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                                                                                    Page 1 of 2 pages      Commission: Population and Health Session       : 14TH MUN 2010 Sponsors     : Rwanda, Czech Republic, Croatia, Kenya, Kuwait, North­Korea,                           Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Bangladesh QUESTION OF: CONSOLIDATING AND RESTRUCTURING THE HEALTH                        SYSTEM THROUGH EFFECTIVE POLICY MAKING      

The General Assembly,

      Recognizing  the   urgent   need   to   pursue   multilateral   efforts   to   promote   and  improve human health, and provide access to treatment and health­care education,        Fully   believing  that   the   main   health   system   problems   identified   are   lack   of  money, poor hospital amenities and a general weak primary health care system,       Noting with deep concern  that there is an acute shortage of medical staff, with  only one doctor for every 30,000 people,       Alarmed by the fact that the growing number of children, adolescents and women  of child­bearing age are mostly affected by NCDs (non­communicable diseases),       Deeply concerned  by the slow and insufficient progress in providing access to  basic sanitation services, and conscious of the impact of poor sanitation on people’s  health, poverty reduction and socio­economic development,        Keeping   in   mind  that   the   existing   laws   on   the   Health   Insurance   Fund   are  not efficiently implemented in the health sector,       Taking into  consideration  that  people  who  live  in  poverty undergo  inadequate  self­care rather than receive appropriate medical care for their chronic diseases due to  the expense of treatment,      1.  Appeals  to   the   Red   Cross   and   ‘Médecins   Sans   Frontières’   to   make   the  provision   of   medical   assistance   and   training   to  consolidate  health   system   and  its  maintenance;

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Commission: Population and Health  Sponsors    : Rwanda, Czech Republic, Croatia, Kenya, Kuwait, North­Korea,                           Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Bangladesh 1. Demands the support of the WHO in health research in articulating evidence­ based   policy   options,   providing   technical   support   to   countries   and   monitoring   and  assessing health trends; 2.  Encourages  private sectors to invest in basic sanitary facilities to prevent the  propagation of malaria and other pandemics; 3. Urges member states to enact a statute on health care institutions which would  set the rules for the creation of public health care service plans; 4. Calls     upon     member states and the international community to raise awareness  of good health practices by including sex education in the educational systems; 5. Draws the attention on the need to reduce the high infant mortality rate through  sensitisation   of   the   population   about   the   preventive   measures   against   postnatal  depressions; 6.  Expresses its thanks  to the Swedish International Development Cooperation  Agency(SIDA)   for   financial   contribution   to   regional   health   projects   focusing  on  circulatory system diseases, medical counseling, children health care and post abortion  care services; 7. Requests the Global Fund to provide financial support in order to better fill the  resource gaps in the health sector; 8.  Further   requests  the   International   Monetary   Fund   (IMF)   to   assist   in   the  development of proper medical infrastructures to cope with the problem of overcrowded  hospitals.

Pop-Health Q3  

Keeping in mind that the existing laws on the Health Insurance Fund are not efficiently implemented in the health sector, Taking into consid...

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