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G G Gazette Pi Sigma Epsilon Fall 2012 regionals

On November 2nd-4th, 28 Gamma Gamma members had the opportunity to attend the North Central Regional Conference in Central Michigan. I was happy from the start knowing that we had a great mix of the leadership board, general members, and new members going. Throughout the weekend, we had a packed schedule with the Pro-Am Sell A Thon, Speaker Competition, round tables, and receptions. All the events gave our members the ability to interact with the other chapters to hear about what they are currently working on and share the progress in Gamma Gamma right now. I was so proud to see everyone engaged and that a lot of members were getting involved in the competitions There were some fun outcomes from the weekend in addition to the bonding of our chapter! We were able to

meet with leaders of the Ohio State University chapter and begin brainstorming an alumni event for next Spring. Also, we got to spend time with one of our new alumni advisors, Amy Halpern, who provided great advice on moving forward through the final portion of the semester. (We missed our other advisor, Maggie Byrne!) Overall, the Regional Conference made the Gamma Gamma chapter excited to attend Nationals in the Spring! I know that all our members are working hard to make sure that in April we are able to stand up proud and say that we continued to grow and develop the chapter this past year! By: Chrissy Woodrome


“My favorite part of regionals was getting to hang out with members of Gamma Gamma that I haven’t spent time with yet!” —Lauren Dieck

“My favorite part of regional’s was spending time with all of the Gamma Gamma members. It was fun getting to know everyone!” —Rachel Dawson

“I thought that CCO training was great. I learned about myself as a leader and how I interact with other types of leaders.” —Collin Moran

“My favorite part about regionals was having the chance to work on my first marketing project with PSE members from every school and getting to present to the client...not to mention being on the winning team with 4 other Gamma Gammas!” —Abigail Purdum


cps- In my own words The Corporate Shadowing Partnership Program was designed to help set our members up for success at an earlier age. It was designed to present a vast array of opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to attain. I contracted seven companies who were willing and excited to extend their resources to our chapter and allow us to have our members come on-site and shadow for a three day period. This would lead to a furthered individual development and a means to understand the translation of ones major in the corporate world. The inspiration of the program came from my own career path and how I wished it had been slightly different. I joined the military out of high school and trained for three summers in a row. This meant that I was not able to go out for an internship until my junior year. At this time, I moved to Michigan to start my new job for the summer and realized that it was the very first time that I had been exposed to real world application to my supply chain and operations management major. While I was lucky and had a tremendous experience, there were other parts that I found I could potentially not like. Every major or job pursuit is going to have benefits and drawbacks, however I did not like seeing the drawbacks for the first time when I was about to graduate. As this is bound to happen with almost any job an individual eventually pursues, my goal was to mitigate the risk of being unhappy in one’s career path post-graduation. Thus from this experience, I knew that freshmen and sophomores would need to have more corporate

exposure earlier on in their careers. The age stipulations on internships are often very limiting on what jobs students can obtain, but more importantly what experiences they are not able to draw from. Continually, with this program our members will be able to shadow in the corresponding field of their choice, and will be able to directly visualize their potential impact. I see this program as being a tremendous opportunity to not only understand what academic major is the best fit, but also what kind of “company culture” will be the most advantageous to one’s character and career. I desperately want to make sure that the students who work an incredible amount to set themselves apart (by joining successful organization such as PSE) are afforded experiences such as these. Furthermore, companies are realizing how integral this program is in their progression as well, because business advancement most successfully comes from increased investment in its people. Through this program, I believe we will prove this theory to be unwavering and revolutionary. The underlying goal was to allow our members to create a customized shadowing experience with the company they choose, in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what lies ahead. From this, I strongly believe that our members will be able to draw from more experiences, set themselves apart, and be genuinely “happy” in their careers post-graduation. By: Aaron Nightingale


Target Project Update Through both qualitative and quantitative data, the Target team plans to remedy the divide between online and in store shopping. We will explore four forms of market research: surveys, focus groups, eye tracking, and in store observation. The survey is aimed at gathering quantitative data regarding Target services while our focus groups identify what the Target brand means to consumers. Until 2011, Amazon hosted Target online. Since the break, there have been many issues. Luckily, the Target team is enthusiastic to use eye-tracking software to pinpoint areas of improvement with Target online. This state of the art technology is costly, however, it will provide us with unmatchable data. Lastly, through in store observations, we hope to determine what makes the Target experience so unparalleled.

We expect to find that although Target offers certain resources, their customers are simply unaware. By proving this both statistically and qualitatively, we are positive we can better suggest solutions to Target’s current problems. This project allows Gamma Gamma to gain a keen knowledge of market research. A number of our members interned with Target, and this connection has been invaluable. The team is confident that this project will open the doors to new opportunities with both Target and other market research projects. In exchange for our work, Target has generously offered Gamma Gamma a $6,000 grant to assist in funding our trip to Nationals in San Diego. By: The Target Team

D’Marie Project Update The goal of the D’Marie project is to help brand their company in the best possible way. What the client really wanted was for us to ensure that when customers thought of the Frappe Vino, they thought D’Marie. Since all of their selling occurs at trade shows, the market we are trying to reach is all online through social media. We have created sample posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We’ve also created an email marketing campaign through services like,, and ConstantContact. com. Each team member was responsible for creating a

usable template for D’Marie, including templates for party planning and upcoming trade show locations. Our Director of Technology, Sean Crowe, has also helped us to establish a Google Analytics page so we can start monitoring the traffic that the D’Marie website receives. As soon as Dianna approves the email marketing plan, we will roll out a gorilla marketing campaign to just really get the Frappe Vino name out there on all types of social media. By: Staci Richardson

Course Evaluations Project Update Miami has reached out to PSE this past semester in an effort to help the school in its dedication to improve its quality of education. The team of Allison Gnaegy, Colin Moran, Becca Peets, Maaike Rutter, Blake Wilson and the artistic talants of Andrea Fiegel under the guidance of project manager Charlie Catino have worked to overcome the Miami Professor Evaluations switching to an all-online method. After a dip in participation from last semester’s sample test of online course evaluations, the team aims to reach a level 85% participation. Charlie and his team are implementing various methods both incentive and culture based to encourage this participation. They are securing an array of prizes for a raffle system that will reach out to students per multimedia to announce periodic raffle days during the weeks after Thanksgiving break. Up for grabs will be priority registration, a study room in FSB for the week of exams, a section of seats for a Miami Hockey game, a hockey jersey signed by the team, as well as Uptown prizes and multiple smaller accolades.

The team is putting emphasis on advertising and raising awareness around campus targeting key buildings like Shrive, FSB, and dining halls. The professor evaluations have been given new life in being rebranded as HawkSquawk. With all the new ideas and passion the team has put in, they feel confident the project will be a success. The team wants to stress that while the incentives are important to the students, creating a new culture is the ultimate goal. When asked, project manager Charlie Catino had this to say, “I believe we can make HawkSquawk a part of the Miami experience. Completing course evals will be associated with Miami culture in the same way our fight song or Toasted Tuffy’s are“. Remember to let your voice be heard and keep your eyes open the next few weeks. Please be sure to like and follow the group on facebook. By: Blake Wilson


Gigg Bid Project Update The Gigg Bid project is in full swing. After multiple weeks of setting up the idea of Gigg Bidd and constructing effective Giggs we now have a basic campus knowledge of the site. A large scale email campaign was the initial approach followed by pass-outs of promotional goods such as silly putty and stress balls. These pass-outs coupled with positioning of posters in the majority of campus buildings has brought in a heavy load of new accounts.

We are now moving towards off campus awareness and more public ads such as Facebook and uptown promotions and working on strategies for member retention and constant activity. By: Joe Plecha

Recruitment Defining your future was more than this semester’s recruitment theme; it was a reminder of the essence of PSE for the recruitment team. After a huge recruiting class in the spring, the external team spent the entire summer coming up with new and fresh ways to market to the first and second year students, while balancing their own lives and futures. Even more defining than the recruitment team and it’s incredible work, was that recruitment this semester was the full implementation of the paperless system and it was a huge success! The recruitment committee was able to streamline

the process for both the general members and the candidates by having them upload documents and Kate communicated with the rooms via a live status system. By going paperless, the recruitment team cut paper costs by almost 100% and fit 80 interviews into a three hour time frame! Efficient, sleek, and defining were all pivotal components of another successful class of 28 new Gamma Gammas By: Kate Schumacher.

member of the month

Allie Engelhart Allie has shown herself to be the gift that keeps on giving. Currently she is the project manager for the Schneider project. Her progress report to the exec board left everyone speechless. Through her leadership, the Schneider team is ahead of schedule and has already impressed the client. On top of her project work, Allie has kept busy producing PSE apparel, updating the website, helping with recruitment videos, and attending regionals. She had demonstrated impressive cross-functional leadership and recently announced her candidacy for President and VP of Public Relations. By: Colten Kidwell

KARL’S COG CENTER Miami University: 41,511 points – GOLD status Northern Illinois University: 34,744 points University of Northern Iowa: 31,450 points

Miami University Gamma Gamma is ranked 1st out of all 60 Chapters in the Nation! Projected to exceed 60,000 points for the year!


offers and internships Name: Josh Leon Accepted Offer: Ernst & Young Financial Services Business Analyst (Full time) Name: Becca Peets Accepted Offer: Deloitte Advisory (Intern)

Name: Kyle Radon Accepted Offer: West Monroe Partners Infrastructure Consultant (Intern)

Name: Rachel Dawson Accepted Offer: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (Intern) Name: Kayti Faustini Accepted Offer: Johnson and Johnson Finance Analyst (Intern) Name: Chloe Kerrison Accepted Offer: Abbott (Full time)

Name: Ryan Boes Accepted Offer: Target Corporate (Intern)

Name: Annie Johnson Accepted Offer: Draftfcb Associate Account Manager (Full Time) Name: Matt Huter Accepted Offer: KPMG Advisory (Full time)

Name: Leah Hirsch Accepted Offer: Assistant Buyer Teammate (Full time) Name: Alison Dehncke Accepted Offer: Deloitte Consulting (Full time)

Name: Heather Taylor Accepted Offer: Fifth Third Bank Consumer Leadership Program (Intern)

President VP of Marketing VP of Finance VP of Personnel VP of Prospective Members VP of Public Relations VP of Social Responsibility VP of Communication

Chrissy Woodrome Layne Hazlip Adam Howe Kate Schumacher Nicole Onorato Colten Kidwell Hillary Persons Karl DeBoer

Name: Meg Albright Accepted Offer: Event Coordinator for Red Frog Events (Intern) Name: Nicole Onorato Accepted Offer: Target Corporation (Intern) Name: Hillary Persons Accepted Offer: Deloitte Audit (Intern)

Name: David Beeder Accepted Offer: Johnson & Johnson (Intern)

Name: Adam Howe Accepted Offer: KPMG consultant (Full time)

Name: Carley Powell Accepted Offer: Marathon Petroleum Marketing (Intern) Name: Alexander Malebranche Accepted Offer: Deloitte Audit (Intern)

Name: Michael Haase Accepted Offer: PwC Cincinnati Risk Assurance (Full time) Name: Kate Schumacher Accepted Offer: Target Stores (Intern)

Name: Brent Curtis Accepted Offer: American Axle & Manufacturing (Full time) Name: Natalie Stadelman Accepted Offer: IBM Strategic Outsourcing Sales (Intern) Name: Tyler Black Accepted Offer: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Intern) Name: Danielle Antony Accepted Offer: Target Corporation (Intern)

VP of Professional Development Director of A&P Director of Sales Director of Market Research Director of Graphic Design Director of Human Resources Director of Technology Director of Membership Activities

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GG Gazette Fall 2012  

GG Gazette Fall 2012

GG Gazette Fall 2012  

GG Gazette Fall 2012