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I am asking for your vote for the position of Vice President at the Young Fine Gael National Conference in Charleville on the 12th to 14th of November.

A chara, I am asking for your support at the upcoming National Conference as I have put my name forward for the position of Vice President. I ask for your vote on the basis of my record as Director of Communications on the National Executive to date, but most importantly on the basis of a 6 year record of hard work and dedication to Young Fine Gael. I was born and reared in Cork and fed on a Fine Gael diet from an early age! I studied Government in UCC and went on to study Political Communication in DIT. I have vast experience in electioneering from General Elections to Locals, Europeans and Presidential, not to mention a few referendums thrown in between. I want to bring this electoral experience to the position of Vice President of Young Fine Gael and to the Executive Council of Fine Gael. I am hard working, dedicated and most importantly passionate about Young Fine Gael. I believe we do what we do well – we are an election machine as was proven in the Meath byelection in 2004. In compiling this manifesto I spoke to various members as well as non-party people. Here you will find ideas which can be built on, a plan which can be implemented and a candidate with a proven and trustworthy track record. For my own part, I want to work with the President on internal communication with branches and with our public representatives. I want to provide backup to our young councillors and candidates for the General Election, I want to ensure that local branches have the tools they need to run their own campaigns. I want to provide media training for our officers to ensure that we maximise our use of media relations at both local and national level. The very successful National Training Day has highlighted how the exchange of ideas and skills can help to aid our members. I believe in Young Fine Gael and its abilities, its experience and most importantly its people. I want to ensure that Fine Gael gets into Government, I want to guarantee that we have young candidates in the Dáil, I want to work so that young people get the best deal from a Fine Gael led Government. I believe that I have the energy, the experience and the motivation to be the next Vice President of Young Fine Gael. That is why I am asking for your support in Charleville. I look forward to meeting you there.



Bríd Murphy Vice Presidential Candidate

Young Fine Gael will face a Presidential Election, Bye-elections and quite possibly a General Election in 2011. We in YFG must be idealistic for our future as well as the future of young people in Ireland. We must have a manifesto ready to go which lobbies for what is right for young people, a manifesto for young Ireland. 170,000 under 35s have emigrated from Ireland in the last 18 months, we must ensure that Fine Gael in Government stems this trend and gets Ireland back to work and our emigrants back home.

For this next election we must ensure that young people have a voice in the Dáil and this will involve supporting YFG General Election candidates. In June 2009, YFG elected 20 County & City Councillors and 14 Town Councillors across the country. We need to harness this success and ensure that young people have a young voice in Dáil Eireann. For Fine Gael to get into Government we, both Fine Gael and Young Fine Gael must bridge the gap between young people and politicians. We must establish a political dialogue which both engages and deals with young people and their issues. We must get out on the streets and out of meeting rooms and inform young voters of their rights and of their responsibility to vote.

Grassroots level is crucial and in terms of local branches, if elected I would aim to liaise with our public representatives on a National and Local level in areas where we are weak and identify people who are willing to come on board. There is a greater need for interaction with our public representatives who are out on the doors canvassing and meeting young people regularly.

As Director of Communications, I have worked hard. The ‘Informer’ is back and we have increased our social media presence. We need to harness this into media coverage. I would like to ensure that all officers receive media and public relations training where possible.

Young Fine Gael campaigns are one of our strongest asset; they are what differentiate us from the other youth wings and provide us with a platform to campaign nationwide. This is going to be a busy year however that does not mean that as Vice President I would not push for us to campaign on issues affecting young people. In this ever changing economic climate we must provide hope to the electorate that a political party understands the problems, can identify solutions and puts the country first.

Canvass training should be made available alongside workshops on Fine Gael and YFG policy to be co-ordinated in areas with heavy involvement from election candidates.

The idea of schools liaison officer is not new, but I believe that by identifying members in areas we can ensure that this role is fulfilled. By providing packs to schools with voter registration forms, driver theory test forms, age card forms etc. we can ensure that young people are aware of their entitlements and are ready willing and able to vote. By giving me your number one vote, and electing me as Vice President and to the Executive Council of Fine Gael will ensure that we have someone passionate about YFG in the position. I will ensure that the young candidates have an experienced voice at this level. Having been involved in strategy committees for various candidates, I understand what is needed from a strategic perspective. What we need to be is idealistic, and this starts at Executive Council level, we must fight for young candidates, we must fight for young Ireland and ensure that Fine Gael in Government is not a possibility it is a reality.

Vice Presidential Campaign Manifesto  

Outline of my plans if elected as Vice President of Young Fine GAel