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Dental Bridge: A Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth Advised by Orlando Family Dentistry Dental bridge is a good solution for many who have lost their teeth for various reasons. It may be due to dental diseases, accident or trauma. Dental disease is most common to happen this. But accident and trauma are not rare in people. Traditionally, dental bridge is built between two teeth. It is actually a false or artificial tooth. The bridge is placed on the two crowns of the neighboring teeth. According to Orlando Family Dentist, the artificial tooth looks like a natural tooth. At the same time, it works as the other teeth do.

Why Dental Bridge Need:

Family Dentistry at Orlando says that for the following reasons dental bridge becomes essential for the patients.

*Irregular brushing causes various dental problems and results in tooth loss. This needs dental bridge.

*Cavity when untreated creates more huge holes and results in tooth loss.

* Gum diseases cause tooth loss and dental bridge requires.

*Failure of root canal causes tooth loss and needs dental bridge.

*Infection in gum loose teeth. Consequently, tooth loss occurs.

*Trauma from severe hit during sports can cause tooth loss.

*Tooth erosion and tooth decay may make your teeth smaller up to the gum. Then you are bound to extract your teeth.

According to Family Dentistry at Orlando you must consult a dentist for proper diagnosis. Proper treatment can save your smile and the beauty of your face. The procedures that your dentist may take are as follow.

The procedures of Dental Bridge:

At first the neighboring crowns will be prepared for dental bridge. The enamel of the crown will be removed slightly so that dental bridge can be placed. Several impressions will be taken for setting the false tooth properly. Sometimes, Wax is use to make a dummy first. A temporary bridge will be set up before the permanent one. Then the temporary bridge will be removed and the permanent bridge will be set. Your dentist will watch on the fitting, color and contour of your tooth. Then your dentist will check your bite to examine whether it is set up properly or not. If it is found okay, it will be cemented permanently in right place.

Orlando Family Dentist tells that if the bridge is done with porcelain, it will be excellent. It is very tough to distinguish it from the rest of the tooth. But, the dentist will check your teeth thorough before adopting this process. Sometimes, dental implants are done instead of dental bridges.

Suggested Preventive Measures:

For quality dental bridge you can choose, Orlando Family Dentistry. They will advise you to take necessary steps so that you need not have an operation for your dental problem or dental bridge.

*Keep your teeth neat and clean.

*Brush them regularly.

*Be choosy while taking food and drink.

*Add fiber in your food list

*Drink much water.

*Visit your dentist regularly to identify your dental problem.

*Everyday flossing is must.

*If you are suffering from other diseases that cause dental problem consult your doctor right now.

About author: Orlando Family Dentist Dr. Thakur, BDS, MAGD, has been serving the people of Orlando and Central Florida for over 25 years. His patients both trust and feel comfortable at his Family Dentistry at Curry Ford Road. Dr. Thakur's offers you to visit his official website to know more about dental treatment:

Dental Bridge: A Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth Advised by Orlando Family Dentistry  

Dental bridges are used for patients who have one or more missing teeth. There are several types of dental bridges. If you have missing teet...