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Marmol Radziner was an unforgettable internship for my architectural

life. I love the way they discussed the project at the professional level. I miss them, especially Kevin and Yuxuan. Marmol Radziner is a simplismstyle architectural firm located at 12210 Nebraska Avenue, LA, CA. The feeling of Marmol Radziner’s projects is serene and peaceful as a result of the firm believes it is possible for architecture to bring people closer to nature, as well as they responsibly design simple buildings more elegantly and complex buildings with more care. I worked on several projects through multiple phases of design including Revit Construction Documents, Design Development, Modeling, and Rendering. I gained valuable experience with simplism urban housing design and Revit skills.


Radziner是一次難忘的實習。我 喜歡他們在專業層面上討論這個項目的方式。我想念他們, 尤其是凱文和宇軒。 ,Marmol Radziner 建築公司位於內 布拉斯加州大街12210號,洛杉磯,公司項目設計的風格是寧 靜的極簡,我和我的同事相信建築应该讓人們更接近自然, 作为设计师应该对優雅和復雜的建築结合付予更多的思考。 我通過多個設計階段開展了多個項目,包括Revit中施工文 檔,設計開發,建模和渲染。我獲得了城市住宅設計和修復 技能的寶貴經驗。


Bin Zhang(Musan) ’s Architectural Portfolio  
Bin Zhang(Musan) ’s Architectural Portfolio