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Events guide book 2013

Harvard Model United Nations India | August 15th to 18th

Guide Preface Conference Schedule Opening Ceremony & Global Village India Night Delegate Dance Closing & Awards Ceremony Speakers Series The World Tree - Soil of Unity Checklist & Guidelines


HMUN India aims to give delegates a holistic experience with a mix of educational, fun and networking events. The events offer delegates an opportunity to showcase their creative talents, learn and interact with thought leaders and network with their peers from around the world; all while having a fun time! This guide gives delegates an introduction to the events at HMUN India 2013 along with important information to help them be well prepared to be at their very best!

August 15th Onsite Registration & Harvard Panels Break Opening Ceremony Preparation Break Global Village & Dinner

Schedule 9am


3pm 4pm 6pm 7pm

4pm 6pm 7pm 11pm

9am 1pm 2pm 5pm 630pm 830pm

1pm 2pm 5pm 630 830pm 11pm

August 16th Committee Session 1 Lunch Committee Session 2 HMUN India Speaker Series Preparation break India Night & Dinner

August 17th Committee Session 3 Lunch Committee Session 4 HMUN India Speaker Series Preparation Break Delegate Dance & Dinner

9am 1pm 2pm 5pm 630pm 830pm

1pm 2pm 5pm 630pm 830pm 11pm

9am 930am 1pm 2pm 430pm

930am 1pm 2pm 430pm

August 18th Check-out Committee Session 5 Lunch Closing & Awards Ceremony Departure


*The Conference Schedule is sibject to minor changes.

Opening Ceremony & Global Village



15th aug


Opening Ceremony marks the official start to the conference of the year- Harvard Model United Nations India 2013. We will kick start the conference with enthralling performances and inspiring speeches setting the mood for you to debate, deliberate, discuss and have a fantastic experience! The opening ceremony will be followed by the Global Village - A cultural extravaganza where the delegates will be provided a platform to introduce the countries they are representing in the conference by showcasing the culture, traditions, social behavior and history of the country they will be representing. All delegations will be provided with stall space and basic stationary to decorate their stalls.

Dress Code

(for Opening Ceremony and all committee sessions)

Western Business Attire or Attire of the country you are representing.

(for Global Village)

Attire of the country you represent OR the country you belong (for International delegates)

Note: There will be a preparation break after the Opening Ceremony when the delegates can change into their Global Village attire.

Country Stalls • Every Country will be provided with a table (3ft * 3ft table) • All stalls will be provided with Chart Paper and basic stationery (sketch pens, glue, tape, scissors) • Representation may be of the Country you are representing in HMUN India 2013 OR the country you belong to OR any region from the country you would like to represent.

Note: You are free to bring any additional items to showcase your country at the stalls. The responsibility of these items lies with the delegates and not the organizing team.

India Night



16th aug

HMUN India 2013 presents India Night - A night that will reflect India and her sights, smells and sounds, a night that will echo the glory and beauty of this wondrous and diverse country. You will be pulled into the “mela” with the tunes of the latest hit Bollywood tracks till the end of the night!

HMUN India’s Got Talent Showcase your talent at HMUN India 2013. Put up a performance of any form of dance or music, you could play an instrument or stretch your vocals, this is the night!

• Schools/individuals wishing to perform at India Night, need to prepare a 4 minute performance of any form. (Song, Dance, instrumentals or a skit) • It could be a solo or a group performance. DRESS CODE Indian Traditional attire OR Performance costume Note: Schools/Individuals wishing to perform, have to fill out the form given with this mail before 31st July and will need to submit performance audio material by the 4th of August to Any additional prop or material required for performance needs to be brought by the performers and will be responsible for them.

Delegate Dance



17th aug

From Tiesto, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren or Avicii to the Bollywood hits, every genre’s presence is going to be felt at the HMUN India 2013 Delegate Dance. Get your dancing shoes on and dress up in your party wear to let your hair down for one amazing night!

Club Rules Apply. Permission to entry reserved only for HMUN India participants. ;)

Dress Code

Appropriate Party wear


Closing Ceremony


18th aug

The Closing Ceremony marks the end of an exhilarating journey of four Awards Structure days at HMUN India 2013. Based Honorary Outstanding Best on parameters & criterion decided by Delegate Mention Delegate the Secretariat & the Directors, the GA 3 2 1 delegates are evaluated through the course of the conference and at the closing ceremony, awards of different ECOSOC 2 2 1 categories are given away to the best performing delegates. Specialized 1 1 1


HMUN India Speaker Series

Suhasini Haidar Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri

Chairperson, IPCC Director General, TERI Founding Director, YCEI IPCC won the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007

Binalakshmi Nepram

Foreign Affairs Editor, CNN IBN Anchor, “Worldview with Suhasini Haidar”

Media Personality of the Year, yFLO 2012

News Television Best TV News Presenter Award,2010

Co-Founder, CAFI launched Manipuri Women Gun Survivors Network

Birad Rajaram Yajnik

Basant Dhawan

Gerry Martin

CNN IBN Indian of the Year 2011 Sean-MacBride Peace Prize for Disarmament Work 2011 named in World Top 100 Most Influential People in preventing Armed Violence

General Manager - Media, Vodafone India Services

Capt. Rohit Sen Bajaj

Principal, Oakridge International School, Hyderabad

Founder & Director, Visual Quest India, and Fine Print Author A special edition of his book, “MKG Imaging Peace Truth” was launched in 2010 at the United Nations. Launched the “Ahimsa Harley” at HMUN India 2012.

Director, The Gerry Martin Project

The World Tree Soil of Unity

If there’s a binding force that brings the diverse world together, it is the earth itself: its water, soil and air. This August, we will be part of the change; all 1300 young changemakers from across 14 countries, and over 140 schools will together sow the seed of the first ever “World Tree”. The World Tree is a symbol of unity, a symbol of One. A tree is one of the purest forms of nature, and life giving. At HMUN India 2013, we will initiate the process of giving life to a new world.

The Plan

Every delegation and individual delegate is required to bring a fist of soil from their school ground in a small container, to the Harvard MUN India 2013. There, we will put together all the soil from around India and around the world forming the “Soil of Unity’. You will be part of the planting of the World Tree.

Be part of legacy. Be part of change. Bring the world together.

Checklist & Guidelines 1. Onsite Registrations will start at the venue from 9AM onwards on the 15th of August. 2. The Secretariat has arranged for panels for the benefit of delegates on : a) Harvard Rules of Procedure b) Admissions & Student Life at Harvard University These panels will take place in two blocks. Block 1 from 12 30 PM to 1 30 PM; Block 2 from 1 30 PM to 2 30 PM. Delegations can confirm their participation in either of the two blocks by filling out the form present on the link in the mail. 3. There will be a break after the Opening Ceremony for the delegates to prepare for the Global Village. Any material you wish to bring personally for your country stall will be the responsibility of the school/students. Basic stationary will be provided for each stall. 4. The guests staying in Lemontree, Redfox and Kasani GR only will be provided with transport during the breaks before social events to go back to their hotels and change if they wish to do so. If not, they are free to bring their evening clothes and change at the venue itself. 5. Students/delegations wishing to perform at the “HMUN India’s Got Talent” and wanting to put up the stalls at Global Village must register with the Harvard MUN India Team on the same link given in the mail by 31st July, 23:59 IST. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE CONFERENCE or after this date. Any supporting audio material for “HMUN India’s Got Talent” needs to be sent to us on by the 4th August, 23:59 IST. The slots for the Performances will be announced in the HMUN India Conference Mailer 4.0. 6. HMUN India reserves the right to check the bags of the delegates before the social events. Possession of alcohol/illegal substance is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated at the conference. 7. Winners of the “Meet the Diplomats” will be announced in the Conference Mailer 4.0 and will be intimated at the Conference with details of time and location for the meeting. 8. Every school/individual delegate is requested to bring soil from their city/town/ country for the “World Tree” with the name of the delegation mentioned on the container, and submit to us at the Organizing Committee lounge on 15th August.

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HMUN India 2013 Events Guide  
HMUN India 2013 Events Guide