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August 2013

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Murphy Lift, Pull, Tie-Down is a wholesale rigging supplier located in Houston, Texas. We specialize in all products for lifting, pulling and tying down - such as wire rope, chain, cargo control, fittings, hoists, cordage, nylon/round slings, chain slings, custom made lifting products and engineering services. Most of our orders ship the same day and nationwide.

T e Rigging Man

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“The Murphy Gang” 600 N. Shepherd #303 | Houston, TX 77007


Murphy provides

Engineering Services


TECH CORNER RETAILMENOT.COM Leader in fast growing digital coupons. This site is where you go to find coupons for various manufactures and stores like Walmart, Kohl’s, Target and Home Depot. It claims to “Operate the world’s largest digital coupon marketplace.”


Helps you find someone for hire that is a specialist. A good use of this site would be to find an editor for an article you have written or to find an Excel spreadsheet expert.


The website for videos made by artists in film, animation, music, and other works of art.

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Tech Overload is Bad for Your


Your online destination for the hottest humor content created and submitted from within the Internet. It features memes, images, videos, and news that will be sure to make you happy and entertain you throughout your day.


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A really unique way to learn new words. Guys, don’t miss this website. That’s all I’m going to say - other than, it’s your loss if you don’t visit it.

Besides having over 7000 slings in stock and thousands of rigging products, Murphy also has an on staff engineer to help you with your rigging questions. Len Kobeski has over 35 years experience in the rigging industry and is available to help you with those difficult rigging issues! Feel free to contact him at SameDay@

Ever wonder why it’s so hard “People who multi-task all the time to retain information? Feeling show worse thinking abilities in distracted and exhausted? every dimension that we know of.” Look no further than the insidiClifford Nass - Communications Professor Stanford University ous rise of electronic gadgets that are occupying a substantial part of your life. More and more studies indicate that multitasking is bad for your brain. The constant distraction of electronic gadgets and emails is taking its toll. Stanford University studies show that multitasking causes people to perform worse over all dimensions of thinking abilities, according to recent interview by IBD columnist Sheila Riley of Professor Clifford Nass. “Electronic multitasking is at the heart of tech overload.” Stanford research on over 1,000 tech users shows that this type of multitasking leads to a “decline in mental processes.” His suggestion? Focus on one thing at a time and take 20-minute breaks from electronics for best results.

MURPHY "SECRET WEAPON" On Staff Engineer Len Kobeski

THE REASON MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE "PAY LATER" AND INEXPENSIVE How do magazines afford to send you their product before you pay?

What are these men doing? ANSWER: They are taking a personality test. This test is called the E-Test. It measures whether a person thinks of themselves first or others first. In order to administer this test, you find a person and ask them to snap their fingers 5 times, as fast as they can. Then, ask them to use their forefinger from their dominant hand (use a finger instead of a pen so it is easier and so no one has to put ink on their forehead – unless it is a drinking game and then anything goes) to draw a capital E on their forehead as fast as they can. Tell them to do it and that you will wait. Now, watch to see how they draw the E on their forehead. What does it look like? How does it match up to the photograph above? Check to see if they drew the “E” so that they could read it, like the one on the left, or so that you could read it, like the one on the right. According to author Daniel Pink, this is what psychologists use to measure “perspective taking.” When confronted with an unusual or complex situation involving others, how do we process the information? Do we see it from our perspective or their perspective? Those that think of others and how they view things will most likely draw the “E” so that others can read it. Give it a try and have some fun! P.S. My guess is that the really good salespeople in your organization will draw the “E” so that others can read it; it’s just a guess though - the real measurement is how their sales are.

Tim Murphy



Ever wonder why you can get great publications like Forbes for $19.00 a year?

It is because they get to count you as “eye They just want you to pay their cost of balls” on their 90-day report of how many getting the magazine to you; all they need Viewers they have. So, even if you don’t pay, to do is break even on their shipping and it is good for them to have you as a subscrib- production cost. They make their money er. The ads in the magazine pay for your on the Ads. subscription as well.



What’s in a name? Apparently, $2 billion and one of the most iconic brands the spirits industry has ever seen - that’s what. When founder Sidney Frank decided to take over the world, all he had was a name: Grey Goose Vodka. He had no distillery, no bottle, no recipe, and no product. But, he did have a plan. In the late 90’s, Absolut was considered the king of vodkas, selling at $17.00 a bottle. When Frank stepped onto the scene, he had the audacity to set Grey Goose’s price point at an outrageous $30.00 a bottle! Why? To “one up” Absolut and steal their customers from the top down. His strategy was to create a “super premium” category for his product that would have the elite of society falling all over themselves to get their hands on it. Phase two of the plan was to change the game completely. Vodka is known as a Russian spirit; so, naturally, Frank sent his team to France to have it developed. (Wait, what?) You see, people are willing to pay more for that which is French because, well, it’s French. This top-shelf beverage was branded as having unparalleled quality - being crafted

Wire Rope/Cable - Stainless steel - Vinyl Coated - Galvanized - Bright




by French artisans, using the purest of water from natural springs. (Sure, that sounds fancy enough to pay $30 for.) Of course, a product this distinguished and refined could only be contained by something as sophisticated as its flavor. Thus, the distinctive frosted glass bottle was born. These bottles were shipped in wooden crates to add more distinction, ads were placed in high-end publications like the Wall Street Journal, and the product was strategically placed into the most posh and exclusive of night clubs.

1 pkg graham crackers 1/4 c melted butter 1/3 c granulated white sugar 1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk 1 pkg cream cheese--softened 1/3 c lemon juice 1 tsp vanilla 1 can cherry pie filling

Directions Crush graham crackers & mix with sugar & then melted butter. Press into bottom & sides of 9-inch pie plate.

In no time at all, “Grey Goose Cosmopolitans” were the drink of choice for the women of Sex in the City. Game Over. Grey Goose had reached vodka stardom. The media was doing all of the advertising it would ever need for free! Even with all of the bells and whistles, the vodka’s premium pricing was pure profit for Frank; and a mere 8 years after it’s conception, Grey Goose was sold to Bacardi for the aforementioned $2 billion. Well played Mr. Frank, well played.

Mix together condensed milk & cream cheese until well mixed & creamy. Add lemon juice & vanilla. Pour into graham cracker lined pie plate. Refrigerate until firm. Serve topped with cherry pie filling.

Cargo Control - Straps - Ratchets - Hooks - D-Rings - Shoring Beams - Taro Straps



PEP pyramid

Thanks, Boeing!

put some

Have you ever thought, Man, it sure would be nice to get from New York to London in an hour...? Me neither. But, the brilliant minds at Boeing have made it possible anyway. While they aren’t exactly commercial passenger ready, these new WaveRider “scramjets” (or supersonic combustion “ramjets”) are breaking speeds that will blow your hair back. Imagine, if you will, that you climb into this thing that looks like a rocket, attach it to a B52 bomber, take it up to 50,000 feet and drop it. After 4 seconds of freefall, its own booster engine ignites for 30 seconds and takes you to Mach 4.5 (a measly 3,425 mph). Oh, but we’re not done yet. At this point, you’re going fast enough that the “scramjets” can kick in. They ignite and propel you to Mach 6 (that’s 4,000 mph, in case you were wondering) and 70,000 feet in the air. (Do you still want to make it to London in an hour?) After 5 seemingly endless minutes at hypersonic speeds, your little rocket falls to the earth and breaks up in the ocean. (Hope you can swim!) Well, that explains why they’re not putting people in these things yet, but the fact that they’ve developed something that is capable of traveling that fast is pretty cool.

We look back at the pioneers who crossed oceans and plains in wooden boats and covered wagons and feel sorry for them. By the time our children are our age, they’ll probably look at us with shock and horror when we tell them it took us 8 whole hours, “sardined” in a legroom-less cabin, to cross the Atlantic. Here’s to innovation! Here’s to being pitied by our children! Here’s to the legroom of the future!



Could they really be THAT good? New York’s newest bakery sensation, the “Cronut,” is spiraling out of control. What is a Cronut, you ask? Basically, it’s croissant dough that’s been fried like a donut to create a delectably original treat. (Hence, ‘Cro-nut.’ Get it?) These little delights go for $5 a piece and the 200 that are made per day sell out so quickly that Ansel’s Bakery has had to institute a 6-Cronut maximum per customer. This crazy Cronut demand is off the charts. People are so invested in getting their hands on one that they’re willing to pay up to $40 per pastry on the black market. What?! Sounds insane, but it’s totally happening. One guy actually posted a Craigslist ad advertising that he would deliver the scalped morsels for up to eight times their

Chain Grades 30, 43, 70, 100 - Binders Rachet/Leaver Grade 70, 80, 100



You’ll probably picture a bunch of cheerleaders stacked on top of one another (and who can blame you?), but we’re thinking bigger. Like, ancient Egypt bigger. No, we’re not talking multilevel pyramid scams (definitely want to stay away from those), but we ARE talking about making crazy amounts of money. How? Referral pyramids - the wider your base, the taller your peak. You don’t have to be a master of geometry to figure that one out, right? The key is people. The more people you have that can and will confidently and enthusiastically refer your business, the more new clients you’re gonna get. So, maybe we should

in your

think cheerleaders for a second (lots and lots of crazy-strong, super-peppy cheerleaders); the more smiling cheerleaders you can have at the base, the more highponytailed friends they’ll invite to climb on board, until finally, that little one makes her way all the way to the tippy top and beams her pearly whites at you. Can you see it - that impressive structure of blondes and brunettes? Now, imagine they all represent one (or ten) of your clients! It’s a beautiful thing. So, make sure you give your cheerleaders - er, uh, “clients” the kind of products and services they can get excited about so your referral pyramid can reach those impressive heights.

CL > new york > manhattan > all for sale.wanted

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posted: 2013-05-15, 10:15 PM EDT

Cronuts for Saturday delivery - $40 (Brooklyn) selling price. Bakery owner and Cronut inventor extraordinaire, Dominique Ansel, tweeted that “one woman legitimately cried,” then added “it is not OK to flip off our baristas because we are out of Cronuts.” Uh, yeah! Definitely not OK (Those poor baristas!). Tasty as they may be, no pastry is worth ruining someone’s it?

I will be going down to Dominique Ansel Bakery tomorrow morning (Saturday May 25th) to beat the line and pick up the max of 6 CRONUTS allowed per customer. If you would like one of these devine creations I am willing to pick up and deliver them to your door for the below prices. Of course the max you can have me deliver is 5 Cronuts as I will be eating one myself.

Not even the black market scalper himself can resist these fried delights.

I will be picking up the Cronuts and delivering them promptly to your door step to enjoy with your Saturday breakfast!

Manhattan Delivery - $20 per Cronut ($25 above 59th Street) Queens - $30 per Cronut Brooklyn - $40 per Cronut

• it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Shakles - Bolt Type - Screw Pin



HOw do you Sell a

Pencil? "WORK THE SYSTEM" Book recommendation

by: Steve Clark

If I gave you a pencil and asked you to sell it, how would you go about it? This is one of the most basic sales questions I ask potential sales training or coaching clients. Their answer reveals much about their previous training, understanding of the sales process, and ultimately their level of competency in selling. When I encounter a salesperson who thinks they are really good (most salespeople think they are better than they actually are, which is a topic for another time), I like to pull out a pencil and give it to them and ask them to sell it to me. Since I am a sales trainer, most of them decline out of fear of looking bad in front of the Guru. That says a lot about their confidence and lack of guts.

lack of interest. Even this display of nonverbal communication doesn’t stop their verbal assault. They plow on totally clueless about my state of mind. This approach indicates a total lack of understanding of the consultative approach to selling and, is in effect, more akin to carnival barking or peddling out of the back of a Conestoga Wagon. Unfortunately, our profession is saturated with these incompetents posing as pros. “What’s wrong with these people?” I think. So, what is the most effective way to sell a pencil?

find out at

At least 80% of those who do take the challenge will usually start off by pitching and puking product information. They say things like “This pencil is brand new, never been used. It has grade “2” lead and a bright yellow color, so it’s easy to find. It comes with a built-in eraser.” Yada, yada, yada. Some reps can (and do!) talk and pitch for 5 minutes or more before they ask a question – if they ever ask one at all. As they ramble on without taking a breath, I intentionally begin to yawn, roll my eyes and consciously indicate a total

Quote corner

Steve Clark aka, “The Sales Psychologist”, is the founder and CEO of New School Selling, an international business development and marketing consulting firm. He is the author of ‘Profitable Persuasion - Proven Strategies for Sales and Marketing Success’ and the Co-Author of “The Ultimate Success Secret” with marketing Guru Dan Kennedy. To take a FREE Sales Quiz, and receive a customized personal analysis of your sales skills plus a set of 6 FREE Sales Training CDs go to

“The first one gets the oyster the second gets the shell.” Andrew Carnegie “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” Dolly Parton

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not, unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educational failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” Calvin Coolidge

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent van Gogh “Treat a person as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat him as he could be, and he will become what he should be.” Jimmy Johnson “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” Voltaire

Synthetic Slings - Flat/Round



by Tim Murphy

This is a terrific book for anyone looking to “fix” a system that just isn’t working, whether it’s business or personal. It’s the story of how Sam Carpenter, 50 years old, depressed, unhealthy, exhausted, working 100-hour weeks and about to lose his business of 15 years had an epiphany. He realized that everything in life is built on some type of system. Upon realizing this, he set out to examine all of the systems in his business and rework them. He transformed his business from chaos to calm and changed his life. This is so much more than a business book. It’s a book for anyone who is dissatisfied with the results that they are getting in any area of their life. If you don’t have time to read it, get it on and listen to it in your car or while you exercise.

P.S. If you want a free copy of this book, email and I will tell you how you can get it!

interesting facts Someone who is at least 100 years old is called a centenarian? There were 72,000 centenarians as of late 2010. There are expected to be 600,000 by 2050. That’s nearly an 85% growth in less than 40 years! Research Firm IDC estimates 30% of American workers now work on their own and that by 2015, the number of nontraditional workers worldwide (freelancers, contractors, consultants) will reach 1.3 billion 1 out of 9 people in America are in some form of direct sales (not indirect sales).


England and the original 13 Colonies had a different calendar than the one we use now.

WHO IS rigging man? By day, he is the Super Hero of Same Day Shipping at Murphy, by night he fights in the mean streets of America against all criminal elements and socialist politicians intent on destroying the country and robbing ordinary citizens of their freedom. He hates bureaucracy and loves speed and accuracy. A master of the 4th dimension - Time, Rigging Man uses his understanding of science, physics, vocabulary, and mathematics to charm women and to solve problems. His incredible strength and understanding of the best ways to do things makes him the ultimate super weapon in the battle to serve you, the customer.

Wire Rope Slings - Custom Built



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