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Volume 02 Architectural Portfolio


Autobiography Munther Al Qutob, born in Amman, graduated from the University of Jordan, with a Bachelor degree of Architecture in 2018. While obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, he interned at several firms in Amman, gaining practical, technical and conceptual experience. After a brief internships he devoted himself for his graduation thesis research ‘The new Jordanian parliament of 2052’ reshaping the entire Jordanian parliamentary system in a social interactive and sustainable space. His whole story began when his aunt, who lives in Jerusalem, got him a Lego box in her visit to Amman in the summer vacation before his primary school. From that day he began to build his dreams block by block in different shapes and colors to achieve his goals. Emphasizing his talents and capabilities, Munther continuously focuses on his personal self-growth and self-development to satisfy his ambition, and is always in search for a deeper understanding of the conceptual design approach. As he is seeking for architectural knowledge in all mediums, he developed his skills in 3D architectural visualizing, BIM, Photoshop, AutoCAD and other softwares.


Curriculum Vitae


Statement Fresh graduate, seeking to initiate a productive post in a progressive architectural institution, where I can utilize my architectural obsession and create a milestone in my career as an architect with a rich experience and extensive knowledge by engaging with a creative and ambitious team of architects.

Work Experience Aug.2017 Engicon, Amman. intern architect - 1 month. May.2017 Omrania, Amman. intern architect - 2 months. June.2016 Engineering office University of Jordan, Amman. intern architect - 2 months.


Munther F. Al Qutob Curriculum Vitae

Bachelor of Architecture Engineering. The University of Jordan, Amman. GPA: 3.72/4.00 Excellent General Secondery Cetification College De La Salle - Frères, Amman, Jordan.

Scholarships May.2017 International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience ( IAESTE 2017) / Tunisia Internship. May.2016 Architectural Association School of Architecture visiting School ( AAVSJ Natural Extremities 2016 )

Workshops Contact Information Mobile number: E-mail: Home Address:

+ 00 962 79 9 259 741 8, Baskara street, Dahiet AlRasheed, Amman (Jordan).

Linkedin: muntherqutob Skype: Behance: muntherqutob Issuu: muntherqutob

Oct.2017 Urban Resilience Design by Design University (RBD_U) in collaboration with Amman design week, Amman, Jordan.

Softwares Autodesk AutoCAD Autodesk Revit Autodesk Fusion Autodesk 3ds Max Google Sketchup V-Ray for SketchUp

Abobe Photoshop Abobe Indesign Adobe Illustrator Microsoft Office Cloud Rendering

Communication Skills

Other Skills

Arabic Language English Language French Language Freehand Sketching Manual Rendering Maquette Making Photos Editing

Problem Solving Researching Collaboration Presentations Google Mapping Theoretical Thinking Conceptual Thinking

References Dr. Deyala Al Tarawneh

Jalal Al Sa’di

Majed Shamieh

Assistant Director at University of Jordan

Head of Department at Omrania

Architect at Engicon



Contents This portfolio contains selected academic projects.

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Space four Graduation project Individual work Dec.2017 Evaluation mark: A

Syrian children refugees village Design 7 Group work May.2017 Evaluation mark: A

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Perma twin towers Design 6 in collaboration with Hayel Al Zawahreh Dec.2016 Evaluation mark: A

Ager hotel Design 5 in collaboration with Hayel Al Zawahreh Aug.2016 Evaluation mark: A

Cyprus embassy Design 4 in collaboration with Madlain Yaghnam May.2016 Evaluation mark: A

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Stage 2 fitness center Design 3 individual work Nov.2015 Evaluation mark: A

University of Jordan creative center Design 3 in collaboration with Sari AlQawasmeh Dec.2015 Evaluation mark: A

The green stations Landscape Group work Dec.2016 Evaluation mark: A

The Jordanian New Parliament Of Twenty Fifty Two ‘’ Space Four ‘’ is the place where we go back to the original authority of democracy as the Nation’s is the source of authority and the root of any democratic process after many shortcomings and lack of confidence in the legislative authority in Jordan. Istead of the system that is based on elections, representation and tribes values, the project aims to encourage citizens from different ages to participate in the parliamentary decision-making process. that would reshape the entire parliamentary system and at the same time making a social interactive and sustainable space to enrich AlAbdali and Jabal AlHussain districts. Graduation Project Supervised by: Dr Deyala Tarawneh, Dr Wa’el Al-Azhari


Space Four



‘’ SPACE FOUR ‘’ is a place of interaction between people and people on one side, people and the government on the other side. A reverse parliamentary functions, Instead of parliamentary system based on selective people who can make laws and discuse issues. Where Citizens can Learn, Discuss and Debate. The Question is who is the real citizen of the city? Me and you, or the MP’s?


The nation means the people who live in the past (The house of senates), who live in the present (The house of representatives), and will live in the future (Which is Missing).

There is lack of communication between:

People \ People

- - -

People \ Government

Government \ Government

Weakness of political parties 50 political parties, Fifth of the seats. Voting according to tribal affiliations. Voting according to tribal and family lines.

Every Jordanian who has attained eighteen years has the right to vote members of the House of Representatives. The candidate for the Chamber of Deputies membership must have completed thirty years of age on the day of voting. Before these ages, they do not have enough political life knowledge to participate in the political decision-making, so the election and candidacy will based on tribalism.

Space Four


SITE SELECTION As a geographical location laying in the valley between Jabal AL Hussein and Jabal Al Weibdeh, the site is easily accessible since it is located in Wadi Al Salt which it was used as a transportation hub between 1960s - 2015s. Wadi AlSalt city axis is the edge between two main districts with two main different identities. between Jabal AlHussain and the new ALAbdali project between old and new as an Equal Space.

Arjan A



Jabal AlHussain

Jabal AlWaibdi


Jabal The New Central AlWeibdeh Business in Al Abdali

Dakhlieh Circle




Palace of Justice



A rich void hovering between the two mountains, contemplating their strong settlements. This void is being constantly readapted and reused by different kinds of users; dwellers, drivers, sellers, employees, passengers, students, ..etc, brought into existence hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, travel agencies, later airways offices, banks, ..etc. Unfolding different urban stories, becoming more of a gate way to the downtown, marking the mountains and linking west of Amman to the east

Jabal AlHussain

AlDakhlieh Square

Finanical / Health District Economic District


Authorities District

Religious Authorities

Transportation Hub

Ministry of Education

King Faisal Sqaure

Space Four


The concept of the fourth estate is in essence the press as a watchdog on other powerful institutions or “estates�. The new Parliament Building is situated on a cliff, originally a primeval forest of Cypress trees. The site which was formerly the location of a AlMaa’sher Hospital, overlooks the Jordanian parliament.

A 2007, two triangular shape masses with a central courtyard at the western.

2008, the hospital was demolished, the only remaining mass was the garage at the north western corner.

Turned to a parking for the ministry of religious endowments. A stairs at the eastern part of the lot was built to make an access to the parking for the buildings on that side.

After one year they closed the parking and the lot turned to an abandoned Place. Now they returned it to a cars parking for greater Amman municipality Building.



The Site is bounded by king AlHussain Street to the south separating the buildings of Parliament valley from Jabal AlHussain, the Aqraba street to the east, ARazi Street to the north. The area of the plot A: 19.000m2 , and the area of the plot B: 11.000m2, with total area of 30.000m2, with a slope of 20 meters.


Space Four


MEMORY OF PLACE.... MEMORY OF PEOPLE, Memory of physical communication and the communication between government and people as they are the source of authority. In the past, The site was where Muashir hospital was in the past. muashir hospital was opened in 1964. by his majestrey king Hussain . the hospital was demolished in 2008. It has the spirit of Ammani’s first building, with a lot of stories behind it’s walls. someone was born here while other lost their souls here. The question is What does the local area needs ?

Flow of people from Jabal AlWeibdeh and Jabal AlHussain Nature vs. man made features gave AlAbdali a significant uniqueness terracing down stairways. As a place to connect and communicate. A rich void with different variation of users and urban stories.

It’s a space sculpted by the motion of the people. Stair ways climbing up the mountain, in opposition to cuts of light between the man made and the natural, reaching the valley in a very AMMAN MORPHOLOGY rhythmic way.

WADI ALSALT Has too many buildings for poor and low income people in contrast with the new economic district of Amman. The Central Business District of Amman is an Urban redevelopment in Al-Abdali that strives to make Amman a business, commercial and residential hub in the Middle East. People Said that they would prefer if they created a new park similar to the King Hussein Park intead of AlAbdali project. The major direct beneficiaries of AlAbdali project fall into two main groups: - Project’s owners or investors. - ‘Elite’ residents and tenants of the new space.

Space Four


DYSTOPIA A Dystopia is a world in which nothing is perfect. The problems that plague our world are often even more extreme in Dystopias. Dystopias have characteristics such as these: - Usually a controlling, oppressive government or no government. - Either extreme poverty for everyone or a huge income gap between the richest characters and the poorest characters. - Propaganda controlling people’s minds. - Freethinking and independent thought is banned.



A dystopian novel published in 1949 by English author George Orwell. When George Orwell wrote 1984, the year that gives the book its title was still almost 40 years in the future. Some of the things Orwell imagined that would come to pass were the telescreen, a TV that observes those who are watching it, and a world consisting of three megastates rather than hundreds of countries.

Is a 1996 novel by Jeffrey Archer. It chronicles the lives of two media barons, Richard Armstrong and Keith Townsend, from their starkly contrasting childhoods to their ultimate battle to build the world’s biggest media empire The book is based on two real life media barons – Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch,who fought to control the newspaper market in Britain.

PROPAGANDA The media is used to persuade society into believing calculated information, the government is in control, and the people are not allowed to think, learn, or express emotions.

KYNICAL ARCHITECTURE The towers deliver an explicit message of datum and order. Visible from any point in the city, the towers exploit the potential of architecture as iconography. They are archetypes of power. Perfectly identical , ideal geometries stripped of any intention other than their form, unconscious of the power that lies within them they were led to the source.









2+2= 4




Objective Subjective




Politically inexpedient truth

DOUBLE THINKING The ability to simultaneously hold two opposing ideas in one’s mind and believe in them both (change the way of thinking), false dogma that one may be required to believe, Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. “Two plus two equals five” as a fact, if everybody believes it, does that make it true?


Space Four

14 1. The jordanian parliament 2. Staff parking 3. VIP parking 4. MP’s plaza 5. Drop off 6. Agora 7. Plaza 8. Tunnel 9. Muesum 10. Parliamentary gallery 11. Media release 12. Media headquarters 13. Protests grounds

2 3 4



7 8

10 11 12

13 1 13


Space Four


THE FOUR TRANSITIONAL SPACES: “Transitional space is the space of play and creativity — where our culture is created, where love can grow, where teaching and learning take place, where art is made, and where culture is created.” -Donald Winnicott English Psychoanalyst Transitional Spaces are in between spaces where people normally won’t stay. They make a relation between the viewers and the space and the formulation of space and its design. By bringing in interactive installations, people could get a glimpse of the future and appreciate more about the space. They could bring delight to people and also ignite dialogue between the space and the viewer. Multiple Communication Configurations: One-to-one One-to-many



- AGORA The literal meaning of the word Agora is “gathering place” or “assembly”. Citizens were gather in the agora to hear statements of the members of parliament, candidates debates and councils speach. It is the relation between the building and the ground where MP’s and people discuss subjects and speak politics in public in a ‘one to many’ way of communication.

- RAMP STAIRS The idea of blending ramps and stairs together appears, on the surface, to be a great approach to universal design. It provides for stunning visually appealing stairs while including a zig-zagged ramp to access the building having a different perspective on the design. It is the relation between the building and the nature where people communicate in a ‘one to one’ way of communication.

- MEDIA / PUBLIC GARDEN The site was the location of AlMaa’sher Hospital, where there is a lot of Cypress trees. Using these trees to provide a public garden between the building and Wadi Alsalt Valley as a social product where mass media and people connect with each other in a ‘many to many’ way of communication.

- PLAZA The plot B is the location facing the Jordanian parliament where citizens nowadays protests. Two separate masses is generated one for the media headquarters and the other is for the media release. These two masses is generated from ‘The Fourth Estate’ novel. It is the relation between the building and the sail of Amman where people can express with the government in a many to one way of communication.

Space Four


TYPES OF USERS : There is multiply types of users since the location is on one of the main city axes

Citizenship Public Access Protesters Supporters Opponents

Member Semi-Public Access Staff Learners Journalists Media influencers School students

Parliamental body Public Access Senators Representatives

Governmental body Private Access Representatives of ministries Mayors Governorate councils Local councils

Space Four



The Four Ministries of Oceania ‘Ministries as a Metaphor’ :

Big Brother









Ministry of Love

Ministry of Peace

Ministry of Plenty

Ministry of Truth

(Law and Order)




Library Parliament Hall Conference Room

Learn: Virtual Elections Process Discuss: Classrooms Debate: Debate Rooms

Staff Workspaces

Reception Exibition Area

Tracing Fucntions Adminstraion MP’s




Floor Plan +880

Space Four

Space Four



Floor Plan +875

Floor Plan +885

Space Four

Space Four

Cut Level 875.00+ Public Access Members Only Debate Adminstration Circulation Services

Cut Level 880.00+ Public Access Members Only Learn Adminstration Circulation Services

Cut Level 885.00+ Public Access Members Only Discuss Adminstration Circulation Services


Space Four


The Hill Top

Hill / Wound


City Axis Street Plaza City Axis Street


62 40

21 16 21 8 21 16 21 8 21 30 12 Proportions


Space Four


‘SPACE FOUR’ ENTRY ‘Space Four’ has three entrances with plazas in front of them, two of them is for the public use and the third one is for the MP’s usage. the users can approach the main entrance from the upper street level 880+ on the same level of the MP’s Parking and entrance.

00 Generic Mass

01 Mass Deformation 02 Regenerating Mass 03 Leveling

04 Adding Floors

05 Adding Walls

06 Adding Sky Lights 07 Installing Columns 08 Specific Mass

09 Add Circulation Mass

Space Four


00 Site Plan

01 Outlines

02 Grading

03 Extrude

the program

04 Leveling

05 Circulation Spacing

VIRTUAL VOTING HALL The fully developed ability to say No is also the only valid background for Yes, and only through both does real freedom [begin] to take form.

Space Four


06 Users


07 Axes


08 Site


09 Bridging

10 Installing

Transitional Spaces

11 Installing Bridges/ Tunnel

Space Four





Space Four


Space Four

Sky Light

‘Space Four’ politics mass is divded into nine spaces as a result of the intersection between three horizontal factors (discuss, learn and debate) and three vertical factors (voting, counting and debating). The three vertical spaces have skylights to let the light in.

Sky Light


Sky Light


Discuss Learn Debate

Actual Virtual

Vote Count Results

Sky Light

Sky Light

Sky Light

‘Space Four’ is divided into four main zones according to their privacy. The public Zone where reception and exibition areas. The semi-public zone where the people can learn (Virtual elections process), discuss (Classrooms) and debate (Debate rooms). The semi-private zone where the library, virtual parliament hall and confrence room is located. The private zone where is the adminstration.

Sky Light


Sky Light

Big Brother

Actual Virtual

Space Four


VIRTUAL PARLIAMENT HALL At the end of this virtual electoral process journey, the virtual parliament hall is located in the space of law. Where the virtual elected House of Representatives makes their meetings. The hall has a view on the agora where citizens listening to the candidates debates. Big Brother




Truth Public Entrance

MP’s Entrance


Public Garden



Syrian Children Refugees Village Design 7 group project Supervised by: Dr Nabeel Al Kurdi

Syrian Children Refugees Village


The “Lost Generation” was the generation that came of age during World War I. Nowadays we risk a lost generation of ambitious and talented Syrian childrens from which Syrian society may never be benefit from them in the future.

Their future

The war

Before the war

Story Timeline


The Syrian refugee’s children village is located on the southwest of AlZa’atary camp for Syrian refugee’s in AlMafraq/Jordan with a total approximate area of 100 dunum designed on the concept of ‘flexible urban space’. Flexible urban space is using the same space for more than one to determine the proposed uses in the future after the Syrian return back to their homeland.




Play Grounds

Adjusting for change




The feel of improvement





Syrian Children Refugees Village


43 3


22 3

Approach From AlZarqaa street From AlZa’atary village From nearby farms

AlMafraq city located 80 km to the north of Amman on the crossroad to Syria in the north and Iraq in the east. Number of schools in AlMafraq – 21 schools

Boundary and Legislation


Area of the site: 100,000m Street width: 8m Legislation: Agricultural Setbacks: 15m from all sides

Lowest point 653.00+, Highest Point 661.00+ 2% slope


Al al-Bayt University, often abbreviated (AABU), is one of the public universities in Jordan. It is located on the outskirts of the city of Mafraq, 65 Kilometers to the north-east (about 45 minutes drive) of the capital Amman.

Mafraq Air Base (OMF)/ King Hussein Air College, is an air base 3 kilometres of the city of Mafraq city.

Ruins of Umm al-Jimal is a village in Northern Jordan approximately 17 kilometers east of Mafraq.

King Hussein air base AlMafraq

AlBaytt university

Um Umm el-Jimal

Al Za’atari Village

The Gulf for cables

Al Za’atari Refugee Camp The Location

Al Thurayaia slaughterhouse

Syrian Children Refugees Village



Existing Buildings

INCULDE 3 MAIN LAYERS CATERGORIES Welcoming area Administration Therapy and cultural Therapy corridor

Economic corridor Public area Educational corridor Educational area

Residential and entertainment Sport courts Playground

DESIGN THINKING AND CONSIDERATIONS - Minimize the number of vehicles on the roads, and maximum the number of pedestrian sidewalks.

- Connecting the highest slope to the lowest slope by creating a path varies in width.

- The idea of boulevards, we created three commercial, cultural and health boulevards.

- A place of interaction between people by creating plazas and social spaces.

- To develop of the circulation and communication between the different layers.

- A service road acts like a ring road around the site

Green Spaces

Streets & Parkings

Project Categories

Project Furniture

AlZa’atary village has 12000 inhabitants suffering from poverty. The village has 3000 Syrian refugees working there. AlZa’atary camp for hosting Syrian refugees is located 10km east of AlMafraq city opened in 2012. number of schools in the camp- 6 schools. Number of refugees in the camp 80,000. The camp stop receiving the refugees in the year 2015.


Syrian Children Refugees Village

TEMPORARY USE The village has been designed as a temporary solution, serving the refugee children in ALZa’atari camp during the Syrian Arab crisis. It acts like a small town has all the missing facilities for the Syrian refugee’s children to reduce the gap made by the war. Firstly children arrive to the welcome zone in which they registered in, and then they get observed at the playground. After that we can choose their direction as education, therapy, etc. The relation between vertical and horizontal elements / the masses heights with the direction and the width of the path achieve the aim of the design to let the movement of children’s discovers the different zones of the project.

Syrian Children Refugees Village


FUTURE USE At the end of the Syrian Arab crisis when the refugees will return back to their homeland, the village master plan was designed to redistribute the uses of the buildings to serve the local community in AlMafraq city specifically the residents of Zaatari village


PERMA Twin Towers Design 6 in collaboration with Hayel Al Zawahreh Supervised by: Arch. Dania Abdel Aziz

PERMA Twin Towers



MARTIN SELIGMAN PERMA theory - The father of positive psychology: Fulfillment each orientation leads to life satisfaction.


The world database of happiness No. Country rate 1 Costa rica 8.5 72 Jordan 6.2 159 Tanzania 2.5

P: POSITIVE EMOTION PERMA twin towers is located in Wadi Abdoun, surrounded by three streets: princess Basma street, wadi Abdoun street, AlRawabi street. with approximate area of 7000m2. The site was where the stopped project limitless towers located.

Life of pleasure: Max. Positive emotions Min. Negative emotions

E: ENGAGEMENT Deep/ effortless involvement To know and identify your strength and deeply characteristic yourself

DR.SANA’ ABDO Zero badget happiness theory


Jabal Amman


M: MEANING Individual leading a life of meaning belongs to and serves something that is bigger than yourself.


The site is located between 3 different districts Abdoun, Jabal Alakhdar and Jabal Amman,

- I am searching for happiness! - You will never get a sudden happiness you need to train to get it. - Someone who is pessimistic and unhappy is dangerous than someone who has flu! - Happiness is energy. - Happiness last for ages.

Positive relationships leads to a powerful motive because it plays a role in support the other four componants of well-being Theorey. Family Community Religion Country Ideas



Win/success/ achievement in endgoals.

What is happiness?

Three different cultural background, three different cultural contexts and three different ways of living. Abdoun is where a lot of modern villas, palaces and embassies is located in Amman. Jabal alakhdar is where the middle class people settled, while Jabal Amman is where first Ammani villas built.

Everyone of us have more than 50 things to make him the most miserable person on the planet We have a brain: we can see the worst in different points of view, and change the worst to the best, sadness to happiness.

The power of now FUTURE

We need happy and optimistic people to reach our goals and targets, and to say no stop for whom is saying we will never be or we will never reach our goals. To create the power of free happiness in our Jordan.


The amount of happiness in these three districts differs from one to another. As an example If you give a football to a kid in Jabal alakhdar he will feel happy. On the other hand if you give the same football for whom is living in Abdoun they may not feel the same way as the kid in Jabal Alakhdar because they need something more than a football maybe a computer or a PlayStation.

There are four major chemicals in the brain that influence our happiness: - Dopamine - Oxytocin - Serotonin - Endorphins

- We need to train our bodies to keep producing these chemicals - We need to know how these chemicals work. - We need to know how these chemicals effect on our bodies. - We need to know how we can produce these chemicals.


39 The development is a twin tower complex minimalist in its simplicity and geometry. Two towers one with 65m high and the other 100m high, slope 14m away from one another to the east and west, lattice steel and steel fabric elevations gives the development a very unique composition the first of its kind in Amman. PERMA Towers encompasses will be built on a plot 9233 m2. The project includes a total of 30 residential apartments, 40 hotel rooms and 5 suites. The development includes main plaza on the roof top of the 4 floors podium for commercial use. A separate panoramic sky-bridge, providing a walkway between the towers.

PERMA Twin Towers




PERMA is a landmark project located in a prominent location at the intersection of Princess Basma and Prince Ali Streets in Wadi Abdoun in Amman.


PERMA towers connecting three contexts by three pedestrian bridges to let an access to the twin towers. The bridges leads to the podium roof top. 1. Drop off 2. Parking entrance 3. Brigde connection to Jabal AlAkhdar 4. Brigde connection to Jabal Amman 5. Brigde connection to Abdoun 6. PERMA tower 7. PERMA tower vertical circulation 8. Pedestrian stairs 9. Ministry of happiness tower 10. Podium entrance 11. Connecting bridge 2



9 11


6 8 5



Happiness is a life path. I am not working to reach happiness, during I am working I feel happy until i reach my goal. The power of no! People say no for our goals and dreams, we created TEDx people community to tell their success stories. You need the power to start? Relationships is the key, everyone has strength that others haven’t, making people strengths completing each other will make people achieve their goals. The happy lab has Research rooms, Library and research labs, where we can do experiments on the major chemicals in the brain that influence our happiness. A GOAL mean a hope in life, a way to achieve anothor goals. If you ask any house woman what is your goals? She has the power on her kids, without creating a goal to achieve for her! Your goal is to be the first Jordanian on the moon, you need to be fit enough to do that.

PERMA Twin Towers


Exposed stone: Reflecting mountains that unite Amman’s identity




Operation A : Grid Generation Operation C : Geometry manipulation




Operation B : Virtual Folding Operation D : Structural evaluation


A detail showing the connection of the facade mesh that represents the three districts as a column, mesh and the supporter. 1: Jabal Al Akhdar ( Traditional side of Amman ) 2: Jabal Amman ( Link between two sides of our site context ) 3: Abdoun ( The modern side of Amman )

01- Cut in site

02- Structural columns

03- Podium mass

04- Adding floors

05- Vertical and horizontal circulation

PERMA Twin Towers




PERMA Twin Towers

POWER OF NOW GALLERY AND OXYGEN CONCEPT ROOM To make someone feel ‘’ the now ‘’ you must change the atmosphere of his surrounding. Our site has a cut deep in it, left by the unfinished Sanaya Amman twin towers. When we was in the site we felt a strange smell and a different atmosphere when we go down there in the cut. We asked the local residents they answered that they discoverd a water spring when they were digging the site, and after weeds and shrubs plants appeared acting like safanas forests. The amount of oxygen increased in the air by these plants and that was the air we breathed and we felt it.



PERMA Twin Towers

PERMA Twin Towers


East elevation

The bridge connection to Jabal AlAkhdar and Jabal Amman

West elevation

PERMA Twin Towers


Floor Plan +0.00

Section A-A

Section B-B

PERMA Twin Towers


Floor Plan +10.00

South elevation

North elevation


Floor Plan +14.00

Floor Plan +26.00

PERMA Twin Towers

PERMA Twin Towers

Floor Plan +46.00

Floor Plan +78.00




Design 5 in collaboration with Hayel Al Zawahreh Supervised by: Prof. Samer Abu Gazaleh Dr. Khaled Al Omari

Ager Hotel


The site is located in Jerash located 48 km north of the capital city of Amman. The site has a slope of 10 meters and an area of 10,000 meters square. ‘AGER’ it is a Latin word means ‘The Farm’.

Site approach

Site boundaries with approximate area of 10,000 meters square.

We can extended the hotel vertically since the hotel program is larger than the area of the site. The number of tourists who visited the ancient city of Jerash reached 214,000 during 2005. The Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts is an annual celebration of Arabic and international culture during the summer months. The project aims to serve Jerash historical city visitors since there is no enough hotels in Jerash area, and to create new job opportunities for the local people.

On the opposite side of the ancient ruins of Jerash, on a mountain over looking jarsh roman ruins in the east. Tourists enjoy the view of the modern hotel from Jarash ruins. making a way for advertising the hotel.

Jerash visitors go through three stages the ancient city of Jerash then Jerash city and then they will arrive to Ager hotel.

54 AGER Hotel Jerash is a 4 star hotel the most ideal venue from which to explore the rich culture and deep history of the area and provides uninterrupted views towards the ruins of the ancient roman city of Jerash and access to the majestic and breathtaking countryside. Embrace the magic of Jordan’s most enchanting setting, where nature and history have so wonderfully conspired. The hotel design approach was to take into consideration site problems and site forces.


Ager Hotel


SITE PLAN Hotel functions was arranged by site forces since the Jerash main market shops was on the north edge, we extend the market by this edge by making shops and supermarket to sell the harvested plants from the vertical farm as well as a gym. The drop off area located on the secondary street of the site.


1. Shops and supermarket 2. Gym 3. Cafe terrace 4. Vertical farm 5. Swimming pools 6. Connecting Bridge 7. Kids playground 8. VIP units 9. Restaurant 10. Wedding and conferences halls 11. Drop off 12. Security gate 13. Stores 14. Main hotel rooms 15. Parking



4 7 5






13 15



Ager Hotel


ATRIUM - HOTEL MAIN STAIRCASE In the hotel lobby after entering from the main hotel entrance, hotel guests can climb to the upper floors either by the winding stairs or through the panoramic elevators, where they can see the archaeological city of Jerash in the horizon through the glass block.

Section C-C


VERTICAL FARM The site is an agricultural land used by the local farmer to harvest their crops, building a hotel on the land will cause unempolyment to these farmers and elimination of the agricultural crops. The solution was to build a vertical farm to minimize the area of land used to plant these crops. A water spring is located on one of the site edges, to take advantage of it we made water tanks to supply the vertical farm with water needed in farming.

Ager Hotel

Ager Hotel


VIP UNITS AND SUITE One of the site problems was the cut in the site, and the solution was to make a special hotel suite and VIP units for Jerash festival celebrities who come every year to Jerash. Embark on their journey in this spacious and creatively designed 2 floor duplex units.

Units elevation

Unit Section


Hotel swimming pools

South-western elevation

Ager Hotel

Ager Hotel

Hotel outdoor bar

Longitudinal Section B-B



Basement floor plan

Ground floor plan

Ager Hotel

Ager Hotel

Mezzanine floor plan

Typical floor plan



Cyprus Embassy Design 4 in collaboration with Madlain Yaghnam Supervised by: Dr Samer Abu Gazaleh

Cyprus Embassy


CYPRUS EMBASSY The Republic of Cyprus is partitioned into two main parts: - The area under the effective control of the Republic, located in the south and west, and comprising about 59% of the island’s area. - The area administered by the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, located in the north covering about 36% of the island’s area. - Another nearly 4% of the island’s area is covered by the UN buffer zone. The international community considers the northern part of the island as territory of the Republic of Cyprus occupied by Turkish forces.


The site is located in Abdoun,Amman. Six embassies located in abdoun.

Land slope: 15 m

How architecture affects the relationship between two different groups with experience in conflict in the past? Cyprus was famous for copper resources and oil/gas extracting. The form of the conference room was abstracted from the Cyprus oil cranes located in the Mediterranean Sea. We use copper as a main material for the building where Cyprus name came from it. The usage of copper as a building material and the leftover oil cranes will refer to united Cyprus. High-tech architecture

Site area: 7500 m2 Land legislation: Governmental Land

Circulation: Pedestrians/Cars/Buses

Circulation: Main Streets/Bystreets


THE BUFFER ZONE The concept was to create a place to connect not to divide as a result of the conflict between Turkish side and the Greek side in Cyprus. The embassy was divided in to two main buildings separating the public zones and the private zones of the embassy and connecting them with a bridge.

Long experience in exploring

Turning the buffer zone into a connection zone

Cultural attache Consul Meeting room with audience Terrace



Bridge Economical attache Politics and Military Employees houses Ambassador’s villa



Cyprus Embassy


SITE PLAN Site is located in Abdoun, on pr. Hashem Street, with a total area of 8000 m2 it is surrounded by 3 streets with a slope of 15m. Master plan’s design approach is to provide a private entrances for each group of the embassy users: the consul, Cultural attache, Economical attache, Politics and Military attache, Employees houses and Ambassador’s villa. The difference between levels is utilized to serve this purpose.

1. Cultural attache 2. confrence hall 3. Economical attache 4. Consul 5. Politics and Military attache 6. Employees houses 7. Ambassador’s villa 8. Cyprus flag 9. Buffer zone 10. Staff parking

2 1


3 5

4 6 7



Cyprus Embassy

CONFERENCE AND DEBATE HALL We design the main conference and debating room as the main dominated part of the embassy where debates takes place between the Cyprus two sides on the most visual part of the site to make their debates in public.

THE BRIDGE Connecting the embassy private functions with the consul public functions and employees housing.



Floor Plan +870.00

Cyprus Embassy

Cyprus Embassy

Floor Plan +865.70



Floor Plan +862.00

Cyprus Embassy

Cyprus Embassy

North elevation



Cyprus Embassy

THE AMBASSADOR VILLA Designing a villa for the ambassador of Cyprus is not a simple task, you need to design a villa for him to never feel home sick. The villa design was a combination between the modern architecture and Cyprus local architecture. This was indvidual project by redesigning the villa as a part of the design studio.

Cyprus Embassy

The villa location on the embassy site plan


Whole embassy bird view after the redesign

Cyprus Embassy


First floor plan

Section B-B

Second floor plan

South elevation

Cyprus Embassy





Stage Two Fitness Center Design 3 individual work Supervised by: Prof. Samer Abu Gazaleh

Stage 2 Fitness Center


STAGE 2 FITNESS CENTER Gym, is an open air or covered location, they are commonly found in athletic and fitness centers, and as activity and learning spaces in educational institutions. “Gym” is also slang for “fitness center”, which is often an indoor facility. Gym with it’s two types the open-air gym, and the covered gym and between the cognitive learning from libraries (Mental gym) and the physical education from the gym (Physical gym), Stage Two gym name was founded.

SITE CONTEXT Site is located at the university of Jordan near the engineering faculty in a Cypress trees forest, in a plot with a terrain.

Site area: 2125 sqm Buildable area: 1600 sqm Slope: 5m

Solid and void


Stage 2 Fitness Center

Stage 2 Fitness Center

GYM CAFETERIA - STARBUCKS COFFEE The clear vision of the site on main road of the university of Jordan used for commercial use to get customers and additional incomes.



Stage 2 Fitness Center

Stage 2 Fitness Center



University of Jordan Creative Center Design 3 in colaboration with Sari Al Qawasmeh Supervised by: Prof. Samer Abu Gazaleh

University of Jordan Creative Center


University of Jordan Creative Center The creative center aims to raise the ability of creative people in order to have a good future. The creativity starts from nothing to reach the everything where the unlimited creativity is, and nothingness is the beginning of earth and heaven, and between the nothing and the everything there is a twist of infinite ideas.

2D proportions

Structural plan

SITE CONTEXT Site is located at the university of Jordan near the faculty of design and fine arts.

Site area: 2424 sqm Buildable area: 1050 sqm Slope: 5m

Solid and void

The source of all materials comes from nothingness. Everything without a name means that it does not exist ex : music without sound , TV without signals. Converting a place into a state of mind it is not a simple task, actually it is a fairly tricky operation. We split our journey into three parts: from nothingness to place , from place to space, from space to architecture. If we want to create a space, it has to happen in our mind. When a conceptual vision takes form in our minds, the place is born.

Shafts around the building for underground venteliation in order to reach ventlation comfort

86 The university of Jordan creative center visitors passing through several stages during their journey: The first stage is to make them live the nothingness and feel the space they are walking through by creating a large landscape between the building and the faculty of arts. Putting them into special state of mind. The second stage is a transitional stage, by going into the building to reach the main lobby. This stage will let the visitors to start exploring the building. The third stage is to make them feel the place by making them reach the exhibition area and the library to see the creative ideas created by the students. The final stage is by involving them in the creativity process and the stage of the concept production by going underground discovering the labs and classes.


University of Jordan Creative Center





The site is surrounded by two streets with a big deference in the level. That was an opportunity to create an interesting movement in the building form, by arriving on the upper level and go the lower level with a stairs. Nestting into the design the fine arts faculty, by creating a large landscape between the building and the faculty of arts. so we merge between the functions between the two buildings.





1. Drop off 2. Parking entrance 3. Main entrance 4. Students plaza 5. Fine Arts and design faculty 6. Library

University of Jordan Creative Center



Section A-A

University of Jordan Creative Center

University of Jordan Creative Center

Section B-B



Ground Floor Plan

East elevation

University of Jordan Creative Center

University of Jordan Creative Center

First Basement Floor Plan

North elevation



The Green Stations Landscape group project Supervised by: Arch. Haneen Sawlqa

The Green Stations



The Green Stations ‘Madineh’

The Green Stations ‘Swaileh’



The Green Stations ‘Total’

The Green Stations ‘Sahafeh’


April 2018


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