Lantana Living Magazine December 2021

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Home Decorating: Ask The Expert


by Allison Fifer, POSH Home Staging & Redesign


athering with family and friends outdoors may at first seem too chilly in the winter, but adding in the flickering flames of a roaring firepit changes everything. Bundling up in the warmth under the stars is a feeling that few can refuse. It’s one that could take you back to your childhood, your love of s’mores, or perhaps a quaint camping trip with a loved one or just the joy of being with friends. Any way you stack it up, bonding takes place as we gather together. Just like indoors, your outdoor space relies on form and function. Be sure to consider its primary use…is it for simple

for sharing

family enjoyment, gathering with larger groups of friends, or more essential needs such as cooking. This can be simple or very involved. The aura of the space will set the tone for each visit to this special space. Additionally, seating should be a careful consideration. Take into account how many people you typically share this space with. You want to be able to accommodate the larger gathering just as you would a smaller one. You can choose from a simple rocker to Adirondack chairs to cushioned seating. Either way, one can always pull up extra seating when necessary. Creating a conversational setting is key.

The style of your pit can range from stationary to portable. All firepits should be set up at least 10 feet away from your home or other structures. You can use a simple portable firepit for ease of setup and storage, or build a permanent ring of stone or use a metal ring for a more authentic feel of the great outdoors. No matter the form or function you choose, bonding will ensue as you spend more time in your outdoor space with family and friends.