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May 6th – 13th

Growing up Hong Kong was always something seen in ‘Hollywood’ as well somewhere people had talked about, whether it be their own journeys or stories from others. Allthough I had spent an extended period here, my time was scarce; the catalyst of this trip being to support my eldest cousin during his wedding. Despite such, I was able to experience the definitive ‘to-do’s’. From the market shopping to local hawker food.

Hong Kong, Mong Kok. (n.d).


Bright lights, glitz and gamlour, the intial thoughts which run through your mind, upon arrving in Macau, added with the awe inspiring, towering height of the skyscrapers. However, ignoring all the forever falling and rising skyline, there is a genuinely more memorable and interesting suburb of Macau, ‘Old Town’ reminents of the former Portuguese colony.

Macau, St Pauls. (2013).

May 12th


May 13th – 20th

My second home, Truth be told I had not had the highest expectations in terms of culture shock from my third stop, but this was changed within the first hour of landing. From the plane the striking juxtapositon of the densisty from the urban spral echoed something was different. Penang, Malaysia. (2013).


May 20th – June 2nd

The extended duration of my stay allowed me to travel around a large amount of Taiwan. Passing through different provinces, suprised me to see areas so close to each other experience vastly diverse living conditions as well as cultures.

Taipei, Taiwan. (n.d.).

SINGAPORE June 2nd – 8th

During my time in Singapore I was able to spend time with ‘Aunty Chee Sun’, her kind nature compelled her to take me to Chinatown and give me a very personal tour mixed of not only her life & war but the ever changing scenery of architecture. Taking a glimps into the intimate relationship she shares with her city is something which I will always hold close to me. Sentosa, Singapore. (2013).


July 5th –12th

Thriving on such a strong tourism economy, Melanesian people have developed to become what I view as one of the most well-natured cultures experienced. Vanuatu was every cliche islands are made out to be, relaxing, beautiful, hot and much more.

Vanuatu. (n.d.).

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