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Issue 40 - March 2018

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MARCH 2018 Murrays Directory.

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The days are longer, the snowdrops are dotting the gardens,and more flowers are making an appearance. Everything is coming out of winter sleep for spring. Oh what a joy! We come out of hibernation too, turning to the garden and home jobs again. Fittingly, this month, you’ll see some of our springtime advertisers back to promote their business. Whether it’s roofing, garden maintenance and landscaping or timber, it’s all here in the magazine. We also welcome Dominic Fletcher Roofing to the directory and James Burnett Carpet Cleaning who are advertising with us for the first time. And, Currency King is back for all your holiday currency exchange needs. You may notice as well, a change to the crossword puzzle. It’s been 3 years that we’ve published the simple cross-word, and we thought it was time to stretch the grey matter a little more with the general cross-word. It’s a little harder but see how you go. As usual, answers are on page 34. As ever, thank you for your support of the magazine and businesses. Until next time...

Karolyne Kindly,

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LIBERTON OFFICE – NOW OPEN Porteous Funeral Directors new branch offers a comprehensive service for families within Alnwickhill, Liberton, Gracemount, Craigmillar, Gilmerton, Moredun, Mortonhall, Ellen’s Glen Liberton, and surrounding areas. Our bright modern facilities provide a peaceful setting where you can discuss arrangements. Alternatively, you may feel more comfortable within your own surroundings, so we are happy to meet you at home at a time that is convenient for you. Our meticulous attention to detail, accompanied with our exemplary personal service and an understanding that only perfection will suffice, is what makes our company so unique. We specialise in creating individual, personal funerals that reflect your family’s wishes, beliefs and faith. Working closely with you, we can organise every aspect of your loved one’s funeral. We also have a range of headstones and other memorial markers on display and can offer advice and assistance on cleaning, securing or adding inscriptions to existing memorials.

Office hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm If you require our services outwith these times, please call 0131 664 6745 (24 hour attention) Porteous Funeral Directors: Family Owned and Completely Independent Proud to Serve the Local Community

Liberton ¯ Kirkbrae House, 43A Lasswade Road, EH16 6TD ¯ 0131 664 6745 Blackhall ¯ 14 Telford Road, EH4 2BA ¯ 0131 332 3609 Colinton ¯ 7 Bridge Road, EH13 0LH ¯ 0131 441 6500 Juniper Green Head Office ¯ 589 Lanark Road, EH14 5DA ¯ 0131 453 4535 Juniper Green Memorial Showroom ¯ 553 Lanark Road, EH14 5DE ¯ 0131 453 4535 Also incorporating ¯ Bonnyrigg Funeral Directors ¯ 60 High Street, EH19 2AB ¯ 0131 654 1988 Leith Funeral Directors ¯ 72¯74 Leith Walk, EH6 5HB ¯ 0131 554 1113 Please mention the Murrays Directory when responding to adverts



Honda Civic Type R

By James Baggott

In the look-at-me stakes, Honda’s new Civic Type R screams attention-seeker with its trying-too-hard fins, wings and ice-white paintwork. Honda appears to have added needless frippery to its new Type R, though they’ll tell you it’s about aerodynamics and downforce – but does that really matter on the A34? Inside, it’s much more traditional Honda formula. It’s a combination of harder plastics, an infotainment system that isn’t up to the standards of rivals and a seating position you’ll either love or hate.

However, this is a machine that’s utterly fabulous on the road. Fast, grippy and with a gearbox that delights, it’s a hot hatch to take the fight to the very best in its class. The large, winged bucket seats are comfortable, and the driving position suits us. When started, the cackle from the exhaust sounds exactly how every hot hatch should. Moving off on smooth asphalt, the Type R feels well set up. The ride is firm but a small amount of jostling is part and parcel of a hot hatch – particularly a fast Honda.

Though the Civic Type R feels quick, the real surprise is just how much speed you can carry through corners. The body is 38 per cent stiffer than the car it replaces, and this added rigidity 6

makes itself known almost everywhere. The turn-in is quick, but the limited-slip differential means that you can fire the R into bends and it’ll just grip. The experience is helped by the car’s seating position, which is now 50mm lower than the older model and completely transforms the entire drive. There’s next to no body roll, and the front two wheels cope admirably with the 316bhp being sent through them. You won’t torque steer either – the steering stays unaffected even when accelerating hard, and this gives you a huge amount of confidence. Arguably, the test location played into the hands of the Type R – the green, rolling hills and mountains of south Wales coupled with tight, technical roads contributed heavily to the hot hatch experience. It’s a match made in driving heaven. However, the Type R has always been slightly tarred by that ‘boy racer’ brush. But this car has real character, something lacking in quite a few others on sale today. Even the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine has its own personality, popping and growling as you push it through the bends. In the rain, the R got better. Despite some scrabble from the front tyres on soaked tarmac, the Civic continues to impress.

Everything about it feels alive, particularly along the wide open sections of the A4059 north of Penderyn. The short, notchy six-speed manual is a joy to use, while the characterful engine provides more than enough shove to keep things interesting. Put simply, it’s a far more involving car to drive than you’d expect. On these roads, the Type R seems perfect. Yes, the interior foibles could make it a difficult one to live with day-to-day and you’ll have to get used to the strange looks from passers-by, but on Welsh A-roads when the sun is (occasionally) shining, there are few cars quite like it.


Model: Honda Civic Type R Model as tested: Honda Civic Type R GT Base price: £32,995 Price as tested: £33,520 Engine tested: 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol Power (bhp): 316bhp Torque (Nm): 400 Max speed (mph): 169 0-60mph: 5.5 MPG: 36.7 Emissions (g/km): 176

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Servicing, MOT and Repairs EDINBURGH & LOTHIANS LEADING AUDI, VW, SEAT AND SKODA SPECIALISTS Keith and Alan at AVW are delighted to announce the addition of an MOT Testing station. We can offer the latest in diagnostic equipment backed up with years of technical experience all at a fraction of the cost compared to main dealers. In addition to MOTs and servicing we also offer a great deal on tyres and air conditioning servicing.

Call: 0131 658 1549 email:

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GARDENING final raking will help you get closer to that ‘fine tilth’ often described in gardening books.

Get Your Soil into Shape by Pippa Greenwood A fundamental garden need is good quality soil; it is key to bigger flowers and heavier crops. And there is still time to shape up your soil before the gardening season really begins in earnest. Frosty weather can be useful, as it can save work with heavy clay soil. If you roughly dig or fork it over, the frost will act on the large lumps of clay and break them down somewhat, making them more manageable. Most soils can become badly compacted if you walk or stand on them when they are very wet, especially if the soil is clay or slightly heavy loam. If you can’t avoid walking on wet soil, use a few boards or planks as walkways to spread the load and reduce damage. Forking a heavy soil rather than digging with a spade will reduce compaction, but either way the soil surface usually ends up pretty lumpy. Re-forking, breaking up the large lumps, followed by a 8

Adding bulky organic matter such as leaf mould, well-rotted manure or garden compost helps feed the soil naturally and improves its texture, so that it holds the right amount of moisture for as long as possible – and there is still time to fork this in now. Create free organic matter by making a compost heap or bin, and turn autumn leaves into lead mould, a wonderful soil conditioner. Incorporating some horticultural grade grit or gravel will also help to improve the texture and performance of a heavy clay soil. Avoid builders’ gravel or grit – it can damage or kill garden plants. If you have lots of small stones or larger lumps of flint in your soil, remove them before planting your flowers and vegetables. Some stones are good, but even a lightly stony soil can result in forked or deformed root vegetables. A l t e r n a t i v e l y, invest in raised beds and fill them with stonefree soil.

few additives, and free from weeds, especially troublesome ones like nettles, docks and couch grass. In recent years, manure contaminated by the weedkiller used to control weeds in pastureland has devastated plants. Try to buy from someone local who you can trust to tell you what chemicals have been used. Manure must be well-rotted – ideally it should have sat in a heap for about two years. Green manures are a great way to feed and condition your soil, and help suppress weeds and protect the soil from wind erosion. They work especially well on parts of the garden where plants are not grown year round – as when you use a green manure, you sow seed, allow the plants to grow and then incorporate them into the soil to rot down. Sow seeds later this year – there are lots to choose from, including red clover, mustard, field beans, phaecelia and field lupins. Yes, there’s potentially a fair bit of work involved, but you don’t have to do everything suggested and anything you do will make a huge difference!

Manure adds both texture and food for your plants. It should be good quality, with

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DOMINIC FLETCHER ROOFING Established 1999. Friendly, reliable, family business.


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Madagascar ‘The Eighth Continent’ By Solange Hando Madagascar is the world’s oldest island: it first split from Africa and then from India around 70 million years ago. In the Indian Ocean, between the Mozambique mainland to the west and Reunion and Mauritius to the east, it is the fourth largest island on earth, almost 1,000 miles long, 360 across, best known for the unique flora and fauna which evolved in isolation for a surprisingly long time.

According to experts, the first settlers arrived from Borneo in 500 AD and since then, 90% of the original forest has been lost, and deforestation is still ongoing. Most affected are the more densely populated central highlands, laced with paddies and barren hills, but Madagascar still claims over 40 special reserves and national parks – several of them listed as UNESCO World Heritage – with a rich diversity of habitats. Ecosystems range from dry spiny forest in the south, dotted with baobabs and octopus trees, to mangroves and lakes, deciduous trees and dramatic pinnacles in the west and tropical rainforest in the east, where some of the most popular national parks can be accessed from Antananarivo. Ranomafana is a good 10 hour 10

drive south of the capital, the route winding past colourful villages and hills with spectacular views. But one can overnight in Antsirabe, a pretty place bustling with rickshaws and craft shops, then continue the next day. Driving down at dusk in the final stages, it feels almost like the end of the world as the seemingly impenetrable cloud forest rises all around above the Namorona river and waterfall.

Morning is the best time to explore the park, when animals are more active. This is where golden bamboo lemurs were first discovered in 1986 and, along the steep trails, nature lovers may be rewarded with wonderful sights as they and other lemurs leap through the trees, playing with their young or swinging from branches. Guides imitate the call to locate them and also point out spiders, frogs, red giraffe-necked beetles and tropical birds such as pastel-hued cuckoo rollers or magpie robins. Mossy memorial stones recall ‘ancient people of the forest’ among tall tree and bird’s nest ferns, traveller’s palms, orchids and lobelia. Chameleons can also be spotted, perfectly camouflaged day or night. East of the capital, the AndasibeMantadia national park is an

easier option, just a four hour drive with a choice of walking circuits and gentle paths. Palm and dragon trees mingle with eucalyptus, blue tea plants, bird’s nectar, berries and much more. There are birds and butterflies, reptiles, geckos and several species of lemurs, including indris, the largest of them all, whose melancholy ‘singing’ can be heard at dawn. On the nearby river islands, now a sanctuary for rescued lemurs, black and white ruffed lemurs, playful ringtails and lovely diademed sifaka, or ‘dancing lemur’, happily pose for wide-eyed visitors paddling in canoes around the reed beds. Fauna or flora, around 90% of species are found nowhere else on earth and one can barely imagine 14,000 species of plants, many with medicinal properties, 170 species of palms, thousands of orchids, hundreds of birds, fish and over 100 species of lemurs, many endangered or rare. It is the world’s top biodiversity hotspot, ‘the eighth continent’, say some ecologists, and in this impoverished but beautiful ‘red island’, one hopes the goverment will bring greater stability and progress to benefit both the people and their incredible natural world.

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HISTORY The History of Alice By Catherine Rose The Mad March Hare is a character from folklore that was forever immortalised by the author Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland. The story was written for Alice Liddell, daughter of Carroll’s friend. But who was she? Alice Pleasance Liddell was born on 4th May 1852 in Westminster, London. She was the fourth child of ten and close to her sisters Lorina (Ina) and Edith, who both feature in Carroll’s photographs and writing.

Soon after she was born, Alice’s father Henry Liddell became Dean of Christ Church College and the family moved to Oxford in 1856 - the same year that Alice met Carroll, a keen photographer and college librarian, otherwise known as Reverend Charles Dodgson. Dodgson took many photos of Alice during their acquaintance. They show a pretty elfin girl with a dark bob and soulful eyes pictured in various poses and costumes, nothing like the blonde Alice from the books. The original Alice’s Adventures Underground was conceived on a boat trip that the ten-year-old Alice and her sisters made with Dodgson and his friend Canon Duckworth. Entertaining them with one of his imaginative stories, the author invented a fabulous tale about Alice falling down a rabbit hole and meeting all sorts of curious characters 12

on the way. After being begged by Alice to write it down, he presented it to her as a bound handwritten manuscript in November 1864.

Dodgson decided to commercially publish the story a year later. Illustrated by the artist Sir John Tenniel, it proved so popular that it was followed up by Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, later to become simply Alice Through the Looking Glass. However, around the same time that Lewis Carroll’s famous novel was born, there was a huge falling out between Dodgson and the Liddells. It is still not known what caused the rift as Dodgson’s diary entries for this time were removed. One of several theories is that Dodgson (aged 31) wanted to marry Alice (then 11) but the family were against it. Although times have changed and we would find this both shocking and unacceptable today, Victorian morality was very different and it wasn’t uncommon for an older man to choose a child bride. Whatever the reason, it was clearly a bad enough rift for Alice’s mother to take the step of burning all Dodgson’s previous letters to Alice. Because the illustrated Alice

bears no resemblance to Alice Liddell and the original story was markedly changed for publication, some critics believe the fictional Alice isn’t based on the real Alice at all. However, it can’t be denied that Dodgson made strong references to her throughout the text.

Perhaps the strongest is an acrostic poem epilogue to Alice Through the Looking Glass. A poignant and nostalgic verse about that original boat trip, it spells out her name and begins: A boat beneath a sunny sky, Lingering onward dreamily, In an evening of July…. There is perhaps an even sadder ending to this story as after Alice’s husband, the Hampshire cricketer Reginald Hargreaves, died, she sold her original manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Underground in 1928. It fetched the considerable sum of £15,400 at Sotheby’s and today is kept in the British Museum. Alice died in 1934 and her ashes are interred at Lyndhurst.

Screenshot of Alice from the trailer for the film Alice in Wonderland (1951)

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             


     

  


  

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We usually focus on new releases for our book reviews, but this time we’ve scoured the back catalogues for a few gems you might have missed.

Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel From Kirsten – child actor turned travelling thespian – to aspiring doctor Jeevan, the novel tells the individual stories of several people before, during and after a

pandemic that wipes out most of the population. Gripping, beautiful and all too plausible, Station Eleven is a must for fans of Margaret Atwood, Erin Morgenstern and Suzanne Collins. Harry Potter series – JK Rowling, illustrated by Jim Kay There can’t be many people who haven’t heard of the boy wizard by now. If you’re a fan, you might want to consider upgrading your paperbacks for the hardbacks illustrated by Jim Kay. One is being released each year, starting with The Philosopher’s Stone in 2015, so the first three are currently available to buy. Kay’s illustrations are superb and incredibly detailed. Prefer e-readers? Check out the Kindle in Motion editions, 14

which animate parts of the illustrations, so you can watch Harry fly through the air in hot pursuit of the golden snitch while you’re reading. The Mysterious Affair at Cuckoo Song – Frances Hardinge Cuckoo Song was first published in 2014, the year before Frances Hardinge’s Costa Award-winning novel The Lie Tree. Eleven year old Triss wakes up from an accident to find things aren’t as they were. She can’t satisfy her immense hunger for a start; her sister is terrified of her; and even her dolls have turned against her. Is she going mad, or is the truth even more terrifying? A thoroughly enjoyable, fantastical read, Cuckoo Song is sure to prove a hit with fans of Neil Gaiman and Angela Carter. The Crow Road – Iain Banks The Crow Road covers some pretty big themes – love, death, religion, drugs and fractured families being just a few of them. Prentice McHoan returns home for his grandmother’s funeral and soon gets drawn into trying to solve the mystery of his Uncle Rory’s disappearance. It’s a dark, intense novel and far from an easy read, but the wit and sheer beauty of the writing could well make it one of your all-time favourites.

Why Mummy Drinks – Gill Sims Gill Sims is the author of a hugely successful Facebook blog – Peter and Jane’s Mummy. Why Mummy Drinks was released last autumn and quickly became a bestseller. Written in diary format, it tells the story of Ellen, a 39 year old mum of two, who’s trying to balance work and children, while navigating playground politics, irritating in-laws and an ex-boyfriend. The ensuing drama is extremely funny and very relatable if you’re a parent who isn’t quite ready to hang up her dancing shoes. Styles – Agatha Christie If last year’s hit film Murder on the Orient Express has tempted you to dip into the works of Agatha Christie, why not start with her very first novel? Published in 1920 and set during World War I, it introduces readers to the brilliant mind of Belgian refugee Hercule Poirot. The murder of a woman has everyone pointing the finger at one man. It’s down to Poirot to find out the real culprit before it’s too late. While The Mysterious Affair at Styles is not considered Christie’s finest work, there are still plenty of twists and turns to keep you hooked.

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L&S HEATING Ferroli & Ariston Specialists Edinburgh & Lothians

Boiler Repair Boiler Service Boiler Replacement Full Central Heating Installation Gas Safety Certificates PAT - Portable Appliance Testing Boiler Service Contracts General Plumbing Services Please contact us or visit our website for further details and pricing Follow us on


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What Should You Feed Your New Puppy? Puppies require a special diet with extra calories and nutrients to help them develop strong muscles and bones. It’s easy to overfeed them when they’re young, as their stomachs are very small, so regular feeding throughout the day is better than giving them one or two larger meals. But what types of food should you offer your puppy, and how do you know how much to feed them?



Complete dry foods Dry food can provide complete nourishment for your puppy, but you should buy the best you can afford. Although ‘premium’ brands are more expensive, you don’t need to use as much per meal as with the cheaper brands, due to their enhanced nutritional content. If your puppy doesn’t like dry food because it’s too hard, you can soak the biscuits in warm water for a few minutes to make them easier to chew. Wet foods Tinned or pouched puppy foods are available in a wide range of flavours, but it’s advisable to choose one that your pet can easily digest, such as chicken

and rice. As with the dry food, you can also buy ‘complete’ wet foods for your puppy, which are nutritionally balanced and highly beneficial for their development. Whether you feed your puppy wet food, dry biscuits, or a combination of the two, portion size is extremely important whilst they’re developing. Always check the instructions on the packet or tin, or ask your vet for guidance – they’ll also be able to keep a regular check on your puppy’s growth.

By Ann Haldon

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Brand new year‌ Same great service! Thinking of buying or selling your home? Contact us for further details on our exciting new promotion *limited time only T: 0131 228 1926 E: McDougall Mqueen is a merger between Allan McDougall & McQueen Legal

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By Alison Runham

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep • • • •

A poor night’s sleep might seem like just an inconvenience. But research has shown that insufficient or poor-quality sleep can contribute to serious health problems, including: • Weight gain and obesity. • Weakened immunity. • Increased risk of diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, heart attack and stroke. • Reduced fertility and libido. • Reduced memory, concentration and reaction times. • Increased risk of depression, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations and psychotic episodes. This means it’s vital that we all get enough good quality sleep, which usually means at least seven hours. However, it’s not always easy.

THE ENEMIES OF SLEEP • Burning the candle at both ends, trying to fit in relaxation and domestic duties. • Sleep disorders: night terrors, sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep paralysis, teeth grinding, restless limb syndrome and sleep apnoea. • Needing the toilet. • Pain e.g. from arthritis. • An uncomfortable mattress or pillow. • Menstruation (pain, heavy bleeding and hormonal changes that affect temperature and production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin). 20

Snoring. Blue light. Smoking and alcohol. GORD (Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease) or LPR (laryngopharyngeal or ‘silent’ reflux, in which stomach acid can damage airways, causing asthma-like symptoms)

TEN TIPS TO HELP YOU SLEEP: 1. Stop snoring. Maintaining a healthy weight can help. Try sleeping on your side, nasal strips, sprays or mandibular adjustment devices. If these don’t work, consult your doctor, as you may be receiving a reduced oxygen supply at night. 2. Don’t go to bed hungry - but don’t eat late. Don’t eat less than two hours before bedtime. If you’re hungry in the evenings, choose something light and easily digestible. Milk can make you feel full and its tryptophan can help sleep, but it’s absorbed poorly (a carbohydrate-rich snack at the same time may help). 3. Stop smoking and eliminate evening alcohol and caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and both nicotine and alcohol affect our sleep length and quality. All three can contribute to GORD and LPR. 4. Look after your body and its clock. Our bodies need exercise and daylight during the day and a more relaxed, dim environment in the evening to trigger our body clock regulation hormones. 5. Avoid blue light two hours before bedtime. Blue light, produced by modern TVs, tablets, computers and mobiles, interferes with melatonin production. While blue light filters help, most just reduce, rather than

eliminate, blue light. 6. Declutter your brain. Try writing down your worries and to-do lists before bedtime. It can be therapeutic in itself, and relieves the stress of trying to remember everything. 7. Have a night-time routine. Choose relaxing activities like reading in the hour or two before bedtime. Try having a warm (not hot) bath with relaxing aromatherapy oils. 8. Make your bedroom a haven. Avoid using your bedroom as a work space or dumping ground for clutter. Keep your bedroom well ventilated, not too hot or cold, and softly lit. Try blackout blinds - and earplugs if you have noisy housemates or neighbours. Invest in a comfortable, supportive mattress and pillows. 9. Don’t lie there worrying about not sleeping. Instead, get up and do something relaxing, such as reading a magazine or doing a jigsaw, until you feel sleepy. 10. Finally, see your doctor if you have problems with hormonal changes, night time urination, mental health, GORD, LPR or pain – or if these tips don’t work. Your GP can investigate possible causes and recommend helpful treatments and lifestyle changes.

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Plumbing & Drainage Services Family Business over 15 years experience Reliable, experienced, local plumber.

No job too small. All work guaranteed 10% discount on first job, please quote when phoning with this advert

• Gutter cleaning • Blocked drains • Blocked toilets • Blocked sinks & baths • Outside tap fitted • Blocked Manholes • Burst pipes • Shower fitted & repaired • Storage tanks • New taps fitted & repaired • New installations • All Plumbing work carried out Tel: 0131 449 3071 Mob: 07849 393 364

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Community News for 20,000 descendants in just 5 years! Neutered cats live longer, healthier lives and it is the most humane way to stop unwanted for details of local participating vets.


Do you belong to a community group or run a community activity? Promote it for FREE by emailing or ph 07407382722

you are interested in caring for your local park, please come and join the Friends Group! We do events throughout the year to help improve the park (i.e. installing bird boxes, planting a wildflower meadow, litter picks etc), and we input into any changes the council want to implement. There is no charge to join us and all are welcome. For more info email Jeni (Chairperson) at



Get healthy! Make new friends! Come for a walk in Inch Park. Ageing Well is a project run by Edinburgh Leisure and funded by NHS Lothian. It’s a health initiaitive that recognises the beniefits of walking for wellbeing and social connection. Walking is one of the best ways to keep body and mind in good health. It’s easy to do, it doesn’t need special skills or equipment, it can be done anywhere and anytime. Plus, if you walk in a group you meet new people and have a chance for a good “blether”, followed by a cuppa and chat at a local cafe. Walks have moved to Portobello Promenade. Meeting Point: Portobello Swim Centre Day: Wednesday Time: 10:30am If you have questions phone the Ageing Well team 0131 458 2183 or e-mail: ageingwell@


people with cats who live in the EH postcode area, and who receive certain state benefits or are on a low income to get in touch. One unneutered female cat can be responsible 22

We are a group of local people with learning disabilities. We meet once a month, on a Tuesday afternoon, at the Gilmerton Library at 13 Newtoft Street. We meet from 12 until 1.30pm to have a cup of tea, talk about what’s important to us and any issues that we face. We support each other to ‘Let Our Voice be heard’. If you have a learning disability and you want to speak out for yourself, come and give it a try. If you would like to come along, please contact Jo at People First (Scotland): 0131 478 7707.


Inch Community Council represents the areas of the Inch, Moredun, Fernieside, Ferniehill, Gracemount, Southhouse, Burdiehouse, The Murrays, Gilmerton and Candlemaker’s. The council meets 3rd Monday of the month 6pm-745pm. Send matters to raise and to find out more, email the Chair, Lesley Gibson-Ealesham at or learn about the work of the council on the website at:

To advertise call 07407382722 or email

GILMERTON SINGERS is the name of a community choir that meets every Friday morning at the Society Hall at Gilmerton Crossroads. It was started around 18 years ago by three ladies who loved singing, with encouragement from the Community Centre management. Our Musical Directory is Nick Hayes and the choir is made up at the moment of 20 women and 2 men. When the choir was started, one of the aims was to give something to the community and we do this by performing at Care Homes. Community Centres, and local fairs and the like. Singing has been proved to increase health, wellbeing and quality of life. Benefits may include improved breathing, easing depression and keeping memory active. Because we are a small group, rehearsals are relaxed and friendly. Most people, when asked if they would like to join a choir, say ‘I can’t sing’. I’ll bet they sing in the shower, while washing the dishes or just for fun. Well, you don’t have to be a Pavarotti or Maria Callas to be an important part of a singing team. We do not audition prospective members and reading music is not necessary as we learn tunes by ear. If you would like to find out more about us, phone Muriel on 0131 664 1220 or email or call in at the Society Hall any Friday morning from 10amnoon. Hope to see you soon! LIBERTON AND DISTRICT COMMUNITY COUNCIL The Council

meets at 7 pm on the last Monday of each month except July and December. The date of the next meeting is shown on our home page and the agenda is posted there a week before the meeting, which are held in the Liberton Kirk Halls, Kirk Gate, opposite Liberton Kirk. Everyone is very welcome at all meetings and we have a slot for public questions and comments; in general we would appreciate prior notice of these to our Secretary. See the website at:

LIBERTON KIRK SENIOR CITIZENS CLUB Liberton Kirk Senior Citizens Club is

a lively social club for residents of south east Edinburgh over 65 years. The club meets from the first Thursday in September to the last Thursday in May. We gather between

2-4pm though most of our members come earlier to meet and chat from 12.30 at Anderson Hall, opposite Liberton Kirk. £2 per person and transport can be booked if needed. A SEAG bus (South of Edinburgh Amentities Group) can pick you up and take you home from the club for an extra £1.50. Any questions or would like to book transport please call Bryan on 0798 500 1183.

LITTLE BUTTONS parent and carer tod-

dler group at Ferniehill Evangelical Church, 19 Ferniehill Rd - every Thursday morning during term from 930-11am. Toys, games, crafts, story, singing and snacks with tea & coffee for adult donation of 50p.


ive peer group for mums and dads to meet others struggling with anxiety and depression symptoms and to explore positive ways of managing. Children are welcome. Alternate Fridays 10am-1130am, started 10th October. Valley Park Community Cenre, 37 Southhouse Rd, EH17 8EU. For more information and dates email or call 0131 226 8152.

PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP The newly diagnosed man with

prostate cancer must absorb a lot of information in a short period of time. There comes a point in this process of self-education when there is a need to talk to someone who has been through it all before. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and would like to have support from others who have been through it, call 0131 207 3067 or email or look at for information about group support activities.


The Purly Queens are a group of ladies who meet twice a month, the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Gilmerton Library, Newtoft Street, Gilmerton., from 2.30 - 4.15 p.m. We knit, and crochet for Charity. New members are always welcome, no need to be experienced, we all help each other. Come along, enjoy a natter and a cuppa, and knit for local charities. For information call 0131664 8053.

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Beauty Baby It’s Cold Outside by Kate Duggan Our pick of nourishing beauty goodies to see you through the winter months.

Central heating, cold weather and seasonal celebrations can leave your skin looking a bit ‘meh’. Murad’s Hydra-Glow Aqua Peel can help to put some life back into it. First off – the Retexturizing Swab (basically a large cotton bud infused with lactic and glycolic acids) to exfoliate your skin. Follow with the Moisture Infusion Mask, which contains Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture and plump skin. Don’t let the words ‘peel’ and acid’ put you off, this is a gentle, pain-free solution to softer, healthier looking skin. I was really impressed with the results. The only downside is the sachets aren’t available individually – they come in a box of four at £40 from Battling with frizzy hair and split ends? Deep-conditioning treatments are ideal if you have the time. If you’re more of a grab and go kind of girl, try RPR’s Smooth My Ends Treatment. It’s a leave-in conditioner and works to smooth hair, add shine and repair split ends. The treatment is also ideal for detangling if you have really curly hair (or a child who hates having their hair brushed). It’s £13.95 from It’s not always easy to find a cleanser that can tackle mascara and other makeup, without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Cleansers that are too harsh can leave your skin feeling tight, uncomforta24

ble and unbalanced. PHB Ethical Beauty’s Cleansers are gentle, effective and packed with extra ingredients to really nourish your skin. The Hydrating Cleanser, £14.95, is particularly helpful if you suffer from dry patches. Ingredients include coconut oil, shea butter, apricot extract and both rosehip and rose petal oil. Numerous clinical tests have shown these oils to make a significant difference to skin texture, scarring and wrinkles. As an added bonus, they make the cleanser smell really luxurious. See Neal’s Yard are moving away from the anti-ageing approach taken by most beauty companies, and instead focusing on ‘ageing well’. Their Frankincense Intense Lift Serum (£75) and new Frankincense Intense Lift Cream (£65) are full of natural, skin-loving ingredients to help you to ‘look and feel the best version of you, no matter your age.’ I’ve been using them for a month now and my skin feels much softer, smoother and altogether more loved. Admittedly the serum and cream are not cheap, but they are very rich, so a little goes a long way. I expect them to last for a good six months. Available from If you’re looking for a new foundation that gives you great coverage, without making you look too ‘made-up’, try Nude By Nature’s Flawless Liquid Foundation. It’s available in 20 different shades, is easy to apply and you’ll barely know you’re wearing it. It’s also packed with antioxidants and other skin-loving ingredients. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, and this foundation is hard to beat in that respect. You’ll want to display it rather than hide it away in a makeup bag. It costs £25 from or buy direct from

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Tranquil Therapies Home Visits available for The Murrays and Liberton area

Full Consultation Upon Appointment Clinical reflexology / Aromatherapy therapy / Indian head therapy / Acupressure therapy Holistic facial treatment / Bamboo massage / Hotstone massage Benefits of Reflexology - Improved Nerve Function, Boosted Energy Levels, Increased Circulation, Relaxation, Elimination of Toxins & Many more...

10% DISCOUNT ON FIRST APPOINTMENT 24 Bernard St, EH6 6PP 07577 107 832 or 07883 523 502 Email

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General Knowledge Crossword

Across 1. Finishing line for a foot race (4) 3. Microscopic disease-carrying agents (8) 9. Enduring strength and energy (7) 10. Snow leopard (5) 11. Moving mechanism that transports objects, as in a factory (8,4) August 2017 13. Small stampPage or seal on a ring (6) 15. Liquid produced by a flower (6) 17. London district in which the Royal Opera House is sited (6,6) 20. Gold coin formerly used on the Continent (5)

21. Stylish and graceful (7) 22. Leave one’s country of residence for a new one (8) 23. Palm fruit (4) Down 1. Legal action where the outcome is likely to set a precedent (4,4) 2. Shrimp-like 1 crustacean (5) 4. Major river flowing through Brazil (6) 5. Someone who deliberately stirs up a problem (12) 6. Curled lock of hair (7) 7. Declare formally as true (4) 8. Instrument used

- Solutions Page 34

to locate buried explosive devices (4,8) 12. Person with dark brown hair (8) 14. Shaped and stuffed

pasta dumplings (7) 16. Thoroughfare (6) 18. Theatrical entertainment (5) 19. Boundary, rim (4)

SECRETARY, Liberton Golf Club, Kingston Grange, 297 Gilmerton Road, Edinburgh EH16 5UJ

LIBERTON GOLF CLUB Memberships now available for 2018 in Ladies, Gents and Youth Categories. Prices from £500. Variable payment schemes on request. Are you aged under 15 years and don’t have a current membership with another Club? Contact us it could be Free to join. Contact the Secretary now. Quote ‘Spring Deal2’

Tel: 0131 664 3009 • Pro Tel: 0131 664 1056 • 28

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Hire a Virtual Assistant! With Christmas approaching ­ Do you have too much to do and not enough �me? Here at Bizibuddy ­ we give our personal and business clients a helping hand to get their administra�ve tasks completed. Bizibuddy can take care of your to­do list whilst you focus your �me and energy on the important things that can't be delegated.

We can assist with: • Social Media account management • Marke�ng & Adver�sing • Diary and mailbox management • Customer Service • Sales & Appointments • Secretarial Tasks

You can hire a VA today for just £20 per hour

And more....

Contact Lesley­Anne to find out more...

Tel: 07557 906 708 E­mail:

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DON’T HAVE MAD MARCH HAIR The gadgets for trimming, taming, styling & straightening In the old days, we had combs, brushes and curling tongs – and that was about it. Now there’s more tech than you can shake a GHD straightener at, all of it promising to deliver luscious locks or silky-smooth skin. So which technology is actually worth having for your hair? There are two kinds of gadgets: gadgets for getting rid of hair you don’t want, and gadgets for making the hair you do want look better. In the first camp we’ve long had electric razors, epilators and little personal trimmers, but lately they’ve been joined by lasers — well, light treatment anyway. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the gentlest hair removal methods around, but you can’t do it if you’re about to go somewhere sunny, and it doesn’t work on lighter hair or very dark skin. Beware of any firm claiming to offer laser treatment from home devices: laser is a more powerful IPL and it’s the preserve of salon machines costing five figures. The best known IPL system is probably Philips’ Lumea, whose products are around the £250 - £350 mark. That’s a lot of money for a gadget, but if you have the right skin tone and hair colour it means no ingrowing hairs, waxing or other unpleasantness. It’s safe everywhere, too. What about the hair you do want? The same pseudo-science that infests beauty products is in hair care too, with lots of big and cleversounding nonsense trying to convince us that a hairdryer is more than just a hairdryer. Sometimes a hairdryer is all you need. The biggest name in high-tech hairdryer technology is Dyson, whose unlovely (is it just us? It looks like, well, a Dyson) but very effective Supersonic costs £299. It’s very powerful, very quiet and stays cool to the touch, although we can’t help thinking we’re basically holding a hand dryer next to our heads. More modest technologies can make a big 30

difference too. Straighteners with adjustable temperatures can help prevent too much frizz, especially with hair you’ve coloured, and straightening brushes such as BaByliss’s £50 2440BDU put the heat inside the hairbrush to great effect. The same firm has embraced the other big trend in haircare: straighteners that also style. The Smooth & Wave Secret isn’t cheap – at £129.99 it’s up there with the luxury brands such as GHD – and it looks like a weapon, but it’s enormously

clever: hair is drawn into its ceramic chamber, held and preheated, and then it either uses Smooth Mode to straighten or Wave Mode for waves and curls. It goes up to 230 degrees for even the most untamed hair and takes just 15 seconds to warm up. That’s important: some rivals don’t like to point out that by the time their straighteners reach peak temperature, you could probably have grown a beard. It’s very important to shop around for products like the ones we’ve mentioned, as — with the exception of Dyson, which keeps a firm hold on its prices — they’re subject to constant aggressive discounting by supermarkets, beauty shops and online sellers. And it pays to be flexible when it comes to specific brands: the difference in price between Brand A with nice packaging and the slightly less cute Brand B can be staggering.

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FERRANTI TRAINED ENGINEER WITH 18 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN ALL ASPECTS OF HOME & SMALL OFFICE COMPUTERS Upgrades and repairs to MAC, PC & Laptops Wired & Wireless Networks Home Visits can Be Arranged Phone & Tablet Repairs No Fix No Fee Free Estimates All Work Guaranteed Allan Williams 0131 657 4075 / 07885 733437

P l u m b i n g


H e a t i n g


E l e c t r i c a l

Swanston Technical Services ‘One Call for All’ Heating ~ High efficiency boilers, system design, installation, servicing and repairs.


ased ess b Busin ilehead m in Fair

~ All aspects of domestic gas work and landlord certificates.

Plumbing ~ High efficiency unvented hot water systems, bathrooms, showers, general plumbing and repairs.

Electrical ~

Installations, repairs, testing, and certifications.

Call Steve on

0131 443 1581 or 07730 410 384

All small jobs and jobbing welcome Please mention the Murrays Directory when responding to adverts



Cake and Bake Banana and Walnut Loaf If you have overripe bananas in the fruit bowl then don’t bin them – just whizz up this delicious moist loaf cake instead. It will keep for up to 5 days wrapped in greaseproof paper or foil and stored in an airtight tin.

Ingredients: • 175g unsalted butter, softened • 175g light soft brown sugar • 225g self-raising flour • 2 tsp ground mixed spice • ½ tsp baking powder • 3 medium eggs • 75g walnut halves, roughly chopped • 2 large ripe bananas, peeled and mashed with 2 tsp lemon juice • Icing sugar, to dust

Makes 10 Slices Ready in 1 hour 45 minutes, plus cooling time 32

1. Preheat the oven to 170C, Fan 150C, Gas 3. Grease and line the base and the two long sides of a 900g loaf tin with baking paper.

2. Place the butter, sugar, flour, spice, baking

powder and eggs in a large bowl and beat with an electric whisk until thoroughly combined - this will take about 4-5 minutes. Fold in the walnuts and mashed bananas.

3. Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin and

level the surface. Bake for 1hour - 1 hour 15 minutes until risen and golden and a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean.

4. Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes then turn out onto a cooling rack and cool completely. Dust thickly with icing sugar.

TIP Add a creamy soft frosting instead of the

dusting of icing sugar, if liked. Simply beat 100g full-fat soft cheese with 100g very soft unsalted butter until smooth, then beat in 100g sifted icing sugar.

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137 Drum Street, Edinburgh, EH17 8RJ

Tel: 0131 664 9548

Abbey Lodge Hotel is ideally located 5 minutes from Morton Hall & Mount Vernon and easily accessed from the Edinburgh bypass (Eastbound) Our traditional family Hotel will respectfully cater for all your after service needs. Fully licensed, Catering to suit all budgets & tastes Open to Non-residents with ample private parking (Maximum numbers catered for 50)

BUFFET MENU A £6.50 pp

Selection of Sandwiches Sausage Rolls Quiche Lorraine Chicken Drumsticks Tea/Coffee

BUFFET MENU B £5.25 pp

Fresh Soup & Crusty Roll Selection of Sandwiches Fresh Scone, Butter & Jam Tea/Coffee

These menus are examples only. Personal preferences can be catered for Alternatives must be agreed at time of booking A 50% non-refundable payment is due at time of booking Situated just off City By-Pass (Gilmerton Junction). Convenient for Straiton, Cameron Toll, Dobie Garden Centre or City Centre.

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Business & Services


3 & 21

Auto Centre AVW Auto Centre


Blinds & Shutters Homestyle Blinds


Building & Construction DCM Construction JJ Construction

35 21

Business Solutions Bizibuddy

Gardening Services GB Landscapes JDS Gardening

9 15


Carpet Cleaning James Burnett Carpet Cleaning

Golf Club Liberton Golf Club



Computer Services Home Computers


Heating, Gas & Plumbing L&S Heating 16 Swanston Technical Serv 31 Weir Gas Services 15

Plasterer & Decorator DCM


Plumbing Able Girl Plumbing Currievale Plumbing Weir Plumbing

11 21 15

Property & Letting Gladstones Property Investment Managers


Restaurants Abbey Lodge Hotel Braidhill Hotel

33 18

Roofing Dominic Fletcher Roofing 9 Fairmile Roofing 26 Skip Hire Urban Waste


Solicitors McDougal McQueen



Hotel Abbey Lodge Hotel Braidhill Hotel

33 18


Joiner G. Stewart Joinery J.J. Construction

11 21

Therapies Tranquil Therapies



Estate Agents McDougal McQueen

Landscaping & Paving GB Landscapes


Waste Removal Urban Waste



Food & Health Goods Good Food Real Food

MOT Services AVW Auto Centre

9 36

Organic & Speciality Goods Good Foods 9

Currency Converter Currency King Electrician & Electrical Contractors DSykes Electrical Swanston Technical Services

Funeral Services Porteous Funerals


Garden Products Champfleurie Estate



Painter & Decorator KBL Painting Decorating 27 MG Decor 31 Michal Painting & Dec 16

Taxi - Private Hire Bluebird Taxi

Windows and Timber Renovations Ventrolla Wedding Venue Braidhill Hotel


3 18

CROSSWORD SOLUTION Across: 1 Tape, 3 Bacteria, 9 Stamina, 10 Ounce, 11 Conveyor belt, 13 Signet, 15 Nectar, 17 Covent Garden, 20 Ducat, 21 Elegant, 22 Emigrate, 23 Date. Down: 1 Test case, 2 Prawn, 4 Amazon, 5 Troublemaker, 6 Ringlet, 7 Aver, 8 Mine detector, 12 Brunette, 14 Gnocchi, 16 Street, 18 Drama, 19 Edge. 34

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Nourishing the Nation since 1975 Ever since our Broughton Street store opened in 1974 we have been providing good quality wholefood ingredients that can be used to make delicious, nourishing meals for you and your family. We all want to stay warm and keep our families healthy through the winter months. One great way to help all the family stay fit and well is to feed them well with warm, nourishing food cooked from scratch. Processed foods can be costly. You pay for the labour to make these foods, and often pay VAT on ready meals, cakes and treats. The raw ingredients for these foods are VAT free, so that’s a fifth of the cost saved! Come on, visit the healthiest shop in town and see what you can get to nourish your family this winter. sustainably sourced extra virgin raw organic coconut oil

• Cook – tasty food like organic roasted sweet potato and

beetroot to Spanish butternut squash; everything you need

• From – Scottish porridge oats to gluten-free pasta; organic British • Ingredients – that are healthy, natural and nourishing

This year why not cook from scratch instead of scratching the cooking!

Shop online at

FREE UK delivery for online orders of £29 or over* 37 Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3JU • Tel: 0131 557 1911 8 Brougham Street, Edinburgh EH3 9JH • Tel: 0131 228 1201

Fresh  •  local  •  seasonal  •  value *Applies to UK mainland orders only and does not include wholesale bulk items.

There’ll be clean plates and smiles all round with more healthy home cooked meals for you and your family.


Murrays Directory - Issue 40 - March 2018  

The Murrays Directory is a community business magazine professionally distributed to 5000 homes in the south Edinburgh areas of EH16 and EH1...

Murrays Directory - Issue 40 - March 2018  

The Murrays Directory is a community business magazine professionally distributed to 5000 homes in the south Edinburgh areas of EH16 and EH1...