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Multiple Styles, Same Message Advertising Design Spring 2017 Muneyoshi Sudo

Target: Male, 27-34, disposable income available though not “rich�, college educated, about to propose to first spouse (female). Product: Diamond ring from well-known national chain of jewelers Since the product is a luxury, I thought an image of dressed female with a text of san-serif would fit with the theme better. Using simple geometricshape would be more suitable rather than placing intricate design.

Target: Female or Male, 14-18, limited income due to age, purchaser of product. Product: Top gaming system In the last semester, I learned gaming is somewhat relative with electronics which is often associated with sky color. Additionally, the background color helps the color theme. Because gaming generally brings you IMPACT, or EXCITEMENT, and different from formal suff, I chose san-serif with large font size.

Target: Female or male, 36-42, disposable income available, avid gardener. Product: Soil premixed for gardening. Can be vegetable or flower specific but for something that can be harvested. Not for lawn. I thought this layout divided into two sections could be seen in manuals or recipe books, so this could fit with the theme of farming. I tried purple background on the right side of page once but it didn’t go well. I then decided to use green with yellow text that differentiates from BG color. Since the theme is about something organic, the typeface should be hand-written.

Target: Male, 18-24, disposable income avaiable, average (stereotyped) amount of responsibility and partying for this age group and gender. Product: Las Vegas Tourism Neon design is something that you witness all the time during visiting Las Vegas. I tried a design that only “DO” and “THIS” part is highlighted, so while the whole design says “Do not overthink this.” it also conveys “Do this.”

Target: Female, 47-54, Secondary: Male disposable income available, parents of 2 grown children no longer at home. Product: Guided tours to Europe

I believe it’s not only me who thinks visiting Paris is the first thing to come up with when I hear about traveling Europe. With the background image of Eiffel Tower, I chose Baskerville and huge font size. I arranged the placement and direction of the text and I hope viewers can still read the sentence “Do not overthink this.� smoothly, and also I meant to create a spiral flow/movement with the arrangement.

Target: Male, 48-56, upperclass level of income, retired Product: High Quality kithcen tool or appliance (knife) When I first saw the orginal image of background, I notice the layout especially the placement of handbook is tilted, so I use it as an advantage when creating a design. Lines were needed, but I’ve created bother lines by placing different boxes. Lastly, this has a similar idea of what I used in the Las Vegas ad; the sentence of “Do this.” is even obvious.

Target: Male/female, 20-30, lower-middle class of income, graduated Product: A new love romance movie If you think about that typical movie posters have a background image with a huge title on it, my design choice of a big text with small texts as an element and image of wooden bench should be perfect with the love romance theme. I dropped some shadow because I wanted these text to be floated on the air. The title part “OVERTHINK� is rendered with wooden texture, so now the whole design is more organized.

Project1(Advertising Design) - multiple styles  
Project1(Advertising Design) - multiple styles