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Cynthia + Brayden WINNIPEG, CANADA WEDDING DATE: August 15th, 2019 WEDDING LOCATION: Whitetail Meadow, MB OCCUPATIONS: Canadian Air Force Aviator & Natural Health Professional HOW THEY MET:

Brayden and I met at his brotherʼs engagement party.

Braydenʼs brother and I had volunteered together at our churchʼs coffee shop for a year, every Wednesday for only three hours. I donʼt even know why I was invited to his engagement party - it was an intimate affair and the invite was def initely a pleasant surprise for me! I wasnʼt sure if I should go, because I wasnʼt friends with a lot of the people that would be there. I thankfully went (only because I dragged a friend with me) because my guess is, my life would be a lot different now if I wasnʼt there to meet Brayden. THE PROPOSAL: The weekend of our engagement was nothing short of

magical! A few months earlier, Brayden proposed that we do a road trip to Calgary, just the two of us. At the time I thought nothing of it in regards to the engagement proposal, because this would be our third trip to Calgary during our relationship, and Bray and I love road trips! He had planned a surprise trip to Lake Louise, which was only about two hours from us, and he wanted us to be there at around 10am. When we arrived at my favourite hotel, Bray booked a manicure for me, and helped pick a good colour and as I sat

PHOTOGRAPHY: Neffi Bergen Wedding Photography | VENUE: Lacoste Garden Centre

down to have my hands and nails pampered. When my nails were completely dry, Bray casually led me to the edge of Lake Louise, which sat barely frozen at the base of a couple of mountains. The scene provided the most perfect backdrop, so Brayden pulled out his camera and tripod as he asked me if Iʼd like to take some photos. He positioned the camera, put the timer on (or so I thought) and sat with me. We did a few poses and then he said, “maybe we should take some photos standing now.” He stood, helped me up, and turned to me. I donʼt know, but as Brayden gazed into my eyes and began voicing all the things he loved about me, I was incredibly oblivious as to what was going on. He slowly (at least, that’s how it seemed) got down on one knee and reached in his pocket, and thatʼs when I let out a scream of realization that this was it! With trembling hands, he opened the ring box to reveal a

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