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April 2011

Special Edition

New McNair Scholars at Marian University reflect on being inducted Fond du Lac, Wis. On April 5, 2011, a group of nine students from Marian University will be ceremonially inducted into the Ronald E. McNair Post baccalaureate Achievement Program. The purpose of this Induction Ceremony is to recognize new S m with an official McNair pin. In this special edition of the Marian Challenger, the newly inducted students share their thoughts about joining the program.

"To be officially inducted as a McNair scholar is an honor and a privilege. I am so proud to be part of this group of fine scholars, striving to be one of the best in my field. With the help of the McNair Scholars program, the future ahead of each of us is full of excitement, prosperity, and success." Gina Anderson Psychology

"Being officially inducted into the McNair Scholars program gives me hope for the future. I have been given an opportunity that comes along only once in a organization whose main goals are to support, encourage, and guide individuals both academically and personally on a path to obtaining their dreams." Andrea Binnebose Biology

"I am excited to be inducted into the McNair Scholar Program because, like any membership in a particular organization, I will have nationwide connections with people who are just like me: an underprivileged student who is striving to succeed by taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. Through the McNair program, I have already had the opportunity to travel and meet with graduate school faculty, graduate students and current McNair Scholars from around the country. With my induction, not only do I look forward to more opportunities like this, but I am reminded that even if times get tough and I get stressed, there is someone who felt that I was worth it and that I should be a McNair Scholar." Tess Goeller Psychology/Theology


"To be inducted into McNair is a great opportunity. It helps explore options and open doors to networking opportunities. I am glad to be involved in such a diverse group of intelligent individuals. I will be surrounded by positive supportive hardworking students and staff. I am thankful and look forward to the adventure ahead." Jazmin Lang Nursing/Psychology

"Being inducted as a McNair Scholar is a gateway for attaining the goals of my future. In my efforts to hopefully attain my M.D./Ph.D., Being a McNair Scholar opens up various avenues and opportunities that I know would not be available if I was not a McNair Scholar. Similarly, the McNair Scholars Program enables me to make connections in my field of study through research and conventions in only a way that this program is able. Truly, I know that being a McNair Scholar will help me reach my goals like no other program can." Dennis Mudd Biology/Chemistry

"Being inducted means that I am on my way to completing my research project and graduating with my Bachelor's degree. I feel that being inducted into the McNair Scholars program will help me to be as prepared for my Masters degree as I possibly can be." Jenny Peters Social Work

"Being officially inducted into McNair is meaningful because the experience gives me great pride, as I am proud to be associated with an organization that pushes the normal academic boundaries through hard work and dedication. The challenges and expectations of this program create a path that transcend the goals and achievements we and many other people in our lives thought we exclusively helping underrepresented students to achieve goals, above and beyond, makes me grateful and thankful I am able to be part of an organization with such a positive purpose." Steve Rumbuc Biology




"I have been working with the McNair staff for only a few short months and already my perspective on my future has changed. The staff at McNair has not only helped me open doors I did not think existed, but also to have the confidence to walk through them. This opportunity is allowing me to set the bar higher for myself and for my children." Randy Schoenborn Biology

"Induction into McNair allows me to elevate my personal expectations for success. Steadily emerging from an impoverished status, I'm beginning to slowly enter realms that I can't fully fathom and possibilities I'm just beginning to comprehend. I feel blessed to know that through McNair I'm surrounded by competent individuals who can help support and guide me to promising places yet unknown. I'm honored by the beautifully vast and expansive horizons I can now endeavor toward--and I eagerly embrace the journey." Maria Weeks Art Therapy

The McNair Scholars program prepares participants for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities. Participants are from diverse backgrounds and have demonstrated strong academic potential. The McNair staff work closely with participants as they complete their undergraduate requirements. Participants are encouraged to enroll in graduate programs and then track their progress through to the successful completion of advanced degrees. The goal is to increase the attainment of Ph.D. degrees by students from underrepresented segments of society.

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McNair Special Newsletter Spring 2011  

News and Updates. A special release for the Marian University McNair Scholars Program Induction Dinner

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