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Page 1 of 2 pages     Commission : Population and Health    Session : 14th MUN ­ 2010    Sponsors : Benin, Burkina Faso, Denmark, Nepal, Pakistan,                           Philippines, Serbia, United Arab Emirates    QUESTION   OF:  ADOPTING   PREVENTIVE   MEASURES   TO   COMBAT                           GLOBAL HEALTH HAZARDS             The General Assembly,

       Deeply disturbed by the fact that the flesh­eating disease, Buruli Ulcer which is a  debilitating bacteria, is spreading rapidly across Africa and has been detected mostly in  poor communities that live near water, Seeking the UNAIDS world leaders’ intervention to tackle the problem of mother­ to­child transmission of HIV/AIDS, a scourge which is affecting more than 33.4   million  people around the world, Expressing   its   satisfaction  with  regard   to   Global  Funds,   which   have  set   up   a  mission   to   contribute   to   the   reduction   of   TB   disease   and   which   have   adopted   and  implemented cost­effective measures, treatment and support intervention,  Emphasizing  the   fact   that   the   whole   world   can   be   made   polio   free,   just   like  Philippines, by securing continuous supply of vaccines which has been approved by  UNICEF   and,   not   forgetting   that,   Pakistan   had   immunized   over   63   million   children  against polio,                  Conscious  that  barriers to effective treatment of mental illness include lack of  recognition   of   the   seriousness   of   the   illness   and   lack   of   understanding   about   the  benefits of services, Noting   with   regret  that   since   1950,   there   has   been   a   drastic   increase   in   the  number   of   women   having   breast   cancer   and   that   the   level   has   increased   by  approximately 50%,                                                                                                        

1. Draws the attention  to the fact that researchers are still unaware of how to  diagnose the flesh­eating disease in order to develop a safe and effective long­term  vaccine;           

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Commission : Population and Health  Sponsors : Benin, Burkina Faso, Denmark, Nepal, Pakistan,                              Philippines, Serbia, United Arab Emirates 2. Strongly urges for the need to set up a system for tracking and assessing the   national response to HIV/AIDS through the following:                (a) Antiretroviral therapy must be considered for the                         treatment of HIV/AIDS; (b)

Anti­AIDS clubs must be established in high schools to carry out  activities against HIV/AIDS;


NGOs, along with rich countries, must be mobilised in order to help  developing   countries   to   ensure   full   and   active   participation   for   a  fruitful campaign;


3. Requests  support   from   countries   in   accessing   and   managing   additional  resources including anti­TB medicines and other commodities for the fight against TB; 4.  Expresses   its   thanks  to   the   UNICEF   and   WHO   which   have   contributed   in  raising funds for continuous supply of vaccines to combat polio; 5.  Congratulates  the UNICEF for the improvement of maternal and child health  (MCH) by providing vaccination facilities to reduce morbidity and mortality; 6.  Appeals  for existing cost­effective treatment to reduce the burden of mental  disorders and promote mental health;  7. Further recommends more and more women to undergo mammography which  should be free of charge in hospitals so that breast cancer can be detected at an early   stage.

Pop-Health Q5  
Pop-Health Q5  

1. Draws the attention to the fact that researchers are still unaware of how to diagnose the flesh­eating disease in order to develop a safe...