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Nursing Fast Travel Nursing is located in the heart of Mobile, Ala. vLive We are the #1 source for all your travel nursing needs vTravel and hope to do our best to serve you. vNursing

Fast Travel Nursing is geared toward bringing you the best jobs on the market with high pay and great benefits. We are founded with the mission to help those in need by supplying outstanding nurses in return.

the #1 travel nursing agency for five years in a row.

We have been in business for over 25 years and pride ourselves on being

We want our clients to have the best experience possible with us for many years.

Whatever your nursing and travel needs are we do our best to accommodate you by paying for housing and meal expenses. 5498 Regal One Road Mobile, AL 36608 251.661.4867 251.661.4096 fax

Fast Travel


“I have been working with Fast travel Nursing now for 10 years and I have been able to see the world and help people all at once !” ~ A nne C lyde , LPN

“Being a mother and a wife, I am able to have flexiblie hours, and i can travel up to an hour away! So i’m getting paid higher but i’m still close to the ones I love!” ~ Nancy Smith, NP

Travel Pay and Benefits

Travel with us to places you have never imagined. There are so many places to go and we supply the option for you. With Fast Travel Nursing you have the options to go where you wish to go.

Here at Travel Fast Nursing we offer great pay and excellent benefits.

If California is a place you wish to go, simply fill out an application and list the top five places you wish to work and put California on top!

Take the exciting jump with everyone and see what we have to offer you. Doing this will only benefit you and your carrier. Keep doing what you love most.....helping others.

$50/hr (higher than any other!)

Flexible hours

You pick the shift

Paid housing

Car rental



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