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Legacy Society Honor Roll The Legacy Society of the Medical University of South Carolina is composed of donors who have thoughtfully planned a gift to the MUSC Foundation as part of their will or estate plans for the benefit of MUSC. We are proud to recognize the following who made such extraordinary gifts to the Medical University of South Carolina Foundation. Dr. Edward G. Able* Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Addison, Jr. Mr.* and Mrs.* Johan F. Amelunxen Ms. Miriam A. Anderson* Mrs. Barbara K. Antley* Mr. Michael P. Araneo* Mr. and Mrs. Norman Argast Dr. J. Harold Arnold* Mrs. Elizabeth Asbill* Mrs. Lola D. Ashmore* Ms. Marguerite A. Assey Ms. Mary Ruth Austin* Lt. Col. Cornelia W. Ayer* Mrs. Bertha Ruth Baker* Mr.* and Mrs. Neal I. Baker Ms. Helen B. Baker* Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Baldwin Dr. Leon Banov, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. John S. Barker, III Mrs. Margaret H. Barker* Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Barmore Mrs. Barbara H. Barnette* Mrs. Wilbur M. Barrett* Mr.* and Mrs.* James J. Barry, Sr. Mr. James J. Barry, Jr. Ms. Ethel A. Bell* Dr. Gary B. Bell and Dr. Benetta G. Bell Ms. Emily H. Bennett* Mr. and Mrs. James P. Bentley Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Berger Ms. Oriana B. Bethea* Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bethea, Jr. Mrs. Annie Mae F. Bishop* Ms. Virginia W. Blair* Mr. Ralph E. Blakely Dr. Mary E. Blanchard Mrs. M. Azalee P. Blitch*

Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Blocker Mr. and Mrs. James B. Bobo, Sr. Dr. Lonita Mae Boggs* Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Bonk Dr.* and Mrs. Newton C. Brackett, Jr. Dr. William M. Bristow Dr.* and Mrs. Richard T. Brock Dr. Laurie L. Brown* Dr. and Mrs. W. Carter Brown Dr. J. Leo Brueggeman Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Brumley Mr.* and Mrs.* Julius E. Burges Mr. Thomas W. L. Cameron The Honorable* and Mrs. Carroll Campbell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Campbell Mrs. Mary G. Carpenter Ms. Beverly A. Carson Mrs. Mary S. Cash* Mr. Claude H. Caston* Dr. and Mrs. Vasa W. Cate Mrs. Margaret C. Cathcart* Mrs. Jill S. Chalsty Ms. Dorothy G. Chandler* Mrs. Sallie C. Chaney* Mr. Morris B. Chesney* Mr. Charles B. Chitty and Dr. Kay K. Chitty Mr. Remley R. Campbell and Mrs. Sarah __Christopher Mr. John H. Clark* Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cloud Thomas and Anne Cooper Mrs. Mary Jane Clymer* Dr. George L. Cogar and Dr. Darlene L. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. James L. Coker Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Colbert Mrs. Elizabeth Colbert-Busch and Mr. Claus W. __Busch, III Dr. John A. Colwell

Mrs. Sarah S. Colwell* Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Cooper Ms. Jacquelynn E. Cooper Mrs. Veda M. Corcoran* Mrs. Edith C. Corry* Alycia A. and Robert D.* Craft Dr.* and Mrs.* Charles F. Crews Dr. William E. Crouch and Dr. Rosalie K. Crouch Mrs. Homozel M. Daniel* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D'Antonio Ms. Mildred H. Darlington* Mr.* and Mrs. John C. Daughtridge, Jr. Mrs. Edith H. Davis* Dr. Isaiah L. Davis, Sr. and Dr. Deborah J. Davis Dr. and Mrs. William McAlhany Davis Dr.* and Mrs.* George R. Dawson, Jr. Dr. Hilda S. Debacker Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. DeChamplain Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Degenhart Mary Colbert Denger and Michael Denger Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher C. Derrick, Jr. Ms. Lila P. Des Portes* Mr. George G. DeVane* Ms. Janet W. Devereux Mrs. Nettie D. Dickerson* Mr. Stephen R. Dickinson* Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Dobson Dr. Richard M. Dom and Dr. Harriet C. Reavis Ms. Reeva E. Donoghue* Ms. Eveylin C. Doss* Ms. Rose W. Drucker* Ms. Laura E. DuPont Mrs. Adeline E. Dyches* Mr. and Mrs. Calvin H. East Dr. and Mrs. Walton L. Ector Dr. and Mrs. James B. Edwards Mr. Philip L. Edwards Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas W. Edwards Dr.* and Mrs. DuBose Egleston Dr. Ernest B. Ellis* Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Ervin Mr. Ira M. Estridge Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Etheridge Mr. Ferro F. Ettehadieh* Mrs. Mary C. Everts* Dr. and Mrs. Philip W. Fairey, Jr. Dr. David J. Farwell* Mr. Hugh B. Faulkner, III

Mr.* and Mrs. Stanley H. Feldberg Dr.* and Mrs. Elliott Finger, Sr. Dr.* and Mrs. John F. Finklea Dr. Cotesworth P. Fishburne, Jr. and Dr. Shirley __H. Fishburne Mr. and Mrs.* James A. Fisher Mr. Sidney G. Fisher* Dr.* and Mrs.* William H. Folk Mr. A. Klein Francis, Jr.* Mr. Francis W. Freeman* Mr. Vernis J. Freeman* Mr.* and Mrs.* Alester G. Furman, III Dr.* and Mrs. Tracy D. Gage Ms. Ellen L. Gaillard* Mrs. Frances K. Gamble* Dr. Hugh C. Gaskin, III Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Gazes Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gillespie Dr. and Mrs. William H. Golod Ms. Virginia B. Gourdin* Dr. Ray and Leah Greenberg Dr.* David and Mrs.* Page N. Gregg Dr. William L. Gregory* Dr. Joseph D. Guess* Mr.* and Mrs. Frederick D. Guy Dr. Guy S. Fasciana and Dr. Jane V. Gwinn Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hagood, III Dr. Barry L. Hainer and Dr. Sarah Owens Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Halsey Dr.* and Mrs.* Charles B. Hanna, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Arlington R. Harman Dr.* and Mrs.* Dewitt L. Harper Mr.* and Mrs.* Stiles M. Harper, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Hartley Mrs. Alison B. Harwood* Dr. J. Stewart Haskin, Jr. and Dr. Susan J. __Haskin Mr. Evan R. Haupt Mrs. Borghild M. Helgesen* Dr. M. Quinn Herr Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hewitt Dr. Amiot P. Hewlett* Ms. Janet D. Hicks* Dr.* and Mrs. Harold Z. Hirsch Dr. Ralph F. Hirschmann* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Hoffman Dr. Jake K. Holcombe Dr. Gertrude R. Holmes*

Dr. and Mrs. Hal B. Holmes, Jr. Dr. A. Chalmers Hope* Col. Raymond L. Hope, Jr.* Mr. George M. Hughes* Ms. Florence V. Illing* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Inserra, Jr. Mrs. Ruth P. Irvin* Mrs. Anne Isenburger* Dr. and Mrs. Harold W. Jablon Dr. E. Christopher James Dr. Margaret Q. Jenkins* Dr.* and Mrs. Kenneth V. Jensen Ms. Toni R. Jernigan Dr.* and Mrs.* George D. Johnson, Sr. Ms. Mae B. Johnson* Mrs. Emalyn S. Jones* Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Jones Mr. Robert A. Jones and Ms. Cynthia D. Yarborough Dr. Pamela M. Kaminski Mrs. Rita Kaufman Mrs. James A. Keating* Margaret Colbert Keegan and Michael Keegan, __MD Dr. and Mrs. Julian E. Keil Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Kellner Mrs. Blanche D. Kilpatrick* Dr. Hazel B. King* Mrs. Helen M. King* Mr. John Klaudiny* Dr.* and Mrs.* Frederick J. Knoblauch Mr. Benjamin F. Knott* Mr. Richard A. Koppein Dr. and Mrs. Terry L. Kunkle, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Terry L. Kunkle, II Dr.* and Mrs. Joseph L. Kurtzman Mr. Warren C. LaBorde The Honorable* and Mrs. Robert C. Lake, Jr. Ms. Lillian F. Landsman* Dr. Mary M. Larisey* Ms. Barbara D. Laws* General (Ret.) and Mrs. G. Dennis Leadbetter Dr. Landrum I. McCarrell* and Dr. Elizabeth B. __Leavell Dr. and Mrs. James Lemon Mr.* and Mrs.* Frank F. Lesesne Dr. and Mrs. Wendell M. Levi, Jr. Mr.* and Mrs.* J. W. Little

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Lovejoy Mr.*and Mrs.* Walden E. Lown Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Lowry, II Dr. and Mrs. W. Brownlee Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Lurie Mr.* and Mrs. Irving M. Lustig Mrs. Nancy S. Lynn Dr. Jerome M. Maas* Mrs. Eliza S. B. Macaulay* Dr.* and Mrs. John E. Mahaffey Mr. William M. Malloy* Mr. and Mrs. J. Dickson Mappus Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Marler Mr. and Mrs. Harold Marshall Dr.* and Mrs.* Joseph T. Marshall Dr. Franklin G. Mason Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Mason Dr. William H. Mathis, Jr.* Dr.* and Mrs. Charles R. May, III Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Mayo Dr. Blanche M. McCaw* Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. McCollum Dr. Cavert K. McCorkle Mrs. Mary S. McCullohs Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. McCullough, II Dr. and Mrs. Layton McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. Harry McHugh Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McNally Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McQueeney Dr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Merchant, Jr. Dr. Isaac S. H. Metcalf* Dr. Nathan Edgar Miles* Dr. and Mrs. Preston D. Miller, Jr. Dr. Maralynne D. Mitcham Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Momier, Jr. Mr. William B. Momier* Dr. and Mrs. Philip C. Morrow Mr. Barry T. Munday Dr.* and Mrs. Harry R. Needle Dr.* and Mrs.* Sol Neidich Mrs. Caroline E. Newman Mr. and Mrs. William J. Norris Mr. and Mrs. John P. O'Brien, Jr. Ms. Wendy G. O'Connor Mrs. Kelley Smith O'Quinn Dr. and Mrs. H. Biemann Othersen, Jr. Mr. R. Wayne Owens Ms. Agnes B. Owings*

Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Owings Dr. Charles N. Simmons* and Dr. Claudia G. __Oxner Simmons Dr. Olivia C. Palmer Dr. Edward F. Parker* Mr. Edwin S. Pearlstine, Jr. Ms. Susan Pearlstine Dr.* and Mrs.* Harrison L. Peeples Dr. and Mrs. Vincent T. Peng Adm. Paul E. Pihl* Mrs. Marvyne F. Pittman* Mr. and Mrs. George B. Pittman Dr. Thomas A. Pitts* The Reverend Dr. John Vernon Platt* Dr. and Mrs. Brian R. Poplin Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Porcaro Ms. Carrie M. Porter* Mr. Jonathan H. Poston Mr. and Mrs. Capers H. Poulnot Dr. Charles Baker Powell* Dr. and Mrs. A. Bert Pruitt, Jr. Dr. Mabel L. Purkerson Dr. and Mrs. C. Sumner Quimby Ms. Judith R. Rawlings Mrs. Marina B. Ray* Dr. Carolyn E. Reed* Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Reves Ms. Mary DeBow Rich* Dr. Kathleen A. Riley* Dr. E. Marie Roberts* Mrs. Margaret C. Robertson* Mr. Roland Robinson* Mr.* and Mrs.* Nathaniel Rosenfeld Dr. Michael E. Saladin and Dr. Lisa K. Saladin Ms. Dianne Sammons* Mrs. Claudia T. Sanders* Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Sanders Dr. Clarence E. Schiltz, III Dr. Fabian X. Schupper Ms. Anne H. Schwartz* Dr. and Mrs. Avery L. Seifert Dr. Heather D. Sharpe Mr. Harry O. Shaw, III Mr. George B. Sibert, Sr.* Dr. W. West Simmons* Mr. Thomas G. Slaughter Dr.* and Mrs.* Charles R. Sloan Dr. Bachman S. Smith, Jr.*

Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Smith, III Dr. and Mrs. Laurie N. Smith Mrs. Nina A. Smith* Ms. Quinn Smith* Mr. Andrew E. Craigie* and Mrs. Minnie Smith__Craigie Mr. Horace G. Smithy, Sr.* Mr. Edwin A. Snape, III and Dr. Palmira S. __Snape Dr. Henry L. Sneed, Jr.* Dr. and Mrs. W. Dan Sneed Mr. Seymour J. Some Mr. and Mrs. David Q. Soutter Dr. John M. Sowell* Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Stamler Dr.* and Mrs. Thomas F. Stanfield Mr. Stephen Stewart* Dr. and Mrs. William F. Strait, III Ms. Mabel Strauss* Mrs. Elizabeth H. Stringfellow Mr.* and Mrs.* John L. Strong Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sywolski Dr. Elsie Taber* Mrs. Jane S. Talbot Ms. Susan M. Talero The Honorable Robin Tallon Ms. Janet B. Tantum* Mr. James H. Tharp* Mrs. Lavinia Thaxton Mr. Benjamin H. Thomas, Jr.* Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Thomas, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Goodwin G. Thomas, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Allan J. Thompson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Vann Dr.* and Mrs.* William W. Vogan Mr.* and Mrs. Charles E. Volpe Ms. Kay Johnson Wade Mr. Thomas D. Waldrep Dr. and Mrs. M. Lynn Wallace Ms. Dorothy T. Waring* Mr. and Mrs. Kurt O. Wassen Ms. Gladys M. Weil* Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Wellin Ms. Anne Marie Kathryn White* Mrs. Elizabeth M. White Mr. and Mrs. David Whitlock Dr. Pamela A. Whitmire

Mr. Ralph M. Wilkie Mrs. Clemence W. Williams Mrs. Helen F. Williams Mr. Jack R. Williams Kevin L. Williams, DMD, MAGD and Lisa __Williams, JD Dr. and Mrs.* H. Oliver Williamson Mrs. Jean P. Wilson* Dr. and Mrs. William C. Wilson

Dr. and Mrs. Larry R. Winn Dr. and Mrs. James E. Wiseman, Jr. Mr.* and Mrs.* Henry Yaschik Dr. Walker P. Youngblood*

*Denotes deceased

Legacy Society Honor Roll  
Legacy Society Honor Roll