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G G Gazette Pi Sigma Epsilon Spring 2012

Welcome New Members!


The New Member Process The Spring Semester of 2012 kicked off with a bang as the Gamma Gamma chapter of PSE recently welcomed 24 New Members! Throughout the 8-week New Member Process, the New Members were exposed to the ins and outs of the Gamma Gamma chapter. This ranged from attending biweekly meetings, experiencing talented speakers, participating in social events, and working on the New Member Project. The New Member process began with Welcome Day, an event in which the New Members were invited to join the rest of the chapter for an evening in FSB in order to get to meet their new “brothers”.  The process continued with New Member Meetings that were held after GBMs. This is where the New Members learned the history of PSE, received professional development, and learned about the leadership board of our chapter. Some presentations that were created for the New Members include “Business Dress: Dos and Don’ts”, and “How to Give a Good Handshake”. The New Members achieved a 100% passage rate on the New Member Exam. 

The most influential piece of the New Member Process was the completion of the New Member Project. The New Member Project for this semester was creating a marketing plan to increase sales for Footsteps Dancewear, a dance retail store located in Northeast Ohio. Barbara Darkoch, owner of Footsteps, delivered the charge to the New Members as soon as they were welcomed into the chapter, and then the work began! The New Members were split up into 5 teams. Finally, Barbara Darkoch returned to Miami University to hear the presentations on Footsteps. All of the groups did a fantastic job as Barbara is eager to work with PSE again! However, special congratulations go out to Connor Kohlenberg, Caitlin McCoy, Alex Malebranche, Eric Tortorella, and Andrea Fiegel for being selected as the winner of the Spring 2012 New Member Project! The New Members were initiated into the Gamma Gamma Chapter on April 16th, and are now full PSE Members! 

“Footsteps Dancewear hired PSE-Gamma Gamma at Miami to work on strategies for future growth for this dancewear specialty retailer located in Northeast Ohio. Footsteps Dancewear was so impressed with the highly engaging group of new members during their first meeting that Footsteps offered to double their financial commitment to PSE! Upon completion and presentation of each of the (5) group’s strategies for growth, the most difficult task was to select the #1 group. Each group presenting their ideas has something that will most likely be implemented at Footsteps within the next 3-12 months. We are also looking at the possibility of hiring some of these members of PSE for summer positions at Footsteps to help implement various ideas/plans. I would recommend this outstanding group to any business seeking assistance in strategizing for the future. I look forward to future business opportunities with PSE.” -Barbara Darkoch, President Foosteps Dancewear, Inc.


Global Games On Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Gamma Gamma partnered with the Global Business Brigades to create the first ever Global Games. The eventful evening was modeled off of the Hunger Games and included challenges influenced by destinations all around the world. Contestants were drawn from the reaping bowl and then competed in various challenges such as a wing eating contest, a frozen t-shirt race, a tower building competition, and more. The Global Games raised money for another organization here at Miami called the Global Business Brigades and they will use the proceeds to fund their members’ trips to Panama.

Project Manager Staci Richardson said, “I’m really happy with the success of the individual challenges, I hope that in future The Global Games gets more popular and attracts even more attendees! Also, the GBB team was spectacular, and I loved working with PSE’s new members!” Gamma Gamma enjoyed working with another business organization and looks forward maintaining a close relationship with the Global Business Brigades!

“I’m really happy with the success of the individual challenges, I hope that in future The Global Games gets more popular and attracts even more attendees! Also, the GBB team was spectacular, and I loved working with PSE’s new members!”


Phoenix Golf Links Gamma Gamma’s Phoenix Golf Links project recently concluded after the team pitched their ideas to the golf course owner, Joe Engelhart. The project was facilitated by the Director of Advertising & Promotions, Ryan Boes, and included research on redesigning the logo, techniques to improve the website, social media outlets, direct sales promotions, and facets for advertising. Project Manager Evan Remmy was proud of his team, which included Brain Oatway, Maaike Rutter, Emma Laura, Kyle Reynolds, and graphic designer Katie Scott. Remmy summarized the project saying, “The Phoenix Golf Links project team was able to effectively use their collective strengths to help the client move towards their goals by providing them with the best possible advertising and promotional recommendations. Accomplishing these goals in the time frame of about one month made our services all the more valued and our recommendations could be put to use immediately. Our team was able to see what it takes to have a successful A&P campaign by actually putting one together; which is something that only PSE provides to its members.” The client was very pleased with the project team’s presentation and plans on utilizing most of the advice. Joe Engelhart states, “The management of The Phoenix Golf Links was very impressed with the level of due diligence conducted by the PSE team and with the creative ideas they presented. Their research focused

on the development of new and strategic sales and marketing approaches for the golf course. We thought the breadth of their work addressed all areas of our historical marketing plan. The team proposed some very innovative concepts especially in the area of social media.  We look forward to furthering our collaboration with the PSE team with the expectations that a number of their recommendations are implemented soon.”

“The management of The Phoenix Golf Links was very impressed with the level of due diligence conducted by the PSE team and with the creative ideas they presented.” The pitch to the client was delivered with excellence and the team is following up with the client by working on the logo, researching Google’s advertising services, learning more about Clear Channel advertising options, and locating additional businesses that produce signage. Gamma Gamma enjoyed working on this unique project and plans to maintain a relationship with The Phoenix Golf Links to track the course’s success and continue to assist them.

KidsFest Gamma Gamma volunteered at KidsFest on Saturday, April 21st as one of our many philanthropic activities. KidsFest was sponsored by Miami University’s Campus Activities Counsel and kids from all over the community were able to come to the University to play. Gamma Gamma members split into three shifts of six people and entertained little kids, talked to their parents, painted faces, cleaned out water cups and brushes, and took pictures. Carley Powell said, “It’s the best thing to see something as little as painting a flower on a girl’s face completely make her day. I remember she literally could not stop jumping long enough for us to finish the flower.  It’s happiness like that that reminds you how precious the little things are in life -- it’s why PSE gives back.”


Karen Wellington Foundation PSE was honored to have Kent Wellington and his son Robbie share the story of their beloved wife and mother, Karen Wellington. Gamma Gamma raised over $3,200 at our annual date auction and today presented Mr. Wellington with a check. The proceeds will go to providing breast cancer patients, like Karen, and their families with the ability to go on vacations and receive spa treatments. In essence the Karen Wellington Foundation focuses on providing fun filled memories to these families, memories that will last forever. If you know a family that is fighting breast cancer log on to and recommend them for a vacation!

Relay For Life For the second year in a row, Gamma Gamma put together a Relay for Life team to support the American Cancer Society. The team raised $675 in donations through individual fundraising and selling lemonade at the event. Gamma Gamma members bonded for 18 hours as they walked the track of Millet, participated in event games and celebrated the cause. Overall, the event was a great success and a wonderful experience for PSE to partake in.


Member of the Month - March: Brittany Young It was a clear choice for this month’s featured member. Brittany had the near impossible task of planning and coordinating 41 members that went to national convention. She went way above and beyond, allowing Gamma Gamma members to know exactly what to expect going into nationals. We couldn’t have done it without you. Congratulations, Brittany!

Member of the Month - April: Allie Engelhart Talk about impressive—this general member has shown everybody up this semester! When she wasn’t fulfilling her duties on Recruitment Committee, Welcome Day Committee, PR committee, Cabaret Night, Spring Ice Dinner as PM, the Rockfish project, Quiz Bowl, and personally raking in over 1,000 COG points, Allie Engelhart has worked extensively with VP of PR Colten Kidwell to conduct a PSE Gamma Gamma brand study here on campus. Working with Dr. McCarthy, Allie helped create the survey for the study by using word association questionnaires. Without Allie’s help, this study would not have been completed by the end of the semester. Furthermore, Allie took her role on the PR committee to an even higher level by providing comprehensive, unprecedented coverage of the New Member Project. Check out the new “New Member” tab on the website to see all of her hard work. If this isn’t a future PSE leader, then they just don’t exist.


A Letter from the President Hi Everyone! As the year comes to a close, I could not be more proud of the accomplishments of the past semester. From the success at Nationals, to the projects completed, to the participation of the chapter, there is no doubt that Gamma Gamma is thriving! While I could talk on it all day long, the seniors said it best during their traditional sendoff meeting, “the great things that are being accomplished could not happen without the help of each wonderful member of Gamma Gamma”. I have experienced this every day of my term so far and appreciate it more than anything. That is not only speaking to the membership currently, but also the dedicated and supportive alumni! I am sad to see the seniors graduate, who have been hard working leaders and dedicated the past 3-4 years to advancing the chapter, but I know that there is an incredibly strong group of young members who will push the chapter to new heights in the years to come as well. One of the greatest things about this semester has been the valuable projects that have been acquired, the enthusiasm of the members to be a part of the team, and the success that each project team has experienced. Throughout the semester, we have had 18 projects and committees with 151 member applications, showing an increase of 64% from last semester!

President VP of Marketing VP of Finance VP of Personnel VP of Prospective Members VP of Public Relations VP of Social Responsibility VP of Communication VP of Professional Development

Chrissy Woodrome Layne Hazlip Adam Howe Kate Schumacher Nicole Onorato Colten Kidwell Hillary Persons Karl DeBoer Aaron Nightingale

Moving forward, the leadership team is excited for the things to come in the fall! There is no doubt that we will be planning diligently over the summer to ensure opportunities are lined up. I know that the motivation will not be lost and the dedication will continue to grow in the upcoming months, leading to a wonderful semester ahead and another successful time at National Convention!

“We have had 18 projects and committees with 151 member applications, showing an increase of 64% from last semester” If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas for the Fall Semester, please feel free to reach out to me over the summer. I love to hear from each of you! Best, Chrissy

Director of A&P Director of Sales Director of Market Research Director of Graphic Design Director of Human Resources Director of Technology Director of Membership Activities

Ryan Boes Danny VanWinkle Adrian Amrine Molly Stiebler Taylor Darkoch Sean Crowe Mary Laskovski

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GG Gazette Spring 2012 second issue

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