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The Student Life Organization or SLO is an organization run by students for is students. It is one of the unique things SABIS速 schools have. SLO's main aim to help students improve their personalities and developing their skills and ideas that serve our community, and to show them nothing is impossible! SLO this year was taken to an unexpected level. Our crew was very good. We all worked very hard to make things work , learn from our mistakes, and simply have Our fun. We proved that through determination and hard work we can do anything. e SLC worked very hard to train us and the Deputy Heads in order to make us becom an example to others. Prefects, Deputy Heads, and my self organized charity ed projects, a talent show, and other events. We all felt the great success we achiev through these events. is In the SLO we have certain themes that we all focus on. Our theme for this year s and if still this year's proactivity. We proved that we are proactive through all event stic projects that we organized and planned throughout the year. We also did a fanta s. job encouraging more students to join the SLO and help in certain department Proactivity was not the only theme. We all strongly believe in positivity, team work, responsibility, friendship, and cooperation. We learned from each other how to be caring and happy, how to motivate each other during tough times, and most importantly that each and every one of us is unique in his/her own way.


Head Letter

la Al Faisal I would like to thank deeply from my heart Ms. Cinderel ion, and advice for giving me and the Deputies all the support, motivat me to be in charge throughout this year. It had been a great experience for deputies for making of being the Head Prefect. Thanks to all prefects and record in all SABIS速 this year an unforgettable year and for setting a great schools. By Haya Atassi (Head Prefect)

Head Letter



Main Book

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A letter from the academic director "Mr. Tim Holmes" A letter from the school's principle "Mr. Samih Dib" ISC Damascus Campus Photos


Student Life OrganizationTM at ISC Damascus

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Class of 2008 Students's Profiles

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elcome to the SLO Year Book. This marks another milestone in the history of ISCHoms which has come of age with the first class to graduate and the first SLO Year Book. This book will serve as a life long reminder of the personalities and achievements of the students at ISC-Homs and should be treasured. When I think back to my own time at school I wish we had year books and could spend happy hours looking through and reminiscing.


s I look through the book I see the faces of students who have excelled academically; students who have achieved success in sports; students who have entertained us in shows and students who have served their school community through their commitment to the SLO. Each student has found an area where they can grow personally and achieve greatness. Congratulation to all ISC-Homs students; your fame is now immortalized in the SLO Year Book which I hope you will keep forever.


or the graduating students, may the future years lead you to even greater success in your careers and in your lives. I hope you will visit the school and inspire our younger students to achieve great things. For those students who we will see next year, follow the examples set by our graduating stars and work hard toward your own future. Tim Holmes\Academic director


A letter from the academic director "Mr. Tim Holmes"

‫أبنائي وأحبائي الطالب‪:‬‬ ‫يا قناديلنا المضاءة بزيت المستقبل ‪ .‬أنتم استمرار حياتنا واستمرار‬ ‫المبادئ التي تعبر عن حقيقتنا ‪.‬‬ ‫ها أنتم تودعون عام كد وتعب انسلخ من بيدر زمانكم ‪ ,‬وتتأهبون‬ ‫بفرح عارم الستقبال العطلة الصيفية لتجفيف عرق الجد واالجتهاد‬ ‫عن جباهكم‪.‬‬ ‫حقكم الزهو بالنجاح و تجفيف عرق جباهكم باللعب والمرح‪.‬على‬ ‫أن يكون لعبكم تنشيطا ألجسادكم و راحة لعقولكم ال تعطيال لها ‪.‬‬ ‫أبنائي ‪ :‬أيها المبحرون وراء العلم والمعرفة يا من تبحثون عن‬ ‫الحقائق التي تؤسس لحياة جديدة ‪ .‬هام جدا أن تمتلكوا المعرفة والعلم ولكن األهم هو أن تحسنوا استخدامهما في‬ ‫عمل أصيل‪ ,‬فريد ونوعي لصالح أمتكم ولصالح العالم أجمع‪.‬‬ ‫أحبائي وأبنائي‪:‬‬ ‫لتكن حياتكم خلقا وإبداعا وعمال دائما لرقي الحياة‪ ,‬وجهدا متواصال نحو األهداف السامية النبيلة‪ .‬فقيمة اإلنسان‬ ‫بما يهدف وبما يحقق من هذه األهداف ‪.‬‬ ‫كونوا حاضرين وفاعلين دائما في خريطة اإلبداع البشري تأسيسا لعز أمتكم‪ .‬ابتكروا أنفسكم باستمرار كما‬ ‫لو أنكم تعيشون في والدة مستمرة‪ .‬ال تتوقفوا عن الفعل والتفاعل‪ .‬فأنتم مشروع يتكامل ويغتني باستمرار فعلكم‬ ‫وتفاعلكم‪.‬‬ ‫أيها األحبة‪:‬األصل في الحياة هو النزوع نحو البناء واالتجاه نحو الترقي‪ .‬فإياكم والكسل أو التواكل‪ .‬فأنتم ال‬ ‫ترثون هوياتكم ‪ .‬بل بيدكم تفاصيل عمركم تبنونه لبنة لبنة بفعل عقولكم وقوة زنودكم ‪..‬‬ ‫أحبائي وأبنائي ‪ :‬بالدنا تزهو جماال بكم» إمكانات ناجحة واعدة» ‪ .‬ولكن أال ترون معي أن بالدنا يجب أن‬ ‫تكون أجمل‪ .‬ال بل أن تكون هي األجمل ؟‪.‬‬ ‫ولزمالئي في اإلدارة والتدريس‪ :‬سعدت معكم وأنتم بحسكم العالي بالمسؤولية تبنون وعيا متفوقا‬ ‫لدى أجيالنا‪ .‬وتضيئون قلوبهم بنورا لعلم والمعرفة ‪ .‬فشكرا لكم ‪.‬‬ ‫وألهلنا أولياء أبنائنا أقول‪ « :‬ثقتكم ووديعتكم « هي أولوياتنا ‪:‬‬ ‫ نشارككم الوعي والمعرفة بأن غرض التربية تربية المناقب وتثقيف األجيال إلنهاء القبح من األرض‬‫والنفوس وتوجيهها نحو دور أصيل تجاه األمة والمجتمع ‪.‬‬ ‫ نتشارك معكم أن نكون حضن فرح يغني نبوغهم ومداركهم‪ ,‬ال طوقا يخنقهم ويلغيه‪.‬‬‫ نتحمل معا المسؤولية في حسن العناية واالهتمام إيمانا منا أن « النبت الصالح ينمو بالعناية‬‫أما الشوك فينمو باإلهمال « ‪.‬‬ ‫بذلك معا نقدم ألمتنا ومجتمعنا أجياال ال تمتلك المستقبل فقط بل تمتلك المصير أيضا‪.‬‬ ‫مدير المدرسة ‪:‬نائب المالك‬ ‫سميح ديب‬


‫"‪A letter from the school's principle "Mr. Samih Dib‬‬


ISC - Damascus : Campus

Student Life Organization

Academic Department

10 Activities Department



Management Department Outreach Department


Sports Department

18 Discipline Department

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SLO's Academic Department

The Academic department:

The main objective of the academic department is to ensure that the students who need academic help are given specific and in-depth tutoring and off course to set up students for success by providing them with the best tutoring possible With this in mind we started our meetings concentrating on the tutoring feature making sure to provide our prefects with the training required to accomplish their tasks effectively , as a result of that students started realize the importance of these sessions not only in helping them achieve good grades but also enjoy the interesting way of delivering those sessions which were given in a very enjoyable and friendly atmosphere. The highlight of this department were its events. Each prefect had to come up with an idea for an event that would motivate the students to develop their academic skills. he\


SLO departments : Academic department

she had to take responsibility of distributing tasks among the team members and following up the job to make sure that everything is being as planed. We held so many interesting academic events this year such as the spelling bee, wheel of fortune and off course do you know activity. I can confidently say that this system helped the prefects to become more responsible ,reliable and professional and off course let us not forget our hard working shadow teachers who were capable of delivering lessons of high quality .

As the head of this wonderful department I would like to thank my team from the bottom of my heart and I would also say a big thank you to the tutors who were incredibly proactive and motivated throughout the year ,you guys are awesome and I really enjoyed working with you to the max. On a personal level I would love to thank Ms.Cinderella our amazing SLC for being our inspiration and also special thanks to our star tutors for this year : Mai Atassi Grade 7, Baraa Abdel Daim Grade 5, Rashed Atassi Grade 4 and Fadi Ishak Grade 9. At last wish you all the best of luck in your life ,I am sure you will make a difference. Nouha Nourieh\ Department.




SLO departments : Academic department


SLO's Activities Department

The activities department:

The activities department is a very important branch in student life structure.We are responsible for making school days more fun by having what we like to call, mini events, such as the “Bake Sale”and the chess league, in addition to the entertaining clubs that we run daily during the breaks. This year was a special year regarding the new activities and events. We oranized, in cooperation with ISCDamascus, a mini-training camp, a Movie night and trips for all grades.Through the activities department, all other departments could plan many successful projects. Student life stood steadily on two feet since the beginning of the year and so all departments were now looking for perfection and at the top of the list is our department.This is why activities prefects never stopped working even after many achievements, instead, they tried to challenge themselves to achieve more.


SLO departments : The activities department

After our great success in many new ideas, like the” I saw you doing something good” activity, the prefects noticed the results oftheir hard work.We now know that we can make a difference and we will in future years. Judy Hayek\ activities Head of Department

SLO departments : The activities department


SLO's Management Department

The Management Department:

Management! What more can I say about this branch, the word explains itself! We manage! Everything that goes on in the SLO, through our help and work, everything done by the other branches, is done with our help, As management prefects, we never run out of work, we always have something to keep us busy, and we always have motivation to stay busy! The lovely people In the Student Life structure make the SLO office such an amazing place, which gives all prefects great joy and happiness while working there. As head of management, I do my job like any other head in the SLO, but unlike others, I dont find it as hard, my team is so devoted, they keep themselves busy helping me. With such harmony and cooperation, it's inspirational, really! As I notice the prefects doing whatever they are doing, be it brain-


SLO departments : The Management department

storming to come up with a new design for boards, or putting together letters for the students, or planning with the other branches, working on advertisements, I never thought I would see such togetherness and fun, it makes me really proud! And it makes the other branches really jealous. Although our branch doesn't have any of its own events, we make sure we participate in every single detail, and help out all the teams to make sure that everything Goes on perfectly, we provide them with everything they need, its our job! And we enjoy it without any hesitation, I am positive, that

no matter what happens to me, there will be prefects who will rise to leadership, become fully proactive, and ready to go through any hardship I know that the Management department will be in good hands when I leave, and that makes me proud. By Rateb Atassi (Head of management department)

SLO departments : The Management department


SLO's Outreach Department

The Outreach Department :

The Outreach Department always tries hard to make everyone feel special via its branches and prefects. Spreading smiles and happiness in and out the school is its main goal besides offering a helping hand whenever possible. Welcoming new staff and students and making them not feel neither strange nor lonely the job of the prefects of both the sunshine and ambassador branches. Sunshine also plays a huge role in making everyone feel like a member of a huge family by celebrating their birthdays and appreciating their work by announcing their deeds and assigning them as the star prefects of the month. Raising money for charity and spreading smiles outside school is the main responsibility of the Community Services branch in which the prefects work hard in order to create events in which money is collected and donated for charity; such events are the bake sale day and toy drive event in which gifts were given to the orphans of the city. Moreover, some orphans would be


SLO departments : The Outreach Department

invited to spend a day in our campus to have fun and feel our hospitality. Furthermore, we also visited the elderly house and gave T.V. sets to the old people as a way to express our love and care. Thanks to our S.L.C., Deputy Head, Prefects and the Outreach Department which is the unique and the most effective department.


Fares Samman (Head of outreach

SLO departments : The Outreach Department


SLO's Sport Department

Sport Department :

The Sports department is one of the most important and effective departments in our school. It complements the other SLO departments by taking care of developing the students physically, while all the other departments take care of improving them academically and socially Its main concern is to improve the physical such events. The competition was full of skills of the students in all kinds of sports. The enthusiasm and an eagerness to win. We won Sports department has held many happy and more than 30 medals in 4 different sports in beneficial activities to assist in the process of basketball, football, swimming and sprinting. producing healthy young graduates. Some of This department is very crucial. We will always the activities that were held are the swimming try to improve it and improve all the other gala, the local tournament and the fun day. departments in the school by introducing new In these activities students of different ages ideas that can affect the students positively were permitted to participate in many kinds and develop their personalities in a way that of sports. The local tournament has achieved they can be good effective members of our a great success as well as other activities. society. Our students proved how good they are in Jameel Raslan (Head of sports department) winning and how well they are prepared for


SLO departments : Sport Department

SLO departments : Sport Department


SLO's Discipline Department

Discipline Department :

Discipline was, and will always be the school’s first priority because with no discipline neither education nor safety can be spread around the school. This year the discipline department reached We also assigned some prefects to line up its glory because of the hard working discipline students in the morning especially during the prefects who tried their best to make this national anthem ‌ school a better place for students. Discipline was also spread during class times This year I put a schedule that discipline and what mostly helped us control some prefects followed through out the year and bullies was the class prefect that report any this schedule had the names of the discipline bad behavior that the teacher is not aware prefects and the time that these prefects have of and this prefect also reports any school to stand in the corridor and prevent students property damage in class so that the school from entering classes during the break, and gets the chance to fix it. there was another schedule that included the At the end of this year and one of this names of the discipline prefects who organize department’s best accomplishment was the the raw of students in the break waiting to get anti-bullying day that was beneficial for both their food so that everyone gets the chance bullies and victims who always feel insecure to eat. and tiered of the bad behavior of their friends


SLO departments : Discipline Department

and these students got the chance to share with us some rules that they find appropriate for all students to follow so that this schools becomes better and better as time goes by. I believe that this department helped the school’s admin to make this school one of the best disciplined school’s, and what makes that a great accomplishment was that the students themselves helped doing that and I wish that this department grows up to become the motivation for bullies to become more well behaved and well prepared to face this world as serious people in the future. By Rama Jandali (Head of discipline department)

SLO departments : Discipline Department


ISC- Homs


nbgvcjgv KG Department ISC-Homs

KG Department

ISC-Homs KG Department nbgvcjgv


Around ISC-Homs


nbgvcjgvISC-Homs Around

Class Photos


Primary 4-6

Middle 10 - 11

KG.......................... 26 KG1........................ 27 KG2........................ 28

Grade 1.......................... 29 Grade 30........................ 30 Grade 3A........................ 31 Grade 3B........................ 32

Primary 1 - 3B

Grade 4.......................... 33 Grade 5.......................... 34 Grade 6.......................... 35

Grade 7.......................... 36 Grade 8.......................... 37 Grade 9.......................... 38

Middle 7-9

Grade 10.......................... 39 Grade 11.......................... 40


Pre KG "Kindergarten"

Backrow from the left: Ibrahim Tlay, Sarah Najia, Ali Hassoun, Raghad Ahmad Front row from the left: Raghad Nader, Adam Turjma n, Absent: Ramez Atassi Teacher: Ms.Fraya Holmes Assistant: Ms.Zaina Suliman


Class Photos: kindergarten - pre KG

Reem Shammy

KG 1 "Kindergarten"

Back row from the left: awar krour, MHD Al Khateeb,N Issa Dawood, Emanuel Na Riffai , Armand Omar, Fares Al gh Sin sh ka Ut s, eo org Ge Second row from the left: ,Sally , Hala Hbous, Sarah Atassi Juli Bitar, Haya Abo Karaa Victoria Bandarenko Draki, Tayma Al Akhras, Front row from the left: wood. , Shahed Hanna , Laya Da Maya Trkawi, Afnan Turki Absent: hassan ateeb, Raiena Al Riffai,G Kh Al er yse Ta n, fa So na Do Taha. Teacher: Ms.Elham Abboud ban Assistant: Ms.Haneen De

Class Photos: kindergarten - KG 1


KG 2 "Kindergarten"

Backrow from the left: Wisam Al Assar, Diana Trkaw i, Muhazab Al Khas, Julnar Khazndar, Abdel Hadi Al MHD,Yahya Aja Moughli, Mayan Al Sheikh, Amr o Sulimani, Ayham Baroudi,Sal oumeh Zadeh, MHD hajmossa. First row from the left: Abrar Al Salhi, Rami Ikhwan, Yara Al Shammi,Mary Abdul Nabi, Rami Abo Khater, Assma Raj oub, MHD Al Khateeb, Jouma n Fayoud, Ibrahim Habboush. First row from the left: Eyas Al Alay, Elaf Al Khateeb, Ahmad Frzat, Mayla Kalo, MHD Abo Karra, Sima Sibai, Amr Da ndashi, Gretty Al Terk, Sergey Ieryshkanov, Enas Alay.


Absent: Alia Atassi, Ali Hajo Al Riffai , Maha Sibai. Teacher: Ms.Laura Luhmans Assistant: Ms.Mirna Haddad

Class Photos: kindergarten - KG 2

Grade 1 "Primary School"

Back row from the left: Aghiad ddad, Faisal Abo Karaa, Ha er ne Mo li, fa Gh Al b Shiha Dremove, Bashar Khalil, Nickolay Wanli, Abdel Bari Hbous, ili MHD Al Aet,Tareck Ghofa Second row from the left: aled Omar, Karaa, Saleh Al Asadi, Kh Mariah Shammy, Ali Abo Mira Al Akhras, Noor Dawood, n ya La s, ba Ab en de Ab Al Zen h. Atassi, Rosalinda Batis Front row from the left: Diana Al Faisal, Bayan Farzat, Yamen Abo Karaa, MHD D, Aysha MH , Israa Hamieh, Joel Al Tsyganova, Naya Haddad Safoui Hajjo, Aya Akhras,Sami

Class Photos: Primary School - Grade 1


Grade 2 "Primary School"

Back row from the left: Khaled Al As wad, Fadi Ak el, Kareem T Darwish, Ge rkawi, Fakhe orge Ashour, r Mayas Darw Rasha Al Shie is h, Almar Al Y kh. ou


Second row from the left : Fathy Atassi, Hasan Abo Ka raa, Tareck Moghrabi, Ah Riffai, Judy mad Najie, R agheed Darw Wadood Murs is h, Andreh Am hed.


Front row from the left: Ali Husiani, S huraih Atass i, Al Yamam Al Hajie, Sedra Afnan, Layal Ayoush, Alen Al Al Terk,Tawfi Habbal. q Turjman,Om ar


Class Photos: Primary School - Grade 2

Grade 3A "Primary School"

Back row from the left: Shihab, ki, Bisher Omar, Zainab Jenell Hanoun, Layla Ba Al Asadi, Bilal Kousayer. Joushua Al MHD, Saleh Second row from the left: Ataya, Elie awi, Leen Ikhwan, Zaina Naif Al Jazza, Layana Trk f Tulimat, Obayda Al MHD. Bashour, Chris Sarah, Are Front row from the left: ndashi, Malak Israa Al Othman, MHD Da Amal Fares, Haya Soufi, Waffai, Mhmoud Juma.

Class Photos: Primary School - Grade 3A


Grade 3B "Primary School"

Back row from the left: Nahar Tokatl i, Mary Rose tlay, Thuria Khalil, Obayd Hamieh, Wase a Aja Mough em li, Merhej Ja Atassi, Fares mour,Abdel R Kalo. ahman Front row from the left: Hajar Al Kha teeb, Tayma Kelani, Sima Layla Atassi, Husaini, Joe Dani Ishak, l Assaf, Shadi Al MHD Kareem Trka , George Had wi. dad, Absent: Sarah Shabb an,Haya Al Oth man,Jad Al H usan, Sam Sh ougry.


Class Photos: Primary School - Grade 3B

Grade 4 "Primary School"

Back row from the left: , Zen a Dandashi, Rahaf Takla Firas Abou Khater, Fadi Khateeb, Al f Tareck Shihab, Mona Nakrour, Kareem Tayara, Richard Omar. Second row from the left: ur, Diana m Istanbouli, Ziad Tayfo Ziad Abdel Masieh, Karee ham liman, Lama Ikhwan, His Abou Khater, Anstasia Su di. Jin Al shed Atassi, Ismaeel Turjman,Wiliam Omar, Ra Front row from the left: Azeem, ashi, Abdel Malek Abdel nd Da ud Ro , raa Ka o Ab Nour Grace Al Younis,Alia Dandashi, Hisham Dandashi, MHD dia Achlan. Bashour, Haya Akhras, Fa

Class Photos: Primary School - Grade 4


Grade 5 "Primary School"

Back row from the left: Rama Al Omar, Am ani Ayoush, Mar am Al Khateeb, MHD, Zakkaria Daniel Al Okla, Ahmad KHa lil, Ihsan Halabi Atassi. , Abdel Haq Second row from the left: Bana Husaini, Nadine Kousaye r, Yara Al Ali, B Dandashi, Kha raa lil Ammari, Omar Riffai, Batool D Lujen Al Hafez, andashi, Sarah Hanoun. Front row from the left: Mira Assaf, Sara h Sibai, Hani Al MHD, Mukhlis Ik Maysara Dandas hwan, hi, Abdel Kader Kalo, Anas Husa Dandashi, Dan ini, Rama a Al Rajab, Joel Jacklis,Rama Al Asadi .


Class Photos: Primary School - Grade 5

Grade 6 "Primary School"

Back row from the left: kkrour, s, Sana Shougry, Elias Na Mira Jacklis, Sandy Akhra Lalou,Ameen Al Khateeb. Ivan Ataya, Abdel Helmi Second row from the left: , Firas Murshed, Anthony Sarah Anoud Dandashi, Fakhim , Faek an Mousli,Rawad Al Helou Riffai,Naser Baki,Marw Jandali, Kamal Habbal. Front row from the left: Zaitoun, wan, Rana Al Hajjie, Tala Ikh na Sa hi, as nd Da d Ittiha labi n,Diana Ikhwan, Rona Ha Amar Rajoub, Nema Ikhwa

Class Photos: Primary School - Grade 6


Grade 7 "Middle School"

Back row from the left: Carole Nahhas, Rama Ikhwan, Ju dy Sibai, Mai At Haidar Abdel D assi, aim, Zack Atay a Second row from the left: Lamia Tokatli, Sarah Akel, Leen Husaini, Noor Ha Bashour, Ashraf labi, Nancy Wanli, Amir Dra ki, Zuhair Haye k Front row from the left: Jinan Msalati, Njoud Omar, Ra haf Al Ahmad, Hi Joud Elias, Ehab sham Akhras, Dawood.


Class Photos: Middle School - Grade 7

Grade 8 "Middle School"

Back row from the left: eph s, Nicholas Nourieh, Joes hra Ak n ire Se , lis ck Ja Mona Husan, Fahmi Husaini, Yamen Al Zaitoun, Joud Al Helou, KHaled Al Hajjie. Second row from the left: ar, Aleen yas Al Hajjie, Khloud Om Sarah Mariah Jacklis, Ma ini, REem am Al Hafez, Yaman Husa th ai a,H zz Ja Al ar nw f,A Assa , Atheer Darwish. Atallah, Careen Shammy Front row from the left: Sabilova, k, Dana Hayek, Yojenia ye Ha rah Sa , my am Sh en Sabe reck Soufi, di, Sima Abdel Azeem, Ta Sarah Atassi, Farah Al Jin zndar Rani Halabi, Mahmoud Kh

Class Photos: Middle School - Grade 8


Grade 9 "Middle School"

Back row from the left: Amr Husaini, W asfi Tayara, Bah jat Kssibi, Obay da Al Hajjie Second row from the left: Ahmad Atassi, Abdel Kareem Si bai, Wissam Khs Tokatli, Fadi Is rof, Ali hak Front row from the left: Georgette Elia s, Ayla Jandali, Alma Ikhwan, M Diana Al Rajab ayan Kalo, Absent: Azhar Okla, Anw aar Okla, Anwaa r Al Jazza, Abd Abdel Azeem. el Hafeez


Class Photos: Middle School - Grade 9

Grade 10 "High School"

Back row from the left: ce Atallah, i, Khaldoun Omar, Mauri fa Rif res Fa r, ke Sa ram Ka jeed Al Husan. Khaled Al Jazza,Abdel Ma

Front row from the left: mman, Hiba , Dana Suliman, Fares Sa ssi Ata ya Ha ra, ya Ta en Le Maya Ikhwan. Dawood, Jameel Raslan,

Class Photos: High School - Grade 10


Grade 11 "High School"

Back row from the left: Omar Nourieh, Firas Jacklis, Si mon Tannous, D Rateb Atassi anny Thomas,

Front row from the left: Nouha Nourieh , Rama Jandali,


Class Photos: High School - Grade 11

Judy Hayek, Sa rah Al Hajjie

Around ISC-Homs

Around ISC-Homs


Class of 2008


Simon Rama Tannous Jandali 46 49

Danny Thomas 43

Firas Nuha Judy Nourieh Hayek Jacklis 44 50 47

Omar Judy Rateb Nouieh Hayek Atassi 48




Danny Thomas

I hope that everyone has a great and succesful future and a nice life with family and firends

Email : predator_knight@

Hobbies : sports , listening to music , dancing.. I believe in : the sky is the limit and music is my life and nothing is impossible !! Where do you see yourself in the future : a succseful person in a great job Most missed memories : All the tournaments, the SLTC .. Rateb : a very sociable person, everyone loves him, very helpful, and opens up to everyone, Judy : Very nice blonde homsi girl, helpful, and she hates to be disturbed,

Sarah : has the wierdest laugh ever =P, and a great partner in making fun ! Omar: very funny person ! loves to make fun and very ambitious Firas: Funniest bestfriend ! extremely helarious !!

Rama: nice, always singning in the class, and shes my boss in the discipline department ;)

SImon : very calm, a very nice person, you are cheerful and fun, but please less jokes =P

Nuha : very helpful, understanging and a very good friend of mine ;) Year Book :Danny Profile


Firas Jacklis

do not be dissappointed cuz im leaving ! and always smile because there is no reason to be sad !

Hobbies : sports ! Email :

I believe in : freedome ! Where do you see yourself in the future : a succseful business man with a huge company ! Most missed memories : having fun in the class, playing sports after exams ! Sarah : the funneist girl in class! you know how to make jokes and not scared from anyone ;) Omar: mahdoom! had the funniest jokes , and a great friend Danny : smily ! kafu ! a great personality ! my best friend ! SImon: dont let anyone make fun of you, you are a great person !

Rama: my tiwn :P it was great fooling the teahcers ;) Nuha : sensitive, haram simon you always make fun of him, give him a chance =P Judy : my true friend ! and my neighbour !, my sister since we were babies,and a great helper! i am positive she will be a succseful woman


Year Book : Firas Profile

Omar Nouieh

Where do you see yourself in the future : in ten years from now i see my self a succesful buisness man owning an international food company. Most missed memories : The memory i cherish the most is when i skkiped the Arabic class with my friends and we had all the school looking for us.

Danny: abo el Dann , you are one of my closest friends and i will remember every minute we spent testing the teachers till the rest of my life i will miss you so much,and i hope that our friendship last for ever. Rama: Om al Reem, i can>t bear the fact that this will be our last year togather,i wish you all the best in life and i hope all your dreams come true cause you deserve the best you were an amazing friend ,i am gonna miss you so much. Firas: Abo Farees,i can not believe that this was your last year with us,i had lots of fun bothering the teachers with you but i guess i am on my owen from now on. Judy: JoJo Alanidi,i guess this will be our last year togatherand i can not stand the fact that i am not gonna bother you and distract youin classes any more ,you are one of my closest friends and i am gonna miss you alot. Nuha: nannoosh,i can not thank you enough for all your help in chemistry i would not have made it without your support i am really going to miss you Rateb: i know some times we have had our differences but i really should give you credit for your kindness and honosty,you are a great friend i am gonna miss having you with us this year. Sarah: i am sure that i will miss you your funny jokes and i hope we stay friends ,you will be greatly missed. Simon: abo Al Seem even though your jokes were boring some times but i am gonna miss listening to themw Year Book :Omar Profile


Rama Jandali

I spent the most amazing four years in my life with you, we experienced everything together, i am really going to miss all this, you were all good friends ( thank you !!) wish you all good luck ! i love you all! mwah !

Hobbies : swimming, playing piano, dancing, laughing =P I believe in : choosing your mood, and that its never too late to be a better person Where do you see yourself in the future : I see myself succesful in whatever i choose to work, but most likely make a difference in others life because i love to see the people around me happy, and ofcourse making my parents proud Most missed memories : Im going to miss the days when the only four girls in the class ( me, judy , nana, and sara ) fiht with the guys, especially when they call us (7remat ) lol, im also going to miss laughing at the end of the day after having nine physics sessions, and running out of class ( hehe, the adventures im not going to forget the day in my whole life « sweet escape « ) im gonna miss participating in the school’s activities , the wierd sounds that the guys make during lessons when were are fed up with classes, i am also going to miss the days when we laugh untill tearing up ( our drunk moments )

Email : ramroomthemoon@

Rateb : Hey ! you know where you are carved ! (hehe ) ok that doesn’t seem funny =P, rateb 3anjad your funny sometimes, and i’ve always found you a gentleman Judy : Judy ! i am actually speachless right now! ya3ni words can’t explain how i feel about you, i spent the most amazing years with you, , you are the meaning and defenition of the true friend, i lauhged with you untill my stomach startd hurting, you laugh makes me wanna laugh more and moe and more... we were friendssince we were in dipers this why im not afriad of asking your help, you’ve always made me, make me and will make me feel better everytime i look at you, I LOVE YOU !! we’ll stay friends forever, i promise i’ll be loyal to you ( gege remember the frezie day, we were crazy that day ! ) mwah!! Danny : danny ! danny ! danny! everytime i remember your smile i can’t not laugh,dont worry im gonna learn the stuff you asked me to learn lol ;) im gonna miss you so so much, i was you sister when you were judy’s husband, remember ?? i still smell secrets :P Nuha : Nana! i really want to thank you for the day you made me laugh Simon : I still want a CD of you jokes =P Feras : ! i dont know why your much taller and bigger than me though we are twins =P you were so annoying but i loved it =) Omar : 7remat !! god this word is so annoying but everytime you say it i cant not laugh .. omar you really added joy to the class’ atmosphere, da5eelak bas t3aseb shu betkoon sha5sie,lol ( remember the saria talk )


Year Book :Judy Profile

Judy Hayek

my four years in chouifat have been the best years of my life, i want to thank every single person, ( my amazing classmates and awesome teachers and especially miss cindy who believed in me till the very end ), we had some problems at the begenning , being a new school and everything, but we sticked together and here we are now graduating on hope that none of us will forget the others. I will miss each one of you very much, although im staying in ISC next year, i want to wish u all great luck where ever you’re going, thanks for all the unforgettable memories ! CLASS OF <09 ROCKS!

Hobbies : swimming , basketball, going out with friends, meeting new people, traveling ! I believe in : making a difference, in success and in love, Where do you see yourself in the future : somewhere around the world, in my own hospital or clinic, at the end of my road to success, sorrounded by a supportive family, hopefully ;) Most missed memories : the most touching memories were at SLTCCairo, amazing memories with rama, dana and sarah at my 1st sports tournament in Dubai, Great times in Cairo in the regionals 08 with danny and rineh, we had a blast ! in school ! dancing lessons in the 1st year were so much fun, i can never forget masmoosi, rojina, solina, 7remat, ya rietak... lol, our secret adventures (wink wink) singing ridiculos songs with rama nuha and sarah and teasing the guys ! all SLO activies 2007, 2008 and 2009, i loved being a part of them all =D

Email : cute_blonde125@

danny : u wouldnt want to remember the bad things that happened, I want to keep in mind the image of our duets, « you are my sunshine !! « Rateb : going to camp together got us closer and i feel we have been better friends ever since, im very glad we’re friends ! and i love it when u call me homsi blonde... Atassi !! ( lov u in a good way ! ) Sarah : We weren’t good friends last year , im very happy that I got to know now much of a fun person you are, I luv it when u throw one of your jokes after complete silence, i just love you « tinkiwinki» ! Nuha : Nana! you « dipsy» i guess =P . U adire your crazy laugh ! lol i wish you the best in life! you are definately going to be something in the future ! Rama : My rama! lala ( teletubies ) ny unseprable tiwn ,, friends since we were three! sitting next to you in class was so much fun =P all the «talks», the laughs , the cries, simply they’re unforgettable memories, i love you ! Simon : You were new last year and i didnt get to know you untill this year, but your indeed a very nice person, you do have some bad jokes, but im not funny myself so i can’t say a word, wish u all the best in life ! Firas : Farsot is what i call a true friend ! 14 years together as close friends, people thought we were brother and sister ! we were more than that.. =) Your friendship means alot to me ! L.O.V.E (BFF) Omar : Such a sweet person wtih an amazing sense of humor, i will never forget the times we laughed at the lame jokes (wink) haha, and following up with that competition, that was funny, yoyr a friend i will never forget ;)

Year Book :Judy Profile


Rateb Atassi

All of u are stuck for bakaloria , haha ! best of luck to all of u, take care !

Hobbies : basically any sport, playing and watching, EATING =D, spending time laughing ! I believe in : Everything ;) Where do you see yourself in the future : A remembered man in the hearts and minds of ALOT of people Most missed memories : Making fun ! running away from class! acting crazy in the SLO ! laughing ! annoying the supervisers, playing football and basketball with everyone

Email : ratoob_atassi@hotmail. com

Danny : my best friend ! i will never forget all those talks we had in the periods, and all the laughs and gossip ;) Judy : Homsi and blonde! what else can i say ?! =P alot of great times together, without a doubt the coolest blonde i>ve ever met ;) Sarah : funniest girl in class ! religon was my favourite period with her joking and everythin Firas : closest classmate to me ! probably cause we spent too much time together ! it was an amazing year ! thanks for all the good times ;)


Year Book :Rateb Profile

Simon Tannous

im going to really miss you guys and i hope i cann see you in the future !

Hobbies : Photographing, computers, listening to music, watching movies, I believe in : success in life after failling, and to deal easily with problems Where do you see yourself in the future : A succseful person. woorking in engineering and in IT Most missed memories :having fun wtih friends and our adventures in and out of the school, and the SLO! Danny : a great and cheerful person who just likes to have fun with everyone Rateb : Rateb is the 1st friend , not just in the school but in homs , so you are still one of my best friends in homs ;) Nuha : you are a great friend, an honest and strong person Judy : You are a symbol for me in studyng, you are going to be a succesful person ! Rama : you are a cute girl who doesnt have trouble dealin with problems, you are relaxed and i hope you enjoy your life =) Omar : you are a great friend, a serious person and you know when is the right time to have a great time ;) Fiars : you are a great person and an excellent helper, funny, you have an ability to cheer everyone around u up ;)

Year Book :Simon Profile


Nuha Nourieh

Im glad to be 1 of this class, for the past 4 years , now it seems so short, im going to miss everyone i wish Apik and Rineh and Val were still with us, and i wish everyone good luck and i>m sure that you are going to be extraordinary

Hobbies: swimming, laughing I believe in: determenation, hope, hard work, innerstrength, Where do you see yourself in the future: Simonzs «jokes» and val’s and firas’ humor. having fun with everyone, judy and danny’s song ( you are my sunshine ), and omar calling the girls 7remat, and tl3t rama be wesh el madfa3 kel mara,and sarah’s laugh, Rateb’s smile, Most missed memories: Making fun ! running away from class! acting crazy in the SLO ! laughing ! annoying the supervisers, playing football and basketball with everyone Danny: the sweetest person, so “special”, some one i like to talk to 24/7, a “great” singer ( baby i love you !) i wish you happiness and keep that amazing smile! Rateb: we never got to really talk but i think that every one knows that you have an exceptional perosnality and alot of goals, a very talented young man , i hope you will accomplish all your goals, and i hope you stay for Bac with us! Rama: you have changed alot rapidly “b7yeeki kteer” and i’ll never forget your laugh ! judy: smartest blonde i’ve ever met, you are someone wtih potential juju, and you brought christmas spirit with you amazin songs ! and “sa7bat majhool “were the funniest “fhmte 3lie” you will have a great future! but not as a singer =P Omar: i have very high hopes for you, ya ebn el 3am, and el 7remat bas betba5o, you have been a close friend and i share alot of my thoughts wiht you Firas: funniest person i’ve ever met ! when you laugh every has to laugh =) i hope we willbe firends forever Simon: walla ennak bta3mel jao ya simon ! im glad that i met you, bas 5fef sa7bat =P hone without you school is really boring, simon you made us closer ! thank you ! and by the way you need a hearing aid =P Sarah: susu we became friends really fast ! and we really got along ! you have changed alot in a very short time ! you have innerstrength like no else and you became my best friend, i hope all of you dreams come true, love u susu!

Email : nanoushka@hotmail. com


Year Book :Nuha Profile

Sarah Al Hajie

chouifat is such an amazing school, even though it’s strict sometimes, so guys try to enjoy staying here moment by moment, and try toconvince yourself that you are having fun even if you were bored !

Email : serah_412@hotmail. com

Hobbies: playing piano, hanging out , sports, I believe in: Friendship and fate Where do you see yourself in the future: i’ll tell you when the future comes :P just joking, a succseful business woman , i think Most missed memories: the guys, skipping class which was such an amaziong action movie, talking to danny and nuha during periods, our discussions (rimani, jojo, nana) about (kosa) during the best lessons, the fatoushi ( sa7bat simon and its own board ) omar’s massage, danny’s songs, nana’s laughing, simon’s viabrating,rama’s voice, judy’s reaction, u guys are all amazing

danny : a hopefull person wiht a smily face, very seet and helpful ( bebe ) you are a very understaning person and i feel comfortable talking to you, Rateb : a very gentle guy with a sweet cheerful sentence ( are you okay? ) judy : cute friend witha very big smile ! rama : you are a friendly rimani, your voice is very special, and i like it when u laugh after everyone, omar : very ambitious and he is “2abadai el madrasi ) firas : “ Absolument” you are so funny , i barley stop laughing when you make a joke Nuha : such an important person in my life with a very nice personality, very understanding and helpful Simon : you are gonna be a succesful person in the future , but sometimes you act like ( aflaton ) and im going to miss you usual sentencde (mane dares wala keleme )

Year Book :Sarah Profile


School Events

Bake Sale 54

Fun Day 56 Local Tournamen 66 SLTC Cairo 70 Mini Camp Damascus 72 Spelling Bee 74 Spelling Bee 76

Gazaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Donations 58 Holiday Cards 60

Rmadan Iftar 62

Kalamoon Presentation 64


Mother’s Day 78

Talentshow 80 Talk Show 82

Teacher’s Day 84

Tree Planting Ceremony 90 Trip to Damascus 92 University Visit 94 Visit to Dar Al Saadi 96

Concert of 2009 86

Wheel of Fortune 98

Toy Drive 88

Open Day 2009 100

Open Day 2009

Bake Sale "School Events"


School Events: Bake Sale


School Events: Bake Sale


Fun Day "School Events"


School Events: Fun Day

School Events: Fun Day


Gaza's donations "School Events"

“Help the children”: This project was the highlight of Term One because we joined the Red Crescent’s donation’s campaign to help the infected children of Gaza. Through this project we were able to donate the following: 1) 1510 KG of flour 2) 1000 KG Sugar 3) 200 KG Rice 4) 44 KG lentils 5) 40 KG Crushed wheat 6) 25 KG of Pasta 7) 15 KG Tea 8) 11 blankets 9) Over 300 piece of clothes We are very happy that we could be able to help those innocent children and the same time we are very proud of our SLO for giving us this valuable chance. Through this event we learned that we should not only be part of the community but we should be a very effective one and this exactly what the SLO is helping us with. We are grateful for those people who donated things towards the campaign.


School Events: Gaza's Donations

School Events: Gaza's Donations


holiday cards "School Events"


School Events: holiday cards

School Events: holiday cards


Rmadan Iftar "School Events"


School Events: Ramadan Iftar

We started our charity projects with a Ramadan iftar which was organized by the outreach department. The Iftar took place in Flamingo restaurant.The Food was delicious and all the students enjoyed the Ramadan traditions and helped in raising money which was donated to the blind children association. The iftar was full of entertainment and very successful and we wish to plan more events like this in future. School Events: Ramadan Iftar


Kalamoon presentation "School Events"


School Events: Kalamoon presentation

School Events: Kalamoon presentation


Local Tournament "School Events"


School Events: Local Tournament 1

School Events: Local Tournament 1


Local Tournament "School Events"

Local Tournament:

On the 25th of April ISC-Homs has invited other local schools and some of the schools in Hama to join its wonderful sports tournament which included different sports such as swimming, basketball, football etc. The SLO prefects were very proactive helping and maintaining discipline every where around the campus during the event. Every group of prefects was in charge of certain duties and we can confidently say that they demonstrated a great example of team spirit and leadership qualities.


School Events: Local Tournament 2

School Events: Local Tournament 2


SLTC CAIRO 2008 The Student Life Training camp is a very unique experience that any teenager would be lucky to have in his or her life. This year, Danny Thomas and I were chosen to join. We were very excited and anxious to be able to be a part of this camp. In the Student Life training Camp we learned many things that will help us live a successful life and overcome the obstacles and problems that all teenagers face. Furthermore, we got the chance to meet other members of the Student Life Organization from SABIS schools around the world. In the camp there were morning sessions which included lectures and presentations about many valuable and useful topics. These topics included 'The Power Of Positive Thinking', 'Leadership', 'Overcoming Fear', 'The Filter' and we learned multiple ways and tips to help us live our life the way we really want to, without giving in to peer pressure. In addition, there were some lectures about 'The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Teens', which included a great deal about values , tips on living a happy and organized life and how teenagers can contribute to and serve their communities. Additionally, we were taught how to control ourselves, to never give up, to set goals, plan events successfully, and learn from our mistakes. Some of these lectures were presented by the SLCs who shared their personal experiences with us. In the SLTC we also got the chance to develop our social skills by getting to know other active members of the Student Life Organization. We made new friends from all around the world, and we exchanged our experiences and opinions about the SLO as well as ways to improve it. In addition to lectures, there were many outings and visits to the most splendid places of Cairo. We had the time of our lives! Eventually, I would like to say that this was a priceless experience. It offered precious values and tips about living better and overcoming your fears and obstacles. It also taught how to improve oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s attitude. There are lots and lots of things that we learnt from this camp but it is difficult to explain them all, in other words, it was a transforming camp that completely changes you into a very positive and effective person. Personally, I think this was an unforgettable experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


School Events: SLTC Cairo 2008

School Events: SLTC Cairo 2008


SLO Mini Camp Homs - Damascus The Student Life Organization in our school held in the campus a Mini Camp which was a minimized version of the International Training Camp held in Cairo. Students from ISC-Damascus came to attend. The fellow students were warmly welcomed; Presentations were giving about being proactive and about fish philosophy and how to implement them in our lives. A visit to Crac des Chavalliers was arranged where many group photos were taken and a tour was completed around the vast castle. Lunch at Al Wadi restaurant was very nice; everyone ate, danced and had a great time. We returned to school where we enjoyed plenty of team building games. The main purpose behind this camp was to


School Events: Mini Camp Homs

get the prefects out of their comfort zone by helping them meet and socialize with new people and to teach them the importance of the team and the team spirit. It was a great day for every single person and I think everyone benefited and enjoyed the day as I did. Thanks to the SLO

Mini Camp Homs

Mini Camp Damascus

School Events: Mini Camp Damascus


Spelling Bee "School Events"


School Events: Spelling Bee

School Events: Spelling Bee


Swimming Gala "School Events"


Every year our school, we arrange activities for all ages, and one of them is the Swimming Gala! in January and after the mid terms exams, we organized a swimming gala for the little students, in grades 1 to 3, they had a variety of fun activities and games and swimming School Events: Swimming Gala 1

competitions that everyone participated in, and they performed a wonderful dance routine as well. Parents came and watched and loved it, we had amazing feedback, and we couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have done it without the help of our wonderful members and prefects of the SLO.

School Events: Swimming Gala 2


Mother's Day "School Events"

Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day: It was a day of sharing love and memorable moments between our students and their mothers The Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s had a picnic on the grass while they watched their children singing and having fun, At the end of the event our student gave their mothers gifts and all the students went to enjoy the huge bouncing castle that had been especially hired for this event and off course they enjoyed the variety of activities such as coloring and face painting and plus too many art projects.


School Events: Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day

School Events: Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day


Talentshow "School Events"


School Events: Talentshow

It is our forth year in Choueifat! And after we have made great strides a in the SLO,so we have decided to put on our second annual talent show! Everyone was very excited about the idea, we had a schedule full of rehearsals, but at the end we chose only the best shows! The talent show was a huge success! Parents filled the place, and everyone enjoyed the variety of dancing and singing acts to the max! All the students were very proud of themselves for their achievement and great success! It was another hit for the SLO and Choueifat School!!

School Events: Talentshow


Talk Show "School Events"

Talk Show: The talk show is a golden activity for our all the students to practice their formal Arabic skills therefore we try our best as student life prefects to select attractive topics to discus through this lovely event and this year the top was â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bab Al Haraâ&#x20AC;? the studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; favorite TV series. Students from ISC TV club prepared interviews with students and some staff members asking them their opinion about the show and then the management prefects invited every one in the school to attend the debate to evaluate the program and to figure out the message behind it. We can say that we had lots of fun and we learned a lot from this fantastic activity.


School Events: Talk Show

School Events: Talk Show


Teacher's Day "School Events"

teacherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day: How can we live in a school, with an amazing staff of teachers, and not celebrate Teacherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s day the best way!? all the students knew that, and with the help of our student life team, We organized a surprise party for the teachers, who came to the SLO to be amazed by all sorts of tasty cakes, and a great song Dedicated to all departments, thanking them and letting them know how much we appreciate them! Teachers built our future! And we should make sure, that they get all the credit and more, all I can say is thank u to all the teachers!


School Events: teacher's Day

School Events: teacher's Day


The concert of 2009 "School Events"


School Events: The concert of 2009

School Events: The concert of 2009


Toy Drive "School Events"


School Events: Toy Drive

For the second year the SLO brightened the life of the orphans through its annual toy drive .The outreach prefects asked the students in the school to donate toys for the orphans. And as usual the response was incredible,because every one wanted to be part in this amazing activity. We were divided into teams. One team was responsible for the Wrapping process and the other one was responsible for labeling the presents. We are so grateful to the SLO because this activity had taught us that giving is better than taking and with this in mind we are sure that we will be better and more cooperative people in future.

School Events: Toy Drive


Tree Planting Ceremony "School Events"

Tree planting ceremony: Through this event students plant a tree to signify the giant step they take in life with a diploma in hand. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ceremony was very special because it was the first ceremony in ISC-Homs. Graduates gathered in the same room for the last time to celebrate their great achievement. We started the ceremony with the national anthem. Then Mr. Samieh Deeb and Mr. Tim Holmes along with two students from the graduation class gave a speech. After the diplomas were handed out we had our tree planting ceremony. A group photo was taken to commemorate this event.


School Events: Tree Planting Ceremony

School Events: Tree Planting Ceremony


Trip to Damascus "School Events"

Everyone was happy we had finished the mid-terms, and immediately we started to plan a school trip. Everyone was excited about idea! Grades 7,8,10 and 11, set out by the buss to Damascus, nothing is more fun than breakfast at a Syrian old style restaurant, going to the old city, and seeing all the great things! Then lunch with games and the mall where we saw an interesting movie. It was a great time; the students had a blast on the bus! With music and dancing! And for all that we have to thank the SLO for the opportunity!


School Events: Trip To Damascus

School Events: Trip To Damascus


University visit "School Events"

University visit: Grade 11students this year got the chance to visit the faculty of engineering in Al bath University where they had the opportunity to practice some of the experiments in their curriculum at the universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lab. This was a very beneficial and joyful experience to all the students and which they hope to repeat every year.


School Events: University visit

School Events: University visit


Visit to Dar Al Saadi "School Events"

A visit to Dar Al Saadi: Here in ISC-Homs we care a lot about encouraging students to take an affective role in the society around them therefore we used the money we raised through our annual bake sale to buy four TV sets and donate them to Dar Al Saddi. Students got the chance to visit the elderly people and socialize with them and I can confidently say that they all succeeded in adding a smile to those peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face. We are so proud of this learning experience we will make sure to continue planning similar projects in future.


School Events: Visit to Dar Al Saadi

School Events: Visit to Dar Al Saadi


Wheel of Fortune "School Events"


School Events: Wheel of Fortune

School Events: Wheel of Fortune


Open Day 2009

This year's Open Day drew hundreds of visitors. Many people commented on the variety and quality of the numerous displays, projects and games representing the entire range of subjects that make up the school's educational curriculum. Parents and visitors were able to witness the special accomplishments of our students from through the academic year. They watched plays from the Class Readers; observed a scene in an old Arab coffee house; listened to Arabic songs and poetry; took refreshments at a French cafĂŠ; saw the manufacture of home made make-up; were educated by scientific experiments and won prizes in maths games. The grand finale featured displays of Taekwando, gymnastics and ballet from the Saturday Activity classes; songs from the school choir and traditional the folk dances. The audience enjoyed singing along with the students and acknowledged their enthusiastic talent with rapturous applause. This was yet another wonderful event at the school.


Open day 2009

Arabic Department

Open day - Arabic Department


Art & French


Open day - Art & French

English Department


Open day - English Department

Math Department


Open day - Math Department

Science Department

Open day - Science Department



Open day - Final Show

l a iF n

w o Sh

Open day - Final Show









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