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                                                                           Page 1 of 2 Pages Commission: Millennium Development Goals Session      : 14th MUN 2010 Sponsors    : Bangladesh, Fiji, Ghana, Burundi, Chile, Cuba, El                      Salvador

QUESTION OF:    REDUCING POVERTY BY PROVIDING                            EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITES.          The General Assembly,          Emphasizing that alleviating poverty is a big concern for all the economies  of the world and is the very first concern of the Millennium Development Goals.  Throughout   history,   education   has   powerfully   contributed,   in   spite   of   all  weaknesses, to the promotion of                economic, social and cultural progress   and   has  brought   recognition   to   values   like   Democracy,   Human   Rights,   Trade  Union Rights, International understanding and Peace,                  Further deploring  that in the presence of poverty, peace and progress  cannot be  resolved  and education  is a  pre­requisite  in  order to  facilitate  their  involvement in decisions,          Noting with deep concern that despite the effort of numerous organisation,  poverty still prevails,          Deeply conscious of the fact that children leave school at primary level,                  Deeply  concerned  by  the fact  that  there  is  still  child labour in  some  countries and the number of children working between the ages of 5 and 17 have  increased  dramatically.  3%  of all   children  and  adolescents  are   working  under   unacceptable conditions,                  Deeply disturbed  by the  fact that the  academic performances of the  children coming from poor families are not satisfactory,                                                                                                                                                         Page 2 of 2 Pages         

Commission: Millennium Development Goals Sponsors    : Bangladesh, Fiji, Ghana, Burundi, Chile, Cuba, El                      Salvador.          Expressing deep concern that due to the lack of motivation, many citizens  believe that eradicating poverty in the country is a utopia and therefore refuse to   participate in any related project, 1.Calls upon  the United Nation for funds and sharing of expertise about  ideas on pro­growth strategies; 2.  Encourages  the non governmental organisations to work abreast the  existing organisations  to eradicate poverty; 3.  Further   requests  the   UNICEF   to   help   the   countries   in   providing  educational facilities from primary to tertiary sectors;        4.  Suggests  that free education should at least be made available up to  secondary level and more schools be built; 5.  Welcomes  international financial aid for the constructions of facilities  such as youth training centres which will help the youngsters acquire skills; 6. Expresses its conviction that by creating awareness campaigns poverty  might decrease.

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Further deploring that in the presence of poverty, peace and progress cannot be resolved and education is a pre­requisite in order to facili...