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Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Global Business.. Local Lifestyle. It takes a lot to be a global leader. It takes a reputation built on core values of Innovation, Quality and Service and people who live by those values every day. It takes a proud history of designing and building industry-leading lift truck and material handling products for more than 95 years. It takes a company dedicate to continuing its mission as an innovative and growing organization. If you’re interested in a world-class career while living a local lifestyle, let’s talk. For career opportunities, visit: raymondcorp.com/careers

In this issue In the Beginning. . . . . . . . . . . 2 About GMCCI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Economic Development . . . 8 Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. . . . . . . . . . . 10 Community Development. . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Board of Directors . . . . . . . . 16 Chair and Chair-Elect Interviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Member Milestones. . . . . . . 22 On the cover The cover image is from a chromolithograph postcard circa 1950, provided by the Muscatine Art Center. It was a gift from E. Bradford Burns. The view is 2nd Street looking east, from the corner of 2nd & Iowa Avenue. The Laurel Building is on the left corner.

Muscatine MAGAZINE Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce & Industry 100 W. 2nd St. • Muscatine, Iowa 52761-4027 563-263-8895 Muscatine Magazine is published quarterly by: Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce & Industry 100 W. 2nd St. • Muscatine, Iowa 52761-4027 Email: chamber@muscatine.com ISSN 2475-7128 Editor: Rebecca Paulsen, GMCCI Creative Director: Mike Shield, Shield Design Contributors: Robin Grunder, GMCCI Staff, Paul Brooks, Gailyn Hill

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For advertising info: Contact Rebecca Paulsen at (563) 263-8895 or rpaulsen@muscatine.com Muscatine Magazine is a quarterly publication focused on Muscatine, Iowa, and the surrounding area. The publisher reserves the right to refuse and/or edit any materials submitted for publication. Published articles and advertising do not constitute endorsement. ©2019

Editor’s Corner When I started my role as the Editor of Muscatine Magazine in December, we decided to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Greater Muscatine Chamber Rebecca Paulsen, of Commerce and Editor of Industry (GMCCI) Muscatine Magazine with our spring edition. I immediately found myself immersed in not only GMCCI history, but the history of Muscatine itself. I have looked over hundreds of old photos, read many news articles from the last 75 years, and met with some amazing historians here in town. As a Muscatine resident of 13 years, I had no idea how much there was to learn about our rich history. I will be sharing some of those interesting stories with you in future issues. What really caught my eye was a series of promotions published by the Chamber of Commerce in the 1940’s. Muscatine was referred to as “The Friendly City”, and the slogan “The Better You KNOW Muscatine, The Better You’ll LIKE Muscatine” was used repeatedly. It is fascinating to me that this phrase from so long ago could very well be the tagline for the magazine today. As you read through this special 75th anniversary edition, I hope you learn something new about GMCCI and walk away with a better understanding of the vital role it plays in our community. Since the beginning of the Chamber in 1944, life in Muscatine has changed dramatically. The town looks different, the buildings have changed, companies have come and gone. However, one thing that has not changed is the original mission of the Chamber of Commerce: to serve and grow businesses and make this community a place people want to live. This issue could not have come together without the help and patience of many people. I’d like to thank Virginia Cooper from the Muscatine Art Center,

Sheila Chaudoin from the Musser Public Library, contributor Robin Grunder, and the GMCCI staff. I would especially like to thank the GMCCI President and CEO, Greg Jenkins, who thought an anniversary issue was a great idea until he realized (due to the nature of the content) most of the writing responsibilities fell on him. Another big thanks goes to Mike Shield, the designer of this

magazine since the very first issue back in 2010. Of course a big thanks goes to all of our advertisers that keep supporting this magazine for all to enjoy. And to our readers, thank you. We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have enjoyed pulling it all together. n

— Rebecca Paulsen, Editor On June 1st, 1938 the slogan “Muscatine- The Port City of the Corn Belt” was adopted by the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Muscatine. At the time, there had been 750,000 bushels of grain exported on the Mississippi since it opened for navigation earlier that year. Shippers were expecting a rapid increase to over 2,000,000 bushels by July 1. According to an article in the Muscatine Journal, the slogan was adopted because “Muscatine happens to be the natural port of entry for the corn belt” and they wanted to call attention to Muscatine’s growing importance as a river terminal.

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Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019 1

In September of 1944, a series of advertisements were published in the Muscatine Journal encouraging businesses to join the newly formed Muscatine Chamber of Commerce. This is a photograph of a framed original copy that hangs in the Greater Muscatine 2 Muscatine Magazine • Fall 2018 Chamber of Commerce and Industry office, now located in the original Muscatine Bank at 100 West Second Street.

In the Beginning

A Year for the History Books By Robin Grunder

The year was 1944. The United States is actively engaged in World War II. “We are going to win this war and the peace that follows,” was a campaign slogan used by president Franklin D. Roosevelt, the only president with the distinction of being elected to a fourth term in office. D-Day took place on June 6 of the same year. Anne Frank and her family were captured and sent to a concentration camp. You could buy a stamp for three pennies, a loaf of bread for a dime. A gallon of gas would have cost you fifteen cents. Can you imagine filling up your gas tank for around two dollars? In many ways, 1944 was one for the history books. On the local front, history was made with the unification of the Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and the Muscatine Junior Chamber of Commerce. Before 1944, each organization worked independently of each other and decided at that time their efforts would best serve the Muscatine community by joining together to create the new Muscatine Chamber of Commerce. Their purpose: “the advancement of civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural interests of Muscatine and surrounding territory; and the stimulation of public sentiment to those ends.”

1 PRESIDENT Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Friendly City Did you know that Muscatine was tagged as “the friendly city?” The early members of the chamber wanted to make sure that message was conveyed in all of their correspondence. In an early article published in the Journal, the chamber is quoted as saying they “will answer all inquiries and requests for information about our city—and doing it in such a manner that the response reflects Muscatine’s friendliness…”

We Bring the Grist to Your Mill From day one, the chamber had a vision to bring conventions, events and gatherings to Muscatine with the hopes of generating more interest in the city and increase the volume of business transacted.

We Sell Muscatine Pioneered by chamber president Kenneth Fairall and a meager group of 14 others, a membership drive with the theme “We Sell Muscatine” was held. The group shared the chamber vision of uniting as businesses for the betterment of the city and citizens of Muscatine, promising to “lend a helping hand with fairs and stock shows because we are good neighbors and


appreciate the friendly business that comes to Muscatine.” By the end of 1944, membership grew to more than 450 members.

Today is Tomorrow’s History Today, the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GMCCI) celebrates 75 years of working for and with businesses and individuals in the community. Naturally, in 75 years, history notes many changes in times, businesses, the way people do business and communicate. But the mission and values of GMCCI has remained true to the origins of the Muscatine Chamber. In the following pages of this anniversary issue, you’ll have a chance to learn what it does and why it is important to the Muscatine business community and the livelihood of the people who live and work here. If you are not currently involved with GMCCI, we’d like to invite you to find out how you can be a part of a friendly organization that continues to actively sell Muscatine and “bring the grist to the mill” of the businesses and people in Muscatine. We invite you to be a part of history. n

4 COST OF A CAR $1200.00

4 COST OF GAS 21¢ per gallon

TIME MAN OF THE YEAR Dwight D. Eisenhower

Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019 3

About Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce &

Greg Jenkins, far left, meets with staff from The Carver Pump Company and Governor Kim Reynolds on her Condition of the State Tour discussing workforce development strategy with Iowa businesses.

From the President and CEO, Greg Jenkins Greetings, We offer this edition of the Muscatine Magazine as a celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GMCCI.) Congratulations and thank you to the members of our organization who make this possible. Often when I tell people what I do for a living, I am asked what the chamber does. Hopefully some of your questions will be answered with this magazine. Though we find ourselves involved in a multitude of initiatives, our mission of advancing our region’s economy, improving our quality of life, and enhancing our members’ success does not change. We are prepared to respond to the needs of our members and the community.

A common misconception is that GMCCI is a department of the city. As much as we enjoy working with the city and county, we are not employed by either. GMCCI is an incorporated 501C6 non-profit funded primarily by our members’ dues and economic development funding. A portion of our funding comes from the city and county. We are grateful to those providing support for our work. We operate under the direction of a board of 30 directors and employ a staff of seven. The Muscatine Chamber was initially incorporated in 1944 and the Development Corporation started in 1958. GMCCI was formed by the consolidation of the Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and the Muscatine

Pull Together: “Mr. Muscatine, a smiling gentleman” was the winning design of a Muscatine Chamber of Commerce symbol contest on June 5, 1963. The contest was to create a symbol to “carry the spirit, the heritage, and the future hopes of the city.” Mr. Muscatine was created by Trudy Proffitt, a sophomore of Muscatine Community College, and was considered “The Smile of Iowa”. It was used throughout the 60’s in Chamber of Commerce promotions and other areas of the community during that time. Miss Proffitt was awarded a $25 savings bond for her design. 4 Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019

Industry Development Corporation in 2004. The consolidation took place to enable a shared vision to drive the organization’s work and to consolidate leadership of the organization.

In the Muscatine Journal on August 22, 1944, the Chamber of Commerce published a list of what services it would provide. While we don’t receive mailed requests for information very often and we aren’t on duty 24 hours a day, the majority of services listed back then still ring true today.

When Chambers of Commerce first came into being, their purpose was to promote trade and to provide training for workers. With the advent of President Roosevelt’s federal government striving for a busiNew Deal in 1933, governmental affairs ness environment conducive to the on federal, state and community’s growth. local levels became This edition of major items in the The long history of the Muscatine Magazine Chamber of Comchamber movement can will serve as our report merce program. The to our members at Chamber became the be traced back to 1599, annual dinner and interpreter of govwhen the term “chamber our update to the commuernment to business, of commerce” appeared nity of Muscatine. We and, conversely, of hope you are enjoybusiness to governfor the first time, in ing the Muscatine ment. In this field of Marseille, France. Magazine, and would activity, the Chamwelcome your feedber of Commerce back on this offering assumed growing from Greater Muscatine Chamber of responsibilities and achieved increasing Commerce and Industry. n usefulness. GMCCI continues this effort by working closely with local, state and

GMCCI is actively engaged at all levels of government, and one of the most visible evidences of this is in the Legislative Forums co-sponsored between GMCCI and Muscatine Community College. They are held on the first Saturday of February, March, and April from 9 to 10:30 at the Student Center of Muscatine’s Community College. These sessions are intended to provide a direct link between the state legislators and their constituents. We are also members of the Iowa Chamber Alliance (ICA.) The ICA is a non-partisan organization made up 16 Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development entities. The mission of ICA is to put forth and enact an agenda through proactive programs to strengthen the state’s economy for all residents of the state. Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019 5

Check out our meeting spaces! 408 E. 2nd St. Downtown Muscatine Monday - Friday: 10am - 9pm Saturday: 10am - 5pm Sunday: Noon - 5pm www.MusserPublicLibrary.org 563.263.3065

6 Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019

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Pearl City Iowa Realty 222 West 2nd Street, Muscatine, Iowa 52761



Dedicated to supporting the communities where our members live, work, and raise their families.

Muscatine Magazine • Fall 2018 7

Leading Economic Development

White Distribution One unique story we enjoy telling is about the opportunity to support White Distribution & Supply’s (WDS) efforts to expand their Muscatine location. During a Business Retention and Expansion

visit we were asked to facilitate a meeting between WDS and their neighbor so they might come to an agreement enabling WDS to build on the property adjacent to theirs. This led to a memorable opportunity for us to meet and get to know Alpha Morehouse. We met in his red farmhouse, which now overlooks the newest WDS building.

Alpha is a World War II veteran who served in Europe during the Battle of the Bulge. He was an accomplished engineer at Kent Corporation whose name is on several of their patents. Working with Alpha and his family was a great experience, and it was made even better by the opening of the new WDS 108,500 square foot warehouse. n

About Economic Development We take our role as the lead economic development organization for Muscatine seriously, and consequently this work is first and foremost in our operations. Economic Development is the cornerstone of GMCCI, and encompasses four different areas: the recruitment of businesses, growth of existing businesses, supporting entrepreneurs, and attracting visitors. All of this results in an ever-greater place to live and to work.

Business Recruitment Business Recruitment efforts will usually begin with a request for information from the Iowa Economic Development

8 Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019

Authority or our regional partner QuadCities First. Last January we responded to what would become the first of a total of three iterations of data requests and a site visit by the client. The site visit required coordination between all of the water, electric, gas, and water treatment utilities, the city of Muscatine, and GMCCI. This was an exciting time for us at GMCCI. The client’s project would result in a significant number of new jobs and a very large capital investment. Though we did not win the project, we demonstrated our ability to draw on and effectively deploy Muscatine’s resources. Our thanks to MP&W, Alliant Energy, and city staff for

their help impressing the client with our community.

Business Retention Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) is the name used to support the growth of existing businesses. BR&E accounts for 80% of a community’s growth. The process of BR&E is multifaceted. We provide information to the city in our efforts to maintain a business friendly community. We provide information to businesses to assist them with their decision making processes for future expansion, and we work with the businesses and government entities to ensure we have the right support










1. 2014 - 2018

2. American Community Survey 2010-2017

3. American Community Survey 2011-2017

packages to have those expansions take place. Our efforts can be seen in the expansions of the HNI Headquarters and manufacturing facilities, Bayer plant, Union Tank Car, White Distribution, and many others.

is excited to work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to provide guidance and business support. Our team is looking for new and exciting ways to support entrepreneurship in 2019 and beyond.


Economic Strength

Our efforts to support entrepreneurs is managed by the local Senior Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE.) The Muscatine SCORE chapter started in 2002, and prior to that it was a branch of the Quad Cities SCORE. This committed group of volunteers assist those who are considering the start up of their own business. SCORE volunteers work through a process to help them be as successful as possible as they get their business underway. Our GMCCI staff

New economic strength rankings released by POLICOM Corporation in 2019 ranked Muscatine 2nd in the state of Iowa for Economic Strength. Muscatine has ranked #1 in the State of Iowa 3 out of the last 5 years and the remaining two years have ranked #2 in the state. Additionally, Muscatine has been ranked among the top 20 percent of metropolitan areas nationwide over the last 5 years, placing as high as 21 in the nation in 2016.

4. 2019

POLICOM specializes in analyzing local and state economies and annually ranks them for economic strength, or the long-term tendency for an area to consistently grow in size and quality.

Marketing In this past year the brand and logo for marketing Muscatine was rolled out. This effort is intended to enable Muscatine to have a tool for attracting people and businesses to Muscatine. The tagline “Where the River Takes a Turn for the Better” works to package marketing materials, and it is our intent to continue its use. While we are respectful of and see value in the “Pearl of the Mississippi” tagline, it is our intention to use the new to build marketing materials. n Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019 9

Convention & Visitors Bureau Whether it be for business or pleasure, there are many reasons people visit Muscatine. Muscatine is host to many soccer, baseball, softball, swim, and bowling tournaments. We also offer a series of unique events which regularly draw visitors from surrounding areas. Eagles and Ivories, the Melon City Criterion, Girls Getaway Weekend, Muscatine Independent Film Festival, and the Chinese Orchestra are just a few. The National Pearl Button Museum, Pine Creek Grist Mill, and Muscatine Art Center are regularly frequented by out of state visitors. Several times the famous Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) has ended with thousands of riders dunking their bike tires in the mighty Mississippi right here on the Muscatine riverfront. In addition, the new Merrill Hotel and Conference Center with it’s excellent facilities and unique views of the riverfront will continue to draw additional groups to the area. This year, every weekend between February and May, the Iowa State Open Bowling Tournament is visiting. We are expecting over 950 teams with 5 bowlers on each team. Next year we will welcome the Iowa Women’s State Bowling Tournament. This year marks the 23rd year Muscatine has welcomed players, parents, coaches, and referees to the soccer event, College Search Kickoff, which brings thousands of people into our community. Marketing Muscatine is the cornerstone of the CVB. Working with a contracted marketing firm, we target specific markets like Chicago, Minneapolis, and St. Louis, with social media ad campaigns promoting the community’s events and attractions to a broad geographic area. During the first six months of this fiscal year, the CVB’s performance on Facebook was outstanding, with more than 500,000 impressions (ad views) and 17,000 ad clicks. These impressive numbers show our ongoing efforts are 10 Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019

Jodi Hansen, Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, at a booth during the This Is Iowa Legislative Showcase in DesMoines. This event was hosted by the travel federation in Iowa and invited people involved in the travel industry interact with state legislators. The best part for Jodi was being able to talk to people from around the state about Muscatine.

reaching a broad market of potential visitors we want to come to Muscatine. One of the main priorities of the CVB is to ensure visitors have a positive experience during their visit. The CVB is active in making sure groups and visitors feel welcome in our community. Detailing the variety of things to do, places to eat, and trails to enjoy, our visitor’s guide is one way to ensure visitor’s take advantage of our community’s offerings once they arrive. In addition to covering local attractions, our website, VisitMuscatine.com, also has an event calendar, furthering the ability for visitors to engage in activities within the Muscatine community. These are just a few of the exciting ways the CVB works to support the community. We continue to look for innovative ways to tell Muscatine’s story and to

College Search Kickoff (CSK) is a four day, nationally recognized invitational showcase for youth soccer players getting ready to enter their junior or senior year in high school. The first tournament was held in 1996 and Muscatine has continued to host it every year. The tournament brings over 70 teams and thousands of visitors into Muscatine. This offers a significant economic boost to businesses, hotels, and restaurants for the duration of the event.

increase the number of annual visitors. Whether it’s spending the night, eating at one of Muscatine’s many delicious restaurants, or shopping in one of our unique stores, we know visitors enjoy Muscatine. n

Built for Better Communities. Bandag is proud to support Muscatine, where you will find our teammates hard at work and play. Being involved in the community is an important part of our business. It’s our passion. It’s our home.


Community Development


SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 GMCCI and our Ambassador Network were engaged in a leadership role for the Over The Edge event that took place in the fall of 2018. This fun and exciting rappelling event netted $72,000 split by Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Special Olympics, and GMCCI’s Chamber Ambassadors. We will be repeating this event on Saturday, September 21st of this year. Consider participating as an “edger” or support those brave enough to go “over the edge” of the Laurel Building.

Shelley Sides, GMCCI Director of Membership and Finance, rappelled “Over The Edge” of the Laurel Building.

Making a Great Place to Live, Work, and Play One of GMCCI’s efforts to improve our community is to participate in collaborative efforts to improve Muscatine. GMCCI is an active member of the leadership team of Aligned Impact Muscatine (AIM). AIM is made up of several organizations across Muscatine working to support the community’s ongoing efforts to provide opportunities to enable lifelong learning. GMCCI also is a leader of the Community Improvement Action Team (CIAT.) The CIAT brings members together who have the common goal of making Muscatine a better place to

Chamber Ambassador Network Our Ambassador network is a fun group of individuals representing our chamber members who volunteer their time to assist with greeting guests at Chamber and community events as well as chamber member retention and engagement. These folks stand out in a crowd with their “Purple Jackets.” Join our group - we are always accepting new ambassadors! 12 Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019

live and work. The CIAT led the effort enabling the successful application for a Community Attraction and Tourism Grant from the state of Iowa. This $500,000 grant made it possible to complete the Musser Public Library & HNI Community Center, the dog park, a trail extension and cabins at Deep Lakes Park.

Workforce Initiatives Over 100 Muscatine High School juniors participated in a job shadowing initiative facilitated by the partnership of MHS,

GMCCI, Aligned Impact Muscatine and Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. Students spend 2-3 hours with local businesses to assist them in making career choices by exposing them to career specific skills, technology and education requirements. This gives our youth exposure to the many career opportunities offered in the Muscatine area!

• Each year GMCCI coordinates the 4th of July parade and fireworks • GMCCI raises money to cover the expenses associated with the annual fireworks • GMCCI spends over $20,000 per year on the Independence Day celebration • Money raised for the fireworks is entirely funded by individuals and businesses within our community • All monetary donations are accepted and may be tax deductible Contact us at 563-263-8895 or visit muscatine.com for more information on contributing to our annual fireworks display! Other initiatives GMCCI and Eastern Iowa Community Colleges are planning on include tours in April for high school students and their parents to learn about career opportunities in manufacturing. Discussion is underway for a Manufacturing Showcase featuring interactive or activity-based advanced manufacturing technologies to middle school and high school students.

Intern Welcome Party For the past two summers, GMCCI has led the charge in hosting a welcome party for the summer intern and coop students working in our community. This social event allows the students an opportunity to get to know each other and some representatives from local businesses in our community. By building relationships and introducing Muscatine amenities, our hope is to build our future pipeline of a qualified and ready workforce. Over 50% of the participating

interns and co-ops are hired by local businesses.

Young Professionals Network The Muscatine Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a personal and professional development organization designed to allow members to interact socially, exchange ideas, share common interests, and build a better Muscatine community. YPN is in their 14th year as a sub-committee of GMCCI.

Leadership Muscatine Leadership Muscatine is co-sponsored by the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GMCCI) and Muscatine Community College (MCC). Participants, whether new to Muscatine or lifelong residents, gain a better understanding of the many organizations and their leaders who work to make Muscatine the rare gem it is today. Class members build strong friendships with other future leaders while being challenged to make a positive difference in our community. n


Did you know?


MAY 10 & OCT. 18, 2019

Leadercast Live is the largest oneday leadership event in the world, broadcast live each year from Atlanta, Georgia to hundreds of host sites around the globe. GMCCI serves as one of the host sites bringing the world class event to Muscatine! Leadercast brings a network of leadership experts providing actionable insights, stories and lessons to guide your career. Whether you need tools to lead yourself, your team or your organization, Leadercast will guide you on your journey to being a leader worth following. Leadercast Live on May 10th will feature mastering the art and science of developing and leading healthy teams. Leadercast Women on October 18th features exceptional women showing how power, influence and success comes when leading with courage.

Over 8 Years of Issues! Muscatine Magazine started in the fall of 2010, and was purchased by the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2014. Since that first issue, the magazine has been steadily supported by the community. The Magazine provides Muscatine citizens and visitors insights to our history, people, and businesses. We focus on sharing positive stories in Muscatine far and wide. Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019 13

The Muscatine Art Center is located at 1314 Mulberry Avenue in Muscatine, Iowa. Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Thursday evenings until 7:00 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

David Hayes: The Ventana Series

May 9 – August 25, 2019 Reception with special guest, David Hayes, son of sculptor David Hayes on Thursday, May 9th from 5 to 7 p.m. Free Admission Artist David Hayes can be admired for his ability to sensitively capture natural forms while skillfully cutting, welding and transforming steel, a material historically associated with tools, weapons and architectural marvels. A student of American sculptor David Smith and a friend of Alexander Calder, Hayes created sculptures that are graceful and organic. The exhibition, David Hayes: The Ventana Series, is an invitation to become familiar with the artist’s methods as he studied light, rhythm, composition and harmony. The Ventana Series is comprised of ten works and is a continuation of Hayes’ explorations of physical screens which the artist first

14 Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019

began in 1976. Hayes imaginatively utilized the concept of a screen. His outdoor sculptures became welded works – sometimes monumental in scale – that reframed a landscape and challenged viewers to confront the unexpected. In this exhibition, a gouache study and maquette for each work are on view, presenting a glimpse of Hayes’ vision as the artist worked through his ideas on paper and then in smaller-scale metal constructions.

Programs for Kids and Families

Mini Masters is an engaging program for young learners (ages 2 to 7) offered every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. and every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. A new theme is presented each month. The theme for April is Rhymin’ Time. Each class is built around a children’s book. Class begins with an introductory art activity followed by the story and a main art project. On April

24th and 25th, for example, the book is Moose on the Loose. Class will begin with children making a handprint moose hat. After the story, children will make a paper sack moose puppet. Kids Saturday Workshop is presented once each month on a Saturday at 1:30 p.m. These classes are customized to school-aged children. Past projects include Maurice Sendak monster masks, Alexander Calder mobiles, Andy Warhol neon prints, Chinese New Year activities, and marzipan animals. Nearly all classes for children are offered free of charge thanks to grants from the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine and Muscatine Charities. n

Reinforcing our commitment to reliability Concrete walls, upgraded air conditioning, more power… all part of our Network Operations Center (NOC) project to reinforce and protect critical internet, TV, and phone equipment. It’s an investment to further improve reliable service delivery and just one more way we’re looking out for you.

GMCCI joined us February 19 to officially open the reinforced NOC.

In the field , behind the scenes, around the clock

Muscatine Power and Water mpw.org

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Members Youth Savings Account

For kiddos under 12 years old - See website for more info! 159 Colorado St. • 2915 Cedar St. Muscatine, Iowa


www.memberscommunitycu.org Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019 15


DIRECTORS Bob Allbee, Retired Executive Andy Bramsted, SSAB Chris Daniel, Bridgestone Bandag Naomi DeWinter, Muscatine Community College Aaron Eversmeyer, River Rehabilitation, Inc. Jason Gregory, Grain Processing Corporation Bill Harper, Stanley Consultants, Inc. Bob Howard, CBI Bank & Trust Scott Ingstad, First National Bank of Muscatine Kyle Jensen, Temp Associates Angie Johnson, UnityPoint Health – Trinity Muscatine Joseph Krieger, Krieger Auto Group Sal LoBianco, Muscatine Power and Water Gregg Mandsager, City of Muscatine Nathan Mather, Muscatine County Board of Supervisors Donna Meade, HNI Corporation Dave Mohr, Eastern Iowa Light & Power Cooperative Brett Nelson, Musco Sports Lighting Shane Orr, United Way of Muscatine Lindsey Phillips, YPN Representative Mark Post, Carver Pump Company Krista Regennitter, ISU Extension & Outreach Muscatine County Dave Riggan, Tan Tara Transportation Company Jerry Riibe, Muscatine Community School District Paula Schneckloth, Alliant Energy Shawn Schrader, Bayer U.S. – Crop Science Jim Simmons, Hy-Vee Food Store Tom Spread, Community Bank & Trust Tiarr Sweere, HNI Corporation Dorothy Thulen, Kent Corporation Craig Utley, Team Staffing Solutions

16 Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019

Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019 16

Member Milestones 75 YEARS



Congratulations to the members listed above as they achieve their 25 , 50 and 75 anniversary with GMCCI. We truly appreciate their ongoing support of Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. th



These members understand an organization like GMCCI is vital to the community’s ability to prosper. They know there are many aspects of the community GMCCI positively impacts. They understand GMCCI is responsive to their needs or more importantly, to the community’s needs. These members know GMCCI is always looking for ways to market

and sell this great community and are proud to support us in doing so. To learn how you can become a member of GMCCI, please give us a call or visit our website at muscatine.com. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss how GMCCI works and how businesses in Muscatine can be part of this effort. Thanks again to all of our members celebrating key milestones for your continued support of GMCCI and the Muscatine community! n

Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019 17

Tiarr Sweere GMCCI Board Chair Tell us a little bit about you. I am the great-granddaughter of an entrepreneur who founded Ring King Visibles, Inc., a company which was later led by my father and subsequently acquired by HON INDUSTRIES Inc. I am the granddaughter of a Jefferson school retired teacher and a Kent Feeds retiree. I am also the daughter of a former First National Bank employee. I am the wife of a Stanley Consultants member, and I am the mother of two children in the Muscatine Community School District. Five generations of my family have called Muscatine home, in large part to its excellent school system and opportunities provided by Muscatine’s business and industry. These particular businesses are a part of my story and my family’s story, but they are only a representation of the many businesses and industries we are so fortunate to have in our community. With a strong business climate our business community also needs GMCCI which, for 75 years, has worked on their behalf, advocating for business and community growth, and facilitating a cooperative atmosphere among our community’s many businesses and organizations.

How did you get involved with GMCCI? My involvement with GMCCI started as a member of the Leadership Muscatine class my first year working after college. Leadership Muscatine is co-sponsored by GMCCI and Muscatine Community College. As the name suggests, the class educates a select group of individuals, who have a desire to enhance their leadership skills, on community history and the many organizations and leaders who make Muscatine a great place to live and work. The knowledge and skills that I learned in the class have been valuable in my community involvement. I am fortunate to now be a member of

18 Muscatine Magazine • Spring 2019

the board of GMCCI and work alongside its great staff and the many leaders who contribute their time and skills as members of the board.

What is something people should know about GMCCI? GMCCI strives to provide value and meet the needs of its members whether a member is a small business or a business with thousands of employees. Its goal is to assist its members, while advocating for business and community growth which will mutually benefit all of its members and the Muscatine community. GMCCI wants to be a collaborative partner and welcomes the opportunity to be an advocate, resource, or provide assistance with business ideas of its members.

In what ways does GMCCI benefit the community? In addition to working to enhance its members’ successes, GMCCI’s work is designed to create a prosperous business economy in our region and improve the quality of life of those living in the Muscatine area. GMCCI is a catalyst in the effort by the many different organizations and businesses that are committed to making Muscatine a great place to live, work, play, raise a family, and retire.

What do you enjoy/find interesting about being on the chamber board?

Having been born in Muscatine, it’s in my blood to care about Muscatine. Serving on the GMCCI board, I serve alongside many board members who have not lived in Muscatine all of their lives. I have a great appreciation for how much they, too, truly care about making our

community a better place to live and work. They give their time and their talents to serve on the GMCCI board, and more often than not, you will find them making a difference volunteering with other organizations in our community as well.

What is your favorite memory from your time as chair? My favorite memory was last year’s Annual Meeting & Recognition Night at the Merrill Hotel & Conference Center. While the Merrill is a beautiful addition to Muscatine, what most resonated with me, was how the completion of the Merrill highlighted the collaboration of the many people, entities, and other resources in our community that regularly come together to make Muscatine a better community for its people and its businesses. We are truly fortunate in Muscatine to have businesses and organizations that partner together to accomplish great things! n

Bob Howard GMCCI Board Chair-Elect Tell us a little bit about you. I grew up across the river in Mercer County. 2019 is my 30th year in banking. I’ve lived in Galesburg, IL, LaCrosse, WI, the Quad Cities and Muscatine. I’m an avid golfer and sports fan – having played golf and basketball in college.

How did you get involved with GMCCI? I’ve been involved with chambers or downtown associations everywhere I’ve lived. CBI Bank & Trust is a strong supporter of GMCCI – it was a natural fit to be involved.

What is something you think people should know about GMCCI? Everything! We should make sure the community knows how GMCCI supports economic development, special events, CVB, small business, communicating community happenings…. It’s a really comprehensive list – but I’m sure a lot of people don’t know the specifics.

In what ways does GMCCI benefit the community?

What do you enjoy/find interesting about being on the chamber board?

What is one thing you look forward to accomplishing as board chair

There is the involvement in helping guide the chamber’s efforts. But I’d say it’s really the other board members and people you get to interact with – we have great business leaders in our community. It’s terrific to get to spend time with them as a board member.

Continuing to build on the downtown efforts. We have awesome “bookends” with the new public library and the Merrill Hotel. Continuing to build between those with retail and residential. Also building on the work related to the brand and image of Muscatine – getting a higher percentage of people that work here….to LIVE here. Imagine if we could convince an extra 500-1,000 people to live in Muscatine over the next couple years. Those aren’t monumental numbers – but would be a huge move in the right direction. n

What do you like most about your role as chair/chair elect? I suppose having a voice in a leadership role. Having GMCCI continue to lead efforts that have an impact on the Muscatine area.

What is your favorite accomplishment from your time on the board? Being intimately involved in getting the chamber office space to where we are today. We had other opportunities to move. We looked at probably 5-6 different options over 2-3 years. But ultimately we were patient and ended up with a terrific situation.

A lot of the activities mentioned above – but one of the probably more anonymous things is the 4th of July Fireworks. Fundraising, promoting and helping make that a great community event every year.

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Special Thanks to Our Members Businesses of all sizes benefit from being a member of the Chamber and join for various reasons. Some join for the referrals, visibility and networking opportunities, while others take advantage of the marketing opportunities and professional development offered. Staying informed of community and member news, workshops on hot human resource topics and discussing public policy issues are also reasons to support your chamber of commerce. Being active in your local chamber of commerce is a good strategy for communicating good business practices, community involvement and investment, showing your customers you care and that your business has credibility. Thank you for your continued support of our community!


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