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Your child’s springboard to confidence! Spring/Summer 2022

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Welcome WELCOME to the Tumble Tots National Club! Be prepared for a great year filled with plenty of excitement for you and your little one! Make sure your Tumble Tot (or Gymbob) wears their T-Shirt of Confidence to classes as all their classmates will be wearing theirs too. You will find more top tips on page 5 of this handbook. Our specially designed, brightly coloured, wooden and foam equipment will help your child develop their physical skills of agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination. Each class is tailored to the age and stage of a child’s development which you can read more about on pages 6 – 7. As a member there are all sorts of opportunities for them to participate in various activities that we do on top of regular classes. Don’t forget to tick these off as you go on the checklist on page 8. The tasks will be challenging but lots of fun and our fully trained staff will help to guide and encourage your child through their sessions. We’ve teamed up with carefully selected partners to bring you fantastic offers, discounts and competitions, exclusively to our members. You will find some of these on pages 40 – 42 but be sure to regularly check our Member Offers website regularly as it will be updated every month throughout the year! On the site you’ll find more great offers, competitions and the latest product news from our partners and much more: www.tumbletotsmemberoffers.com We hope you have a wonderful year and we have no doubt that your little one will enjoy being a Tumble Tot or Gymbob this year.

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Contents Our Programme . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Top Tips in our Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Our Classes 6 Months – Walking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Walking – 2 Years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 2 – 3 Years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 3 Years – School Age . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Gymbobs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Membership Handbook Checklist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 How to Make your Kids WANT to go for a Walk . . . . . . . . 11 The Importance of Introducing Under-5s to STEM . . . . . . . 15 STEM Activities to Try at Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Summer Holiday Booking Checklist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Summer in Tirol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Smiley Faces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Focus on Independent Schools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Storytime . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Tumble Tots Member Offers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

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Our Programme Our programme aims to develop children's 'Skills for Life'. It helps them grow into confident adults, that understand and enjoy the importance of leading healthy active lifestyles. On the day of your trial, you will have experienced a fraction of the potential that Tumble Tots has to offer your child in the future. Today’s equipment is only a small part of the apparatus and the layout is changed every two weeks (six weeks for 6 Months Walking). This gives us the opportunity to concentrate on different skills and to intensify the challenges as the children develop within the programme.

Age Groups:  6 Months - Walking  Walking - 2 Years  2 - 3 Years  3 Years - School Age  Gymbobs (School Age - 7 Years) The basic philosophy is to ‘build selfconfidence’ through the development of the child’s physical learning. This is achieved by focusing on four important areas:  General motor skills  Social awareness  Self assurance  Self discipline They gain this through:  A structured development programme  Ongoing challenges  A fun and happy atmosphere  Well trained and enthusiastic staff  A safe environment


Top Tips in the Classes  When your child receives their membership pack, encourage them to wear their t-shirt in classes to feel part of the club!

 Parents are fully responsible for their children in the under 3’s classes. We ask that you work directly with your child, encouraging and assisting where necessary. Support your child by holding the back of their T-Shirt so their hands are free for climbing and to aid balance.

 Before you leave and in the case of severe weather conditions, please check your text messages, emails, our website or Facebook page for closures.

 In the over 3’s classes, grown-ups are not actively involved but must always remain on the premises.

 Please dress children in suitable clothing to allow for better movement and avoid jewellery, dummies or any clothing that can catch on the equipment or cause injury.

 Children are asked not to eat or drink on the equipment but if they need refreshments, you are welcome to take them to the waiting area.

 Barefoot is best (and safest) for children as this helps with their development. Grown-ups can wear shoes if they aren’t high heels or heavy boots as these can hurt small fingers or toes.

 Please do not take any photographs or videos during the classes and refrain from using mobile phones so your child has your full attention.

 Please take your child to the toilet before classes begin to save interruption (this is especially important for the over 3’s classes).

 Do not let children onto the equipment before or after classes. Please move to the waiting area so we can set-up safely for the next class.

 If you need to bring a sibling along to class, please be aware that they are unable to participate or play on the equipment as they will not be covered by insurance. We recommend bringing something to occupy them such as a book or colouring.  Make sure you arrive in plenty of time and register your child at the desk  Hand sanitiser will be readily available at each venue/class with staff, parents, and children being asked to engage regularly in hand sanitising.


Our Classes Our progressive play programme is designed to develop your child’s physical skills. Using bespoke colourful equipment, we focus on agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination, which enhances brain development and builds confidence. Every session is supervised by our amazing specially trained staff, getting the best out of each child. Up until 3 years, grown-ups participate as well so that parents, carers and even grandparents can spend time with little ones as they develop. The journey begins for babies from 6 months old who can sit up unaided. Here’s how our classes break down:

6 Months – Walking

Walking – 2 Years

Babies explore the equipment in a happy and relaxed environment. This enhances their brain development and helps them to reach key milestones such as crawling, cruising and walking, taking them onto the next class.

Confidently walking toddlers are now introduced to an exciting circuit of equipment as well as hand held co-ordination activities, developing their fine motor skills. ‘Circle Time’ helps language development through rhymes and action songs.

2 – 3 Years Working together in small groups, little ones are introduced to stations with more challenging equipment to refine their agility, balance and climbing skills. Following instructions and learning to take turns develops their listening and social skills, as well as confidence.


3 Years – School Age* Children now take part independently without their grown-up, putting into practice their skills for life. Our staff challenge each child individually to their full potential, preparing them for school, physically, socially and mentally.

Gymbobs (School Age – 7 Years)* Gymbobs is the pinnacle class of Tumble Tots, bringing together everything children have learnt so far! Using challenging equipment setups, relay races, team games and warm-up exercises, Gymbobs is a perfect addition to a child’s school P.E. provision. *For the 3 Years – School Age and Gymbobs (School Age – 7 Years) classes, parents must remain on site. Please note that annual membership applies, class prices vary across the country and pre-booking is required.


Membership Handbook Checklist To help you and your little ones get the most out of this year’s classes, we’ve compiled a handy checklist of achievements to complete for each class. 6 Months – Walking

3 Years – School Age & Gymbobs

■ Crawled for the first time ■ Stood up with assistance ■ Cruised with ease ■ Took their first steps ■ Walked confidently

ained further confidence away ■ Gfrom the class environment

■ Gained independence with activities emember what they did ■ Rduring the class what they did during ■ Rtheepeat class

Walking – 2 Years

limbed up the ¾ Frame and turned C around backwards

■ Joined in with both circle times out a forward ■ Crollarried over the Barrel

General Checklist

■ Received a Moving Up Award in with Tumble Tots Fun ■ Joined Adventures on Amazon Prime

2 – 3 Years

efined individual physical skills i.e. ■ RJumping/Hopping

co-ordination skills at ■ Practised home

E xpressed themselves during circle time

■ Actively took part in Train Times arried out a forward roll down the ■ CLarge Wedge at and listened to the station ■ Sexplanation


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How to make your kids WANT to go for a walk! Five Minute Mum: On the Go is the latest book by bestselling author Daisy Upton, aka @FiveMinuteMum! To help you (and herself!) she has created quick, easy games that keep children busy and out of mischief – they take 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to tidy up. And as Daisy was a teaching assistant, your little ones will be learning while they play! What could be better? Packed with 80 games to keep little ones happily – and quietly! – occupied while you're out and about, ON THE GO is the perfect companion to anyone who wants five minutes peace when they're on the move with their kids – in planes, trains and automobiles, on holiday, in waiting rooms, and even on walks! Here is an extract from On The Go with five brilliant games to turn any walk into an adventure!


If I suggest the idea of a nice country walk to my children (my idea of a perfect Sunday morning), I am met with a response akin to that as if I had suggested we all get together and do my tax return form. Groans, moans and cries of ‘I don’t want to!’ all echo through the house. And yet when we are out there on paths meandering through woodland, kicking stones and finding wildlife, they love it. We often all enjoy ourselves (albeit sometimes with a bit of ‘there are sweets in the bag’ bribery), and so I have come up with five words that change ‘Let’s go for a walk’ into something they want to do. Here they are:

with a pencil (with a couple of spare pencils in my pocket because they always lose them!).

2. The Collection Hunt

This requires a bag of some sort – usually a funkycoloured gift bag left over from Christmas or birthdays. Sometimes I make a list of things they have to collect and put in the bag, and other times we just go out with the bag and collect what we see. For littler ones I might give them a big piece of paper with different colours scribbled on it and they have to collect something in each colour.


Here are five HUNTS that we go on:

1. The Checklist Hunt

I write or draw on a bit of paper about ten things that we might see, such as an orange-coloured leaf, a stick longer than your finger, a pine cone or a puddle, and I pop a little tick box next to each. I also leave about three lines for ‘bonus items’ they can add themselves. I pop each on a clipboard

3. The Traffic Hunt

Again, grab your trusty clipboards and draw some vehicles down one side of a sheet of paper – perhaps a car, lorry, motorbike, truck and a bus. Then walk to wherever you would like to and find 11


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the car with ‘tracker info’ and explained we had to go out and search for the clues to find it. The kids very quickly got on their shoes and grabbed clipboards, pencils and paper. I asked them to draw a picture of the car and write down the number plate to look for, while I gathered drinks and snacks. Then we went out. Every so often my husband would glance up ahead and spot an obvious feature, then pretend to get a text on his phone from the ‘tracker’ and say things like: ‘It says to look for a lamp post with a sticker on it’ and the kids would then excitedly find it and write it down on their clipboard. Or, in Florence’s case, draw a little squiggle! When we eventually located the car, they were so happy, and we all climbed in and drove home.

somewhere to sit where you can see traffic from a safe distance. Set a timer on your phone for five or ten minutes, and every time a vehicle goes past put a tally mark next to the correct vehicle. This is a great way to learn tallying or counting, and you can also predict which vehicle you will see most of. You could also do this with just cars but in different colours. It’s also a great way for young ones to learn how many cars are on the roads. Where are they all going?


Have a very large Bag for Life–style bag in the boot of your car – ALWAYS. Ideally those big blue IKEA bags, as these are the best for this. When you return to your car with your muddy child, stand them in the bag and strip them into it. So boots, waterproofs and wet clothes all go directly into the bag. Then you can pick them up out of it, and give them a onesie to pop on in the car while you pick up the bag of stuff to put into the boot, ready to go directly into the washing machine when you get home.

4. The Ribbon Hunt

This requires a bit of planning, but is worth it for boring days during school holidays. Grab a long brightly coloured ribbon (or similar) and cut it into ten or so bits. Find the same number of drawing pins as you have bits of ribbon. Now you or another adult goes out for a walk on their own. As you walk, pin a bit of ribbon at intervals on trees or fences or benches. Then go home and repeat the same walk with your little ones and see if they can collect all the ribbons (make sure you also collect all the drawing pins yourself ). You might want to draw them a ‘map’ (rough sketch) of the area with crosses for the ribbons. You could also do this the other way round, with your children and you setting out the ribbons and then perhaps asking a grandparent or some friends to see if they can go and find them all.

5. The Car Hunt

Again, this requires a little planning, but it’s something we did when we were in the pandemic lock downs in 2020 to give us a reason for yet ANOTHER daily walk, just to get out the house. Without telling the kids, my husband took the car out and parked it somewhere about a mile or so away. He then ran home. (I know! I think he’s crackers too!) Later on, when we wanted to go for that walk, he did a brilliant ‘Where’s our car gone?’ routine to the kids, and then pretended to get a text from

Extract from Five Minute Mum: On the Go by Daisy Upton, featuring illustrations by Katie Kirby published by Penguin and available now. 13

The Importance of Introducing Under-5s to STEM


By Orna Herr, Communications Officer for Education at the British Science Association

What is STEM?

the world around them and begin to develop skills they will apply to academic study and use for the rest of their lives.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Getting children excited by STEM subjects and engaged from a young age is vital for their development and for ensuring they have the aptitudes to excel in their lessons when they start Primary school.

This is especially true of STEM subjects.

Speaking to Pacey, the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, Dr Sally Moomaw, Professor of Early Childhood Education, said: “STEM disciplines provide a pathway for children to explore a wide range of exciting areas in science, maths, and engineering. Preschool children are naturally interested in science and maths. Almost everything young children do involves exploring their world.” She added that “children who engage in science and maths regularly develop circuits to make learning in these areas faster and easier”.

Early development for future success

Early years are an incredibly important, if not the most important, time for brain development. A newborn baby’s brain is around a quarter of the size of an adult’s brain, but by the age of five, the brain has grown to an enormous 90% of its full size! This period of growth is the perfect time for children to absorb new information, learn about 15

m a g n e t i c

d i s c o v e r y

Magnetic discovery for little hands

S T E M Science • Technology Engineering • Math


Dr Moomaw is not alone in drawing these conclusions. There have been multiple studies that show the far-reaching advantages of engaging very young children with STEM subjects. Strong correlation has been found between early years learning and later successes. This has been attributed to the idea that building a foundation of understanding from a young age is a huge advantage when it comes to learning more complex skills and ideas later on.

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) taking place this year between 11-20 March! The Week is run by the British Science Association, a non-profit organisation, whose/their work includes encouraging and supporting STEM education for all children from the earliest years.

Transferable skills

As well as laying down the groundwork for later academic successes, early years STEM learning can be very advantageous in the here and now! The Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education have conducted research that found that ‘early learning in mathematics and science’ benefits children in all sorts of ways, not necessarily related to gaining scientific knowledge. STEM learning can promote socio-emotional development and result in fewer challenging behaviours. It ‘supports the development of STEM related habits of mind’, such as curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, persistence and problem solving. These are incredibly important skills for children to acquire, and they feature in Nustem’s STEM Person of the Week, a STEM engagement activity. It aims to breakdown stereotypes around science and scientists – to find out more, visit nustem.uk/stem-person-of-the-week. Learning science also supports literacy development and is associated with stronger reading skills. The list is endless!

British Science Week activity packs

Each year for British Science Week, activity packs are published for children and young people of all ages to help them take part in the festivities and beyond, including under-5s! The theme for this year’s packs is…’Growth’! Growth is a hugely versatile theme as it covers all sorts of areas of science learning, from how trees and plants grow, or how buildings grow as they’re being constructed, to how early years learners grow as they get bigger and closer to starting school. This year’s Early Years activity pack includes some fantastic ideas for you to try with your Tumble Tots at home, nurseries, toddler groups, or any setting you choose. For example, you could host a ‘dress as a EARLY YE ARS scientist’ day, to teach ACTIVITY PACK children that anyone can be a scientist: it’s important to tackle stereotypes from a young age! There is also a selection of brilliant, low resource activities designed to start introducing under-5s to science, by showing them how it is all around them, and in themselves. There are activities which ask the children to investigate the different plants in their garden or local park, activities for measuring themselves and their friends, and creating their own greenhouses in a pair of rubber gloves! 11-20 Marc h 2022 briti A range shscienceweek.o with child of activities to be rg ren unde run r the age of 5

SmartMax is the multi award-winning pre-school magnetic construction system; providing children aged 1year+ with the chance to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a safe way. Encouraging logical thinking, motor skills and imaginative play from the very beginning, the simple, yet effective design of the ‘My First’ sets are perfect for little hands!

Delivered by



Find the Early Years British Science Week 2022 activity pack at www.britishscienceweek.org and to help get you started, please go to page 19 to try a selection of example activities from the pack! 17

STEM Activities to Try at Home To get you started, here are two activities for you to try with your little ones right now – you’ll find more detailed instruction for each of these activities in your activity pack:


EARLY YE ARS ACTIVITY PACK 11-20 britishscie March 2022 nceweek. A range with child of activities to be org ren unde run r the age of 5


by Principal


CARDBOARD BUILDING SHAPES ‘Cardboard building shapes’, supported by Nustem and Northumbria University, is an activity which will get children learning about the science behind hands-on play. The activity comes with a print-out sheet, along with the instructions, of shapes with little slots that can be cut out of cardboard to create blocks that fit together. Children can then let their building ambitions and imaginations run wild as they construct towers of any shape and size they like. The cardboard shapes can be decorated too. It could inspire the engineers of the future!

➋ Ask your child/children to colour or paint the shapes. If painting, leave time for the shapes to dry properly before use. ➌ Cut short slots like a thin triangle out of the card. The slots can be about the width of an adult’s finger. You can choose how many slots you cut in each shape. A good idea is to count the sides of the shapes and use that as a guide e.g. three slots in a triangle and four in a rectangle.

➍ Start building. Let them choose two shapes and slot them together. Make sure they are pushed all the way into each other. Let them join more shapes onto these shapes.

You’ll need:

 Cardboard, such as empty delivery boxes  Scissors

Think and talk about

 A pencil and ruler

 Which shapes balance the best? Which make the best bases for building on?

 Felt tip pens, colouring pencils, crayons or paint  A flat surface to work on

 Which shapes slot together easily? Are there any that you can’t slot together?


 What do you need to do to make a taller structure?

 If children are cutting the shapes, use children’s/safety scissors and always supervise them when cutting – no running or walking about with the scissors. Otherwise, you might want to be in charge of the cutting.  Cover and protect the surface you are working on when using paint or felt tip pens.

 Lids from felt tip pens are a choking hazard. Take the lids off before use and keep them out of reach of the children.


➊ Help the children cut out the cardboard into shapes like squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. You can also try more complicated shapes like stars, ovals or hexagons. Make about four of each shape. 19


➏ Now, ask them to hold the string as wide as their arms. Their arm width is often the same as their height!

‘Measure yourself’, supported by OKIDO, encourages children to see the growth in themselves! The only equipment you’ll need is scissors and a ball of string. Have the children take it in turns to lay down on a mat on the floor and cut a piece of string to be the same length as the child’s body. They can then use their pieces of string to measure themselves against other objects. How many books do they need to stack until it reaches their height? If they hold each end of the string in their hands and spread their arms as wide as they can, they might find this distance is the same as their height!

Think and talk about

 Everything is measured in centimetres and metres. Use a ruler to work out how many centimetres tall they are by measuring the length of their string.

 What objects in the room are bigger or smaller than them?

You’ll need:

 A ball of string  Scissors


 Strings can be a tripping hazard or can lead to strangulation. Be careful when children are wandering around with hanging strings.

 Make sure that the area is cleared of obstacles and dangerous substances.


➊ If you have a roll of plain paper or mat, roll it out on the floor. ➋ Let your child/children lie down on the paper/ mat and then cut a piece of string the length of your child’s body. ➌ With the piece of string, they can now measure themselves against other objects! Ask these questions:  How many shoes can fit the length of the string?  How many drink cartons?  How many books?

➍ Ask your child/children to record results in a table.

➎ Help your child/children to measure things around the room with their strings. For example, ask how many times can their string fit along the table?


11-20 eweek.org be run britishscienc ties to of activi the age of 5 A range en under with childr

Principal Delivered

It really is never too early to start introducing children to new learning opportunities, and science isn’t all about Bunsen burners and test tubes; it can be found in all sorts of activities. Find the Early Years British Science Week 2022 activity pack at www.britishscienceweek.org and get started!




For little hands with big imaginations! For inspiration follow OriginalSticklebricks © 2022 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

Holiday Advice

Checklist for booking your summer holiday with confidence Many families are keen to get away on a fun-filled overseas trip to make up for the holidays they’ve missed during the pandemic. ABTA – The Travel Association has prepared a handy checklist to help you get ready for your next trip abroad.

C heck that your travel company is an ABTA Member

holiday will be protected under the Package Travel Regulations. On top of the existing protections that come with booking a package holiday, many ABTA Members are also offering additional benefits or flexible cancellation and rebooking policies if needed. Many are also offering special family discounts, and it’s important to book early. There is massive pent-up demand for holidays, so by booking ahead of others you’ll be able to take advantage of the best deals such as free child places or room upgrades and secure the accommodation and resort of your choice.

ABTA Members will be able to offer guidance and the most up-to-date information so you can travel with confidence. ABTA Members have to follow a code of conduct which stands for high quality, reliable travel experiences. You can use the search tool on ABTA’s website to look for a local Member. Booking a package holiday provides the best form of protection for your travel plans, as your

C heck your destination’s requirements Visit the Foreign Office website (gov.uk/ foreign-travel-advice) to find the latest advice for the country you’re visiting. This includes entry requirements related to Coronavirus such as if you need to present proof of vaccination and/or a negative test result. Note that children may have differing destination entry requirements to adults. The Foreign Office website will also include other


cially dev elo ped to ou r sun car e range is spe ski n fro m UVA an D protect yo ur little on e’s UV B rays. n suitable For it’s so mo ist urising, it’s eve peo ple wh o sen sitive ski n AN D saf e for may be pro ne to ecz em a.

ch ildsfarm .co m

SAVE 25%



heck that you have appropriate travel C insurance for the whole family

Make sure you take out comprehensive travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday. Many insurance policies, including ABTA Travel Sure, include different types of cover for COVID-19, such as medical expenses while on holiday or cancellation if you’re unable to travel, so read the policy details carefully to ensure it covers your specific needs. If you’re travelling to Europe, check if your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is still in date (cards are valid for five years when issued) and if not, apply for the new Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). Both cards entitle you to state-priced emergency healthcare and some insurers won’t cover all your medical costs if you don’t have an EHIC or GHIC.

C heck the rules for travelling to Europe now that the UK has left the EU

There are some changes to travel to the Europe now that the UK has left the EU, including passport validity, the documents needed for taking your pet and mobile data roaming. Full details can be found at abta.com/brexit.

entry requirements like applying for a visa, and further advice on health such as recommended travel vaccinations. You can sign up to receive country specific email alerts to get important updates. You can find out how to prove your COVID-19 vaccination or recovery status when travelling abroad by visiting Gov.uk. Give yourself plenty of time to get the documentation in order, and make sure you check what format your destination will accept, either digital or paper or both. You may find it helpful to have paper version of your documents in case your phone/device has a problem/runs out of battery and they can also make it easier when you are travelling as a family. Be sure to also check any COVID rules such as wearing a face covering or practicing social distancing, which may be required on your journey and at times during your holiday.

C heck if there are entry requirements for your return to the UK

Visit ABTA’s page on travel requirements to check before travelling abroad for more details, on abta.com/govrequirementsfortravel.

C heck your passport Check your passport and of everyone who’s traveling with you to see if it’s nearing its expiry date and allow plenty of time to renew it if needed – this can take up to 10 weeks. Many countries require you to have at least six months left on your passport from your date of departure. If you’re travelling to the EU, you will need to have at least three months left on your passport and your passport must have been issued within the last 10 years. Make sure you know what applies for the country you’re visiting.



Perhaps better known in the UK as one of Europe’s finest Alpine skiing destinations, during the summer months the Tirol region of Austria becomes a stunning, child-friendly outdoor paradise. If your family enjoys hiking, biking, breath-taking scenery, unique mountain trails, amazing water sports and much more then Tirol is quite simply a place you must visit! Schnackler Adventure Trail

To find everything you need to know about getting there, places to stay and visit and all the wonderful things to do, go to www.austria.info. In the meantime, and to whet your appetite, here is a small selection of activities from three fabulous regions in Tirol.

The Schnackler Adventure Trail, situated right at the access area to the Alpine Outdoor Gallery, is specifically designed for younger visitors of the Kaiserbach valley and outlines the history of the "Schnackler" and "Koasabacha" legends via interactive play stations with educational elements where the kids have to balance on wooden peonies, climb a net like a spider and complete a fun test. Learning through play in the outdoors – perfect! www.kitzbueheler-alpen.com/en/stjo/so/hiking/ schnackler-adventure-trail.html

ST. JOHANN IN TIROL Mountain Carting

The ingeniously designed 3.8km route takes you through forests and rolling pastures, via tricky turns and spectacular steep sections. The mountain carts’ modern and innovative design provide safety and reliability. The carts come with a dual circuit breaking system - which is also used in cars, safety fences and ropes adorn the route and a sturdy helmet provides added protection during the ride. Guaranteed fun - just give it a go! www.kitzbueheler-alpen.com/en/stjo/so/hiking/ mountaincart.html

Kletterwald Hornpark

Credit: Mirja Geh Photography.

This treetop adventure park for children aged 3 and over provides fun and excitement for the whole family and is the biggest high rope course in the Kitzbühel Alps. There are eight different courses comprising more than 80 elements in a range of difficulty levels, including a mini course for the little ones! www.kitzbueheler-alpen.com/en/stjo/so/hiking/ hornpark.html

Top: Hiking in St. Johann Left: Mountain Carting in St. Johann 26

Credit: Mirja Geh Photography

Summer in Tirol

Credit: Christoph Johann Zillertal Tourismus GmbH

Credit: Daniel Geiger Photo

ZILLERTAL Hiking with Children

Top left: Bike Riding in Zillertal Top right: Hintertux Glacier Above: St. Anton am Arlberg

Family Cycle Routes

Discover the Zillertal valley by bike along the banks of the Ziller river. The Zillertal cycle route extends for almost 31 km from Strass to Mayrhofen and is an ideal route for beginners and families with children. You will find routes for every taste, some from hut to hut, some along beautiful lakeshores, others by the side of rolling alpine meadows. www.zillertal.at/en/summer/family/biking-withkids.html

“What does a Gummy bear plant look like?”. You’ll find amazing alpine flower gardens, a beautiful herbal garden, a tree house and the wonder woods to explore. www.sennsationell.at/en/summer/ wunderwanderweg

Water Sports

For action-packed fun in the cool water, you can go kayaking, rafting, canyoning and tubing. Experience an unforgettable adventure with the whole family in Tirol’s most beautiful rivers and gorges. Nature up very close! www.stantonamarlberg.com/en/summer/outdoor/ more-activities/water-sports

Nature’s Ice Palace

At the Hintertux Glacier you’ll find a natural wonder, unique worldwide and an ideal destination at any time of the year for the whole family: Nature’s Ice Palace. Step into this frozen nether world located deep beneath the ski pistes and discover a glacial cave system that looks like the palace of an Ice Queen, with giant sparkling ice crystals, frozen waterfalls and an incredible glacial lake. Not to be missed! www.hintertuxergletscher.at/en/highlights-athintertux-glacier/specials/natures-ice-palace

Children’s Paradise

There is a wide variety of children’s playgrounds across the region and for those of you with very young children, the 40km long network of St. Anton am Arlberg’s cross-country ski trails offer wide paths for walking with easy up and downhill sections suitable for a push chair or buggy during the summer. If required, child carrier backpacks are also available to hire from sports shops in St. Anton. www.stantonamarlberg.com/en/summer/outdoor/ children-paradise

ST. ANTON AM ARLBERG Wonder Walking Way

Senn’s Wonder Walking Way is a hugely popular family destination. While walking, you’ll find the answers to questions we’re sure you have asked, such as “What´s growing in the drunken forest?”, “How much saliva can a cow produce in a day?” or

Visit www.austria.info 27

Credit: TVB-St-Anton-am-Arlberg

The family-friendly hiking trails in Zillertal offer young children lots of excitement. The many adventure trails, themed hikes and nature trails, turn the outdoors into a playground. There is the “Hubertus Wildtierpfad”, which takes you into the world of native wild animals, then the “Schmankerlweg”, where you hike to a mountain hut to enjoy the gorgeous local food, and don’t miss the “Adventure trail Tux stream”, which requires skill and imagination. www.zillertal.at/en/summer/family/hiking-withkids.html


Smiley Faces

How to develop healthier and happier smiles for you and your family by the Oral Health Foundation 28

One of the most common features many of us are drawn to is our child’s smile. Not only does it help us to understand their emotional wellbeing, it’s also an important measure of their physical health too. Keeping a child’s mouth healthy is vital. Teeth help them to chew and digest food, talk and pronounce different sounds clearly. Teeth also help to give their face its shape. This is why it is so important to give your child’s teeth the best care possible. For this year’s National Smile Month, the Oral Health Foundation will be providing advice and support for taking care of children’s oral health.


Bleeding gums is a common occurrence during pregnancy due to hormone changes, so more visits to the dentist and good oral hygiene are recommended. Take extra care with your oral hygiene routine, brushing twice a day for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste and cleaning in between your teeth with interdental brushes or floss. Poor oral hygiene can impact foetal growth and development, so during pregnancy it’s even more important to take care of your oral health. You’re brushing your teeth for two! Dental treatment is perfectly safe during pregnancy but inform the dentist before treatment that you are pregnant. You are also entitled to free NHS dental treatment, including check-ups and prescriptions, if you are pregnant or have given birth in the last 12 months.

more likely it is that they will carry these habits into adulthood. We recommend getting your baby used to the sensation of toothbrushing as soon as possible. You may find it easier to stand or sit behind your baby, cradling their chin in your hand so you can reach their top and bottom teeth more easily using a small smear of children’s toothpaste to clean them. Use a small-headed soft toothbrush in small circular movements and try to concentrate on one section at a time.

Babies and toddlers

Expect teething to begin from around six months and last until all 20 baby teeth come through. Signs of teething include swollen or red gums where the tooth is coming through and the cheek on the side of the mouth where the tooth is appearing may also be red. Some children will experience disrupted sleeping patterns too. If your baby or toddler drops a dummy on the floor when you’re out many parents will then lick the dirt off before giving it back to them. But when you do this, you’re passing on your saliva and potentially tooth-decay causing bacteria. There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that if you have poor oral health, there is a chance you can pass it on to your child so rather than sucking the dummy before you give it back to them, keep a bottle of water in your bag to rinse any dirt off instead. It’s never too early to learn good oral hygiene habits. We want to build habits that last a lifetime and so the earlier you introduce toothbrushing to your child the more natural it will become, and the 29


A British-loved brand for over 70 years





Sugar Free








Contains Fluoride

Available at leading retailers and online at: punchandjudykids.co.uk

Supervise your children’s brushing until the age of seven and make sure they don’t accidentally swallow any toothpaste. Children’s toothpaste will have a lower concentration of fluoride and a milder flavour, so we recommend using ageappropriate toothpaste.

Dental visits

As they grow up, children are constantly subjected to change and new experiences occur on a daily basis. And just like their first tooth, word, step, haircut or birthday, their first visit to the dentist is a significant milestone. Going to the dentist should be a regular part of every child’s life in order to keep an eye on their oral health and increase familiarity with the dental practice. By introducing the child to the dentist at an early age, it will help them become accustomed to the sights, sounds and smells of the dental practice. By creating good habits in childhood, such as visiting the dentist regularly, they are far more likely to continue them into adulthood.


Children aren’t born with a sweet tooth; they develop it by exposure to sweet treats through parents and advertising. This is why we supported the proposed junk food advertising ban to limit the number of images of junk food children are exposed to and the introduction of the sugar tax. It’s not realistic to expect children to give up sugary foods and drinks entirely, but we believe education starts at home and that parents can help their children make informed choices about the foods they eat. The main point to remember is that it is not the amount of sugar a child may eat or drink, but how often they have it. Try to keep sweets to

mealtimes and encourage children to choose snacks and drinks that are healthy for their mouth and teeth such as cheese, raw vegetables, seeds, bread, crackers, breadsticks, and fruits. Milk and water are the healthiest drinks for your mouth, so fruit juice, squash and fizzy drinks should be avoided or kept to a minimum. By caring for their teeth and giving them little bits of information whilst they are young, your child will develop good eating and tooth-care habits into adulthood.

Punch & Judy

Dental Buddy

The Oral Health Foundation has created a brandnew online resource for anybody looking to help children understand more about the health of their mouth. Dental Buddy provides Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two training modules, presentations and worksheets for children so they can learn how to look after their mouth and why it is so important. All Dental Buddy materials can be downloaded for free at www.dentalhealth.org/dentalbuddy

For over 70 years, Punch and Judy has been a British Brand with a place in the hearts and mouths of generations. Kids love the flavours and parents love winning the brush-time battle. And now there’s even more reason to love Punch and Judy with a new natural toothpaste range and child-and-planet friendly bamboo toothbrushes.

For more information, visit www.smilemonth.org or email helpline@dentalhealth.org if you would like some advice from their dental advisors.

Available at leading retailers and online at punchandjudykids.co.uk



Focus on Independent Schools Author: Julie Robinson, chief executive of the Independent Schools Council are not always available elsewhere. Schools that excel at nurturing sporting talent are able to offer excellent facilities and a variety of activities that are not easily accessible in other schools, such as sailing, climbing, fencing or horse riding. For children with a passion for acting or music, many independent schools offer well-resourced drama or music departments. There are lots of opportunities for pupils to get involved with

Every parent wants to give their child the best start in life, and this naturally includes choosing a school best suited to their child’s needs. For many families this can be a daunting task, especially those with younger children who will be taking their first steps into schooling. For a multitude of reasons, independent schools are the preferred option for many families. Over 532,000 pupils are currently enrolled in ISC member schools, the third highest level since records began in 1974 – so it’s clear that an independent education remains a popular choice. The independent sector encompasses a diverse range of schools and approaches, enabling parents to select the right environment for their child. Parents might choose an independent school for some or all of their child’s education, or in order to meet particular learning requirements. Independent schools vary significantly in size, from fewer than 20 pupils to over 2,400, although half of all schools have fewer than 300 pupils. Independent schools provide extra capacity through various specialisms ranging from singlesex education to full boarding – specialisms that

Top & Above: Felsted Preparatory School 33

extra-curriculars, from Combined Cadet Force training to band practice – this gives children the chance to meet new people, develop their talents, and build their confidence. Independent schools have the freedom to follow their own curriculum, which allows them to personalise learning and build assessments around pupils’ individual skill sets. This also enables schools to innovate and experiment with their academic programmes, providing pupils with enriching educational experiences. Another attractive feature of many independent schools is their smaller than average class sizes, with a pupil-teacher ratio of close to 9:1. This makes it easier for teachers to get to know each pupil, recognising who might need additional support in one area or challenging in another. A common misconception about independent schools is that they are all highly selective – in fact, fewer than half are academically selective. Independent schools place great value on providing an all-around education, including opportunities outside the classroom and outstanding pastoral care. Recognising the importance of developing pupils’ soft skills, independent schools pride themselves on delivering high-quality character education and supporting wellbeing. Independent schools are aware of their social responsibility and make a significant contribution to their local communities and the wider education system through meaningful partnership work. In collaboration with state schools and local organisations, independent schools work to broaden horizons, spread educational opportunity and promote civic duty. These partnerships take many different forms – from sharing resources and subject expertise to widening access to the arts. In recognition of the environmental threats facing our planet, sustainability has also become a key focus for many independent schools. Pupils and teachers alike are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, learn about the key challenges related to climate change, and create initiatives centred around conservation. Independent schools also do their bit to support good causes; estimates suggest that ISC schools raised up to £10.5 million for charity last year.

Widening access to independent education remains a core focus for ISC schools, and they continue to aid social mobility through their bursary and scholarship programmes. Our annual Census shows that £455 million of means-tested fee assistance was provided in 2021, an increase of £15 million from the previous year. One in 12 pupils at ISC schools is on a means-tested bursary or scholarship, and nearly half of all pupils on means-tested bursaries have more than half of their fees remitted. Parents are encouraged to contact schools directly to learn more about the bursary provision available – this can be done via the ‘Find A School’ tool on our website, which allows users to search for independent schools by location, residency type, age range and more: www.isc.co.uk/schools

Top & Above: Millfield Prep School

The Independent Schools Council (ISC) brings together seven associations and four affiliate associations to represent almost 1,400 independent schools. These schools educate more than half-a-million children. Almost half of UK independent schools are ISC schools, educating around 80 per cent of all independent school children. To find out more about the breadth of UK independent schools, visit www.isc.co.uk. 35

Book Club

Storytime A selection of wonderful books, out now or coming soon…  Trains Trains Trains

Written by Donna David. Illustrated by Nina Pirhonen.

Full of spotting and counting fun, with five trains to find on each page and an exciting fold-out race at the end, this rhyming preschool picture book from Donna David and Nina Pirhonen has been specially developed to encourage pre-reading skills and expand language and vocabulary. Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books Publication Date: 3rd March 2022 RRP: £6.99 Available from all good bookshops

A Dress With Pockets 

Written by Lily Murray. Illustrated by Jenny Løvlie.

A funny, frock-filled and light-hearted story for modern girls who don't just want sequins and sparkles on their dresses. This story celebrates the joy of pockets, and how they can unleash the inquisitive, adventurous spirit of all young children, as Lucy and Aunt Augusta search for the dress of Lucy’s dreams. Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books. Publication Date: 31st March 2022 RRP: £7.99 Available from all good bookshops

 Small’s Big Dream

Written by Manjeet Mann. Illustrated by Amanda Quartey.

Meet Small. Small lived in a small house. She had a small room with a small window and at night she slept in a small bed with a too small blanket. In Small’s world, everything is small. Everything except her dreams. Small had BIG dreams. And Small discovers that when you dream big, anything – and everything – can happen. Publisher: Harper Collins Publication date: 31st March 2022 RRP: £6.99 Available from all good bookshops and online 37

Try delicious Veggie Mini Mix Ups Packed with tasty organic veg Only the good stuff

 SuperDaisy

Written by Rebecca Smith. Illustrated by Zoe Waring.

Inspired by a true story, SuperDaisy tells the tale of a little girl undergoing cancer treatment. Told in rhyme, Daisy lets her imagination run wild as she dresses up in fancy dress, coming to the rescue in different and exciting scenarios. In her superhero disguise, Daisy is able to shake off her worries about being unwell and embrace a freer world – and become the superhero that she really is. Inspired by real-life events, all profits from are going to The Little Princess Trust. Publisher: Harper Collins Publication date: 28th April 2022 RRP: £6.99 Available from all good bookshops and online

Mayor Bunny's Chocolate Town 

Written and Illustrated by Elys Dolan.

Mr Bunny is back... and this time he's running for mayor.

Coop Town needs some urgent repairs – and Mr Bunny is promising to make it great again. At first, the chicken electorate is wowed by Mr Bunny's promises of new chocolate houses, new chocolate parks, new chocolate swimming pools-as well as his bold claim that chocolate will repel hungry foxes. But what will happen when the truth comes home to roost? Publisher: Oxford University Press Publication Date: Out Now RRP: £6.99 Available from all good bookshops and online

 Welcome to the World

Written by Julia Donaldson. Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

From two bestselling and award-winning creators comes a magical, lyrical celebration of babies' first experiences. From the comfort of home to the adventure of the great outdoors, from family to first encounters with nature, Welcome to the World revels in the joy that comes with sharing this new world with children and seeing it through their eyes. A perfect read-aloud story for sharing from the author of The Gruffalo and the illustrator of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Publisher: Puffin Publication date: 28th April 2022 RRP £12.99 Available from all good bookshops and online


Tumble Tots Member Offers





Once again, we’ve teamed up with a selection of terrific partners to bring you loads of fantastic offers and discounts. Every partner listed here will have their own page on the Member Offers website and we will be adding new offers and product news throughout the year so please visit www.tumbletotsmemberoffers.com regularly so you don’t miss out!

20% discount at Konfidence!

We are delighted to feature in the Tumble Tots magazine once again. The confidence little ones gain from learning to play as well as learning to swim is crucial to their development. Our Original Konfidence Jacket continues as our most popular and best-selling learn to swim jacket alongside all our buoyancy, baby swimming and beachwear ranges. Our new Splashy™ collection of baby swimwear using e-Flex™ materials featuring recycled plastics in place of traditional neoprene is becoming essential for baby swim classes. All the benefits of warmth, comfort and sun protection but with much less impact on the planet . H RT


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10% discount at Smiffys! Smiffys are the market leaders in all things dress-up and party, shop the baby, toddler and children’s ranges to create a little magic for your little ones! Costumes are a great way to let your child’s imagination run wild. Bring your child’s favourite characters to life with costumes, including award winning officially licensed collections, choose from Bing, Peter Rabbit, The Gruffalo and more! Our costumes exceed industry safety standards, surpassing both EN71 Regulations and Nightwear (Flammability) Standards giving you peace of mind when it comes to dressing up your little ones in costumes from Smiffys.

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10% discount at The Love Writing Company Learning to write made easier, quicker and fun. The Love Writing Company is on a mission to help children Love Writing from the start. Our age appropriate Writing Pencils and Erasable Colour Pencils have been specifically developed for a child's hand. Available in 2 sizes (3-5 years and 6-9 years). Our Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Books are full of fun and engaging activities that help children learn letter and word formation, build pencil control and establish a solid writing foundation.

To claim your 10% discount quote TT10 at www.lovewritingco.com 41

25% off Pura eco-friendly baby care Pura is making it easy for all parents to change to baby care that doesn’t cost the earth. Our 100% plastic-free and biodegradable baby wipes contain 99% water, aloe vera, and no nasties. Allergy UK accredited, they’re perfect for newborns, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. While no disposable nappy gives 100% performance with 0% environmental impact, Pura strikes a happy balance. Made with 100% green electricity, they’re cotton enhanced for amazing comfort and contain 0% allergens or nasties. A super absorbent plant fibre core keeps bottoms dry and nappy leak free for up to 12 hours. Happy babies, Happy planet!

Use the checkout code PURA25TT at mypura.com and save 25% off the eco-awesome range! All offers subject to change and terms and conditions may apply – please visit www.tumbletotsmemberoffers.com or partners’ websites for details

Certificate of Insurance This is to confirm that Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd has taken out Personal Accident Insurance for members (and non-members using the equipment for the first time) which is in respect of death, loss of limbs and /or eyes, or permanent total disablement sustained while engaged in Tumble Tots centre activities. This policy has been effected with a leading insurance group and since cover is (as with all insurance contracts) subject to policy terms and conditions, details can be provided on request.


Ac Actio Acti Act Action S So Son Song Songs to enjoy at home

Carry on the fun at home and practice the actions to all your favourite Tumble Tots songs and rhymes! Visit www.tumbletots.co.uk to buy the CDs or search ‘Tumble Tots’ on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon or iTunes.

g n i n r Tu o t n i e m i t h t ba time! play

olour Fun Canging h Ch le Bat Bubb

foa CrazymSing oaps

l Magiclaing k r a p S Bath Bubble

froth Body Wash


Available from all leading grocery stores, online and pharmacies