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Who Are We? We are two undergraduates from Lincoln University. Rebecca is a third year student studying a degree in BA(Hons) Journalism, Charlie is a third year student studying a degree in BA(Hons) Advertising & Marketing. Since studying together we have formed a strong professional relationship on collaborative projects ranging from marketing material for large multinational companies to our local student magazine. Both coming from highly differentiated academic backgrounds we still managed to find our common ground, a zealous passion for creativity in our fields, which acts as a key driver for our collaborative projects. Within this portfolio we aim to showcase our talents in both copy writing and art direction, illustrated across several projects. We hope you will find our work of interest and we look forward to hearing your responses.


Project A: Saudi Aramco Oils The Project: To develop a theme and create material for a leadership event being held at Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia. The event was for the leadership centre based on the gulf coast oil refinery, Ras Tanura. These team members come from across the world and are responsible for instilling the strategic management and leadership development that is taught throughout the world‟s largest oil company. The thesis was to help coordinate a theme for the keynote speaker as to how branding and social media help and effect leadership. From here, Rebecca established the title „lifting the lid on leadership- inside the brand of an organisation.‟ The company‟s main prerogative was to create a front cover on a pamphlet for the event that would entice people to attend. By using words such as „lifting‟ and „inside‟ Rebecca felt it would increase curiosity as to what would be revealed if they did attend. The leadership centre is a fairly new organisation within the company. The concept for the event was to summarise new beginnings and to celebrate its success. Therefore, an idea of collecting famous quotes came to mind. Those in the business of leadership often have quotes of other leaders that they live by or have as role models. As the company also wanted the event to focus on being reflective of the work they had done so far and also the future of what is yet to be achieved by them, We thought it would be interesting to get quotes from the leaders about how they felt when they started, what they think in the present and what they hope for the future. These quotes were turned into large banners that hung across the tent being used for the event. Rebecca also asked each leader for their personal and favourite quotes. These were then placed on table placemats for each person to keep as a memoir. Through feedback from Charlie back in the UK, we put our thoughts together and came up with a design concept. Charlie arranged the front cover with Rebecca‟s words over the top. Charlie suggested the semiotic message of the colours was really important as to how the event comes across, so suggest the use of blue, yellows and grays; all bold and strong colours to define the idea of starting something new, without an in balance of feminism or masculinity. Statistically the most feminine colour is actually yellow, not pink based on colour theory research. The back cover of quotes should be the same colours used on the front., for a theme of consistency and clarification of the internal message. For the back of the invitation pamphlet, the quotes from the leaders were put together in a variety of styles, as a taste of what would come at the event. Rebecca then wrote a script for the leadership director, including how to manoeuvre effectively around the room etc. She then also gave input to the keynote speaker, through her own knowledge and thoughts gave him ideas on his topic, as to how social media could help their leadership strategies and how the use of television media and outlets such as twitter and Facebook could help establish their inner brand for the rest of the company. The event was held on the 19th January 2011 and my work was used down to each detail. This was particularly exciting as members akin to the royal Arabian family were in attendance. Below is a direct quote from the organization, addressed to Rebecca:

Project A: Saudi Aramco Oils- Designs

Project B: Bullet Magazine Who we are: Official University of Lincoln Student‟s Union Publication What we do: Cover local and national events relating to a student and local audience. When: We are printed monthly and update daily on Facebook, Twitter and our website Why: To keep our students up to date on what is going on across University as well as around our local community. Each year a new editorial team is given the opportunity to work at Bullet. We took on the roles as editor in chief (Rebecca) and Online Editor (Charlie) in order to turn the publication around and create something new. Since we took over and created our first edition and web uploading in August; statistics for the magazine have gone from a few hundred cumulatively, to thousands. Another thing lagging previous to our editorial takeover was the use of Facebook and twitter. We felt these were of as much value as our online presence, in particular dealing with students. We had regular meetings as to how we could best create awareness of our social pages. We decided to upload content not only to the website, but also to Facebook at the same time. Making use of status updates, we have encouraged people to interact with our content and create debate with news and features. This creates communication between us and our audience in order to establish what they like and don‟t like or what they would like to see. This has proven to be successful and again, our audience participation has increased. Our website and tweets are followed by our local newspaper, the Lincolnshire echo and also student beans, one of the largest student websites in the UK, which shows that we are targeting correctly, and our success is been recognised by other figures in the market. In order to further advance ourselves and push further than print, this year we conceptualised an idea to create „Bullet TV.‟ Bullet TV brings to life the content of the magazine with a team of over 25 people. This has been integrated within the website in order to create a multi-platform and more interactive internet presence. One of our largest online campaigns was reporting on the recent student protests in London, Bullet media reported live through TV reporting, as well as reporting on the spot feedback to our team back in Lincoln, who Facebook updated and uploaded content onto the website continuously throughout the day for live updates. We are currently working on this concept again for our upcoming Student Union election announcements in which we aim to stream live. Understanding that we need to further create a technological stance with Bullet we also came up with the idea of an Iphone/pad app. A staff member of the Student Union put this together. This has made access to our website easier and quicker for Smartphone users- the majority of students at our University. Through research this was found to be extremely successful within our target audience. Our links to our pages are below: Bullet Online: Twitter:!/BulletMagazine Below are examples of our social media and online presence, supported by statistical figures:

Projects ‌In Progress

Project C: University Campus Elections We are currently working on the election campaigns for the new Student Union officers. Here, Charlie is creating posters and campaign advertisements for the elections and one of the candidates. Rebecca is currently helping to script and also interview the candidates. This is an on-going process throughout March. We have worked together on an integrated strategy to make sure all visual and written communication is complementary to each other. We shall be working on updating, commenting on and marketing the elections as one of our tasks for Bullet Media. This will include on-going advertising, creating an online social media presence for quicker information on the campaigns, including live updates on the night of election announcements. We also came up with the idea of creating a barcode on the posters, in which Smartphoneâ€&#x;s can scan across and instantly gain access to the candidateâ€&#x;s social media pages and website. Below are preliminary designs for the posters, and promo leaflets:

Project D: Personal Team Projects “Spread” Alongside our work and degrees, we have also started to conceptualize our own blog website. Although in initial starting process, here we aim to play to our strengths and have founded a space for personal writing and creative work in order to further our skills. Rebecca will be responsible for journalistic content and Charlie for the colloquial writing and branding and marketing material. As we both live and breathe our interests in writing and design, this is an ideal productive outlet for us to work on not only building our personal strengths, but also solidifying our work as a team. We believe this will also be productive and fulfilling tasks for post-graduation and long term gain. Below are some images for our initial barding strategy:

We chose the name “Spread” for our magazine, to play on colloquial terminology used within our target market (18-25‟s- Students). Such as spread the gossip etc. We metaphorically symbolised this with a toast been spread with butter, also an iconic image of stereotypical student diet, subliminally reinforcing core trends and values of the target group. The sub section headers shown also are seen to be consistent with this brand image and theme. The main aim of the magazine would be to take a satirical but honest look at student life through the eyes of two people who‟ve experienced it all before. Two graduates, us.

The Serious Stuff… My CV

CURRICULUM VITAE Rebecca Poynton-Murray

Tel: 07837 484851 Email: Nationality: British & Canadian (Dual).

________________________________________________________________________ WHY AM I PRESENTING THIS CV FOR YOUR PERUSAL?

I started in the Media industry at the age of 14 and have recently obtained a B.A Hons degree in Journalism. I am a graduate with professional networks and extensive multi platform experience; including the role of Editor- atlarge of Bullet Media (Lincoln University, UK) and a short film documentary maker acknowledged by the BBC and ITN.


 

Accolades from ‘ones to watch,’ a journalism talent search website Nominated for The Guardians ‘Student Television Journalist of the year’ for my documentary ‘Secret Shopper- An undercover investigation into customer service’

Board Committees

 University of Lincoln Committee Trustee Chair Member  Student Union Board Member for Media and Communications EDUCATION B.A. (Hons) in Journalism


Lincoln University

A Levels

(2005 – 2007) King George the Fifth College

A Level Qualifications achieved:  English Literature  English Language  Classical Civilisation GCSE - High School (2000 – 2005) Greenbank High School GCSE Qualifications achieved:   

Media, English literature, English language Religious education, Spanish, French Science, Maths, History

Internship 2010 – Present

Lincoln Universities Bullet Magazine and multi-platform media (Print, Radio & TV). Editor in Chief

Duties Include:

                  

web address:

In charge of a large team of editors, sub editors, online editors, section editors and contributors In charge of a Television production crew, organising live interviews, educational packages and entertainment pieces. Responsible for overall direction and content In charge of budget and advertising Solely responsible for organisation, communication and board meetings Held numerous presentations for Bullet Media and spoke to students on working within the journalism industry Headed numerous events to promote readership and contribution In charge of a publication with a readership of 35,000+ from students to the local community and branching to national. Constructed business relationships with top brands house such as House of Fraser and Toni and Guy Wrote columns for Microsoft and Amnesty International Turned Bullet Online ratings to hundreds a day and thousands per month. Set up a social media presence Created monthly magazines and a daily updated website In charge of design and original photography for the website Attended conferences for student media, Amnesty International and NUS conferences in order to create awareness of global issues through Bullet magazine Attended numerous student fee campaigns including events in London on behalf of broadcasting the outcomes Have produced breaking news stories that directly concerned my student community, including university expenditure and building closures. Solely responsible for hiring my own team Responsible for live streaming of student elections for union candidates. This involved following the campaigns of potential candidates, streaming their vetoes and tracking their progress up until voting day.

Alternative Art College

Innovative educational project based on providing an alternative to university education Press Officer and Communications

Duties Included:

  

Publishing media content for the website Creating press releases Organising media exposure with the BBC and ITV.

Apprenticeship Experience December – January 2011

Saudi Aramco Oil Company Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Duties Included:

Design and Event Management of major management event


In December 2010, I had the pleasure of getting to know Rebecca Poynton-Murray while she interned within Saudi Aramco’s Leadership Centre in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. Rebecca was assigned to a planning team tasked with designing and implementing a Corporate division – wide professional symposium. As of 4 team members, Rebecca’s responsibilities included: development of a business event theme, selection of a keynote speaker, marketing strategy including event notification along with the development and printing of all poster materials.

Rebecca displayed strong interpersonal and written communication skills while assigned to the project. This level of professionalism coupled with her creative ability, attention to detail and positive team dynamics contributed to a very successful outcome for the project. In summary, I highly recommend Rebecca for any position or endeavour that she may seek to pursue in the future. Michael R. Larsen, Administrator Leadership Development Division, Saudi Aramco Oil Company

August 2010

Hollyoaks soap opera (Channel Four)

Duties Included:

  

Worked with the design crew. Set stages and props for scenes Assisted off location Helped as a runner for wardrobe

April 2009

Paver Smith Public Relations

Duties Included:

   

Executive account Intern Participation with organising a large tennis tournament event Helped with case studies for clients Participated in meetings for new ventures with clients

April 2008

Forum for European Journalism (FEJS) Conference Organiser for the students

Duties Included:

   

Organising hospitality Arranging guest speakers from the BBC and Coca Cola company Planning social events throughout Lincoln for the conference members Raising money for event sponsorship through local companies

January – August 2006

Ormskirk Hospital Radio (UK)

Duties Included:

On-Air DJ

2001 – 2004

88.9 Shine FM (Radio) Calgary, Canada

Duties included:

Member of the commercial promotions team, and On-Air DJ

  

Promoting the station at live on location events Working alongside radio presenters Breakfast show trainee host

Murray & Marples  

Online Portfolio, Demonstrating Art Direction and Copy Writing skills, in a collaborative context.