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Aunt one of my favorite words because I love listening to my niece call me


Crazy is as monse always tells her boyfriend when he makes her laugh

Duck: mascot was monse won it at a fair had it for 6 months



Eyes: monse eyes are what you love about him because they are expressive


Friendship is something that changed my life because you see that your friends will support you when you need it


Games: The games played were very entertaining small and lived with all children in the unit where he lived


Impossible is a word that always reminds monse who does things because one day he was told "nothing is impossible only costs a little more work"

Java is one of the programs I started to use to do what I like is to schedule


Love is a feeling that once we all feel and to monse is larger than has


My reason for being is the song that I like the singing that because I felt that my

My reason for being


My niece Niece changed a lot, made ​me remember how I amused myself with anything


Paint is one of the programs that I like because I always miss ah drawings there and now I can do more things in that program

Quiet is how I characterized my personality and I am but not always well


Skinny is the nickname I gave her my best after traumatic for telling it well



User: is one of the words employed in the career I want to study and it's nice because you always think about what you do for a user who occupy


Zero is a very ugly that one day appeared in one of my exams and was the only one out eh

My Life  

to a to z. here is my final job.

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