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Five Tips for Getting the Right Underwear Your underwear can be pretty amazing. It protects you from the weather and your clothes and protects your clothes from your perspiration and body oils too! It might be plain and practical everyday underwear or a little bit of sheer lacy lingerie for special occasions. Many women just rush out and buy the same cheap undies from discount department stores when the old ones wear out. But new underwear that fits correctly smooths out your lumps and bumps, supports your posture, and makes you feel like a million bucks. This year, why not stop and take a moment and think about the state of your underwear before you buy the same old thing once again.

1. Budget

First, consider how much you are willing to spend. You wear it next to your skin every day, so ideally you will change your pants every day and your bra every two to three days. You’ll want something that has the right amount of firmness and elasticity for comfort, yet the durability to last through 52 or more washes every year. It’s worth spending a little more for the bonus of longevity.

2. Appropriateness

Next, think about the size of your breasts, your daily activities, and the amount of time you are willing to spend caring for your underwear. Bigger breasts need more support than smaller breasts. If your breasts bounce a lot, you will need something in a firmer construction that offers more support. You probably understand that you need a good firm bra for shock support when you run or play netball. Activities like heavy yard work, running around after children may require similar support, while a day at a desk requires less. Sturdy undies can generally go in the washing machine, but delicates need your time and effort to gently hand wash - are willing to do that?

3. Style

You can get a wide variety of bra styles, from the supportive full cup to flirty demi-cups. Leotard backs that pull straps in and prevent them from sliding down sloping shoulders or arched centre panels that make space for high tummies. And you might prefer a set wit complementary pants, briefs, shorts, and thongs for your bottom. Or you might prefer bold colours or soft pastels.

4. Need

The last thinking step is to decide what you need. You probably need bras and pants, and as a minimum, one to wear and one in the wash. Maybe one for spare. You might also consider modern corsetry like Spanx, or look at suspender belts, slips or petticoats.


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