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The messy and dusty lab of Rīgas Darbnīca is a place where to get rid from any freakbike impulse of your mind! If you are looking for a chance where to show how monstrous a bike can be, this is the right place where to go. Monstrous not because it is ugly or frightening but, conversely, a stunning example of art-recycling.

The garage is a very interesting place for bicycle amateurs‌

historical pieces of pipe hanging on the wall

As every haunt of artists, it has its dark sides‌

I’ve been to this place to take part in a workshop about building and repairing bicycles!

As first experience, I helped Verners in repairing this old bicycle that I rode some days later during the free bike tour of Riga.



Cycling Riga

Is was also an opportunity to go around with some freakbikes!!!

I’m Freaky… …bike

___Munitz ___

The doctor Frankenstein's Garage  

Rīgas Darbnīca