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Frameless Glass

Dare to be Inspired  Exclusive 100mm x 35mm thick top and bottom rails - marine grade clear anodised aluminium.  Heavy duty aluminium track.  Stacking tracks to incorporate curved track junctions for simple manoeuvrability.  Top hung four wheel carriers.  Optional bottom guide channel for Bi-folds.  Glass thickness which can be accommodated as to AS1288-2006 include: 13.52mm E glass  10mm toughened  12mm toughened  15mm toughened  19mm toughened  Double Glazed  The Murano Frameless Glass Walls System is available in unlimited configurations to suit all applications both commercial and residential.  Track and Rails can be powder-coated to suit application.  Awning windows and Pivot windows products also available to enhance the continuity within your build/renovation – see our website for more information.  Exclusive water proof and rodent proof system.  The Murano Walls Frameless Glass Wall System is exclusively owned, licensed and installed by Murano Walls. The product is procured through our European partnership with Scan Mikael Oy though all R & D takes place in Australia to ensure the product adheres to Australian Standards and Building Code – all products are installed by Murano Walls trained technician crew only.  Lead times are typically 6 weeks from ordering – specialised glass can encounter longer lead times.  Murano Walls products include warranty for one year for all moving parts and installation.  Maintenance is offered and advised on a yearly basis to maintain the quality of your exclusive investment as the product encumbers moving parts which need to be serviced on a yearly basis.  Post handover Murano Walls technician crew return for a quality re-check of the system and ensure all clients can use the product efficiently leaving written instruction.  Murano Walls ensures an Environmental Management System by the re-cycling of all aluminium & glass.  Murano Walls is a member of the prestigious Master Builders Association and are currently in the process of having our product tested for WERS Accreditation.  Certification is provided under Australian Standards AS1288-2006 for Occupation Certificate for residential works.  Please refer to the Murano Walls website for an appointment and further extensive information.

Technical Drawings Sections L-35-Series single glazed Stacking / Bi-fold

L-35-Balcony Series single / double glazed

L-35-DG Double glazed

Dublo-Series Double glazed Frameless Stacking Door

Plan View

Sill options 1. Partly exposed ------ Water Flow

2. Fully exposed

3. Extreme exposure

------ Water proofing

Basic Stacking options 1. Stacking DoorsRemote stack (individual panels)

2. Bi-folding Doors

- Door at end

Side stack (individual panels)

- Two pairs

- Double doors in centre

Commercial Frameless Glass

Operable Walls

Commercial Operable Walls – Casino Community Centre – Operable Walls – Curved Frameless Glass by Murano Bluett & Swann Folding Walls Pty Ltd Operable Walls supplied by Murano Walls Pty Ltd in NSW, QLD and WA offer simple space management solutions, easily adaptable to all applications and budgets. Whether it be in the workspace, conference centre, community facility, school, church, office or meeting room, Bluett & Swann offers the solution to your space management requirements. The options and alternatives are infinite – from track layouts, acoustic ratings and panel finishes – Bluett & Swann via Murano Walls will work with you to assist in deciding which features best suit you needs. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of operable walls, Bluett & Swann guarantees superior craftsmanship and design, combined with personalised customer service. Superior quality craftwood is constructed with aluminium framework. Internal cavities are then filled with acoustic infill, depending upon the level of sound reduction required. Each panel incorporates acoustic seals and is finished with your chosen panel finish. All operable walls are manufactured according to NATA Standards AS1191-2002. Panel styles vary from a Standard Style with a visible aluminium frame approximately 12mm on each panel. Frame finish can be natural anodised or powder coated. Fineline Style has a 4mm frame on each panel. Overlay Style panels are constructed with no visible framing creating a shadow line join. Panel Finishes vary but some examples are fabric, timber veneer, laminate, whiteboard, pin board, windows, glass, mirrors, viewing panels and vinyl – the choice is limitless. Tracking systems include a Centre Hung Track with simple stacking of panels on the main track system, Side Stack Track with one side of the panel remaining on the track line while the other side enters a side track and Multi-Directional Track whereby the panels are stacked in a cupboard or recess away from the track line. Seals commonly used are Fixed Sweep Seals providing a constant contact sound retardant barrier, and Retractable Seals which are manually operated mechanical pressure seals. Closure panels incorporate Expanding Panels which are standard panels fitted with 150mm extruded aluminium frame to match panel finishes and Full Height Pass Doors which provide convenient access through a wall. Full height pass doors and Inset A pass doors and Inset L pass doors are also available. Guarantee by Bluett & Swann for all walls manufactured and tested according to NATA standards AS119-2002 and Warranty covered for 12 months against defects in materials and workmanship. Maintenance agreements are thence recommended.

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