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MONTHLY QUOTES Human attention might be one of the most restrictive limitations to the promise of the internet. – Michael Wade, Rand Corporation

It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?

– Henry David Thoreau

Choices are the hinges of destiny.


– Pythagoras, Greek Philosopher

Never argue about goals, argue about resources.

– Bill Peery

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WHAT IS DROPBOX? For each newsletter, we try to bring you a little bit of technology that relates to efficiency. In this issue, we are talking about Dropbox. What is Dropbox? It is an application that works with your computer or mobile device that allows you to have one place to act as a storage, back-up and synchronization function in the cloud. Dropbox allows you to continually back-up your files. Any file that you save is also backed up onto Dropbox’s servers. It even has a way to restore the previous version of a file in case you need it (files can be recovered!).

Additionally, if you want to collaborate with someone on a project, you can store the data in a file on Dropbox and they can access the file and make changes or add to the project without sending emails back and forth each time a change is made. For mobile devices, Dropbox is very handy. Most people don’t want to store a lot of large files on their mobile devices. Dropbox solves this problem because you can access the information by using your cell phone or iPad to connect to the file on Dropbox. To learn more about Dropbox and to see a video of the product in action, please go to:

You can also pass documents to others using Dropbox. This is very handy when you don’t want to send a large file to someone via email. You upload the documents or files to Dropbox and send them a link that they can download onto their computer. In this way, you also don’t clog up their emails.

GEORGE BUSH, THE PALO DURO CANYON AND OUR FAMILY VACATION. On a recent visit to see my dad who lives in Amarillo, Liam, Nicole myself and my dad took a trip to the Palo Duro Canyon. It was really interesting getting there because there were not a lot of signs and you just had to figure it out. What is more interesting is that in any direction that you look near Amarillo, everything is flat for as far as you can see. Then all of a sudden you get to the Palo Duro Canyon — the second largest canyon in the U.S.! It is something to see. Wouldn’t you know it though, on a Thursday during the middle of the day in the middle of nowhere, we just happened to be there when the Secret Service and Former President George Bush Jr. were there too. We had no idea that there was a Wounded Warrior Fundraising Event there that day. No, I didn’t get to see President Bush, but I did see a lot of police and they had parts of the road shut down. He must be in pretty good shape because some of the roads are steep and require some heavy duty pedaling. What I really saw was a replica of a Legendary Charlie Goodnight’s Lean To. For those of you who don’t know who Charlie Goodnight is, he is one of the characters that the movie Lonesome Dove was inspired by. The weather was terrific and we drove down into the canyon to look around. It reminded me of seeing a John Wayne movie and I expected the calvary and Indians to show up at anytime. Which reminds me, my dear old

Liam, me (Tim) and my dad at the Palo Duro Canyon. Nicole is behind the camera (she didn’t want to take a photo that day!)

dad taught me something new on this trip. He taught me how to say “hello” in the Navajo’s language — which is YATAHEY. So I have been having some fun with this one. I can’t help but wonder if we use the term “hey” when saying hello because of Yatahey. So if you are near the Texas Panhandle, make sure to go to the Palo Duro Canyon and practice your Navajo.

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Do you know what are you really good at? Peter Drucker, a famed business consultant, commented that he was always surprised to find out that when he asked people what they were good at, they rarely knew and instead repeated things that they had learned or knew. More is not better, instead we would all serve ourselves better if we could answer the above question and then live in those areas I don’t have to talk her into jumping that we are best at. I don’t in the water. She does it naturally. have to talk my Chocolate Lab and Chief Barking Officer, Lucy, into jumping into the water. She loves to do it. It comes naturally to her. She finds it enjoyable. What do you find enjoyable? What are you really good at?

Greece’s debt-to-GDP is currently 160%. The goal is to reduce it to down to be 120% in 2020. While many people think that it will be closer to 135% in 2020, what makes anyone think that Greece will be okay at 120%? Spain has an unemployment rate of 22.85%. The average unemployment rate in the euro zone is 10.3%. It makes our situation look great.

There are many tests available online that range in price that help you determine what you are good at. Some are really cheap and others more expensive. The Enneagram, the Kolbe A, and the Birkman are few examples of tests that can get you more information about where your strengths lie and the area that you should concentrate your time on. The trick is to take the tests and then spend the time analyzing and pursuing the recommendations, if you feel that they are accurate. Like most things, there is a tendency to take a test like this but then forget about it in a few days. This has happened to me before, but I was reminded again and again by various individuals to try to concentrate my efforts in those areas that I am best at. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. More is not better but instead it made more sense to concentrate my efforts in the area that I am best at. Likewise, the role of the manager of a business is to find a way to recognize what skills each person excels at and then position those individuals into the position that fits them best. In some cases, people are able to do a job, but would be much more valuable to the organization if they were moved to a different position that best matched up with what they were best at. It seems obvious, but this is often overlooked.

TESTING RESOURCES: Enneagram Test: Birkman Test: Kolbe A Test:

Economomics (from the blog: Leeds on Finance)

1565: 1607: 1828:

The year that the Spanish established a thriving colony in Florida. The year that the Spanish established a colony in Santa Fe New Mexico. The year the first battery powered vehicle was created (No, this is not a typo).

Where does the term “Fair to Midland “come from? Grades of cotton! Fair Grade and Midland Grade Cotton.

Coca Cola’s First TV Commercial Coca-Cola’s first commercial was produced in conjunction with a television special featuring ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his dummy Charlie McCarthy. It ran on Thanksgiving Day 1950.

RECOMMENDED READING: ADVENTURE CAPITALIST The Adventure Capitalist was written by a famed investor named Jim Rogers from Wall Street. He is a very interesting guy, who now lives in China. This book was actually written in 2003, but it is still a very good read, or I should say, a very good listen. Jim and his future wife decided to take 3 years off and travel the world in a specially made Mercedes Coupe that was put onto a Mercedes SUV Chasis. It took a year to build the car and trailer. The trip began on January 1st in New Foundland. The book tells the story of the adventures and mishaps of traveling around the world in 3 years. I recommend this book because it is very interesting to hear about the traveling conditions, the negotiations and logics it takes to pull off something like this. Often the couple and their film crew were in scary situations: there were Russian Gangsters, African War Zones, and Asian and South American adventures. In each country, Jim gave his assessment on the current financial conditions of that economy and whether or not he would invest there. The book is well worth the time and eye-opening. By the way, Jim is often a guest on many of the financial cable networks. With 350 M in the bank and many years of experience, he is always a good guest to watch on TV.

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“Workers on the Empire State Building” (c.1930) by Lewis W. Hines (American, 1874-1940)

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