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G G Gazette Pi Sigma Epsilon February 2013

Letter from the President Hello Everyone,

It is hard to believe the 2013-2014 Leadership Board has been in office for nearly two months now. These have been a very productive two months for the chapter as described throughout this publication. During this time the members of the new Leadership Board have displayed their dedication to the chapter and eagerness to grow it. Recently, we submitted our annual strategic plan to Nationals outlining our goals and plans for the remainder of our term. While these goals are numerous, here are a few highlights:

Generate marketing profit of $20,000

Generate $10,000 in service revenue

Continue to lead the national COG standings

Develop and implement a system for performance review

Create and implement a cohesive and sustainable brand for the chapter

For those so inclined, here is the complete plan. However, in overview, it can be said that the board focused on writing goals, which would promote the long-term growth of the chapter and its members. While we continue to work towards the accomplishment of these goals, the chapter has been focused on the significant accomplishments of the 2012-2013 term as we prepare to compete on their merits at our annual national competition. Last year we were honored to be recognized as Top Chapter, among honors, and have high hopes for similar successes in San Diego. Fraternally, Kyle Radon


Recruitment/ New Members By: Christine Demane

This spring the focus of recruitment was on improvement from within. The chapter is only as strong as its members meaning in order to recruit the best students from Miami, the entire chapter must be actively involved in the process. Through improved communication, transparency, and a new recruitment team structure, the VP of Personnel Christine DeMane worked to make this season run as smooth as possible. The theme for the Spring 2013 recruitment season was “Rise above the Rest,” challenging underclassmen to take advantage of the opportunities PSE has to offer to make them stand out among the rest of the competition. The methods in this year’s recruitment strategy focused on print media, social media, word-of-mouth, pass outs, classroom announcements, Mega Fair and Meet the Business Organization night. Traditional forms of external marketing were used along with new innovative ideas such as balloons and business cards.

second round questions were designed to identify how each candidate would fit into PSE and what impact they could make. At the end of the questioning the team also included a sales pitch to see the candidate’s abilities to sell creatively. The extensive process brought the chapter great new members, ones that will lead our organization to great success in the future. This season was successful because of all the dedication from the chapter and the recruitment team. The team included the external manager Jillian Moran, internal manager Alex Malebranche, IT manager Sean Crowe, Graphic Designer Kaleigh Pawar, and team members Kayti Faustini, Neha Tandon, Zach Paul, Nate Creviston, and Laura Palmer. Without them, the recruitment season would not have been possible.

Moving from external responsibilities to internal responsibilities, the team began to develop pillars for which they would like our new members to remember as what defines our chapter. From there, they modeled the questions around identifying those qualities and allow the candidates to expand upon them. The first round questions were also designed to allow the candidates to show who they are, what they’re interested in, and what leadership skills they have and how they’ve used them. The


New Member Project Introduction By: Taylor Darkoch

The business that the new members are working for this semester is Hutster – a start-up by a Gamma Gamma member, Sean Crowe. Hutster is a website that allows students to compare housing options on Miami campus without having to jump back and forth between different realtor’s websites. The 20 new members have been broken up into four teams and will work on:

How to educate Miami students on the website

How to increase sales with realty companies

How to expand to other campus and which campus to target next

New Member Party By: Cole Tyman

This February Gamma Gamma hosted our biannual New Member Party for the newly accepted 20 members. As a change of pace, Gamma Gamma rented out Woody’s One Up Bar and invited all new and general members to stop by for a fun night. The new members highly enjoyed the event, even getting on to the dance floor as a group and doing the YMCA. This year’s theme was Lacrosse and Yoga. Overall it was a great way to welcome the goats to the chapter

The new members will present to Sean and his business partner, managing director of the Miami University Student Venture Fund who has invested in Hutster, and a few executive members of PSE on March 18th.

Welcome New Executive & Director Board By: Allie Engelhart

Congratulations to the new Executive and Director Board who officially took office this month! Good luck on the year to come! President- Kyle Radon Vice President of Marketing- Ryan Boes Vice President of Public Relations- Allie Engelhart Vice President of Finance- Jon Leist Vice President of Personnel- Christine Demane Vice President of Communication- Emma Laura Vice President of Social Responsibility- Sydney Thompson Vice President of Professional Development- Adrian Amrine Vice President of Prospective Members- Taylor Darkoch

Nationals Update By: Taylor Darkoch

The chapter is very excited that the Pi Sigma Epsilon National Conference is just about a month away! They were recently informed that they qualified for every category that they entered in:

Lewis F. Gordon Top Chapter Top Marketing Top Market Research Top Sales Top Public Relations Top Service Top Management Team Top Project Manager – Jack Dahm Whan Challenger – Aaron Nightingale President’s Award for Special Merit – Taylor Darkoch

Director of Market Research- Tori Fitzmartin Director of Advertising and Promotions- Allison Gnaegy Director of Sales- Mark Losching Director of Technology- Collin Moran Director of Membership Activities- Cole Tyman Director of Human Resources- David Beeder Director of Graphic Design- Katie Stewart

Forty-Seven Gamma Gamma members will be traveling to San Diego the first week of April for the National Convention, which includes the category competitions, professional development workshops, networking opportunities, and various programming. The chapter members are looking forward to seeing Gamma Gamma alumni March 23rd for competition practice and then they are all ready to head to San Diego!


February Speakers By: Adrian Amrine

During the month of February, our chapter had the pleasure of bringing in a variety of speakers to enhance the chapter’s experience with professional development. Right around the time of the Spring Internship and Career Exposition, the leadership board felt it was important to bring recruiters to allow members to have a better understanding of what companies are looking for in potential employees. The Chief Marketing Officer of American Greetings, John Beeder, spoke to our chapter and gave his tips to preparing for Spring ICE, what recruiters want to see on resumes, and how to nail interviews! The chapter also hosted a recruiter from Ernst and Young, Kristen Shafer, to give her opinion of what a Big Four company looks for in potential employee at Spring ICE. These two perceptions gave our members a wellrounded view of what to expect for the upcoming Spring ICE!

Our chapter then brought in Coach Rey, Miami University’s head volleyball coach. Coach Rey had an interesting story and business background that could easily relate to members interested in entrepreneurship. Coach Rey talked about his experience with starting his own business, which grew exponentially within the first few years. A twist no one was expecting was that Coach Rey got into some disagreements with Chevron resulting in lawsuits that in turn made him and his company bankrupt. In the moment of hitting rock bottom, Coach Rey returned to his true passion of volleyball and started over. The chapter is rarely given the opportunity to hear faculty speak, but especially faculty with such an interesting background in business. Coach Rey’s story was truly inspirational to all!

Spring ICE Summary By: Adrian Amrine

This year Pi Sigma Epsilon’s Membership Talent Team hosted a Spring Internship and Career Exposition post event. This event was designed to create a more casual atmosphere for company recruiters to get to know our members on a more personal level. This year, we had over twelve companies in attendance! The event was held at a new bar on campus called The Woods, and the team catered in dinner for all of the guests. Everyone enjoyed the fun and relaxed atmosphere while still providing a great networking opportunity for our members!


Cabaret Night Summary By: Sydney Thompson

This year’s Cabaret Night was focused on giving back locally and contributing to philanthropies that make Oxford and Pi Sigma Epsilon great. The Trenton Haack Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Kara Deering Award Fund were both beneficiaries of this year’s $2000 proceeds- 67% increase from last year’s event.

The team, headed by Jack Dahm, joined forces with Stage left, the only student run theatre organization on Miami’s campus, to create awareness for the event as well as compile a highly sought after set list and prizes. In the end, all 9 acts came together to create entertaining night for not only the audience members but the performers as well.


Target Update

By: Christine Demane

This past semester, eight members of the chapter had the privilege of working with Target on an exciting market research project. Target is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They provide high-quality, on-trend merchandise at attractive prices in clean, spacious and guest-friendly stores; however, their website provides a very different experience. The project team was tasked with researching how Target could improve the relationship between its retail stores and online/mobile presence to drive additional sales. The team also made suggestions on what collaborative strategies between its online and offline channels could be implemented to enhance the shopping experience and attract shoppers. The team began by conducting a SWOT analysis of Target’s current situation in the cross-channel environment. They then outlined their plan for market research, starting with focus groups, then moving into surveys, and concluding with eye tracking tests. The first outlet of research the team used was focus groups. Strategic questions were asked to test the reactions to Target’s online and in-store brands. The open environment facilitated an open discussion of what Target needs to improve on. After the focus group stage, the team administered a survey. The goal of the general survey was to acquire multifaceted research regarding online and in-store shopping, more specifically, a frame of the Target brand. The survey begins asking general questions on shopping preferences and then inquires about certain resources that Target offers, such as their kiosks and phone application. Finally, in order to hone our research the team utilized eyetracking software to identify the positive and negative aspects of Targets online presence. The capabilities of this software allowed the team to view the initial responses to webpages so

The Commons Update By: Allison Gnaegy

On January 13, Gamma Gamma began a six-week project with long-time client, The Commons, an off-campus student apartment community. Sung Eon Kim signed on as project manager, supported by team members Kelsey Baesman, Abby Purdum, and Eric Tortorella. The team, in total, distributed over 1,500 fliers and posters and 250 promotional items, from t-shirts to sunglasses and water bottles. Over 4,000 emails were sent directly to students through team member connections and the Miami University Office of Residence Life. The team also established a unique collaboration with Gamma Gamma service events, Cabaret Night and Date Auction. The Executive and Director board will evaluate these connections this spring to determine whether cross-project collaboration is something they would like to pursue in the future. Kim and his team also had a

that we would have a better frame of reference when voicing our recommendations. This unique software supplied valuable data connecting consumers to the Target brand.

Over the course of the project, the project team conducted two focus groups, surveyed 229 people in their target market, and ran eye tracking tests on five students and four professors. Finally, after analyzing the data, they gave a presentation to the client, which included a second SWOT analysis of situation after implantation of recommendation. Congratulations to Danielle Antony, Ariana Bruggen, Tori Fitzmartin, Carley Powell, Sung Eon Kim, Kaitlin Stewart, Melissa Schugel, and Christine DeMane on a job well done this past semester!

presence at a Miami University Varsity Hockey game, where they collected the information of 60 potential clients, as well as on North Quad for an afternoon to distribute promotional materials and food to predominantly second-year, potential lease-signing students. Though the team continued their presence at Date Auction on February 27th, they hit their six-week mark and the completion of the project on February 24, 2013. With a goal of increasing the occupancy rate of The Commons by 15% through their A&P efforts, the team succeeded, reaching a 17% increase in pre-lease signings at 79 leases signed. The team should be very proud of their work, and the client has expressed interest in continuing their partnership with the chapter in the future. 6

Schneider Electric Update By: Allie Engelhart

After four months of hard work from a very impressive team the Schneider Electric project came to a close this month. Project manager, Allie Engelhart, did a great job leading her team to produce superior results for the clients who have asked to contract another project with the chapter. Schneider Electric is a Global Fortune 500 company who is the leader in global energy management. They provide a wide variety of products and services however the Pi Sigma Epsilon team was asked to work specifically with their EVlink charging station team.

behind the campaign, how well it integrated with their corporate culture, and the marketing strategies created to promote the campaign. The campaign’s logistics are currently being worked out and it is set to launch in over 190 countries within the year. Team members Sydney Thompson, Emma Laura, Kyle Reynolds, and Andrew Ripich created a Social Media Marketing Content Plan that assessed four of Schneider Electric’s social media

The overarching goals of the project were to

Conduct research on the electric vehicle market and address major challenges to accessing consumers

Create marketing strategies designed to raise consumer awareness for Schneider’s EVlink charging station

Determine best practices and formulate suggestions in order to leverage social media marketing to promote EVlink; alpha and beta testing of the strategies

The team came up with two deliverables that the client was thrilled with.

pages, provides suggestions for best practices, and explained campaigns that would be useful to implement. All of the work this team did was designed to raise consumer awareness and engagement on the social media platforms. The Social Media Marketing Content Plan is not just being used for the EVlink sector but is serving as the backbone for Schneider Electric’s 2013 Global Marketing Strategy.

Team members Nicole Becker, Zach Paul, Andrea Fiegel and Alex Malebranche worked on creating a philanthropic campaign designed to raise consumer awareness about the EVlink electric vehicle charger. The Schneider representatives loved the mission

The team produced superior work and Allie Engelhart will be competing for the title of Top Project Manager in the Nation at this year’s National Convention for her work on this project! Congratulations Schneider Team!

New HR breakthrough David Beeder

New leadership teams can bring in fresh perspective to old practices and conventions. One of the most exciting developments I am apart of as Director of Human Resources is centered on a developing analytical tool to design, manage, and use our membership data for future forecasts and managerial decisions. The chapter has formerly had a plethora of data from past terms: recruitment contacts, interview scores, project applications, etc. The tool has already been used to help construct interview questions based on the analysis of previously asked questions and their potential relationship with measurable behaviors of members. Because of the gaining size of this tool, our current task is to transfer these tables over to a database management system for better integration of data.

gaining authentic feedback for project managers to use in future leadership scenarios, we have designed a process that enables this to happen. After the completion of the project, the project team, separate from the project manager, will meet with the Director of Human Resources for a candid meeting centered around the leadership style of the project manager. That meeting will gather a general opinion of the team, which is then written up by the Director Human Resources. Upon approval from the team, that opinion is presented to the project manager in a one-on-one exit interview. A third element is a quantitative peer evaluation providing us with metrics to help guide further project decisions. Our next project with developing process is to include the overseeing leadership member in the evaluation. This is a step to further our channels of feedback within the chapter.

An additional project that is taking shape is a newly re-structured project evaluation process. In hopes of both gathering quantitative metrics to integrate into the analytics tool and


Emma’s COG Corner

Congratulations to Taylor for CVP

By: Emma Laura

By: Taylor Darkoch

Hey everyone!

The chapter is kicking it into high gear and fast. At this point in time, Gamma Gamma is already at the top of the National Leader Board with 6100 points. For only being the fourth week of the new Leadership Board’s term, the chapter is headed in the right direction for Gold Status! Hats off to everyone who has contributed to these 5 COGS that have recently been sent in. The chapter has six huge COGS to turn in within the week, as well as the Spring ICE dinner wrap up, Date Auction, CVG, and Campus Menus. I could not be more proud of all the hard work we have put in this month and I cannot wait to see what’s to come.

Taylor Darkoch, a Gamma Gamma Junior and VP of Prospective Members just received the National title of Collegiate Vice President. She will work closely with National Headquarters to act as a liaison between the 70 chapters nationwide and the National Council. She is already working closely with them for the programming of the National Convention in San Diego, CA. Congratulations Taylor!

Fun Fact: Gold Status this year is 36,000 points. We can do this!

January Member of the MonthBy: Allie Engelhart

Jillian Moran was voted January Member of the Month! Jillian was initiated this fall and has done a stellar job as the External Recruitment manager this Spring season. Her work ethic and creativity have both contributed to the overall execution of the recruitment process; PSE is excited to see a superstar rise to the challenge on her very first project. Congratulations Jillian!

President VP of Marketing VP of Finance VP of Personnel VP of Prospective Members VP of Public Relations VP of Social Responsibility VP of Communication VP of Professional Development

Kyle Radon Ryan Boes Jon Leist Chrsitine Demane Taylor Darkoch Allie Engelhart Sydney Thompson Emma Laura Adrian Amrine

Director of A&P Director of Sales Director of Market Research Director of Graphic Design Director of Human Resources Director of Technology Director of Membership Activities

Allison Gnaegy Mark Losching Tori Fitzmartin Katie Stewart David Beeder Collin Moran Cole Tyman

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