

48 & 49 Blackstar | Digitech | Tanglewood | AKG | PRS | Martin Guitars

38 & 39 Yamaha

50 & 51 Line 6 | Sonor | Sabian

52 & 53

62 & 63

74 & 75

Taylor | Warwick | HiWatt | Morley | PDP | Ludwig

JBL | Shure | Crown

Beyerdynamic | Bose | FretKing | Vintage

54 & 55

64 & 65

Kurzweil | JTS | MixVibes | Nord | Pearl | Reloop | Phonic

66 & 67

76 & 77


Medialas | RK Truss | Rige

68 & 69

78 & 79

56 & 57 Adam | MXL | JHAUDIO | Telefunken | Steven Slate

58 & 59 LD Systems | LD Premium | Palmer | Eminence


American Audio, ADJ

70 & 71 Mipro | Ahuja


80 & 81 Gibraltar | Vic Firth | Istanbul | Toca | Gretsch | BK | Sonata | Ludwig

82 & 83

60 & 61 Avid | M-Audio | Alto | Ibanez | Marshall

72 & 73 Synq | Briteq | JBSystems | Ecler | ASD | Antari | Work

Musikmesse 2012



LIVE-X Loudspeakers Designed for a wide range of portable sound applications, Live X loudspeakers are housed in hardy stackable enclosures of solid wood, making them lighter than comparable-quality composite or plastic boxes and therefore easier to load, transport, and set up. With high output, extended frequency range, and high sensitivity, Live X loudspeakers are clean, flat, and hot, making music of all kinds sound its best.

ELECTRO-VOICE RE320 Microphone A professional-grade dynamic microphone designed specifically for recording and sound reinforcement applications requiring extremely low noise and the best possible tonal and transient response.

RANE SIXTY-TWO Professional DJ mixer The Sixty-Two is a plug-and-play package supporting two computers, two-deck digital vinyl simulation, SP-6 sample player, software and hardware effects and all the record and playback channels you need. Software controls for Library, Loops, Cues and SP-6 are laid out for fast and intuitive access. The mixer is bundled with Serato Scratch Live and includes a fully integrated MIDI controller for software controls.

d:fine™ Headset Microphone thed:fine™ headset mics offer consistent audio performance at all sound pressure levels from a whisper to a shout, impressive gain before feedback, and stable construction. You have a choice of two mounts: the simple and secure single-ear piece, or the dual-ear mount for the most rigorous and energetic performance applications. The very fine spring automatically adjusts the headset to each wearer, ensuring that the earpiece stays in place by applying consistent pressure regardless of ear size. It can easily be taken on and off by the wearer, returning to its original shape each time.

Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX

myMix is an intuitive, easy-to-use personal monitor mixing and multi-track recording system that puts each user in control of their own mix! With myMix it’s simple to create an unlimited number of independent stereo mixes with up to sixteen channels of audio controlled through an intuitive musician friendly interface. Up to 18 tracks of 24bit, 48kHz timestamped .wav audio files can be recorded to optional micro SD, standard SD or SDHC cards.An additional stereo track of your processed mix is also recorded to provide a quick reference.

Prosound (Pty) Ltd Tel: 0861 4SOUND | fax: 011-4706826

The first ever combination of complete vocal and guitar processing, VoiceLive Play GTX takes everything that VoiceLive Play gives to singers and adds award-winning TC Electronic guitar effects and AmpTones. Artist presets offer signature vocal and guitar sounds while full editing ability allows you to define your unique style. Pro or Practicing, acoustic or electric, VoiceLive Play GTX is the singing guitarist’s dream machine.

SAMSON Auro 8� & Auro 10� 2-Way Active Loudspeakers

n Compact, lightweight Class D 2-way active loudspeakers n D208: 8-inch extended low frequency driver n D210: 10-inch extended range low frequency driver n 1-inch (25mm) compression driver with 1-inch exit n 200 watts of output power n Mic/Line input with Volume control and Clip LED

SAMSON Expedition XP150 Portable PA

SAMSON Graphite 49 USB MIDI Controller

n 49-key semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch n Programmable faders (9), encoders (8) and buttons (16) for hands-on control over your DAW and virtual instruments n Four velocity-sensitive trigger pads (two banks) for drum sounds and samples n Large LCD display provides real-time feedback n Includes traditional MIDI Out and USB connections n Compact design, perfect for live performance and studio applications

MC2 E100 Power Amplifier n Number of Channels: 4 n Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz; (+/- 0.5dB) n Output Power: (per channel): 8 ohms @ 1400W; 4 ohms @ 2800W; 2 ohms @ 3700W n Output Power: (bridged): 8 ohms @ 5300W; 4 ohms @ 7400W Amplifier: 88(h) x 482(w) x 428(d) n Weight: Amplifier 11.8kg ; Boxed (shipping weight) 13.8kg n Gain: 26/32/36dB n Sensitivity (for max power): +16/10/6dBu (4.9/2.5/1.5V)

WHARFEDALE Delta Series Passive Loudspeakers n High Power, Low Distortion Cast Frame Woofers n 1.4” Exit 2” Titanium Diaphragm Compression Drivers n 90°x45° Elliptical Waveguides n Dual Angle Pole Mount Receptacles n Rhino Rock™ Textured Composite Finish n Plywood Construction

WHARFEDALE Titan D Series Powered Loudspeakers n 2-Way Bi-Amplified n Qubit™ 24-Bit 192kHz DSP Processing n Class D LF and HF Power Amplifiers n Independent LF and HF Signal Limiting n Thermal, DC and Short Circuit Fault Protection n Hi / Low EQ Controls n Range available in 12" & 15”

WHARFEDALE WPM1 Powered Loudspeakers

n Microphone, Line/Instrument and Auxiliary Inputs n Microphone Thru, Line and Mix Outputs n Vocal Volume and EQ Controls n Independent Master and Auxiliary Level Controls n Switchable Output Sensitivity n Ultra Lightweight Gas Assist Injection Moulded Enclosure

SA Distributor: Audiosure | 011 790 4600 | 021 555 1617 | 031 534 6460 | 051 430 4455

Professional DJ FX Mixer n Twin DSP FX Engines n Massive FX Library n Expression + Wet / Dry n Editable FX Parameters. Features: n Input Matrix n Trimodal EQ n Mic/Line Input n High Visibility OLED Display n Lightweight chassis n Integral soundcard n MIDI control n X:LINK

Professional DJ FX Mixer n Quad FX Core n Looper n Filters n Source select n EQ / Filter n Mic/Line Input

GLD SERIES n Compact digital mixer with scalable, remote I/O n Systems from 4 to 44 mics n Easy to use, quick to access, analogue style interface n dSNAKE Cat5 digital snake-up to 120m cable length n 8.4 inch colour touchscreen for graphical view and setup n 48 input channels into 30 assignable buses (Aux, Group, Matrix, Main, FX Send) into 20 mix outputs n Full processing on all outputs including insert, PEQ, GEQ, compressor and delay

n Integral Soundcard n USB n MIDI control n Output Patchbay n High Visibility Display n Lightweight chassis

24 Channel Studio Recording Mixer n 24 mic/line input preamps n 24 channels of 4 band EQ with fully parametric mids n Choice of analogue or Firewire / ADAT interface modules

n 2 dual stereo inputs with EQ n 2 additional valve inputs n 6 auxes n 4 subgroups n Main Stereo + Mono bus n MIDI control n 5.1 surround monitoring


iLive Audio Networking Option

Professional DJ Midi Controller

Dante TM is a ground breaking, Ethernet compliant audio networking technology for high performance audio, routing flexibility and affordable direct to computer recording. It uses CAT5 cable and standard networking components to distribute multiple streams of audio plus integrated control data with sub millisecond latency. Key Features: n 64 channel bi-directional audio plus control over CAT5 n Uses standard, off-the-shelf computer networking equipment n Self discovery and auto-configuration of IP addresses n Easy to add, name, remove and rearrange devices n Wide range of Dante enabled equipment becoming available n Sample accurate playback syncronisation n Very low latency n Gigabit ports

Multipurpose USB Mixer for Live Sound & Recording Multipurpose USB Mixer with FX for Live Sound & Recording Key Features n Powered by SONAR X1 n 32 audio tracks n 64 MIDI tracks n 8 simultaneous inputs and outputs

Key Features n Powered by SONAR X1 n 32 audio tracks n 64 MIDI tracks n 8 simultaneous inputs and outputs n 24-bit/96 kHz audio quality n 24 simultaneous effects n 8 simultaneous virtual instruments

n 24-bit/96 kHz audio quality n 24 simultaneous effects n 8 simultaneous virtual instruments

SA Distributor: Audiosure | 011 790 4600 | 021 555 1617 | 031 534 6460 | 051 430 4455

Albion AG40DFX

Guitar Combo Amplifier n Power: 40 watts n Speaker: 12 in. Albion made loudspeaker n Weight: 13kg. n Size: 49.5 x 28 x 43 cm


Bass Amplifier

Billy Sheenan from Mr Big & Frank Bello from Anthrax

Albion TCT35C

Guitar Combo Amplifier n Power: 35 watts n Valves: 4 x 12AX7; 2 x 6L6 n Speaker: Large magnet 80watt 12" Albion made loudspeaker n Weight: 23.5kg n Size: 56 x 23 x 51 cm

G7th Nashville Capo

G7th Newport Capos


Chromatic Tuner / Metronome n Full color LCD display and LED indicators n Tone (manual) and Tuner (automatic) tuning modes n Built-in mic for precise tuning n Transposition setting n Real-time response for tuning accuracy n Pitch calibration ranges from A 430 to 450Hz. Steve Vai

n Full color LCD display n Integrated clip with 360째 movement for easy viewing n Chromatic, guitar and bass tuning scales n Built-in mic or clip-on setting for precise tuning n Flat tuning/transposition n Real-time response for tuning accuracy

Musical Instruments & Accessories n Classical Instruments n Guitars n Pianos & Keyboards n Drums & Percussion n Wind Instruments

SA Distributor: Audiosure | 011 790 4600 | 021 555 1617 | 031 534 6460 | 051 430 4455

CDMP 7000

Professional Media Workstation


Professional Media Player

n Fast loading slot-in CD-ROM compatible with Audio CDs, CD-Rs, MP3CDs n USB input for flash drive, plus SD card slot (SDHC compatible up to 32GB) n Full-color 3.5" TFT touchscreen with contrast adjustment and comprehensive waveform display n 8" touch-sensitive jog wheel with LCD display and resistance control n Three selectable jog modes: Search / Pitch Bend / Scratch Effect with Slip Mode and Reverse n PC/Mac Audio I/O interface (up to 24-bit/192kHz)


USB MIDI DJ Controller with Soundcard n Full MIDI controls freely assignable for use with any software n Traditional mixer/CD player layout for quick and easy access n Large, touch-sensitive jog wheels n Adjustable channel faders w/ 3-band EQ and gain control n Cross fader with adjustable X-Y slope n Loop controls with ½ and 2x adjust

First Mix USB DJ Controller n Includes everything you need to DJ with your computer n Use your Mac or PC to DJ parties, events and even clubs n Use your digital music library with support for M4A, AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC and OGG audio files n Traditional mixer/CD player layout w/ crossfader n Two-deck controller with volume, 2-band EQ, effects, and jog wheel for each deck n Large, touch-sensitive jog wheels provide a natural vinyl feel for scratching, cueing, etc.

First Mix Pro USB DJ Controller n Traditional two-deck player layout with cross fader and mixer section n Central mixer section features volume faders and 3-band EQ with Gain Control for each deck n Two large touch-sensitive jog wheels for natural vinyl feel to scratch, cue and pitch bend n Advanced song manipulation tools, including Hot Cues, Loop controls and Effects n Smooth, accurate Pitch Fader for manual beat matching n Sync function for one-touch beat matching


White Headphones n Type: Air tight Closed Dynamic n +/- 90 deg Swivel Mechanism n Cord : 1.2m (straight cable) n Frequency Response:15-28kHz n Output (Sensitivity): 102dB n Driver Unit: phi 40mm neodymium magnet

Denon DJ SC3900

Direct Drive Turntable Media Player & Controller Product key features: n 9-inch Active Platter with High Torque Direct Drive Motor n Media Server for selected software n Player Link Network - File Share between Networked Sc3900 n Playback Direct from USB / PC / CD n Fully Mappable MIDI Controller

SA Distributor: Audiosure | 011 790 4600 | 021 555 1617 | 031 534 6460 | 051 430 4455


DJ Controller

n Optimized for TRAKTOR™ 2 Technology Inside Products TRAKTOR™ 2 LE Included* n Optimized for VIRTUAL DJ n Layer Function for Dual Deck and 2+2 4Channel Mixer Control n USB Audio Interface 2 in / 2 out (Stereo) n Line to Master - 2 Analogue Line Input Mixing Control n Professional-Grade Steel Chassis

CUBIX n Multi-colored centerpiece that combines two different effects into one fixture n Centrally-mounted LEDs shoot flowing beams across the room n Quad-sided derby effect constantly rotates multicolored beams around the dance floor n Independent control of both effects doubles the fun n User-selectable colors in stand-alone allow customized looks without a DMX controller n Power link multiple units which saves time running cables and extension cords

6SPOT n Complete, portable LED spot lighting solution with highintensity, tri-color LEDs n Six, independently-positional heads allow total room or stage coverage n Low-profile spots are 3.6in deep and can fit almost anywhere n Set-up and teardown in minutes with the included carry bag n High-powered, tri-colored LEDs mix to instantly create 7 popular colors n Safely mount to truss using the built-in bolts for increased flexibility and mounting options

GOBO Zoom LED n Super-compact custom gobo projector for use in any event n Manual zoom for shortthrow or long-throw applications n Print your own gobos on transparency film for custom gobos at every event <Watch How-To

Video> n Includes 9 popular gobos and 4 colored gels to compliment a variety of events n User-configurable standalone operation provides excellent control without DMX

OBEY 70 n Universal DMX-512 controller n Controls up to 12 intelligent lights of up to 32 channels each n 30 banks of 8 scenes, 240 scenes max n 384 DMX channels of control n 6 sets of chases containing 240 scenes n Program fade and speed time into each step

XPRESS 512 PLUS Q-Wash 560Z-LED n DMX channels: (12 or 14) n Operating modes: 12 channel - basic operation; 14 channel - advanced operation n RGBWA LEDs n RGBWA color mixing n Electronic shutter n Electronic dimmer

n DMX-512 USB interface n Connect multiple interfaces for more universes n Mini-DIN connector for external triggering n Infrared sensor for wireless scene triggering n Connection on rear for Infrared extension n Selectable power options: USB or AC/DC

ECLIPSE RGB n Creatively merges tri-color LED and laser technologies together to

create a unique, night sky effect n Multiple control options include DMX, stand-alone & master/slave

modes n Change the background color using the high-powered, tri-color LED n Easily set the mood by controlling the LED and laser separately n Power linking saves time running cables and extension cords n Variance-free and ready to use right out of the box

MiN LASER STAR RBX n Extremely compact laser effects that project thousands of red and blue

beams n Set the color and rotation speeds wirelessly with the included wireless

remote control n Mount to truss with the included clamp mounting adaptor n Independent control of the red and blue laser diodes for true

customization of the effect n Motor spins both directions at variable speeds creating many different


SCORPION RGY n Incredibly bright, color-mixing aerial effect laser, great for any event n Patented Fat Beam™ laser technology creates beams 4 x thicker than a standard laser n Extremely versatile zoom range of 1º~36º gives you the flexibility to create a mind-blowing laser show n Separate color control offers solid green, solid violet or combined cyan color mixing n Built-in patterns include the popular "laser sky" effect

SCORPION RVM n Incredibly bright, color-mixing aerial effect laser, great for any event n Patented Fat Beam™ laser technology creates beams 4 x thicker than a standard laser n Extremely versatile zoom range of 1º~36º gives you the flexibility to create a mind-blowing laser show n Separate color control offers solid green, solid violet or combined cyan color mixing n Built-in patterns include the popular "laser sky" effect

SCORPION BLUE n Incredibly-bright blue aerial effect laser great for any event n Extremely versatile zoom range of 1° - 36° gives you the flexibility to create a mind-blowing laser show n Super-powerful blue laser punches through any environment with ease n Built-in patterns include the popular "laser sky" effect n Programmable pan, tilt, & zoom with separate X, Y, & Z rolling effects let you easily generate customized and ever-changing laser shows n Linkable with other Scorpion™ BLUE, Scorpion™ GVC, Scorpionô RVM and Scorpion™ RGY lasers

SA Distributor: Audiosure | 011 790 4600 | 021 555 1617 | 031 534 6460 | 051 430 4455













B4000MK4 750W 1500W


Bridged Mono Power, RMS







2000W -



LB15 + 15” Front loaded bass bin + Vinyl Covered Frequency: 40hz 360hz + Sensitivity: 98db@1w/1m + 8 Ohm + Power (AES): 400 W + LF Driver - 15” 400 W (AES), + Die Cast frame, 4” Voice Coil, + 123 Oz magnet

+ + + + + + + +

18” Front loaded bass bin Vinyl Covered Frequency: 35hz - 360hz Sensitivity: 99db@1w/1m 8 Ohm Power (AES): 600 W LF Driver - 18” 600 W (AES), Die Cast frame, 4” Voice Coil, 170 Oz magnet

LB218 + + + +

Dual 18" Power (AES): 1200W 8 Ohm Supa-wood Polyurathane Finish

HYBRID PUBLIC ADDRESS AMPLIFIERS - 8OHM / 4OHM / 70-100V Line Hybrid i-Amp 6120 + 120 Watts + 6 Inputs + EQ Tone control

Trade Enquiries or to find your closest retailer call: | |

Hybrid i-Amp 6250 + 250 Watts + 6 Inputs + EQ Tone control






+ 15” Full Range + Vinyl Covered Frequency: 50hz 18Khz + Sensitivity: 96db@1w/1m + 8 Ohm + Power (AES): 340 W + LF Driver - 15” 300 W (AES), + 3” Voice Coil, 64 Oz magnet + HF Driver - 40 W (AES), Titanium Diaphragm, 1.75” + Voice Coil, 22 Oz Magnet

+ Dual 15” Full Range + Vinyl Covered Frequency: 50hz 18Khz + Sensitivity: 98db@1w/1m + 4 Ohm + Power (AES): 650 W + LF Driver - 2 x 15” 300 W (AES), + 3” Voice Coil, 64 Oz magnet + HF Driver - 50 W (AES), Titanium Diaphragm, 1.75” + Voice Coil, 22 Oz Magnet



PM12 + + + +



PLB12 + 12” Full Range + Vinyl Covered Frequency: 58hz 18Khz + Sensitivity: 95db@1w/1m + 8 Ohm + Power (AES): 220 W + LF Driver - 12” 200 W (AES), + 3” Voice Coil, 50 Oz magnet + HF Driver - 20 W (AES), Titanium Diaphragm, 1.35” + Voice Coil, 15 Oz Magnet

Plastic Moulded 12" 170 Watt- 12" 150W RMS HT20 HF

PM15 + + + +

Plastic Moulded 15" 220 Watt- 15" 200W RMS HT20 HF


PB12N + 12” Full Range + Plastic moulded enclosure + Frequency: 58hz 18Khz + Sensitivity: 98db@1w/1m + Impedance : 8 Ω + Power (AES): 220W + LF Driver - 12” 200 W (AES), + 8Ω + 2” Voice Coil, 50 Oz magnet + HF Driver - 20 W (AES), 8Ω + Titanium Diaphragm, 1.35” Voice Coil, 15 Oz Magnet

PB12A + 12” Active Full Range + Plastic moulded enclosure + Frequency: 58hz 18Khz + Sensitivity: 98db@1w/1m + Impedance : 8 Ω + Power (AES): 220W + LF Driver - 12” 200 W (AES), + 8Ω + 2” Voice Coil, 50 Oz magnet + HF Driver - 20 W (AES), + 8Ω + Amplifier: 100W + Bass & Treble Controls + Line & Mic Input

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

15” Full Range Plastic moulded enclosure Frequency: 50hz - 18Khz Sensitivity: 98db@1w/1m Impedance : 8 Ω Power (AES): 340W LF Driver - 12” 300 W (AES), 8Ω 3” Voice Coil, 64 Oz magnet HF Driver - 40 W (AES), 8 Ω Titanium Diaphragm, 1.75” Voice Coil, 22 Oz Magnet The PB series is also available as Active full range systems with built in 100 W RMS amplifiers, bass, treble control and line & mic input.

PB15A + 15” Active Full Range + Plastic moulded enclosure + Frequency: 58hz - 18Khz + Sensitivity: 98db@1w/1m + Impedance : 8 Ω + Power (AES): 340W + LF Driver - 15” 300 W (AES), + 8Ω + 3” Voice Coil, 50 Oz magnet + HF Driver - 40 W (AES), + 8Ω + Amplifier: 100W + Bass & Treble Controls + Line & Mic Input

Trade Enquiries or to find your closest retailer call: | | | Tel: (011) 250 3280

12H150 - New Model + 12" 150W + Steel basket



+ 12" 200W + Steel basket




+ 12" 400W + Alluminum Die-cast basket

+ 15" 200W + Steel basket

+ 15" 250W + Steel basket



15H400 + 15" 400W + Die-cast basket

18H400 + 18" 400W + Steel basket

18H600 + 18" 600W + Die-cast basket





ACCESSORIES Hybrid speaker stand - PAIR



Trade Enquiries or to find your closest retailer call: | |




Hybrid+ BT8MKII + + + +

8" 2-way • 1" / 1.7VC • 60W HF - 8" 200W • Total 260W Rms

Hybrid+ BT12MKII + + + +

12" 2-way 1" / 1.7VC 60W HF - 12" 300W Total 360W Rms

+ + + +

10" 2-way 1" / 1.7VC 60W HF - 10" 300W Total 360W Rms

Hybrid+ BT15MKII + + + +

15" 2-way 1" / 1.7V 60W HF - 15" 400W Total 460W Rms

Hybrid+ B218MKII

Hybrid+ BT152MKII + + + +

+ Dual 18" Bass + 1600W Rms

Dual 15" 2-way 1"/2VC 80W HF -15" 400W Total 880W Rms


B18 BT152

Hybrid+ B18MKII + 18" Bass + 800W Rms

Hybrid+ B15MKII

Hybrid+ B215MKII

+ 15" Bass + 500W Rms

+ Dual 15" Bass + 1000W Rms

Trade Enquiries or to find your closest retailer call: | | | Tel: (011) 250 3280



+ Channels – 6 Mono + Channels EQ – Bass, treble + 5 Band graphic EQ – Yes + Tape in /out – Yes + Power Output, RMS – 2 x 150 w


Channels – 8 Mono Channels EQ – Bass, treble 5 Band graphic EQ – Yes Tape in /out – Yes Power Output, RMS – 2 x 200w

- New Model

+ Stereo 12 Mic + Bass & Treble Eq/CH + DSP effects with 7 Band EQ + 200w rms/CH


HYBRID SM802MS HYBRID MC8USB - New Model + + + + +

HYBRID MC12USB + + + + +

8 Mic 2 Stereo Ch 3 Band EQ/CH 7 B GEQ USB Effects

4 Mic 2 Stereo Ch 3 Band EQ/CH 7 B GEQ USB Effects

- New Model

HYBRID MC16USB + + + + +

12 Mic 2 Stereo Ch 3 Band EQ/CH 7 B GEQ USB Effects

- New Model

HYBRID MC20USB + + + + +

- New Model

20 Mic 2 Stereo Ch 3 Band EQ/CH 7 B GEQ USB Effects

HYBRID PROCESSORS CX-223 + + + + + +

2 way Stereo / 3 way Mono active cross over Separate Sub Output 24dB Octave Linkwitz Riley filters Individual Output control for all bands Individual phase reverse switches Servo balanced XLR connectors for inputs & outputs

+ + + + + + +

15 Band stereo graphic Equaliser Selectable +/- 12 dB or +/- 6dB Fixed Q Character Optional low cut filter 5 Segment LED level indicator XLR/JACK with adjustable mono sub output. 1u rack high

CX-224 + + + + + +

3 way Stereo / 4 way Mono active cross over Separate Sub Output 24dB Octave Linkwitz Riley filters Individual Output control for all bands Individual phase reverse switches Servo balanced XLR connectors for inputs & outputs


S-EQ215A + + + + + + +

31 Band stereo graphic Equaliser Selectable +/- 12 dB or +/- 6dB Fixed Q Character Optional low cut filter 5 Segment LED level indicator XLR/JACK with adjustable mono sub output. 2u rack high

Trade Enquiries or to find your closest retailer call: | | | Tel: (011) 250 3280


HYBRID U-SF HANDHELD + UHF + Single Hand/Held + Fixed Freq


HYBRID U-SF HEADSET + UHF + Single Headset + Fixed Freq

+ UHF + Single Lapel + Fixed Freq




+ UHF + Dual Hand/Held + Fixed Freq

+ UHF + Dual System Hand Held & Lapel + Fixed Freq

HYBRID U-DF HANDHELD/HEADSET + UHF + Dual System Hand Held & Headset + Fixed Freq


UHF Single Hand/Held, 99 Variable Freq Diversity

+ Single Lapel + 99 Variable Freq + Diversity

+ 99 Variable + Freq + Diversity




+ UHF + Dual Hand/Held + 100 Variable Freq

+ UHF + Dual Sytem Hand/Held & Lapel + 100 Variable Freq


Comes in single pack or pack of three Ideal for solo singer or singing duo/trio Wired Microphone system Plug in anywhere

Trade Enquiries or to find your closest retailer call: | | | Tel: (011) 250 3280

HYBRID U-DV HANDHELD/HEADSET + UHF + Dual System Hand/ Held & Lapel + 100 Variable Freq

HYBRID LASERS A range to cover every application

S-25 + + + + +

Dual Head - Dual Colour 100mW Red, 40mW Green lasers Multibeam effect-Fireworks, Circle Stars & Crosses Up to 2000 beams, 70 angles Sound Activated

S-35 + + + + + +

3 Head - Dual Colour 100mW Red, 30mW Green lasers - Firefly effect 30mW Green laser - Beam Effect Up to 2000 beams, 70 angles Sound Activated DMX

S-69 + + + + +

Dual Head - Dual Colour 100mW Red, 40mW Green lasers Thick Laser beams effect Sound Activated DMX

S-29 + + + + + +

Dual Head - Dual Colour 100mW Red, 40mW Green lasers Multibeam effect-Firefly effect Up to 2000 beams, 70 angles Sound Activated DMX

S-45 + Quad Head - Dual Colour + 2 x 100mW Red, 2 x 30mW + + + +

Green lasers Multibeam effect-Firefly effect Up to 2000 beams, 70 angles Sound Activated DMX

S-99 + Dual Head - Dual Colour + 100mW Red, 40mW Green lasers + Multibeam effect-Firefly + Up to 2000 beams, 70 angles + Sound Activated + DMX

S-59 + + + + +

Quad head â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dual Colour 100mW red X2, 40mW X2 green lasers 58 patterns Sound Activated DMX

S-49 + + + +

Dual head - Dual Colour 100Mw red, 40Mw green lasers 58 patterns Sound Activated

Full range includes: S-19 * S-25 * S-29 * S-35 * S-39 * S-45 * S-49 * S-59 * S-69 * S-79 * S-89 * S-99

Trade Enquiries or to find your closest retailer call: | |



Play and scratch from MP3s, CDs and USB flash drives + + + + + + + + +

Perform with CDs, CD-Rs, and MP3 CDs USB input for performance with flash drives Touch-sensitive scratch and search wheel Text display for navigating folders on MP3 CDs and USB flash drives Auto BPM with tap override for instant BPM (tempo) analysis Start/stop time adjustment for vinyl-style braking Reverse mode for special effects Three hot cues for quick access to key points Seamless looping with stutter start for easy loop creation and integration

Solid CD performance + + + + + +

Perform with CDs and CD-Rs Large jog wheel for comfortable performance Anti-Shockâ&#x201E;˘ buffered skip-protection technology Seamless looping for creating and integrating loops Single, continuous and programmable playback Fader start for automatic playback on crossfader move (requires compatible mixer)



Rack-mount performance power Easy-to-use jog wheels for rapid search and pitch bend Rugged all-metal build for reliable performance Beat match with programmable CD and CD-R playback Two-piece rack-mount design with single-cable connection + Analog RCA and digital S/PDIF outputs + Fader Start automatically starts playback when you move the crossfader

+ + + +

Mix CDs, USB Flash drives, MP3 CDs, software and external sources all on one professional controller + Control software and play from CDs, MP3 CDs or USB flash drives + Built-in USB computer audio interface + TRAKTOR LE 2 DJ software included + Premapped for use with VirtualDJ, TRAKTOR PRO 2, and works with virtually any MIDI-compatible DJ software + Beat-synced DSP effects with wet-dry fader: chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, phaser + Smooth, fast and reliable slot-loading CD drive + Large, seven-inch touch-sensitive illuminated platter with auto-calibration + Automatic BPM analyzer and Tap Tempo for manual BPM entry + Key Lock holds pitch while you independently manipulate BPM + Seamless looping, sampling, and easily accessible hot cues


Complete digital DJ performance.


Perform your sets with any kind of media.

+ Large, touch-sensitive control wheels for scratching and song cueing + Built-in audio connections for both cue preview and performance output + Serato DJ Intro software included + Virtual DJ LE, Audio/Video/Karaoke mixing software included in North/South America + Native Instruments + Complete mixer section with crossfader, EQ, loop and effects controls + Mouseless navigation controls on the deck + Lighted deck-controls indicate software status + Integrates with your iTunes library to play and mix songs + Controller is compatible with virtually all MIDI DJ software


Transform your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a portable DJ rig. + DJ parties of all sizes with your compatible iPad, iPod, or iPhone + Start mixing right away using music from your iTunes library + Large scratch wheels for natural scratch feel + Crossfader enables you to mix between songs + Headphone/Speaker split cable included to allow you to separate cue and play performance audio + iPad stand included + Plug-and-play: works with iOS Core MIDI DJ software + Polish your mix with bass and treble controls + Browse your iPod music library quickly and easily in your chosen DJ software

Trade Enquiries or to find your closest retailer call: | | | Tel: (011) 250 3280


Instant DJ performances wherever you go.


M101 USB

Get up and running quickly at any gig. + + + + +

Two-channel rack-mountable mixer Two pairs of Phono/Line inputs Built-in 2-band EQ for quick, easy sound tweaks 1/4-inch Mic input for voiceovers and announcements Stereo Line Out (RCA) for easy connection to amps or powered speakers

Ready for digital or analog. + Two-channel rack-mountable mixer with USB + USB audio built in for playing from or recording to your computer + Two pairs of Phono/Line inputs + Built-in 2-band EQ for quick, easy sound tweaks + 1/4-inch Mic input for voiceovers and announcements + Stereo Output for easy connection to amps, powered speakers or another mixer INCLUDES: + M101 USB mixer

M2 Pure professional power. + Two-channel tabletop DJ mixer + Inputs: two phono/line switchable (RCA), two line (RCA), mic (1/4") + Outputs: Master (RCA), Record (RCA), Headphone (1/4" stereo) + Three-band EQ and gain on each channel + EQ and gain on mic channel + Replaceable crossfader with reverse and slopecontrols + Crossfader-style cueing


Bonus inputs for total performance. + + + + + + + +

Three-channel tabletop mixer Inputs: two phono/line switchable (RCA), four line (RCA), mic (1/4") Outputs: Master (RCA), Record (RCA), headphone (1/4" stereo) Steep three-band EQ/rotary kills on each channel Microphone input with EQ Six-segment LED display for monitoring signal strength Toggle for master and PFL metering Replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope control


Extreme music manipulation.



Versatile mixing with computer integration.

Four channels to mix, match and effect all your music.


Four channels to mix, match and mangle all your music.

Red Wave

Headphones designed by DJ for DJs.


Professional DJ headphones + Flexible 7-position independently adjustable dual ear cups + Large 40mm Mylar speaker drivers + 6' tangle-resistant cord with 1/4â&#x20AC;? connector + Padded headband and ear cups

Trade Enquiries or to find your closest retailer call: | | | Tel: (011) 250 3280

New Yamaha MOX Series Synthesizer

Yamaha DTX500 Series Electronic Drums

Yamaha DTX drum pads feature a new technology silicone striking surface. The DTX pad comes closer to the dynamic feel of a real drum than any other electronic drum on the market.

Yamaha Arius Series Digital Piano

n New – Arius YDP161B in Black Walnut: wood grain visible through a matt black finish n The Graded Hammer keyboard for the YDP-161 and the Graded Hammer Standard keyboard for the YDP-141/S31 make these instruments an absolute joy to play in both practice & performance n YDP141, YDP161, YDP181 feature 3 level AWM Dynamic Stereo sampling voices to deliver remarkably authentic sound n YDP 181 features ‘USB to device terminal’ to record songs or save data that you have purchased n Dual voice capability lets you play two different instrument sounds at the same time, while a 1-track song recorder allows you to capture your original musical ideas and performances

Yamaha NTX & NCX Series Guitars

NTX Perfect for adding nylon string tone to a wide range of musical styles from Latin to Jazz and Pop to Rock, the NTX features a thinner body, narrower neck and cut-away designs to provide greater comfort and playability for today’s steel-string acoustic & electric players. n New thin body; 80-90mm body depth with an elliptical sound hole cover n A 14th fret neck joint; the finger board measures 48mm (nut) and 57mm (joint) n Newly developed A.R.T (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) pick up and pre amp system

NCX The Yamaha NCX guitars offer classical guitarists, as well as guitarists playing a variety of musical styles from Flamenco to Latin to Popular styles - an instrument that is a pleasure to play. n Traditional design to accommodate a wide range of playing styles n 12th fret neck joint, identical to that on a classical guitar n Standard 94-100mm body depth n Cut-away body and lower string height offer more playing flexibility n Newly developed A.R.T (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) pick up and pre amp system

Yamaha SV-150

Silent Practice Plus™ Violin Meet the next generation of electric stringed instruments! The Silent Practice Plus™ violin offers players the most sophisticated features in an electric stringed instrument. n New body design has extra-light, natural feel n Built-in digital metronome and tuner n 24 on-board adjustable effects n SD card to play your audio files (mp3, MIDI, m4a) n Speed up, slow down any audio file to play along n Comes with Music Book & mp3 tracks n Available in brown, black sparkle, wine red

Yamaha DSR Series Active Loudspeakers

Yamaha DSR Series takes portable loudspeakers to the extreme limits of their potential. Output levels pushed to the highest sound pressure levels possible, yet in cabinets that are lightweight and compact. n Next-generation active loudspeakers incorporating high performance DSP* and all-new high power Class-D amplifiers with PFC switching-mode power supply (*full range models only) n Ultra-precise 48-bit digital sound processing n Digital FIR-X tuning™ provides the smoothest possible frequency and phase response n High performance 48-bit DSP (76-bit accumulator) n 24-bit discrete AD and DA converters result in superior S/N ratio and dynamic range n Stand and pole mountable, with 35 mm pole sockets (DSR112, DSR115) n Integrated M10 rigging points for suspended applications (DSR112, DSR115) n DSR112 can be angled for use as a floor monitor

Yamaha Gigmaker Drum Sets

Starter kits that express your musical identity, Gigmaker drum sets are available in 2 basic configurations and a range of colourful sparkle finishes. n Glitter colours in vibrant, eye catching, sparkle variations n Double braced hardware legs ensuring maximum stability n Matching snare drum and wood based drum hoops n CS651WA cymbal stands n HS650WA hi-hat stands n TH type tom holders n FP6110A foot pedals n SS650WA snare stands * cymbals not included

Yamaha BB Series Electric Bass Guitars

The BB series boasts all the classic characteristics of big body design, bolt on neck to vintage style hardware, soapbar and split coil pick ups n With a body inherited from Yamaha’s original BB, the neck is positioned 5mm deeper into the body for a more rigid design to improve sound and attack n The ceramic magnet pickup at the front delivers bass tone that is clear and distinct n The bar-type pick-up at the rear is designed to deliver double the volume of conventional bar-type pick-ups. Its high power output produces clear tone.

For your closest Yamaha Dealer : (011) 259-7700

For trade enquiries or to find your nearest dealer call Pro Audio - SA (011) 822-1430 | |

For trade enquiries or to find your nearest dealer call Pro Audio - SA (011) 822-1430 | |

For trade enquiries or to find your nearest dealer call Pro Audio - SA (011) 822-1430 | |

For trade enquiries or to find your nearest dealer call Pro Audio - SA (011) 822-1430 | |

Keep in mind... ...that Elements is the first scalable sound reinforcement system that can grow with your needs. ...that Elements is suitable for every situation using just six easy-to-combine components

...that Elements can be configured to support anything from an intimate speaking engagement to a multi-instrumental concert with a full 3600 Watts of FOH power Elements: 1 system, 6 components, 44 configurations!



ONE VOICE. A SINGULAR PASSION Record. Mix. Monitor. Enjoy.

These leading brands distributed by

For trade enquiries or to find your nearest dealer call Pro Audio - SA (011) 822-1430 | |

For trade enquiries or to find your nearest dealer call Pro Audio - SA (011) 822-1430 | |


LINE 6 POD HD400 Suggested Retail: R 6595.00

Line 6 POD HD500

Suggested Retail: R 8995.00

Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler

Suggested Retail: R 2995.00

LINE 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler n 100+ M-class effects, up to 4 at once. n Save up to 48 different effect arrangements. n 28-second looper, full I/O.

LINE 6 SPIDER IV 15 GUITAR AMP n Best-selling 15-watt guitar amp. n Four dialed-in amp models n Six Smart FX, n Custom 8" speaker

n 75-watt guitar amp n 16 dialed-in amp models n 20+ effects n 12" custom Celestion速 speaker

Suggested Retail: R 5295.00

Suggested Retail: R 2095.00

LINE 6 SPIDER IV 30 GUITAR AMP n 30-watt guitar amp. Suggested Retail: R 3495.00


n 12 dialed-in amp models n Seven Smart FX n 12" custom n Celestion速 speaker

Sonor Smart Force Stage 1 And Stage 2 Drum Kits The SONOR Smart Force Series – designed especially for beginners at an uncompromisingly attractive price. Extremely interesting for all up-andcoming rockers, jazz cats, enthusiasts of metal or the blues … or any drummer who’s looking for a drum set that is sturdy, yet versatile. SONOR Smart Force Sounds: The 9-layer poplar shells of the SONOR Smart Force Sets are full bodied, providing balanced sound with lots of power up front. AVAILABLE COLOURS: SNOW WHITE, BRUSHED BLUE, BRUSHED CHROME, BRUSHED COPPER, BLACK AND WINE RED Suggested Retail Price: R 5995.00

Sonor Essential Force Stage 1 And Stage 2 Drum Kits The SONOR Essential Force Series is designed for advanced drummers not willing to sacrifice their musical freedom. Five preconfigured sets and 15 individual components offer unlimited possibilities for a drummer’s individual configuration. SONOR Essential Force Sounds: The 6-layer birchwood shells are a superb foundation for SONOR Essential Force Sets. A hefty and dynamic sound – with accentuated mid-ranges and highs, and defined lows – are the hallmark of these shells. With highgloss-lacquered natural wood surfaces, SONOR’s Essential Force really steals the show. AVAILABLE COLOURS: BIRCH, AMBER, GREEN FADE AND BROWN FADE Suggested Retail Price: R 11495.00

Sonor Select Force Stage 1 And Stage 2 Maple Drum Kits The SONOR Select Force Series is the pinnacle of the new Force range. The Select Series is a set for every drummer: designed especially for advanced and semiprofessional drummers, Select Force drum sets can also be an interesting alternative for professional drummers. A wide array of pre-configured sets, components and the very latest features from the professionals’ series make SONOR Select Force sets a real hit! Select Force Sounds: The 7-layer Canadian maple shells offer uncompromisingly rich and warm sounds, highlight lower pitches and provide balance in the mid-range and treble. Whether in the woodshed, recording studio or on stage, SONOR’s Select Force sets deliver a powerful performance every time. AVAILABLE COLOURS: GREEN FADE, PIANO BLACK, RED SPARKLE, RED BURST, AUTUMN FADE, SUNBURST AND MAPLE Suggested Retail Price: R 15995.00

Sabian BB Performance Pack

Sabian HHX Praise And Worship Pack n 12" HH Splash Cymbal n 13" HH Fusion Hi Hat Cymbals n 16" HHX Evolution Crash Cymbal n 21" HH Raw Bell Dry Ride Cymbal n FREE 18" HHX Evolution Crash Cymbal

n 14 in. hi-hats n 16 in. Crash n 20 in. Ride

Suggested Retail Price: R 3795.00 INCLUDING FREE 18 CRASH (LIMITED STOCK LEFT)

Suggested Retail: R 14995.00 Telephone: (011) 466-9510 | Fax: (011) 466-9514 mail:

110CE Like the 200 Series, the sapele 100 Series incorporates laminate back and sides, which offer extra resilience to fluctuating climate conditions, and a slightly narrower 1 11/16inch neck. It’s one of the best full-size guitars you’ll find for the money, especially with the availability of Taylor’s ES-T® pickup. It makes a viable performance tool, a great entrylevel guitar, or a second utility guitar for alternate tunings.

n Bolt-on n Available as 4-, 5- or 6-string n Only right-handed version available n Fretless version available* n Alder body n Maple neck with Ekanga veneers n Rosewood fingerboard (fretless with tigerstripe ebony fingerboard) n Scale length: 34" (long scale) n 24 frets n MEC Soapbar pickups n MEC Active 2-way electronics n 1 x Volume control, 1 x Balance control, 1 x Treble control, 1 x Bass control n Patented Easy Access™ electronics compartment n Available finishes*: Natural Satin, Coloured Oil (Burgundy Red, Ocean Blue, Nirvana Black, Honey Violin), High Polish (Black, Almond Sunburst) n Warwick machine heads n Warwick two-piece brid





Retail Price: R 4195-00

Retail Price: R 1895-00

ACCENT CS 100 SERIES X7 DRUM KIT It’s no mystery why X7 is one of our top sellers. We created a F.A.S.T.™-sized all-maple beauty with a stunning lacquer finish and a host of top shelf features that was accessible to drummers everywhere. Not only do you get Remo heads, STM (Suspension Tom Mounts) and True Pitch™ Tuning, but you get a kit that is made to last. The set includes 7x8", 8x10", 9x12" rack toms, 12x14" and 14x16" floor toms, an 18x22" kick drum and a matching 5x14" snare drum.

Retail Price: R 15995-00

Retail Price: R 5795-00

All Retail Prices Incl. 14% VAT Telephone: (011) 466-9510 | Fax: (011) 466-9514 email:

U-MIX Control Pro PC3K8

+ + + + +

+ Up to 32 Layers per program + Latest Generation of Kurzweil Technology, Light Years Ahead

+ Unparalleled Depth & Flexibility of Synthesis

Full DJ Package including Controller Built-in audio interface & DJ Software MIDI Presets and Learning Function Touch Sensitive Jogs Hi-Res 14 Bit Pitch Faders


+ Sound Set Second to None + Backwards Compatible with 20 years of K series samples

Stage 2 + + + + + +


Pro Wideband

True Diversity System + 3000 Selectable Frequencies across 75 Mhz

+ 200 to 480 Meters Operating Distance

+ JTS Patented RF Remoset Function + Ethernet for Computer Control + Extended Dynamic Range and Smooth Frequency Response

Latest Generation Technology in Piano, Organ and Synth State of the sample-based Acoustic Pianos Dynamic Selectable Piano Release String Resonance Powerful Classic Analogue, FM & Wavetable synthesis Generation 3 Organ Modelling

INCEPTION 12A Active Speakers


+ + + + + +


Mix 4

1100W Integrated Power Amps produce 131 dB SPL DSP Version with 40-Bit digital signal processor, EQ, Feedback Inhibitor and Variable Delay M-10 fly points for installation hanging Impact Resistant Polymer Body Custom Tuned Transducers


(Serato Controller)

Ultrasone DJ1 Headphones + + + + + + Tradelius Music Group: Telephone: (031) 502 3080 | Fax: (031) 502 4518 email: |

Safer Hearing for DJs by the German Headphone Co. S-Logic Plus Natural Surround Sound Ultra Low Emission Tecnology MU Metal Shielding Freq Range: 10-22000 Hz Sound Pressure Level 104 dB 50mm Mylar Driver

The ADAM A77X has twice the drivers as the famous and award winning A7X, the A77X offers a powerful mid-field monitor with two 7" Drivers and a ADAM X-ART Folded Ribbon tweeter. Offering perfect sound, dynamics and power for a professional studio with the sound you have only dreamt of in your studio.

MXL Microphones offers outstanding sound to price ratio, delivering excellent sound at a price to meet professional studio budgets but also project studios. A complete line up from condenser micro-phones, ribbon and even tube micro-phones. Wired internally with Mogami and offering kits to complete all studio needs.

One of the biggest names in professional custom in ears, used by professional artists the world over. Now in South Africa and offering professional musician and audiophiles a chance to make their in-ears become their own with custom designs such as your band logo. Available from dual driver to eight drivers! JH Audio, Listen up and experience perfection in monitoring.

Telefunken M80, introducing the new Wooden models and Custom series. The Telefunken M80 has broken into the industry with its outstanding performance on stage and in studio. Loved by artists whom have decided to take their vocals seriously and not compromise the sound of their true vocals. Available in Black, Gold, Chrome and the newly introduced wooden models, Oak and Cherry.

Steven Slate Drums 4.0 is here and offers some of the best samples the industry has ever heard, recorded by the legendary Steven Slate. From rock to dance, SSD 4.0 has you covered in the mix and production process. EX - 25 Drum Kits and 1 Dance Kit Platinum - 100 Drum Kits, Jazz, Brushes, 5 Dance, Unban and House Kits

Take a electronic kit that plays like a real kit, add a high quality design and then to top it off a "brain" that offers you the chance to change the samples to whatever you want. With 2Box's Drumit Five you get everything above plus more. True samples with the advantage of be-ing able to change them to your own with just a USB connection. Swedish design, 5 piece electronic MIDI drum kit.

Tel: +27 (0)11 312 1846 / +27 (0)11 544 7977 Email: Website:

The MAUI28 is the perfect solution for musicians and DJ's as well as presentations and events. Offering a "all in one" solution that is powerful, compact and easy to setup.

WIN42 is LD Systems flagship wireless systems, with a total of 1680 selectable frequencies and channel scan, auto sync and In-Ears Sets that met your needs and budget without compromise. The MEI Series by LD Systems has bought in ears to the performing artists with 3 models to choose from to met your needs: MEI-ONE, MEI100 and MEI1000

Stunning sound at high sound pressure levels, high quality components, reliability, and all at a reasonable price this is the aim of the LD Premium series. The VUE-Array Series comprises the VA-4 ultra compact dual 4" and the VA-8 true mid-size vertical line-array system. The product line is rounded off by subwoofers from 1 × 15", 2 × 15" and up to 2 × 18". The LD Premium Series uses only high quality, speciallymanufactured components. The whole range has been developed by experienced audio designers and FOH engineers in the USA and Germany.

The worlds first Triple Single Ended Tube Guitar Amplifier The Palmer DREI design is more than just a visual extravaganza - it mirrors the concept and the circuitry. For the purest, most natural distortion only a singleended design will do. Hand made in Germany to met your highest standards The comprehensive range of Palmer stomp boxes is designed to expand the sonic diversity of both guitar and bass players. As the name implies the Root Effects series features all the classics such as Overdrive, Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and Compressor as well as the Ueber-treiber, Bazz and Deepressor pedals that have been care-fully tailored for the electric bass.

Eminence Guitar Speakers is now in South Africa along with Palmer Musical Instruments. Now offering you the chance to pick your sound. The Palmer Tone Centre allows you to sit and audition each guitar speaker on its own, helping you find the sound you want instantly and offering unlimited choice. Eminence Guitar speakers also have advance technology such as FDM, which allows you to control your tone at your fingertips.

Tel: 011 312 1846 / 011 544 7977 Email: Website:

AVID - PRO TOOLS 10 AVID - M-AUDIO GSR12 n Designed by the engineers behind industry-leading MAudio® reference monitors n OptImage wave guide technology n 4 specially tuned EQ presets n Integrated M10 fly-points and 1.4” (36 mm) pole mount



ALTO - TS115A n 800 Watts of Class D power n 15” low frequency transducer, 1” neodymium driver n Two Mic/Line combo inputs with independent volume controls n Lightweight, trapezoidal cabinet with handles n Use as a traditional upright loudspeaker or as floor wedge monitor n Ground Lift switch n Contour switch for increased EQ control n Accurate audience coverage, not just on-axis

XG300-MGS n 3pc Wizard III Maple neck n Mahogany body n Full Tune III bridge n CAP-LZ10 (H) neck pu n CAP-LZ20 (H) bridge pu n Hardware colour : Cosmo Black n Color : MGS (Metallic Gray Sunburst)

ALTO - ZMX164FXU n 28 total inputs n 3-band EQ with swept mid on microphone channels n 4-band fixed EQ on stereo line channels n Stereo 9-band graphic EQ n 4 AUX sends per channel: 2 PRE/POST faders switchable n 4-bus sub mixer n 24-bit Alesis DSP effects for 256 choices (16 presets × 16 variations) n USB audio interface for computer software recording and monitoring

MARSHALL - MG102CFX (Carbon Fibre Series) n Modern Brushed Silver Panel and Carbon Fiber Look Vinyl n New Programmable FX Include Studio and Spring Reverb; Octave Plus Reverse Delay n 4 Programmable Analog Channels- Clean, Crunch, OD1, OD2 n 3 Band EQ n MP3 Input n Headphone Jack n 2x12 in. Speakers n 100 watts

Distributed exclusively by MIDI Music JHB + 27 11 417 3400 | DBN +27 31 564 3886



Features: . PRX400 passive speakers are comprised of tour tested JBL components and feature professional connectivity via Neutrik® Speakon combination connectors. . PRX400 cabinets are artfully constructed from an 18mm Birch/Poplar multi-laminate hardwood covered in highly resilient DuraFlex™ and feature rugged 16 gauge steel grilles. . All full range models utilize twelve M10 suspension points for safe deployment in light duty installations. . With three 2-way designs and an 18" sub-woofer, PRX400 passive series tackle tough jobs affordably and professionally

Features: . Self Powered 15" Two-Way Loudspeaker . Highly designed composite enclosures for Durability, Lightweight, and Precise acoustic performance . Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB: 42 Hz - 18 kHz ) . Max SPL 132 dB Intuitive onboard 3 Channel Mixer with user Adjustable Bass and Treble Controls

THE NEW SYSTEM CONTROL APP FROM CROWN Marquis Dance Club Series Features: . JBL Selenium Ultra High Frequency Bullet Drivers . JBL Progressive Transition™ Waveguides . JBL Differential Drive Technology . Stack Security . Precise Adjustment . Beautifully Durable

Available at the Apple App Store . Instantly connect to your Crown networked amps; just plug your amps into any wireless router, watch the amps auto-populate, and you have full control of everything . Watch over your entire rig using your iPhone or iPad, anywhere in the venue – intuitive control panels allow you to monitor input levels, output levels, thermal conditions – anything you need . Need to limit control or see something special? Choose any controls you want using System Architect custom panels; then easily import them using iTunes . Use it with CTs, I-Tech, I-Tech HD, and Macro Tech I series (CTs requires network PIP)

Shure X2u

XLR-to-USB Signal Adaptor Features: . Plug and Play USB Connectivity allows the convenience of digital recording . Monitor Mix Control for blending microphone and playback audio . Headphone jack with volume control for monitoring . Zero Latency Monitoring for realtime playback and multi-tracking without disorientation . 16 bit, up to 48 kHz sample rate for better-than-CD quality audio

SRH1440 & SRH1840

Professional Open Back Headphones Designed for mastering and critical listening

XLS DRIVECORE SERIES Crown's XLS Series amplifiers define the standard for portable PA systems with unmatched performance, technology and affordability. Features: . XLS High Performance, Lightweight Class D amp weighs less than 11 lbs. . Integrated PureBandâ&#x201E;˘ Crossover System for better performance and control . Peakxâ&#x201E;˘ Limiters provide maximum output while protecting your speakers . Efficient forced-air fans prevent excessive thermal buildup . Three-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty For Trade Enquiries or to find a local authorised dealer near you, call: Johannesburg: +27 11 974 0633 | Cape Town: +27 21 787 9378 | Durban: +27 31 573 7400 |


Vintage Angled Cabinet Speakers: 4 x 12" (Celestion G12M) Power Handling: 100 watts Impedance 8Ω Input: Mono 1/4" (6.55mm) jack input Weight: 31Kg Dimensions (HxWxD)mm 784 x 765 x 380

THE CARLSBRO DELTA 215/1000 + Frequency Response: 50Hz > 20KHz (-10dB) + Frequency Response: 50Hz > 18KHz (-3dB) + Sensitivity: 100db + Max SPL: 129dB + Power Handling (Continuous): 800 watts + Power Handling (Programme): 1600 watts + Impedance (Nominal): 4Ω

CARLSBRO GAMMA 15/400A MOULDED SPEAKER 15" 400W + + + + + +

Frequency Response: 45Hz > 18KHz Power (RMS): 400 watts Crossover Frequency: 2.5KHz 1” Compression Driver 1 x 15” Custom Designed Carlsbro Powertone LF Driver Gain, Bass, Mid, High and Volume Level Controls

CARLSBRO MEGAMIX 12DSP MIXER 12 Channel Lightweight Passive Mixer 8 x Microphone Channels (XLR Balanced) 2 x Stereo Channels Line input Jacks Each Channel has Gain, Monitor, FX, Pan or Balance Controls & Peak LED Indication + Low-Cut filter (Mic Channels only)

+ + + + +

CARLSBRO MINIMIX 8 4-CHANNEL MIXER + 8 Channel Slimline Compact Passive Mixer + 4 x Microphone Channels: XLR + +48V Phantom Power Switching on Channels 1>4l + Hi-Pass Filter (Microphone Channels Only) + 4 x Line Inputs: Jack + Peak LED on all channels

CARLSBRO NXT FLAT SOUND PANEL 200W MAX + Frequency Response (-10dB): 100Hz > 20KHz + SPL (1w - 1m) Max SPL: 90dB + Power Handling (Continuous): 100 watts + Power Handling (Programme): 200 watts + Impedance (Nominal): 8立 + 6 x Core Drivers/12立

CARLSBRO SHERWOOD 60R GUITAR AMP + 2 x 30 Watts Stereo (RMS) + British Designed 2 x 8" Carlsbro Powertone Speakers + Channel 1: Microphone Channel with 2 Band Active EQ (Combi Jack/XLR input) + Channel 2: Acoustic Guitar Channel has 2 Band EQ (Combi Jack/XLR input) + Built-in 16 Preset Digital FX (Routable to either channel) + Digital FX Level Control

TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME TEL: 011 805 9910 | FAX: 011 805 9930 |

CARLSBRO TC15H VALVE AMP HEAD + 15 Watts (RMS) + Twin Channel: Clean and Overdrive + Valve Compliment 2 x 12AXT and 2 x 6v6S + Overdrive with Tone and Level Controls + On/Off Switch + Switchable Channels + Normal/Boost Switch



Online product code: 170.860

M16DSP - 16-channel with DSP + USB Available range: M8DSP - 8-channel with DSP + USB M12DSP - 12-channel with DSP + USB M16DSP - 16-channel with DSP + USB + + + + + + + + +

Power supply: 110-240Vac 50/60Hz (IEC) Power consumption: 50W Inputs: Line: 4 mono/stereo jack (bal/unbal) Input level: Mic: +22dBu Input level: Line: +20 dBu Outputs: Main (XLR/jack); Sub; Control Room Dimensions: 478 x 122 x 430mm Weight: 6.22kg Other models available: 8-channel with DSP + USB & 12-channel with DSP + USB

+ + + + +

16 DSP effect algorithms 2 x 7-band graphic EQ 3-band EQ per channel 19" rackmount kit included Balanced outputs (XLR)

CLP1002 10-CHANNEL POWERED MIXER Online product code: + + + + +

2 x 350Wrms output 16 DSP effect algorithms 2 x 7-band graphic EQ 3-band EQ per channel Balanced line outputs (XLR)


CM-LIVE COMPACT MIXERS WITH DELAY + USB/SD PLAYER Online product code: 170.800 Range includes: CM10-Live - 10 channel mixer CM8-Live - 8 channel mixer CM6-Live - 6 channel mixer CM4-Live - 4 channel mixer + + + + + +

Compact, accessible design Channel inserts for Mic/line inputs Switchable +48V phantom power 3-band EQ for each channel Internal delay effect (or FX loop) Integral USB/SD player


CM-STUDIO COMPACT MIXERS WITH USB OUTPUT Online product code: 170.812 Available models: CM4 4 Channel Mixer CM8 8 Channel Mixer + + + + + +

Compact, accessible design Channel inserts for Mic/line inputs Switchable +48V phantom power 3-band EQ for each channel USB digital audio input/output Rack-mount ears supplied with CM8-STUDIO model

CX34 ACTIVE CROSSOVER - 2 / 3 / 4-WAY + 2 or 3-way stereo, 4-way mono crossover + 19" rack mountable + Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/octave, state variable + Continuously adjustable cutoff frequencies + 40Hz ultra-low frequency cut + Phase invert function + Inputs and outputs via XLR

+ + + + + + + +

2 x 31-band 1/3 octave ISO spacing RF filtered servo-balanced inputs Constant Q each band Bypass switch for EQ comparison Low-cut switch each channel Gain control each channel LED VU meters 19" rackmount 2U

VMS4 Traktor Just when you thought our VMS4 Digital MIDI Work station couldn´t get any more popular, we´ve followed it up with a new version that comes bundled with an exclusive version of the legendary and universally acclaimed Traktor™ Software.

VMS 4.1 The American Audio VMS4.1 is a 4-Channel Midi Controller that comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE software. The VMS4.1 is designed for performance minded DJs looking for a solid, all-in-one Midi Controller to play MP3 tracks from their laptop, plus have the option to add CD Players and turntables to the mix.

Micro 3D from Micro Laser Series (also available: Micro Galaxian / Micro Gobo)

Light up any party with the Micro 3D laser. The Micro 3D’s compact, light weight case design makes it ideal for mobile entertainers, bands, night clubs and bars or any party goers! Key Features: n Produces more than 200 green and red laser beams that rotate back and forth creating amazing effects that can be projected on a ceiling, wall or dance floor n Compact case design n 2 operational modes: Auto Mode (built-in programs), or Sound Active Mode n Built-in programs can be changed with a push of a button on the unit or from the RF wireless remote n Includes dual hanging bracket n Fan cooled - Power consumption: 9W max n Green Laser: 30mW (532nm) Green laser n Red Laser: 80mW (650nm) Red laser

Flat Par Tri18x The ADJ Flat Par TRI18X is a professional “low profile” LED Par Can with extremely bright output. The units “low profile,” sideways power & DMX Ins/Outs and dual hanging brackets make it ideal for mobile entertainers, permanent installations and for inserting into truss for uplighting.

VERSADECK The AMERICAN AUDIO Versadeck is a 2-channel Midi Controller that includes Virtual DJ LE software so you can start DJing right out of the box. Versadeck main functions include: 5 On-board effects, Auto BPM Counter, 3-Band EQ with push Kills, Key lock, 4 Hot Cue or Loop Buttons, Relay Playback and a wide pitch adjustment of -100%.


The Radius 3000 is a professional CD/MP3/WAV player with Midi capabilities and also offers features only found on the highest quality CD Players, such as: Slot load CD Drive, Quick CD/MP3/WAV disc recognition, SD Card and USB inputs, Advanced Track Search (search for a new track while one is playing), 10 seconds of Anti-shock memory, Seamless Loop, 3 Flash Start buttons, Digital BPM Counter, and Digital Output (S/PDIF).

HP550 Headphones Key Features: n Comfortable, sturdy high powered headphones n Flexable housing design allows double or single ear monitoring; folds up for easy transport n Replaceable earpads - No need to replace entire headphones when earpads wear and crack. n Includes Headphone bag and 2 1/4" jack plug adaptors n Driver Unit: 57 mm diameter, Impedance: 64 ohm n Frequency Response: 50Hz to 30 KHz n Cord Length: 3 meters

To find a shop near you that sells these products, call 021 551 3296 | 082 535-5548 or email



MU-53HN / MU53HNS Uni-Directional Cardioid Headworn MU-55HN / MU55HNS Omni-Directional Headworn Microphone Flexible and durable frame with comfortable, soft ear hooks which require no adjustment for optimum comfort.

MU-53L / MU53LS Uni-Directional Lavalier Microphone Ideal for speech applications, saxophones, brass and wind instruments. MU-55L / MU-55LS Omni-Directional Lavalier Microphone Ideal for theatre, TV, broadcasting, video, film, general purpose sound reinforcement, and violins, flutes instruments.

Mipro Wireless Mic Series



Unsurpassed Value


Single-Channel UHF Diversity Receiver


Dual-Channel UHF Diversity Receiver

Key Features: EIA standard 1/2-rack unit design. Diversity technology for optimum reception. 961 selectable frequencies and up to 8 preset compatible systems per band. 81 selectable frequencies and up to 4 preset compatible systems (CEPT/EU countries). + Advanced multi-function backlit LCD displays all parameters on the same screen. + + + +

ACT-30T Bodypack Transmitter

ACT-30H Handheld Transmitter



Key Features: + Extremely rugged, ergonomically designed housing. + ACT™ syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically. + Extremely low handling noise. + Hardened steel grille resists wear and abuse. + Built-in foam reduces pop, breath and wind noise.


Single-Channel True Diversity Receiver


Quad-Channel True Diversity Receiver

Key Features: + ACT -717: EIA standard 1/2U rack-mountable metal receiver EIA Standard 1U rack-mountable metal receiver. + Industry’s only full-colour VFD screen. + True diversity technology for best reception quality. + One-touch AutoScan and ACT channel set-up. + 104 factory preset channels (automatic scanable).


Professional Handheld Transmitter Key Features: + Rugged, ergonomically designed magnesium alloy housing. + Standard cardioid condenser microphone capsule provides high fidelity, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, rapid transient response, clarity and accurate sound reproduction. + ACT™ syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically. + Extremely low handling noise.



Professional Bodypack Transmitter Key Features: + Sturdy, compact magnesium alloy housing. + ACT™ syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically. + Pilotone squelch for interference-free operation. + Built-in transmitter gain adjustment. + Impedance selectable switch for microphone or guitar.

Soundcom - Distributors of all MIPRO and Ahuja products through audio contractors & music stores nationwide Showroom at 15 Lepus Rd, Crown Ext, Johannesburg Tel: (011) 839-4451 Fax (086) 671-4637 |

+ + + + + +

+ + + + + + +

Touring loudspeaker cabinets Digital amplifiers Mosfet amplifiers Audio mixing consoles DJ Mixing consol DJ media/CD players

Touring/installation loudspeakers cabinets Touring and installation amplifiers DJ Mixing consoles CD Players DJ media controllers Wired & wireless mics Studio monitors

+ + + +

LED stage lighting LED moving heads Lighting stands Lasers

+ + + + + + +

+ +

LED Moving heads LED DJ effects lights LED Par cans Lighting stands Architectural lighting Laser effects lights Effect machines

LED stage effects lights DMX Splitters & power distroâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Anniversary edition of an industry Legend n Available in March 2012 n Special aluminum "limited edition" label n All black design n 1,6 m (5.2 ft.) OFC single-sided cable with screwable 6,35 mm (1/4") adapter n Innovative bass-reflex-system for excellent bass reproduction n Headbow with eco-friendly electrophoretic coating for optimal wearing comfort n Exchangeable, easy to clean comfortable "Softskin" headband and ear pads n Glassball reinforced ear cups n Closed, diffuse-field studio headphone n Robust, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable

As used by The Graeme Watkins Project, Karen Zoid and Die Heuwels Fantasties The dynamic vocal microphone TG V71d with a hypercardioid polar pattern was created for loud stages. Optimised for extremely close miking, it offers a perfectly resolved and powerful sound, which allows vocalists to stand out even on loud stages. Features: n Special sound geometry behind the diaphragm with high-tech acoustic fabric n 2-stage treble resonator for optimal highfrequency reproduction for more powerful sound n Special sound holes for a frequencyindependent polar pattern

Bose L1 Compact Bose L1 Model II with Tone Match Engine The premier Bose® L1 loudspeaker system for musicians with our smoothest, most consistent sound coverage and most powerful toneshaping tools. Lightweight and modular, this sleek system fits easily into a car trunk and takes just a few minutes to set up. Features: n Recommended for most instruments and vocalists n Spatial Dispersion™ and Articulated Array® speaker technologies n Single-input power stand with retractable legs n Four-channel ToneMatch® audio engine with studio-class effects n One B1 bass module included

Introducing the L1 Compact portable line array system. Carry it in one trip. Set it up in one minute. Fill the room with Bose sound. It's the smallest, lightest, easiest-to-set-up L1 system, weighing just 13 kg’s. Features: n Bose® Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology delivers sound evenly across the stage and throughout the audience n Two ToneMatch® channels with fixed presets for a handheld microphone and an acoustic guitar n Integrated bass speaker in power stand n Two setup positions: collapsed for smaller spaces or extended for larger ones n Ideal for musical performances, mobile DJs, classrooms, business presentations and other events

Fret-King Jerry Donahue Black Label Guitar

Jerry knows a thing or two about tone, and when the opportunity to cooperate with Fret-King and Trev Wilkinson to create a guitar he could be 100% happy with arose, the gauntlet was thrown down. With its single coil pickups custom wound to Jerry’s exact recipe, and five way switch wired and tuned to his specification, the JD meets his vision of a single guitar which really can sound like all of the most instantly recognisable solid-body sounds of the last 50 years. Country twang, to rich, dark midnite jazz chords, to that elusive ‘in-between quacktone’ in just the flick of a switch, and more, it’s all there in spades.

Features: n Body: two-piece centre-jointed American alder with bound ash top. n Neck: custom profiled Canadian hard rock maple. n Fingerboard: maple, 10” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, black dots. n Scale: 25.5”/648mm. n Nut: graphite. n Pickups: custom designed Wilkinson WJDTn/WJDTb single coils. n Controls: volume & tone, custom wired 5 way lever switch. n Hardware: Wilkinson WTBS bridge and WJ05 tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.



Paradise Electric Guitar Featuring a solid mahogany single cutaway body with a genuine carved maple cap and flame maple veneer top, the V100AFD looks just as amazing as it sounds! Features: n Body: Solid Mahogany with carved maple cap n Neck: Mahogany - Set Neck n Fingerboard: Rosewood n Scale: 24.75"/628mm n Frets: 22 n Neck Inlays: Pearloid Crown n Tuners: Wilkinson® WJ44 Chrome n Bridge: Tune-O-Matic n Pickups: Wilkinson® WVHZ Humbuckers x 2 n Hardware: Chrome n Controls: 2 x Volume/ 2 x Tone/ 3Way Lever n Accessories: Straplocks Included

Gordon Giltrap 6 String Acoustic Features: n Top: Solid North American Red Cedar, high grade, close grained n Back and Sides: Mahogany n Neck: Mahogany n Fingerboard: Rosewood with Abalone inlays n Bridge: Rosewood n Top Nut: NuBone n Saddle: NuBone, compensated n Scale: 642mm / 25.27" n Preamp: Fishman Presys Blend n Pickup: Fishman Sonicore n Tuners: Grover 102 n Finish: Clear Satin

TID - Technology Innovated Distribution Tel: 010 5000 111 | Fax: 086 668 4226 | mi- |

MEDIALAS Mamba 2.0 Software Attaxx Showlaser Projector ! Full & single colour ! High quality laser beam parameters ! Full safety features implemented ! Dust sealed optical system ! Maintenance free operation ! Built for touring

! ! ! !

Unlimited dmx/lan control Auto play module Powerful design rule check 30 free shows

4 HEAD LASER n 250MW Source2 Red and 2 Green BeamsDMX 512Stand Alone Mode90 Patterns ! Main tube 50x3mm ! Brace tube 25x2mm ! 0.5m,1m,2m,3m,4m

available ! German TUV



LED PAR 64 n 177 x 10mm LED n 6 DMX Channel n DMX/Auto/Sound activated n RGB/Dimmer/ Strobe/Macro

n 20A/10A /Channel n LCD Display n Modular Channels n DMX/Built In Programs n Phase Correction n Linear/Switch Control Curve


PROFILE SPOT n HPL 750W n 15-26 Degree or 36-50 Degree n 3200K


n MSD 250/MSR 575/HMI 1200 n DMX/Auto/Sound Activated n Mechanical Linear Dimming n Strobe n Focus n Prism

DMX CONSOLE n 2048 Control Channel n Upload Via Usb n 4 DMXOutput n XY Control Via Wheel n External Screen n Roadcase

n HMI 2500/HMI 1200 n DMX Control/Stand Alone n Dimmer n Iris n Zoom n Colour Temperature Wheel

Slave Distributors Tel: +27 83 408-6953 | Fax: 086 658-9132 |

(ABC) Auto Balanced Cooling P Audio loudspeaker designs utilise Auto Balanced Cooling (ABC) where the air flow produced by the rear radiation of the dust cap and cone are effectively channeled thru the openings built into the speaker frame. This air flow is directed across the voice coil and magnet structure and is vented through these openings. This new Frame/Chassis technology is part of the key to the large power handling and reliability improvements found in the new P Audio designs. The P Audio Auto Balanced Cooling (ABC) technology produces substantially higher power handling and superior power compression performance. These new techniques yield higher product reliability and higher sound pressure level capability

New PAudio Drivers C18-650EL n Power Rating: 1 200 W (AES) n Frequency: 30-200 Hz n Sensitivity: 98 dB n Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm n 3.9” Large Format Voice Coil n 4800 Watts Peak Power Handling n Double Spider Suspension n Auto Balanced Cooling

E15-300S n Power Rating: 300 W (AES) n Frequency: 40-2000 Hz n Sensitivity: 99 dB n Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm n 3” Voice Coil n 1200 Watts Peak Power Handling

P150/2226 n Power Rating: 1 000 W (AES) n Frequency: 40-2000 Hz n Sensitivity: 97 dB n Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm n 3.9” Large Format Voice Coil n 4000 Watts Peak Power Handling n Auto Balanced Cooling

E-12MB Series II n Power Rating: 800 W (AES) n Frequency: 55-2000 Hz n Sensitivity: 95 dB n Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm n 4” Large Format Voice Coil

DRUM STICKS & MALLETS HARDWARE, PARTS & ACCESSORIES n A comprehensive range of affordable drum hardware, parts & accessories available. n From entry level to professional.

For over 40 year, Vic Firth has pioneered new concepts and methods to constantly improve upon the manufacturing process, resulting in the world's best drumsticks and mallets.

CYMBALS TRADITIONAL SERIES: (Rides / Crashes / Hi-Hats) n Traditional Series cymbals reflect a classic approach and sound n Lathed top and bottom for a warm, rich and extremely versatile tone

TOCA: Hand Percussion Instruments n Full range of beginner to professional Wooden & synthetic Djembes n Mechanically and rope tuned Djembes n Lightweight n Includes durable carry bags

Street Series

Painted Wood Maracas

Freestyle II (Black Mamba)

Acacia Tambourines

Freestyle II


American Classic 5B Corpsmaster Mallet Dave Weckl Steve Gadd Wire Brush T1 Timpani


Maple 6 Piece

5pc Drum Kit

n Drum sizes:(Jazz) 20" bass drum, 10" tom, 12" tom , 14" floor tom & 14" snare drum n Drum sizes:(Rock) 22" bass drum, 12" tom, 13" tom , 16" floor tom & 14" snare drum n Includes: hi hat stand, snare stand, cymbal stand, drum throne and a pedal, hi hats and a crash cymbal

39" Classic Guitar n Maple Neck n Akathis Top n Plywood Fingerboard n With glossy finish

ELEMENT Birch 6pc 100% Marbled Birch shells, two six-piece configurations. Element series delivers pure tone, durable functionality, and the right custom touches. 6-ply Marbled Birch: The bite and volume of a thin, all Birch shell makes the Element an ideal set-up for gigs.

Woodwind & Brass Instruments n Saxophones, Altos, Sopranos & Tenors n Trumpets, Trombones, Euphoniums & Tubas n Flutes, Clarinets & Piccolos

Enquire about our full range of products available SA Distributor: BK Percussion 021 510 7770 | 082 900 6165 | email:

82 Industry Focus

Musikmesse 2012

1,504 exhibitors and more than 75,000 visitors usikmesse in Frankfurt am Main is the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most international fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and marketing, and has been the foremost meeting place for the musical-instrument industry for over 25 years. During the four days of the fair, manufacturers and dealers, as well as professional, semi-professional and lay musicians get together in Frankfurt am Main and find out about the latest new products. At Musikmesse, manufacturers from all over the world present a complete spectrum of products for making music. From classic instruments, acoustic or electric guitars and basses, brass and woodwind instruments, percussion and keyboard instruments to electronic equipment and computer hardware and software, Musikmesse is where all innovations are presented to international visitors at the same time and place. Additionally, all important publishing companies exhibit at Musikmesse and show their works in all genres, from classic to jazz, rock and pop. Musikmesse 2011 presented 1,504 exhibitors and more than 75,000 visitors.


On the Saturday (the last exhibition day), Musikmesse opens its doors to amateur musicians and families, who then have the opportunity to see the range of over 30,000 musical instruments and attend the numerous concerts and product demonstrations. It is not only a business platform but also a musical event and is aimed at both trade visitors and consumers. In six exhibition halls, the show presents instruments, accessories and services for the music sector. With the entire range of musical instruments as well as sheet music, specialist literature, services for music-marketing and sales, musiciansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; platforms, content aggregators and music instruction, the show covers the complete spectrum from the idea, via making music, to hearing music on records or on the internet. In other words, Musikmesse visitors can discover the entire value chain from instruments and sheet music to labels and music marketing and sales.

83 Industry Focus Awards ceremonies and events Every year, the musical-instrument sector takes advantage of the Musikmesse to present important awards for instruments and personalities from the music world and musical-instrument sector, such as the Frankfurt Music Prize, the PRG LEA and the German Music Instrument Award. British guitarist John McLaughlin (pictured, below left) receives the Frankfurt Music Prize for 2012. McLaughlin, who celebrated his 70th birthday this year, has been a dominant influence on the European and international music scene with his guitar playing for over 50 years. The presentation of the 30th Frankfurt Music Prize is held on the eve of the coming Musikmesse, 20 March 2012. The Frankfurt Music Prize is worth € 15,000 and is sponsored by the Federal Association of German Musical Instrument Manu¬facturers (Bundesverband der Deutschen MusikinstrumentenHersteller e.V.) and Messe Frankfurt. According to the jury of the Frankfurt Music Prize, John McLaughlin is a musician whose work, “has always been characterised by re¬spect and openness with regard to many other directions, forms of expression and cultures, and not by genre borders and dogmatism”. For the jurors, John McLaughlin is a person who can be described as a world musician. Previous winners of the Frankfurt Music Prize include; 1982 Gidon Kremer (violinist) 1983 Edgar Krapp (organist) 1984 Alfred Brendel (pianist) 1985 Brigitte Fassbaender (opera singer) 1986 Albert Mangelsdorff (jazz trombonist) 1987 Carl Dahlhaus (musicologist) 1988 Heinz Holliger (oboist) 1989 Ludwig Güttler (trumpeter) 1990 Chick Corea (jazz pianist) 1991 Aribert Reimann (composer) 1992 Georg Solti (conductor) 1993 Harry Kupfer (director) 1994 Brian Eno (musician and sound artist) 1995 Tabea Zimmermann (violist) 1996 Wolfgang Niedecken (singer and songwriter) 1997 Prof. Hans Zender (composer and conductor) 1998 Peter Herbolzheimer (arranger, interpreter and com¬poser) 1999 Prof. Michael Gielen (conductor and composer) 2000 Klaus Doldinger (saxophonist)

Musikmesse events In addition to the wide range of products and services in the field of musical instruments, music and sheet music, the Musikmesse also provides the setting for over 200 live concerts, competitions, workshops, product presentations and discussions. The event takes place in March every year in Frankfurt am Maim.

For more info check out

Photos: Source - Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Ina Behrend John McLaughlin Source - Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Petra Welzel Michael Portnoy(Rammstein), Sabian Source - Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Pietro Sutera Rock, pop, jazz Source - Messegelände 1469 MFE Jochen Günther

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MUSE TECH - 2012 Gear Catalogue  

Gear, Musical Instruments, PA, Professional Audio, Sound Reinforcement, Lighting, DJ Gear

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