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I believe that the College of Nursing and its graduates are going to be leaders in

assuring that historically underserved communities in our state have access to care, and in the process, the state of South Carolina will become a better and healthier place to live.”

What are the current strategic issues for the university? Dr. Greenberg: We are in the midst of implementing a strategic plan that has four areas of particular emphasis. One area is technology and innovation. A second is entrepreneurship. A third is globalization and the fourth is interprofessional efforts. Each of these foci is intended to encompass all aspects of our mission – from research, to education, to service.

- Ray Greenberg

straightforward to measure performance with respect to financial outcomes. You simply have to look at the bottom line of the College. Much to the credit of Dean Stuart and her management team, the College has managed its resources wisely. The introduction of a new funding model will create challenges for all units across campus, but I believe that this could work to the advantage of the College of Nursing in taking greater control of the flow of funds into and out of the College.

How do you see the CON fitting into those plans?

If you had a crystal ball what do you see in the CON’s future?

Dr. Greenberg: Each college will find its own points of emphasis within the campuswide plan. I see great opportunities for the College of Nursing to take a leadership role in various dimensions. For example, Dr. Frank Treiber who was recruited to the College in a SmartState endowed chair, is working on applications of smart phones to help people maintain and improve their health. There is every reason to believe that his work will lead to innovations in the applications of these technologies. In the area of entrepreneurship, the College’s early adoption of on-line education is creating non-traditional pathways for nursing education. The College also is playing a key role in interprofessional care delivery, as exemplified by the work that Dr. Carolyn Jenkins is conducting along with diabetes experts in the College of Medicine.

Dr. Greenberg: In my job, you have to be an eternal optimist, so forgive

me if this response seems to exude too much confidence in uncertain times. Nevertheless, from my perspective, after nearly 17 years of watching the College, the past 12 as President, I have never been more proud of the College, its faculty, staff, and students. It has a dean and faculty who are focused on the future and are meeting it with impressive energy, talent and enthusiasm. L

Changing What’s Possible

If you had a scorecard how would you rate the CON in “bridging the fiscal divide?” Dr. Greenberg: I don’t want to appear to be an easy grader, but it is pretty Spring | summer 2012



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Lifelines Spring/Summer 2012  

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