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George Washington High School Greetings from Principal Lovrin Dear Parents, Students and Teachers: It’s hard to believe that we are already into the second grading period of the school year. We have 2,321 students in grades 9th - 12th with a freshmen class of approximately 526 students. We welcome these new students and their families to the Washington Community. We were very excited to see everyone on September 16th at our Back to School Night. Many of our teachers were pleased at how many parents attended Back to School Night. Thank you all for coming; it was one of our biggest yet! If you were unable to attend,

please contact your child’s counselor to set up a time to visit. You can call or email your child’s teachers to discuss your child’s classes and grades. In addition, Washington now has School Loop; this is an excellent way to stay in touch with your child’s teacher through the internet. Your child’s grades and assignments can be viewed on line. Please follow the instructions on how to log onto School Loop at the district website at As the second - six weeks begin; this is an excellent time to remind all students and parents that students should be spending time each night on homework or reviewing the work they’ve completed in class that day, each night. Make sure that students have a place to do their homework and

come to school on time after eating a good breakfast! Please help your child be on time for school and remind them that they must be on time for class, every class. The first 5-day cut list will be published soon. Students are put on the cut list for not being in class or being tardy to class or showing up late for class from lunch. Make sure you are on time! Additionally, this is a reminder that students should not be on their cell phones on campus or on any other electronic equipment. I want to personally invite you to attend our many sporting events, plays, and concerts. Be a part of the school and join the PTSA. We appreciate parent involvement in all of our events. If you have not been to the Beacon, pay them a

many dedicated parents, teachers and DENT…Greetings Parents, Teachers, Stu- students, who give so much of their time and commitment; this is one of the many dents and Administrators. On behalf of reasons why Washington High School is the PTSA Board here at Washington High such a great environment for learning. School, I would like to welcome all new I am pleased to welcome our PTSA and returning students and their families Officers: Executive Vice President - Avilone to the 2010-2011 school year. Franklin; VP of Membership - Yanira Curry; My name is Alice Badi and I am Secretary - Andrea Wulff; Treasurer - Cindelighted to serve as your PTSA President. dy Fong; VP Programming - Mila Diaz; HisI attended this school many years ago and torian - Daniel Fong; and our Parliamenmy son, Adam, is a Junior this year. I love tarian - Sherrie Rosenberg. being involved in what’s happening here I invite you to become a part of at school and strongly believe that it takes the PTSA; the membership fee is only $10 a village to raise a child—and the Washfor adults and $5 for students. The PTSA ington High School family is that village. Meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of Being involved in your child’s education is each month in the school cafeteria. By important to his or her success. We have becoming a PTSA Member, you are not


October 15, 2010

visit and try one of their many classes offered to adults. It’s also a great place to have your child go for tutoring after school. Please listen for the auto dialers that I send regarding important announcements or schedule changes or visit our newly refurbished website, it’s always changing. The website address is I would like to thank all the students, parents and teachers for their continuous hard work at Washington High School. Your dedication is what makes Washington a great school with many long standing traditions and proud graduates! Have a great semester! Do your best - your very best! Go EAGLES!!! ~ Mrs. Ericka M. Lovrin

obligated to attend every meeting, only the ones you can. The meetings are fun and informative and we welcome your input and concerns. We have many exciting and important programs planned for this year. Students are more than welcome to attend, the more the merrier. For PTSA News you can go to the school website on school loop, click on PTSA under “Our School”. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for our meetings, please feel free to contact me at (415) 235-1581 or email me at Thank you very much for this opportunity to serve as your PTSA President. Respectfully Yours, Alice Badi PTSA President 2010-2011

EAGLE PRIDE I really love how EP is very flexible and how volunteers can just sign up for the events they want to participate in. EveThere are over 50 clubs at GWHS, however Eagle Pride is rising ryone can volunteer during their spare to one of the top and making way for service that is truly from the time without their other commitments heart. For example, we eliminated the GPA and hour requirement to no being interrupted. This is why EP has a requirement; anyone who is willing very simple sign up system. Members are able to find all the inforto help out should have the oppormation and all the volunteer opportunities on an organized website, tunity to do so. EP finds new and which is very convenient! different approaches in providing students with volunteer opportuniEagle Pride taught me how to be a leader, and how to make ties to help make a difference. our club more efficient and convenient for all of our members. When I By Reina Ota, Eagle Pride VP of Outreach and Class of 2013 Executive Council

How EP impacted my life: The reason why I think EP is so amazing is because everyone knows each other like a family. Just in eight months, I met so many new people from different schools and grade levels, and now we are like best friends. We really watch out for each other and we’re all very close. We work together to help promote our own club that we love because we want others to know how great EP is. We volunteered at the club fair for freshmen orientation (FLI) and we have around 70 new freshmen members. We are excited to have them be a part of our family. And I hope they will learn many things from EP as I did.

EAGLES SERVICE SOCIETY (ESS) - One of the oldest and most active community service organizations at Washington High School. It was established in the beginning when this school was built. ESS will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2012 along with the school. Currently, we have 90 active members. We have ten 100 - hour club members who earned more than 100 hours from May 1 - August 29, 2010.

got more involved with EP, I got to help out with the officers and see how they keep everything so organized. For example, all the officers call all the volunteers (yes, even if it’s more than 100 people) and confirm if they are still volunteering, making sure they know all the important information, and remind them to bring their waiver if they need one. Without the dedicated officers, EP would not have been successful. Eagle Pride helped me gain the courage to run for student government; they taught me about organization and communication skills that I need in order for me to be successful. Encourage your child to join Eagle Pride today. Membership is opened year round. https:// Membership Island, JP Chase Morgan Race at Pier 30-32 and the San Francisco Marathon due to a shortage of volunteers. ESS was able to fulfill the needs by providing a minimum of 45 volunteers at these events. ESS members attended freshmen orientation, served the teachers on the first inservice day, attended back-to school night and was present at the aloha festival and the Nihonmachi Street Celebration.

ESS will also be of service with the following; October Activities - Nikkei Lions Club White Cane Day, Nike Women Expo/Marathon, RichThe members are Simon Xie, Kevin Tan, Rosemary Ho, Eileen Liu, Ste- mond Neighborhood House Halloween Party, Cancer Walk, and ven Wu, Samson Ha, Janette Pham-Le, and Derek Lee. Currently 80% Lakeshore School Harvest Festival November Activities - Feed the Homeless at Glide, Wild Run, and College Dragon Boat Race Decemof the members have earned 50 hours. The hours do not carry over unless they earn more than 60 hours from May 1 - October 18, 2010. ber Activities - Feed the Homeless at Glide, Golden Gate Wrestling Tournament at Washington, Nutcracker and the Kung Pao Comedy We will be looking for 60 new members to replace the 60 seniors who Show. This will complete their volunteer activities/services for 2010. will be graduating in May 2011. Applications will be available in JanuStudents who are interested in joining ESS please see Griffin Ong ary 2011. If current juniors of 2012, sophomores of 2013 and freshmen of 2014 are interested in joining, please obtain an application in (President), in Ms. Yanez’s class during homeroom or Mr. Alan Layug room 223/219. Complete the application, go to an interview and vol- in room 219 during homeroom or at lunch time. unteer for one activity. We accept 90% of our applications. All mem- Thank you! bers must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, with no U’s and is not on the Alan Layug five - day cut list. ESS members were asked to volunteer for the Triathlon at Treasure


Dan Yee Alumni ESS member

CHINESE AMERICAN CLUB (CAC) - One of the largest GWHS DANCE COMPANY- The GWHS Dance Company clubs at Washington with over 300 members was established in 1976. The CAC President is Victor Liang, this is one of the most popular clubs at Washington. CAC is both social and services the community. There are five required activities to become an active member; (1) Walk for CAC, (2) Bridge-toBridge, (3) Nike Women Marathon/Expo, (4) Bay to Breakers, and (5) Lunar New Year Parade. At the end of the school year, CAC members who meet the minimum requirements attend a trip to Great America, Santa Cruz, or Marine World. When they return from the trip, they will attend a seven course menu at a Chinese Restaurant. Active seniors are awarded a college scholarship. Students, who are interested in joining CAC, please contact Alan Layug in room 219.Thank you!

Alan Layug- Sponsor

will perform 3 pieces in the USA Dance/Drill Spectacular at Great America on Saturday, October 9th, 2010 at the Redwood Amphitheater; performances begin at 2:30 PM. Experience the LYRICAL dance choreographed by Allison Lee, a HIP HOP piece by Nick Wong, and a JAZZ dance by Kimberly Owyang. Come out and support the GWHS Dance Company's artistry and talents. Upcoming GWHS Dance Company performances: VAPA assembly 6th period November 10th, 2010 - the Dance Company will collaborate in performance with the CHOIR! On November 18th, 2010 - GWHS Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Fashion Show - GWHS Dance Company will perform. The 11th annual VISION SERIES Dance Festival will be held on Saturday March 12th, 2011 @ 4 PM at the Marines Memorial Theater. Come support this amazing Production with high school performers and college/professional companies sharing the stage. Let’s cheer on Nick Wong's contemporary choreography and the GWHS Dance Company! Please continue to support the artistic expression of our students! Thank you, Nina Mayer GWHS Director of Dance

DRAGON BOAT - One of the most popular team/water sports at Washington. It was founded at Washington and Lincoln High Schools in l995. We have a minimum of 80 paddlers who practice on Thursdays or Sundays. The head coach is Alan Layug, our Social Studies teacher who paddles and competes for the Light Wave (adult team) he earned a gold and a silver for his team. Virgil Jackson, our Science teacher who paddles and competes for the Dragon Warriors earned a bronze for his team at the 15 th International Dragon Boat Race. Other coaches are Bryan Wong, Leslie Loui, Candance and Nick Lee (brother/sister team) and Rodger Ng. All of our coaches are volunteers. Our MVP (Most valuable parents) are: the CLASS OF 2010 Laurie Quach and Esther Lam, Class of 2011 Elizabeth Lee and Jane Ma Fujimoto, Class of 2012 Don and Cindy Fong (PTSA treasurer) Jean Wong, David Yu, Shiu Shang Yee, George Lee (uncle of Jean Wong), Rose Louie (mother of Jean Wong), and Janet Louie (niece of Jean Wong). Our MVP provides lunch, drinks, and snacks for our team, parents, and coaches. We thank them for their valuable services. Since we are not an AAA sport, we rely on the Washington community for donations. All donations are tax deductible. If you would like to donate to our program, please send donations to: Washington Dragon Boat c/o Alan Layug, Washington High School, 600-32nd Avenue San Francisco, CA 94121. We sincerely thank the Alumni association, Nikkei Lions Club, BASHOFF, and the San Francisco Federal Credit Union on Geary Street for their continuous support. We placed FIRST in the "C" division in July at the Fremont Sprint race (250 meters) and placed SECOND in the “C” division at the Long Beach race (500 meters). On Sunday September 26, 2010 at Treasure Island, the A Boat/Scarlet Beasts placed 6th in the B Division. The B Boat/Grey Gliders placed 3rd in the D Division earning bronze medals. The male and female teams did not qualify for the finals. We would like to thank the following teachers who witness the 15th Annual International Dragon Festival. Many thanks to Ms. Carrie Wert, Mr. Mitchell Vedar and Family and Mr. Martin Wolf and Family. Thank you and Congratulations to all… Alan Layug Dan Yee Coach/Sponsor Sponsor/co-founder

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY JUNIOR RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL 600 32ND AVENUE terian Church (23) As the students are learning skills that will help them later in JROTC-What exactly is it? And what is it doing to help the life, they are also receiving P.E. students? JROTC is defined as Junior Reserves Officer Training credit by doing Physical Education Independent Study (PEIS). This Corps and its purpose is to “Motivate Young People to be Better allows students the chance to do physical activity on their own. Citizens”. The program teaches students the value of citizenship, When they perform physical education activities, they document it leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a on the appropriate recording sheet to be evaluated by the instructor sense of accomplishment while instilling in them self esteem, self for P.E. credit. discipline and team work. There are many benefits to being in JROTC. First, there Every year, JROTC cadets participate in various communi- are five credits for the regular class which has six units: Unit 1) ty service events. Last summer, we accomplished two service learn- Citizenship in Action, Unit 2) Leadership Theory and Application, ing projects held at St. John’s Presbyterian Church on June 12 th, Unit 3) Foundations for Success, Unit 4) Wellness, Fitness, and 2010 including five cadets and on July 10th, 2010 where 15 cadets First Aid, Unit 5) Geography and Earth Science, and Unit 6) Citiparticipated. In addition, we had a volunteer event on July 4 th, 2010 zenship in American History and Government. In addition, five where nine cadets participated at the Freedom Road Run. credits may be awarded for Drill Lab while serving as a member on Since the beginning of the 2010-11 school year, our cadets one or more of the following teams: Girl's Drill Team, Flag Team, Drum Corps, Color Guard, or Raiders/Orienteering. have accomplished many more volunteer events. Included among these are events listed below with the number of participants in paOur cadets are currently working very hard for the upcomrentheses: ing Annual SFUSD JROTC Brigade Fall Drill Competition held at Balboa High School’s Courtyard at 10:00 A.M on Thursday, No August 24, 2010 - JP Morgan Run held between Pier 31 and vember 11th, 2010. The following teams will be competing: Drum Pier 32 (12) Corps, Color Guard, Guidon and Squad Drill. We encourage everyone to attend, support, and cheer on our cadets!  August 29, 2010 - Escape From Alcatraz (22)


September 11, 2010 - Autumn Moon Festival (27) Harvest Food Bank held at St. John’s Presbyterian Church (24)

Thank you for all your support!

September 18, 2010 - Harvest Food Bank held at St. John’s Presby-

give just a little bit of their time to help expand our site, please have them get in Greetings to all… In case you weren't touch with me. aware, yes, GWHS has had an Alumni Association since 1951. We support the We proudly introduce our 75th anniverschool through awards and grants to stu- sary logo! The eagle in this logo was dedents and teachers, and help the gradu- signed by Paul Mica, class of ‘83; I adapted it for this logo. Of course it will ates of Washington strengthen their bonds to the school through our commu- look much better in color! We'll add it to our display board soon. nications and helping reunion comFor juniors and parents of juniors, we're mittees publicize their events. Visit our planning several events next year to Hall of Merit display case in the Main Hall for information on upcoming events. commemorate our great school's 75th anniversary, including a luncheon for Here is our new website it’s just getting retired teachers as well as alumni participation in the Spirit Rally in October 2011, started, and since none of the other and a Gala Dinner in March 2012. We'll Alumni Directors are web coders, the keep you updated as our plans develop. website will remain a simple one-page site until skilled alumni volunteers come Although membership forms to seniors won't go out until January, I want senforward or are found. If you know anyone with Word Press skills willing to

News from the Alumni Association

ors and parents of seniors to keep in mind that a student's senior year is the absolute best time to join the Alumni Association. If they don't join at the senior rate of only $10, they'll pay the prevailing rate which is currently $30. It’s such a bargain for a lifetime membership! By the way, if any parents are also alumni who aren't yet members, we welcome you to join now to avoid future rate increases. Please email me to request a senior or alumni membership form and with our continued growth we will help the school even more. All Hail to Washington! Tammy Aramian, class of Spring 1974 Alumni Association - Vice President

News from the Wellness Nurse


indicates that this information is also available on School Loop Lynda Boyer-Chu, RN, MPH, NCSN (National Credentialed School Nurse)

Adolescence is an ideal period for learning about and practicing preventive care. Towards that end, Wellness staff Quarry Pak, Wellness Coordinator; Steve Youn, Community Health Outreach Worker; and I promote healthy nutrition, tobacco prevention, and alcohol prevention through classroom education, lunch time tabling, and one-to-one counseling.

GREETINGS and INTRODUCTION... returning families and welcome to new families. I work at the Wellness Center Tuesdays through Fridays. (I’m at an elementary school on Mondays.) I’ve worked in the SFUSD for over 20 years and this is my 4th year at GWHS. I love working at our school, which has a long tradition of dedicated faculty, eager students, and involved parents/caregivers.


One of my priorities is making sure every teen has health insurance. Children and youth in San Francisco are eligible for health insurance. I’m pleased to share that almost every student’s Emergency Card indicates that he or she has some form of The role of the Wellness Nurse allows me health coverage. Here’s a tip: please give to provide preventive and primary care, your teen a copy of his/her health insurhealth education, and community referance card; it’s an important way of acrals. In a typical day, I’ll be responding knowledging their growing independence. to students who come to see me about everything from sprains and skin conditions to serious conditions such as diabe- CONFIDENTIALITY: IT’S THE tes, asthma, and seizure issues. If a situa- LAW tion is mild and can be handled at school, Did you know that if your teen seeks seryour teen will receive those services and vices for STDs, pregnancy, mental health assisted to stay in school. But if a condi- or substance treatment, also referred to as tion requires medical attention, I will call Sensitive Services, your teen can keep this information confidential? While you parents/caregivers to seek support and might feel that this sounds unfair, care for follow-up. I’m very familiar with the medical and mental health services in San “Sensitive Services” is protected by CaliFrancisco and can help expedite care and fornia state laws. These laws are intended to enable teens who are afraid of parental work with you to make sure appropriate denial of care or even abuse, to get the follow-up is obtained. care they need. For more information, a IS YOUR CHILD’S EMERGENCY good reference is

CARD TURNED IN? With help from a nursing student, I review every Emergency Card submitted by mid-September. Students with conditions that might require emergency care such as severe asthma, diabetes type 1, seizures, and severe allergies, are noted. We need medical orders to assure that we have the medications and supplies for your teen in the event of him or her experiencing a life -threatening emergency. Please contact me by email or a written message if your child has an emergency condition that was not noted on an Emergency Card.

no. The vaccine is given by a quick puff into each nostril. There's no pain, no needles, and it's free. If you read Chinese or Spanish, we'll have forms in those languages, too.

IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION * Worried about your teen’s activities with friends? Feel awkward talking to them about relationships? Want some tips and support? Attend this three-session program for parents/caregivers only.

Title: How to talk to your teen about dating and sex When? Three consecutive Wednesdays: Oct. 13: 7:30-8:30 PM, right after the PTSA meeting Oct. 20: 6:00-7:15 PM Oct. 27: 6:00-7:15 PM

Where? George Washington High School

How do I sign up? Call Parent Liaison Mr. Chi Mak at 2422644 x3542, or email him at: by advance reservation only. Parent/ caregiver must commit to attending all three meetings. Please sign up by no later than Friday,

Oct. 8, 2010. What languages will be spoken? Discussion groups will be available in English and in Cantonese. Light refreshments available, courtesy of GEAR UP. Sponsorship: GEAR UP, Wellness Center, and PTSA

9th Graders: FREE, EFFECTIVE Thank you, VACCINE thru HOMEROOMS! * Want your 9th grader to prevent Lynda Boyer – Chu catching and spreading flu to School nurse friends and family? In early October, 9th grade homeroom teachers will be distributing PINK forms that are to be given to parents/caregivers. Please discuss this program with your teen, check YES or NO on the pink form, and if you want your child to receive the vaccine, complete the screening questions on the back of the form. Every student is expected to return a pink form checked either yes or

PTA Reflections Art Program This year’s theme is “Together We Can” The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students. The Reflections Program provides opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a preselected theme, while increasing community awareness on the importance of the arts in education since it was established in 1969; more than 10 million students have participated attesting to its strength. Students may submit an entry in any of the following six areas; literature, musical composition, photography, visual arts, dance choreography and film video production. Students start creating your Reflections Art Entries; just remember to follow these guidelines and rules: (1) Each entry must be original work of one student only (2) Enter in as many art categories as you would like (3) Both photography and visual arts entries must be mounted or matted (4) No copyrighted material can be used (5) Do not mount or mat your literature entries LITERATURE: Literature entries may be works of fiction or nonfiction, prose, poetry and drama. Entries must not exceed 2,000 words. It can be handwritten or typed (one

sided only) Must be on 8 ½ x 11 paper. Do not mount or mat, place in a manila folder. MUSIC: A musical composition entry may be voice, instruments, or a combination of voice and instruments. All compositions shall not exceed 5 minutes. Record on a CD only and Middle/Junior and Seniors: notation, including traditional tablature or electronic is required. Score size shall not exceed

11 x 14 and band or orchestra may be 11 x 16. PHOTOGRAPHY: A photography entry must be an original black and white or color image or group of images produced by a photographic process. The student must be the one to take the photograph. It must be mounted or matted on cardboard mat, poster board or other sturdy material. It must not exceed 11x14 including the mounting or matting. VISUAL ARTS: A visual arts entry must be an original print, drawing, painting, collage, photographic collage, metal etching or punch work, fiber work or computer generated. It must be mounted or matted and not to exceed 3/8 inch in thickness. It must not exceed 24 x 30 including the mounting or matting. No 3-Demensional art work and laminating is highly discouraged.

DANCE: A dance choreography entry must be an original choreography dance composition. Dance must not exceed 5 minutes and it must be recorded on a CD only. There may be up to three dancers, only the choreographer may enter the entry. Costumes are not necessary, however, if used choreographer must create costumes. FILM PRODUCTION: A film entry must be an original work of fiction, non-fiction, with or without sound. It can be an animation, narrative, documentary and or experimental. Student must be the director, screenwriter and camera person. Storyboarding and editing must be done by one student and it must not exceed 5 minutes and must be recorded on CD only. For more information about the Reflections Art Program, visit All entries submitted must be original works of art and must relate to the current Reflections Program theme. Entries are first judged at the local level, where selected works are chosen to represent the PTA at each subsequent level. Each year the Second District PTA creates an art exhibit of the Reflections literature, visual art and photography. Entry forms, rules and descriptions of each category will be in the Main Office by Friday November 19th, 2010. If you have any questions, please email Thank you, Susan Burke

Message From The PTSA President / 家長,教 師,學生聯會會長的話

校長的話: Message from Ms. Lovrin 家長,學生和老師們:

致華盛頓高中的學生﹐家長/監護人, 校長和老師﹕


新的 2010 至 2011 學年開始了,家長教師學生聯會很歡迎

計有 2,321 位九至十二級的學生;新的學生大約有 526 個。我們



我的名字是愛麗絲巴迪,是家長聯會今年的主席。我是 這所學校的舊生和我的儿子現在就讀 11 年級。我喜歡參

在 9 月 16 日的回到學校夜,我們的老師都感到很高興有這麼多 家長出席回到學校夜。謝謝大家的光臨,這是我們其中一個最


大的回到學校夜呢!如果你不能參加在 9 月 16 日的回到學校



的中學。參與孩子的教育是非常重要的。我們有很多專門 的家長,教師和學生,給學校很多時間和承諾,就是這個




我很高興地歡迎我們的家長聯會行政人員(PTSA Officers):


Executive Vice President - Avilone Franklin 副主席(行政 ) - 富



VP of Membership - Yanira Curry 副主席(會員招募/籌款) -




VP Programming - Mila Diaz 副主席(節目) - 迪亞茲;


Secretary - Andrea Wulff


秘書 - 沃爾夫;

Treasurer - Cindy Fong 財務長- 仙迪方;


Historian - Daniel Fong 紀事長- 丹尼爾方;


Parliamentarian - Sherrie Rosenberg 會議安排款待- 羅森堡.


我誠意邀請你成為家長聯會會員;會員費只需要 10 元,和學


生會員費 5 元。我們的會議在每個月的第二個星期三在學


校食堂舉行。成為家長聯會的會員,您沒有需要每個月也 來參加;選擇一些你喜歡的,有趣的或實際的會議。我們歡








們的學校” 之下的 PTSA 網頁查看。


如果您有任何問題, 或家長會的建議;


請致電 415-231-1581 或電郵 此致

愛麗絲巴迪 2010 至 2011 學年家長教師學生聯會主席 Alice Badi PTSA President

站,該網站的地址是。 我要感謝所有的學生,家長和教師對華盛頓高中的不斷努力。 你們的奉獻,是華盛頓高中的一個偉大傳統,和令許多學生能 在華盛頓高中畢業感到驕傲! 祝各位有一個愉快的學期。 校長: Mrs. Ericka M. Lovrin

Saludos de parte de la Directora Lovrin...Estimados Padres de Familia, Estudiantes y Maestros: Es difícil creer que ya hemos entrado en el segundo periodo de las calificaciones de grados, del año escolar. Actualmente tenemos 2,321 estudiantes en los grados del Noveno al Doceavo con un numero de estudiantes en el noveno grado de aproximadamente 526. Nuestra comunidad aquí en Washington High School, les da la mas cordial bienvenida a los nuevos estudiantes y sus familias. Nos dio un gran placer el verlos durante nuestra noche “Regresando a la Escuela” la cual se llevo a cabo el 16 de Septiembre. Muchos de nuestros maestros estuvieron muy complacidos de ver cuantos de ustedes asistieron a este evento y les dan las gracias por su asistencia, este años ha sido el evento con la mayor asistencia. Si usted, no tuvo la oportunidad de venir, por favor contacte al consejero de su hijo (a) y haga una cita. Usted también puede llamar o enviar un correo electrónico al maestro de su hijo(a) para discutir sus clases y calificaciones. Además, la escuela George Washington High School, cuenta con el sitio en la internet “school loop” el cual es una excelente herramienta y una forma de mantenerse en contacto con el maestro de su hijo (a), las calificaciones, tareas de casa asignadas y aun la asistencia del estudiante a la escuela. Si todavía no se ha registrado, le pido siga las instrucciones al ingresar al sitio del Internet del Distrito Unificado de San Francisco Mientras han iniciado las segundas seis semanas, este es un tiempo excelente para recordarles que todos los estudiante y padres de familia deben de tener un tiempo juntos cada noche para revisar el trabajo completado durante el día, al igual que las tareas. Asegúrense que cada estudiante tenga un lugar donde pueda hacer su tarea en casa y llegue a la escuela a tiempo después de tomar un buen desayuno! Por favor ayúdele a su hijo(a) a que este en la escuela a la hora indicada y recuérdele también la importancia de estar a tiempo todos los días. La lista de los primeros 5 días de corte será publicada muy pronto. Los estudiantes que son puestos en esta lista son aquellos que llegan tarde a sus clases o llegan tarde a la clase después del almuerzo (esta lista también incluye a estudiantes que faltan a la clase o simplemente cortan clases). Asegúrese de que conversar al respecto con su hijo(a) y llegue a tiempo!. Adicionalmente, quiero recordarles que no es permitido el uso de aparatos electrónicos y de teléfonos celulares. Quiero personalmente invitarlos a que atiendan algunos de nuestros eventos deportivos, dramas y conciertos. Siéntase parte de nuestra escuela, siendo parte del PTSA. Nosotros apreciamos, cuando los padres se involucran a los eventos que tenemos en la escuela. Si todavía no ha visitado el centro “Beacon” le invitamos a que lo visite y se inscriba en una de las clases que estos ofrecen aa los adultos. Este centro es también un lugar placentero y seguro para que su hijo(a) sea asistido con tutoría después de la escuela. Por favor escuche y ponga atención a las llamadas telefónicas que hacemos a cada hogar anunciándoles los eventos o los cambios de horario. Visite también, nuestra pagina internet, la cual es constantemente renovada Quiero darle las gracias a todos los estudiantes, padres de familia y maestros por su arduo trabajo en la escuela Washington. Su dedicación hace que nuestra escuela se convierta tradicionalmente en una escuela excelente con una larga trayectoria y el orgullo para muchos de nuestros graduados! Tengan un buen semestre! Haga lo mejor posible – De lo mejor de usted! Arriba Aguilas!! Go Eagles!! Mrs. Ericka M. Lovrin

Mensaje de la Presidenta del PTSA ...Muchos saludos a los padres de familia, encargados, maestros, estudiantes y administradores. A nombre del comité del PTSA de la escuela George Washington High School, les doy la mas cordial bienvenida a las nuevos estudiantes y sus familias, al igual que a los estudiantes que están regresando y a sus familias al año escolar 2010-2011. Mi nombre es Alice Badi y es un placer el servirles como su presidenta de la asociación de padres, maestros y estudiantes conocida como PTSA. Yo atendí esta escuela hace muchos años y mi hijo Adam esta en el onceavo grado este año. Me encanta estar involucrada en lo que esta pasando en la escuela ya que creo firmemente en el dicho que dice que “toda una aldea se tiene que involucrar para criar un hijo” y la familia aquí en George Washington es esa aldea. El involucrase en la educación de su hijo(a) es de suma importancia a lograr el éxito académico en la vida de su hijo(a). Tenemos muchos padres dedicados, así como maestros y estudiantes que dan mucho de su tiempo y a su compromiso hacia la excelencia; creando en la escuela Washington un ambiente grandioso de aprendizaje. Tengo el placer de darle la bienvenida a los oficiales que forman parte de la directiva del PTSA: VP Ejecutiva – Avilone Franklin; VP de Membresia – Yanira Curry; Secretaria – Andrea Wulff; Tesorera – Cindy Fong; VP de programacion – Mila Diaz; Historiador – Daniel Fong; y nuestra miembro parlamentaria – Sherrie Rosenberg. Le invito a que sea parte del PTSA; la membresía cuesta únicamente $10 para los adultos y $5.00 para los estudiantes. Las reuniones del PTSA son el segundo Miércoles de cada mes en la cafetería de la escuela. El ser miembro del PTSA no le obliga a que atienda las reuniones cada vez, únicamente cuando le es conveniente. Las reuniones son muy divertidas e informativas al mismo tiempo usted tiene la oportunidad de expresar sus ideas y sus preocupaciones. Para este año tenemos planeado una variedad de programas importantes y amenos. Los estudiantes son bienvenidos a las reuniones los mas que atiendan lo mas divertido será. Para mas información sobre las ultimas noticias del PTSA favor de ingresarse a la pagina internet de Washington en school loop e ingrese la tecla bajo “our school”. Si tiene alguna pregunta o quiere compartir alguna idea para nuestras reuniones, siéntase en la libertad de llamarme al (415) 235-1581 o envíeme un correo electrónico a la siguiente dirección gracias por brindarme la oportunidad de poder serviles como su presidenta del PTSA aquí en Washington. Respetuosamente, Alice Badi Presidenta del PTSA 2010-2011

PTSA Newsletter

October 2010

Thank you to all who submitted an article to our first Newsletter of the school year! Thank you for taking the time to write and send in your articles! Information is very important throughout Washington High School. Many thanks to our translators Ms. Yanira Curry (Spanish) and Mr. Chi Mak (Chinese) for translating Principal Lovrin’s and our PTSA President’s articles. For additional translations of some or all of the PTSA Newsletter, please contact Ms. Yanira Curry for Spanish translation at or 415- 239-0648 and Mr. Chi Mak for Chinese translation at or 415-415-750-8400 ext. 3271 Thank you to Joseph Wong for formatting the newsletter! A special thank you to Mr. Murphy-Thomas for posting our newsletter on the school website! You did a fantastic job on our school website! Thank you! Sincerely, Sandy Lee

PTSA Newsletter Editor 415-740-4927

GWHS PTSA Newsletter 2010 #1  

The George Washington High School Newsletter. Fall Edition Version #1

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