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March 1, 2014

Volume 1, Issue 8

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Beyond Beauty

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Head Publisher: Albert Wang

Editor: Justin Diggs

Section Editors: Catherine Lan, Sabina Chang, Sarah Lin

Managers: David Chiou, Justin Diggs

New building new Mingdao STAFF REPORTER, PEGGY HUANG


ingdao Building is now under construction after overlooking the campus for 45 years. The estimate construction time spans from February 2014 to June 2016. By then, what used to be the oldest building on campus will transform into one state of art edifice that combines green ideas with traditional symbolism.

dors to shield sunshine from classrooms so as to minimize AC usage during summer. Moreover, the garden on the roof top and trees in front of the building will absorb heat, giving students a better studying environment. Stuffy classrooms with fidgeting students no longer captures the summertime in Mingdao. Gu Chen, the supervisor of the construction, said, “We are looking forward to these changes. The trees in the front courtyard and garden will improve ventilation.” “The school will reuse the soil displaced during construction to f ill the sport field © Mingdao to improve subsidence, too,” said Chen. Mingdao brings down the wall that used to bar the campus from those passing by. So

In addition to boasting green features, Mingdao Building contains traditional © Mingdao Chinese spirit. The building is the shape The new Mingdao Building has trees and green yard in front, giving a natural touch of Ruyi(如意) scepter which symbolizes good fortune in Chinese culture. Stuto the front campus. dents studying here are blessed with unperturbed life and bright future. New New Mingdao Building is the paragon Mingdao Building will contain several of green building on campus. Besides verandahs where students can perform choosing eco-friendly materials, archi- or relax as well. tect Po-Chang Hsieh widens the corri-

the school will appear more less formidable to the neighborhood with the wall gone.

“The new building fuses Chinese spirits with that of Mingdao. We hope that evrry student could know the tradition and possess creativity, confidence and courage at the same time,” continued Chen

Administrative offices, science lab, and senior three classrooms will be relocated to Mingdao Building when the construction is done.

The whole project costs approximately 200 million dollars.

Blue tracks in Mingdao STAFF REPORTER, SARAH LIN

Olympic track,” Yong Fu Sun from Student Affairs Office explained. At the end of the hundred-meter track, in front of the Ming Yuan Building, there is the Earth logo of Mingdao High School, drew by group of Mingdao students majoring design. The Earth logo symbolizes the school’s worldliness.

Later on, a series sport competition of Mingdao 44th Anniversary began from the first week of October until October 19. More activities will ensue in the following semesters and fill the new field with spirits and liveliness.

“Blue, the signature color of Mingdao, creates a soothing effect that makes people more comfortable to exercise and play,” said Qi Hui Tseng from the Cultural and Innovative Affairs Division. © Mingdao Principal Wang, District Chief Chen, the head of neighborhood Hong and the representatives of students, parents, and alumni together attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for opening the new track.


rincipal Wang led representatives from each class, teachers, International Exchange Students (IES), and the students from Raffles Institution Secondary - over 200 people – to run around the new blue track for the Blue Run, the opening ceremony of the new sport field on October 1. Mingdao upgraded the quality of the track, improved the sports facilities and increased the sports equipment, for

providing a safe athletic environment and inspiring everyone to exercise. Three and a half months after the completion, the new sports field was finally inaugurated. The opening ceremony started with junior high students performing the Chinese yo-yo. “It was usually polyurethane track, but the new track is made of synthetic rubber, which is more recyclable, resistant, and most importantly – safer, like the

The new track not only benefits students and teachers in Mingdao, but also provides a large and safe sport field for the neighborhood around the campus. “Exercise makes students to think more clearly and pay more attention during study, they can perform well on their academic field,” said the Principal Wang during the morning assembly. Because the old track was almost twenty years old and has already been through many installations and repairs, the school decided to rebuild it. The installations not only upgraded the new sport field to professional one, but also made the drainage system better.

© Mingdao Principal Wang and teachers post in front of the logo on the new tracks.



4 GCP student council has elected STAFF REPORTER, ELENA CHAO

“Before the presentation, we were fairly nervous and worried that we would not perform as well as we did during practices,” said Chou, “But after speaking for a while, we started to feel confident and relaxed. When Mr. Diggs announced that the elected team was us, I felt so happy. I felt that all our efforts so far were worthy and that we had not failed peoples’ expectations.” Every year, the student body hopes to experience a variety of new activities and policies for a better learning environment. The enthusiastic team hopes to bring conveniency to students by establishing the “second-hand book policy”. © Mingdao 4th GCP Studet Board Presudent Grace Chou (left) and vice president Cindy Lan conveying their thanks in the closing ceremony.


n the glorious day of October 8, candidates Grace Chou and Cindy Lan from GCP10 were elected as the 4th GCP Student Council president and vice president. After their presentations and several ex-

hilarating rounds of debating against the opposing candidates Angel Huang and Timmy Wu, Chou and Lan felt relieved and shocked at hearing the wonderful news that they had won the elections.

“The purpose of this policy is to lower students’ tuition,” remarked Lan, “ Instead of spending money on the same set of books each year, we hope that seniors would sell their books or provide notes to sophomores and juniors.”

famous Harry Potter series. According to Lan, just like in the movies, GCP houses will compete throughout the school year. “We wish GCP students would help each other with their studies and get to understand each other more through these competitions,” explained Chou and Lan, adding that it would be a great opportunity to improve students’ English skills. “This year, it is our turn to set plans to create a better GCP environment. Our main goal is to serve GCP students and give everyone a more interesting environment and exciting school life,” said Chou and Lan. “We hope to unite GCP—and the whole school even—into a big family,” they concluded.

In addition, the duo would like to introduce a new tradition to us: the GCP house system, an idea derived from the

Action! For children, for change! STAFF REPORTER, SARAH LIN


n December 11, 2013, many students were gathering at the assembling area for celebrating 12Hour Famine spirit. The 12-Hour Famine comprises of fasting for 12 hours and donating money to African children and others in need. During the day, participants cannot eat any food but liquid diet. The mainly purpose is making these participants to experience how those starving children around the worldwide feel about no food to eat and nothing to drink. Comparing to the last year, more students attended the 25th Annual 12-Hour Famine this year. There were 2,363 students participated, the largest amount of people attending 25th Famine 12, the second place was taken by Taming Senior High School which has 2,344 students, and Lichih High School won the

third place with 1,986 participants. “According to this activity is one of the most important annual events at Mingdao, many are pretty excited to join such a meaningful event,” explained Paul Yang, the vice president of Mingdao’s 13th Student Council, “also we had handed out fliers to each class.” Ken Hung, the president of 13th Mingdao Student Council, is the person in charge of 12-Hour Famine in Mingdao. “The most difficult work while preparing this happening is configuring all the © Mingdao attendants into the words, because we As annual, Mingdao Student Council arranged this activity and configured the partichave to think about what to configure is ipants to spell “eh”013, phonetically similar to the number two in Chinese. the best looking and keep adjusting how they appear as panoramic view,” Hung Famine in Kaosiung on January 25—26,” told us. Hung said. “We also keep promoting to all the students to join us to attend the 30-Hour

Seniors outdoor camping in Nantou STAFF REPORTER, ELENA CHAO


n January 21, the entire junior student body embarked on a two -day citizenship training camp at the Atayal Resort in Nantou. Participants left urban areas, or civilization, to dwell on nature while spending time both outdoors and indoors at the camp. Outdoor camping is an activity both educational and recreational.

© Mingdao Many are wearing own class T-shirt to show their cooperating spirit.

Training sessions included a range of activities such as archery, in which students took turns propelling arrows, canopy tour, where students zip-lined cano-

py walkways, and rappel, an activity that consisted of students descending down a three-story vertical surface. To balance education with recreation, students also enjoyed various competition games such as paintball, sang and danced at a festive bonfire, and cooked for fellow classmates. “The primary motive of the program is to provide Mingdao students the training they need to develop social skills and civic sense to aid themselves, families, or neighbors in a crisis,” said camp lead-

er Hei Niu (黑 妞) during the closing ceremony. The activities helped students acquire a sense of individual responsibility but also a collective commitment, and visualize the somewhat abstract concepts of teamwork, fair play and cooperation.

3 CELEBRATION The Calligraphy Green Way again fills with jazz lovers STAFF REPORTER, JOSEPH HSIEH


ith its maverick line up of Jazz masters, the annual Taichung Jazz Festival has started on the night of October 19, 2013. This year’s festival has again attracted thousands, hopefully millions, of people to gather on the Calligraphy Greenway to enjoy the cozy atmosphere, the delicious food, and the resplendent music. Started in the autumn of 2003, the Taichung Jazz Festival has grown exponentially from a small festival which attracted only 30,000 people in a time frame of three days to one of the biggest Jazz Festival in Asia that attracts Jazz lovers from all over the world. With its gigantic potential, the Taichung Jazz Festival is paving its way toward being one of the biggest Jazz Festival in the world. With this year’s title, “This is Jazz,” the festival consists a splendid line up of masterful performers from Taiwan, Ja-

pan, U.S.A., Israel, Malaysia, etc. Kaori Kobayashi, who will celebrate her 32th birthday with her fans on the stage on the opening night, is a professional Saxophone soloist from Japan who has released 9 studio albums with positive commercial success. With her beautiful and feminine outlook, she is able to perform Jazz music with power and energy that is no less, probably stronger, than a male Jazz performer’s. And we will hopefully see her again on the stage in the later years of the festival. The final performance that will conclude the whole 9 days festival is legendary Richie Beirach's Quartet. Richie Beirach graduated from the Manhattan School of Music, one of the best music school that teaches contemporary music, in 1972 with a Master's Degree in Music Theory and Composition. After his graduation, Beirach had led numerous Jazz projects

and cooperated with lots other Jazz artists. With his music, the Jazz lovers can expect a wonderful performance that will mark the period for this year’s festival on the night of the 27. After a brief introduction of some of the performers of the festival, the Jazz lovers can be sure that attending this festival is not only a good way to enjoy good music but also a once in life time chance to see some of the best Jazz Artists perform. And hopefully next year’s festival will have an even better and more dazzling line up of performers.

© Calligraphy Green Way Omer Avital Playing double bass.

Annual Christmas performance enchants Mingdao STAFF REPORTER, CATHERINE LAN

Mingdao Student Choir performed in the gym to disseminate Christmas atmosphere. The whole performance commenced with Street Dance Club performing dances, which perked up the ambience in the gym. Another highlight in this year’s performance was when Ukulele Club performed “Jingle Bells.” With the accompaniment of more than 30 students playing ukulele, the club president sang the “Jingle Bells” in English and in Taiwanese. In the next performance, Hong played the theme song of Pink Panther with Ukulele and incorporated the performance with street dance. Students decorating the school facilities in a Christmas fashion.


very year Mingdao holds Christmas performance to celebrate this holiday, and this year, there is no

© Mingdao

exception. On Christmas Eve, several clubs, including Street Dance Club, Ukelele Club, Rock Band Club, and

The audience was surprised when several students dressed in Santa Claus costumes started to throw out candies. Principal Wang also joined the ranks of giving out sweets to the students.

As the Christmas performance gradually came to an end, and along with the canorous and joyful songs chanted by Mingdao student choir, the audience walked and gathered in front of the Hong Dao building to witness the lighting up of Christmas tree and the characters “Discover Yourself.” The choir performed a mashup of several songs including “Winter Magic”, “Alleluia”, and “Simple Gift”. This year’s performance ended merrily while students played with sparklers. “This year, the whole performance was a success,” delighted Ms. Huang, the school’s music teacher and the instructor of Mingdao Student Choir. “It’s pleasant to see a lot of smiley faces.”

Not that spooky Halloween STAFF REPORTER, SABINA CHANG


t’s mid-October, and you are probably thinking about your Halloween costume this year. While many of us associate this holiday with pumpkins and sweets, Halloween originates from ancient Celtics tradition. On this day, the Celtics believe that the boundary between the dead and the alive blurs, and the souls of the deceased would return. Having found its way through English culture over the past centuries, Halloween becomes one of the most popular holidays in US and UK. But the theme of commemorating people who have died and death itself actually exists in many distinct cultures around the world.

In China and Taiwan, ghosts are believed to come out from hell on the first day of August, the Ghost Month. And Jong Yuan Festival takes place at August 15th , in the middle of the Ghost Month, when families would prepare food and burn paper money to the homeless spirits. Unlike in many countries where death festivals are celebrated with parties and sweets, Ghost Month in Taiwan and China includes many taboos. People avoid surgeries, visiting hospitals, getting married and swimming. And instead of calling the wondering spirit “ghost”, people address them as “good brothers”.

people offer sweet sticky rice and beans wrapped in banana leaves to temples to signify the close of the festival.

In Mexico, Los Dios de Los Muertos is the day dedicated to the family ancestors as well as the ghost wondering around the streets. People fill the altar especially made for the holiday with fresh flowers, fruits and candies, both as gifts to the deceased and as symbols of brevity of life. From November first to second, families would hold rituals around the altar to express love for the family members who are gone.

The P’chum Ben, or Festival of the Dead, in Cambodia takes place in the late September. During the fifteen days of the festival, people wake up before dawn to offer flowers and foods to local temples as a way of remembering the loved ones. With their finest clothes on, family members gather in the temples, listening to the monks teaching about the topic of death and enjoying the music performances. On the fifteenth day

So this year when you are trying to scoop pumpkins seeds out to make a Jack-o-lantern, don’t forget the true meaning of Halloween.

Countries like Singapore, Hungary, Spain, Japan, and Vietnam also have similar holidays dedicated to the dead. Whether people spend the holidays with music and pranks or praying and respect, the prevalence of the theme of commemorating the dead reveals the strength of emotion that people can develop. Even with loved one long passed away, that attachments between the lived and the dead continue to bind the families together.

© Google Many associate Halloween with Jack-o'lantern, bats and dying old trees. However in many countries, people celebrate this holiday of deceased and ghost out of respect for the other world. They hope that through the holiday everyone can learn to be grateful of the present life and remember the deeds of the past.


LIFE Mingdao High School celebrates its 44th birthday


the first year and 1,145 kilometers in the second year, Mingdao students created another record this year. Within five days, students from more than 60 classes ran a total of 4034 laps, which equals 1613.6 kilometers – far more than the original goal of 1,000 kilometers set by the school. School faculties, PTA parents, and alumni also participated in various activities, including the relay races, threelegged races, and soccer relay. Some teachers even practiced actively for the fun games before the anniversary, hoping to win the first place for their team.

© Mingdao Lead singers from the Mingdao Student Choir sing the National anthem during the opening ceremony of Mingdao’s 44th anniversary.


n October 19, Mingdao celebrated its 44th anniversary. Although the festival was held on Saturday, students enthusiastically went to school and were ready to get cracking a series of events. With the medley of theme songs from Mission Impossible and “Live While We’re Young” by One Direction, the anniversary started off with a pioneering performance of more than 1,000 students jumping ropes altogether. Partici-

pants surrounded the newly completed blue track and performed fancy rope skipping. In order to accomplish the show, students had sacrificed their noon time, homeroom hours, and ninth periods to practice the moves and arrange the formations. The performance marked a successful start to the anniversary. “Running for the Anniversary” has become a tradition in Mingdao and it is the third year that Mingdao holds this event. Starting with a total of 628 kilometers in

During the anniversary, Mingdao also brought in the idea of a “global village”, which added new elements to the already exciting event. Faculties from the International Department set up booths where students enjoyed face painting and hitting the piñata. A multitude of booths was also set around the basketball court and along the quad. Shortly the anniversary started, students swarmed into the basketball courts and roamed around the booths, deciding what was best to eat, to drink, and to play. Some of the foods sold were s’mores, French crêpes, Japanese handmade sticky rice ball, Indian chapatti, and Brazilian sweets.

change students,” delighted Manuel Le Fur, one of the exchange students from France. “I had a very good time selling French crêpes with students from French class, and I thought selling crêpes was an interesting business,” Manuel added. Meanwhile, the singing competition, “Mingdao Star” took place in the gym. Different from the previous ones, this year’s competition included a cover group and an original song group. Participants had to upload their videos to Youtube, go through the second round, and then compete in the final. Competitors gave their best and hoped to catch the judges’ attention. After keen competition, Genie Lin from X1-1 and Dean Wang from GCP 12 won the first prize in cover group and original group, respectively. “Mingdao has always focused on its students,” Principal Albert Wang said. “Teachers have attentively planned various events and made the anniversary into a big stage, where students can show their talents. Give students their stages and let them discover themselves!” Principal Wang added.

“The anniversary was a really interesting experience for me and other foreign ex-

International Department held 3rd Christmas prom in school STAFF REPORTER, PEGGY HUANG


ingdao High School enjoyed a special holiday this year. On December 20, 2013, the fourth student council in the International Department held the Christmas prom to celebrate Christmas, experiment diverse culture and socialize with others.

the prom queen is Peggy Lo and the prom king is Timmy Wu.

Different from the previous prom, the masquerade prom, this year’s prom theme is “The Crown.” Every participant needed to wear a hat. Students would make effort and spent time in decorating the hats.

During the prom, four performances were carried out, including an opening waltz dance, songs performed by the band, Ice on Fire, and a dance from GCP10 and GCP12 respectively. Among the performances, waltz dance drew the most attention.

As part of the GCP tradition, the student council commenced with a dance to teach participants how to waltz. Later in the performance, a king and a queen would be chosen by everyone. This year,

“I never thought I have the chance to be a prom queen. Thanks to people who had voted me,” said Peggy Lo delightedly.

The opening waltz was performed by GCP 10 and members of the Student Council. Students spent more than two months practicing for the dance. Besides

the opening waltz, the performance by Ice on Fire also won thunderous applauds.

Students enjoyed the prom and spend a good Friday night with their friends.

“This is our sixth year as students on campus. Unfortunately this is the last year too, and today is the last chance for us to perform at Mingdao Christmas prom,” said Joseph Hsieh, the lead vocal of Ice on Fire. “We hope you guys enjoy it,” said Hsieh. “No matter how good you can dance, if anybody asked you to dance, I recommend that everybody can say ‘I WILL © GCP TRY’,” said Principal Albert Wang. The fourth GCP Student Council organizThe purpose for Christmas Prom is not es 2013 Christmas prom. only to celebrate the holiday, but also to interact with different people.

Mingdao art exhibition introduces Renaissance artworks STAFF REPORTER, EDGAR CHANG


ingdao high school held an open ceremony for the annual art exhibition on December 2. The paintings of this year’s exhibition is from the Renaissance and Middle Ages. During the ceremony, Principal Wang, administration officers, and the executive manager of Quanta Art attended and give speeches for the guests and stu© Mingdao dents.

Student volunteer Joanne Lu explains the painting Mona Lisa to the guest of the art exhibition.

To kick off the exhibition, Mingdao Chinese Music Club and the local community’s elder dancing group each performed a musical show. The Chinese Music Club used various Chinese musi-

cal instruments including pipa, erhu, and yangqin to stun the audience. The community’s elder dancing group included instruments such as drum and tambourine in their dancing and created a vigorous atmosphere. Following the overture of the music performances volunteer students introduce painting to the guests. The paintings this year include the copies of Madonna and Child, Mona Lisa, The Birth of Venus, etc.. The Renaissance marked the rise of Modern world and end of Middle Ages. The art during the Renaissance devel-

oped realistic perspectives and focused on the elaboration of human Mingdao High School students formed a volunteer group to guide and to elaborate the paintings for the guests. “ Explaining the paintings and interacting with the guests made me nervous and excited," said Angelina Huang, a student volunteer. Mingdao hosts similar exhibitions each year in hopes to promote art and culture throughout the school.



International exchange students in Mingdao STAFF REPORTER, VANESSA CHIEN


tarting in the summer of 2013, Mingdao has had a new department join our existing community, the International Exchange Student (IES) Program. The first ever IES class brings together six students from Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, and France. Ayane Ganaha, a student from Japan, learned Chinese for two years before coming to Taiwan. A fan of Japanese Pop and Reggae, she is also an avid basketball player. “In addition to learning a new language, I really wanted to get to know a new and different kind of culture to the one I am familiar with,” says Francisco Barroso– also known as “Paco”– from Mexico. Though he misses the traditional Mexican tacos from his city, he says he adores the popular Beef Noodles from Taiwan. “After learning Chinese for one year in Brazil, I wished to experience something completely exotic and extraordinary– something unlike my culture,” said Júlia Avelar from Brazil, after being asked why she had chosen Taiwan. Having

been in the island for only a few months, she has already grown very fond of the steamed dumplings. “Here in Taiwan I love to explore the island with my host family,” said Manuel Le Fur from France. “I like to meet new people, discover new foods, and learn about the culture here,” he added. Mathilde Horville, another student from France, shared her story of why she chose to come to Taiwan. “My uncle actually married a Taiwanese,” she said. “Knowing this, I thought Taiwan would be a really cool place to go to. I even visit my aunt sometimes.” A fervid tennis athlete, Mathilde also plays the violin and the piano. Many of the students have been indulging in avocations and interests they had back home. “I was relieved to have found the Chess Club,” said Leon Cifterler from Germany, who pursued his passion for chess back in his city. Aside from playing chess, Leon enjoys bike riding and playing basketball as well.

Famous writer - Liao Hung Gee

© Mingdao Mingdao students stand behind the first ever International Exchange Students , who enthusiastically display their country flags.

For the first time in the history of Mingdao, exchange students have their own homeroom, located in the seventh floor of the Ming Yuan Building. This new program has united students from all over the world, from Asia to Europe to South America.

To Mingdao, the IES class marks the start of a very singular and meaningful program.

New Year’s resolutions



n November 15, all of Mingdaos sophomores and juniors retired from fifth and sixth periods to attend an exclusive speech by renowned Taiwanese author, Liao Hung Gee. Students were given this unexampled opportunity to personally meet Liao for the first time ever in Mingdao.

he New Year is coming, we say goodbye to the 2013 and greet the 2014 new year. People have new goals to achieve and improve what they did not well in the past year. So as the students, they got new wish in the New Year. some students want got high score in SAT or TOEFL tests, some students want lose weight, and some wants to enjoy their life. They are plenty of goals that students want to achieve.

see that more than half students want to get in good college in the future, and then the second high goal is be healthier; third is get new stuffs for across another stage of life; forth is keep their good grade or get higher grade in their last school year; fifth is they wish they can have good day and life in the future. Also there are lots of personal wish like sleep more in new-year, or read more… etc.

I did a survey in GCP 12 and there are twenty students in GCP 12. GCP 12 is a senior class so the students’ goal will not only focus in school work, but also in the future. I made a list about what are the top 5 goals those students would like to achieve in 2014.

Everyone has their own goal and new wish in new-year. The old Chinese say “Where there is a will there is a way” it is not hard to achieve, but it’s hard if people won’t fulfill their goal. So try to achieve your goal hardly and wish everyone have a nice year.



Liao is most well known for his works relating to oceans and seas, and has been therefore known as a writer of “marine literature.” Throughout his life, Liao was often in contact with the ocean, and grew very fond of the waters. His experiences in aquaculture further provided inspiration for his works. Born in the small island of Lan Yu, Liao is not only a successful writer, but also an active environmentalist. Numerous of Liao’s essays and stories illustrate his standing against nuclear weapons and environmental degradation. At the age of 41, Liao founded the "Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation."As chairman of the association, Liao was involved in ecological work that helped sustain marine ecosystems. In his speech, Liao expressed how his liking for the sea grew into a passion throughout his experiences living off the coast. From a young age he was fascinated by the waters, which became a part of who he was. “It was not until I embarked on journeys into the ocean that I realized how hard life on the ocean could be,” Liao said. “The ocean was nonetheless incredibly beautiful and just as awe-inspiring as I had thought it to be. This contact with

©National Library of Public Information. Liao Hung Gee, the author who wrote many famous novels in Taiwan.

the ocean made me fall further in love with the sea and its fauna.”

By the graph under this pages, we can

Top Five New Year's Resolutions

After Liao’s speech, a multitude of student gathered round the stage to converse with Liao and take pictures with him. As the crowd surrounded Liao, he answered students’ questions and even signed autographs. “It’s quite amazing to finally meet Liao Hung Gee. Various times we have read his works in our Chinese textbooks, and his writing has always been powerful. I was grateful for this opportunity and be able to actually see him in person,” expressed Angela Hsieh from GCP 11.


2 Good College

4 Be Healthier

6 New Stuff

8 Good Grade



Good Day

© Winnie Tseng New Year Goals by GCP 12 students, in 2014. The top goal of students is get in good colleges. In GCP 12 students applied really good university like Harvard, Stanford, or MIT ect. So hope they can get into what they want.



Students donate blood annually in Mingdao STAFF REPORTER, JOSEPH HSIEH


n mid December, willing and generous students from Mingdao High School donated blood for the greater good for this Society.

Blood Shortage has always been a problem in Taiwan’s society today. In order to increase the quantity of stored blood, the Taiwan Blood Services Foundation has been to big cities and small villages and this time to Mingdao High School to collect blood. The standard for a qualified donor is nowhere near loose or easy; students need to have at least 6 hours of sleep on the previous night, eaten food beforehand, no serious syndromes and be at least 17 years old. Male students have to weigh at least 50 kilograms and female students 45.

legion of students as available donors. According to Ms. Chen, the head nurse of this year’s blood collecting team, the feedback that the foundation get from Mingdao High School has always been positive, and the foundation looks forward to keep a long term cooperation with the school. With the successful education Mingdao High School provides for students, the students are able to develop a mind of sympathy and show their passion in real world circumstances by acts such as community services, international services, and finally blood donation. We look forward to seeing the same bloodcarrying buses and more willing and passionate students on this campus in the years to come.

With such strict standards, Mingdao High School is still able to pull out a

Mingdao students are donating blood at the school’s annual blood drive.

© Mingdao

Oil controversy raises school food concern STAFF REPORTER, TIMMY WU


t was recently discovered that Da Ton, a Taiwanese food company adds impurities in its products. Olive oil, rice wine, hot pepper oil, and most of the company’s other products contain ingredients not shown on the nutrition label. According to estimations, tons of these adulterated merchandises have been sold to customers. The Changhua District Prosecutor Office has recently found out that Da Ton lowered its production cost by mixing in cheaper oil. Products that claim to be 100% pure are in fact mixtures of different kinds of oil and spices. The rice wine does not have rice ingredients but © Weichuan rather only edible alcohol with artificial rice flavoring. Artificial pigments are On the left is the Da Ton oil product line that was added with artificial pigments. added in order to boost its coloration.

And like the domino effect, other companies that were used to adding Da Ton’s “fake” products in their food ceased to sell their products. Luckily, The Mingdao High School cafeteria was not affected. A Mingdao Food Service worker, Mrs. Hsu said, “When the news of the impure oil came out, we quickly recalled all the products and spices that may be problematic, even though they were not the fake products.” The cafeteria in Mingdao did not use any of the problematic foods, so students can enjoy their meal without risking their health.

The truth of Ghost Press Bed STAFF REPORTER, JASMINE LIN


o you know why there is a phenomenon called the "Ghost press bed"?

Sometimes people who are conscious after waking can neither move their body nor yell, and sometimes they will report seeing monstrous objects. This often is seen, as some might say—as a sign that ghosts want to disrupt your body during sleep. Some English scientists think this phenomenon usually occurs when one is almost falling asleep or when one is half awake. During this stage of sleep, our appendages can’t react immediately. A sleeper’s limbs will stay in a resting condition and will remain for several seconds or even a minute.

The reason for this symptom is that part of our brain center is awake, but the neurons that dominate our limbs haven’t awoken. Another reason is that we aren’t awake during rapid-eye movement, so the mind and body can’t coordinate. According to an investigation, five people in ten thousand will have these symptoms, so these occurrences are not entirely uncommon. A Chinese belief interprets this condition as literally a ghost pressing on your body. Some strong believers will say a prayer when they encounter this phenomenon and have experienced instant relief. Meanwhile, others may scream out loud, to scare off the ghost.

One type of sleep disorder is the ghost press bed.

© Naturesleep



2014 events preview STAFF REPORTER, SABINA CHANG


hat is on your 2014’s to-do list? Getting a good score, perhaps? Or visiting new places? For enthusiastic travelers, Taichung is the city to start your exploration. Year - round activities that encompass culture, music, nature and food will give you an unparalleled experience. February Let the lanterns warm up the cold! MidTaiwan Lantern Festival continues the excitement of Chinese New Year. Since 2014 is the year of horse, be on the lookout for glowing horses at night when you pass by Wen Xin Park. Horse lanterns created by Taiwanese artists will swarm the park and lighten up Taichung city. March The smell of wheat in air invokes the memory of cozy spring afternoons. Wheat husks scatter on moist soil that sinks when you step on it. Da Ya Wheat Festival readily offers you the beauty of spring. Being the largest wheat-growing area in Taiwan, Da Ya attracts tourist every year. Act now and add Wheat Festival to your plan! April Taichung Da Jia district is known for its fishery. Before setting out, the fishermen pray to the Goddess of Sea, Matsu, for a bountiful harvest and safe return. Every year during the month of her birthday, local fishermen prepare cele-

brations in front of Matsu temples to repay her protection, eventually evolving into Matsu Cultural Celebration. June Don’t let the ennui with Dragon Festival dulls your traveling spirits. Try out Taichung International Performing Art Festival instead. Performances from Japan, Brazil, India and Spain give you something different than dragon boat racing. Immerse yourself in exotic culture this year. July and August Bathing suit, blasting speakers, light beers. What is a better way to spend your summer than with music at beach? Blueocean Festival at Wu Xi Harbor includes concerts and shopping. Meanwhile the sand sculptures provide diversions from scorching sun. Spare a day or two to visit this coastal town. You will be surprised how much music can revitalize a once-declining place. October Indulgence lasts long after summer has passed. Jazz Music Festival and Food Carnival beckons to gourmands and jazz aficionados, as well as curious travelers. Before one can repent spending summer with too much music or food, the festivals in fall already lure the minds. Get ready to be entwined in the cortex of jazz and delicacies.

Xin Xu Flower Festival is the last major activity in Taichung in 2014. With flowers blooming along treks, visitors stroll around the town embedded in colors. Creative scissors will reshape flowers into different objects like clocks and animals. Here you can reflect upon yourself as another year draws to a close.


Have you made up your mind after see-




very Mingdao high school student knows that we will have a new building, which is right beside the main entrance. Many of us have the same question, which is not about the building, but about the trees.


n the center of Taichung city, there is a new big park called Qiu Hung Gu it was finished in 2012. The reason that the government built this park is that the Taichung government was going to reconstruct this place so it gave the chance to one construction company.

The trees that lined the main courtyard have accompanied the school for almost 20 years. Are they going to be cut down? Or are they going to be sent to other schools?

To commemorate the trees removal and planting, Junior ENO Taiwan (JET) teamed up with Mingdao’s ENO group to give these trees a new home. Led by Cindy Lan and Grace Chou, ENO members sang their jubilant song and said a few words about their dedication to the environment. Roughly 100 volunteers and young JET members came to Mingdao on this sunny Nov. 16 to give back to

ing so many possible events you can attend?

Failed construction makes for new park, Maple Garden

Campus trees find new home yet remain in our hearts

Mingdao high school has sent several trees to some nearby elementary schools and replanted two trees in Mingdao. One of the trees now resides near the school gymnasium and the other takes root in the grassy knoll near the rock wall.

© Watermelon-Green Flower Castle in the Xin Xu Flower Festival in Taichung will be available in the spring of 2014.

© Mingdao One of the Madagascar Almonds that has been removed by the school.

their planet. These trees have not only witnessed the history of Mingdao but have also added some verdant color to this campus. The most important thing is that the graceful and swaying image of those trees will always remained in Mingdao students’ memories.

They obtained the build-operate -transfer (BOT), started excavating, but the government found that the BOT was not following its contract, so construction was halted.

searched on the Internet about where good places to visit, and many people recommended here. Also, there is a coffee shop and people can eat cake and enjoy in the scenery.” I interviewed a time worker who worked in the restaurant, “There are fewer visitors than before, but during the weekend, there are still many people here. During the typhoon Suli, the restaurant was damaged from the flood, so we cleaned

up for a whole week.” In Qui Gu, the scenery is beautiful. Every weekend, the park will hold different kinds of performances, which is a good choice for people who want to relax. Going there will help you forget that you are living in a city, and will help you avoid noise.

What remained was a large hole in the center of Taichung, so the government changed the policy to build a park. The government’s aim is to plant more than a hundred maples trees inside the park and to make trail that connects Taichung city government and new opera house, making Taichung a greener city. I interviewed a young couple from Miaoli, “It is the first time we come here. The reason we know this place is because we

© Housefun Qiu Hung Gu, located in the center of Taichung City, has a large coffee shop and restaurant overlooking a pond.


ENTERNTAINMENT Beyond Beauty: revisit Taiwan from the sky down


ple made. It tells about the pollution we made and the harm it has on our land, ourselves and our generations. Its background music was also made attentively. The film crew went to Prague to create beautiful rhythm with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Also, they combined the native Taiwanese’s music which represents the sound of Taiwan and our land.

mountains and hills. The film really caused affections and inscribes the photos deeply in our mind!

After watching it, I think that the movie really touches my feelings, the music vibrated my heart and the beauty made me gape. The movie also warned me to cherish our land. Our land has so much beauty yet we squander it, not noticing the danger and damage we might face in the future. It’s a really nice and laudable movie about our land.

Film poster of Beyond Beauty.


he movie “Beyond Beauty” was released on November 1st in Taiwan. It’s a documentary that so far has been the most expensive film shot in the Taiwan’s documentary film history, at a total cost of NT $ 90 million to complete. The director, Zeppelin,

© Beyond Beauty

spent three years shooting, flying above Taiwan, filming its landscape. It took Zeppelin and his team 400 flying hours in a helicopter to complete the film. The 93 minutes movie is about the sceneries of Taiwan and the destruction peo-

In addition, Beyond Taiwan won the best documentary movie at Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival on November 23th which is a great honor and affirmation to the movie industry. The movie grossed 100 million NT at the box office in four weeks which is really astounding for documentary film. Also, the movie made the government aware of the destruction of our environment; they started to do some changes and investigations about the illegal buildings on the

© Now News The director, Zeppelin, won the best documentary movie at Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival for Beyond Beauty on Nov. 23, 2013.

More obstacles await Katniss in Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire STAFF REPORTER, SANDY HSIAO


he movie “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” debuted on November 22. It is directed by Francis Lawrence. It is an action, adaptation and adventure movie. It is continue from the first movie “The Hunger Games”. In the movie “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, has return to her hometown peacefully with her companion Peeta Mellark, played by Josh Hutcherson. Unfortunately, Katinss finds out that their winning, make them become the main problem of the renegade.

© Hunger Games Catching Fire Katniss and Peeta are chosen again to represent their district in the annual reaping.

On the other hand, to face Gale Hawthorne, played by Liam Hemsworth, Katniss' best friend, who waited at her hometown, and Peeta, her partner, the only hope that she can stay alive. Katniss has to balance the complicated rela-

tionship between both of them. The most astonishing thing is that, the 75th Annual Hunger Games, is exactly the same time as the big ceremony which happens once every twenty-five years. President Snow, perfidiously announces a shocking new game rule: Katniss has to return back to the Hunger Games battlefield, but her opponent is actually her teacher Haymitch Abernathy. This time, Katniss has to choose the one who can trust or betray more carefully, to fight for her live. This movie ends in a different way, not happy ending nor tragedy, it makes the viewers thought about what is going to happen next on the next movie. The movie is full of action and vivid sound effect. Is a movie that worth to watch.

Thor 2 continues to captive fans with enthralling plots STAFF REPORTER, ELLEN LIU


hor: The Dark World depicts the struggle between justice and the strong dark opponent's challenge.

Raytheon always fights to protect the safety of the world. But because of the opponent is too strong this time, Thor chooses the treacherous way to do so. He sacrifices himself in exchange for the safety of the earth and the nine worlds. Other than the exciting action of fighting, there are also some romantic stories between Thor and humans, giving this poignant story a touch of lightness.

The most unexpected reaction, nevertheless, is Loki’s reception among audiences. Unlike most movies in which antagonists endure criticism, Loki enjoys high popularity while Thor remains rather obscure. People are not appalled by Loki’s insidious acts but express sympathy after learning his upbringing. Moreover audiences thinks the actor, Tom Hiddleston, is in real life fascinating and humorous. A video on Youtube of Hiddleston dancing reached one million views within a few days. His charisma attracts lots of teenage girls, and they are all crazy for him.

The movie grossed 86.1 million dollars at the box office and was the first rank at the American Film in the first week of its release. The positive reception has spurred the director to consider making Thor 3. The new movie is highly anticipated. Given the success of the two previous films, the third installment guarantees to wow audiences.

© Greenville Thor has to put in all his efforts in order to protect his loved ones from Loki’s malicious attacks.