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South Africans Against Drunk Driving

’ Win a Kids’ Chocolate Factory Workshop Party for 10 worth R1000. sms your name and “win a choc party” to 082 577 2110. The competition closes on 31 March 2012 and the winner will be notified telephonically.

The prize expires after 12 months.



Editor’s Life I was told at the beginning of last year that I would need to apply for an unabridged birth certificate for my daughter to apply for high school in 2013. So I immediately called a company that assists with these types of applications and was told that they would charge R350 to take care of this on my behalf. They faxed me the paperwork I needed to fill in and I promptly filed it in the back of my 2011 diary (my “to do” section). I discovered the blank forms, still in the “to do” section last month as I was replacing my old diary with the new one (oops...)

Maths and English programmes for children of all ages and abilities Through the long-term, strategic development of work skills and academic ability, a solid foundation in MATHS and ENGLISH leads to the ability to tackle advanced work independently and with confidence. Get the basics right and the love and ability will follow. Gina Clowes 082 564 9537

Last week I went to “Home Affairs” (what an awful, seedy name for a government department) and applied for the unabridged birth certificate (only R75 when you do it yourself). I was told that it could take anywhere between 6 to 8 months to arrive due to the backlog of applications – seems I wasn’t the only negligent parent. I also applied for three passport renewals at the same time (R400 each vs the R650 each if you apply through the documentation company). I spent about an hour there but saved over R1000 in fees I would have paid to a document service.


Sharon Hultzer Kumon Pr 8411123 328 Burger Street, Pietermaritzburg


Yesterday I received an SMS (only 7 days after applying) to tell me that the unabridged birth certificate was ready for collection! WOW! I am super impressed. Someone cynically suggested I temper my enthusiasm until after checking that the details are in fact correct, as her child’s one had the wrong parents’ names on it... but I will remain positive.

G R A D E S 1 to 12

Is your child struggling with English, Afrikaans, Maths or High School Science? Our personalised tuition in Maths, Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Comprehension, Language & Science has paid off for hundreds of school children. Our proven methodology will boost your child‛s school results and self-confidence.

So here’s hoping the passport renewals are ready for collection soon too, that way I can kill two birds with one stone.

033 - 386 8217

Alice xxx P.S. Today I received a letter from my daughter’s prospective high school - she’s been accepted (without the unabridged birth certificate)!

• Weddings • 21st • Gift Packs • Corporate Gifts and more! 083 381 8483 •


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Healthy/Beautiful Life Jewellery by Diana Just before her 60th birthday in 2009 Di Veness watched her daughter Claire making a necklace. Di became absolutely obsessed with this art form and in December 2009 began making and selling jewellery herself at house parties and retail boutiques. She resigned from estate agency work and a few months later employed young Thandeka (Precious) Kwayema (Di’s now “adopted” daughter who lives with her) from Hammarsdale. Later in 2010 Di named her business “Jewellery by Diana” and in November of that year opened her own shop at The Quarry Centre in Hilton. Jewellery by Diana makes unique, high quality (no plastic), affordable jewellery. They also make bespoke jewellery to match whatever a woman wears, e.g. for weddings, balls, matric dances or other special occasions. Among the components they use are fresh water pearls, hundreds of different semi-precious stones, glass, wood, bone, shell, copper, brass, silver metal, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and more. For variety Di’s Jewellery also stocks 925/sterling silver ready-made rings, pendants, chains, earrings etc., either plain or set with semi-precious gems, as well as men’s and women’s watches. A large part of the business comprises restringing and repairing costume jewellery at a reasonable price. This is done expertly by Precious, Gugu (Janet) and Di. Happy Hills on the Midlands Meander, Mushka in the Drakensburg and Clarens, and a few other clothing boutiques are stockists of Jewellery by Diana. Contact: Di Veness, Jewellery by Diana, 033 – 343 4414.

Give a Little, Save a Lot.

Braid Street Family Clinic

Curves is an effective 30 minute workout for women with all the support they need. Bring in a generous bag of non-perishable food to help people in need and we’ll return the favour by asking you to join Curves for FREE!

Dr Aslaam Mahomed & Dr Sheldon Chetty

This child friendly environment offers medical services for the whole family!

Come in and see us! Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm • Sat: 9am - 2pm

033 - 342 4684

45 Braid Street, Pietermaritzburg

*Food or cash donation required to a local charity determined by the club. Offer based on first visit enrolment, minimum 12 months debit order. New members only. Not valid for any other offer. Valid only at participating clubs from 1 - 31 March 2012. © 2012 Curves International Inc.


Healthy/Beautiful Life Vaser Lipo Whether you’d like to lose a few kilos or inches around your waist, thighs, hips, back or arms or finely sculpt your body, Vaser Lipo by Contour Aesthetics gives you the results you want. This revolutionary fat-removal procedure (introduced recently in SA) is a safe and less painful alternative to traditional liposuction. Using a technique called LipoSelection, Vaser Lipo targets specific areas of the body. Ultrasonic waves break up and separate fat cells for removal, while leaving vital tissues undamaged. How it Works: • The fatty layer is infused with tumescent fluid. • The high frequency vibration of Vaser ultrasonic probes causes the fat cells to break apart and emulsify into the infusion fluid. • Emulsified fat is easily removed via a specially designed VentX Suction Cannulae or massage, i.e. the fat cells are gently suctioned out - you can see it for yourself! • During the healing process, your skin will retract to give you a smooth, natural-looking result. Benefits of Vaser Lipo vs Traditional Liposuction: • Instant results, minimally invasive, minimal swelling, no bruising, little or no pain. • Smooth, predictable results, fast recovery, no stay over. • Minimal down time, local anaesthetic used. • Traditional liposuction can result in lumpy or uneven areas. • Mostly no repeat treatments necessary in same area. • Great for tight, fibrous areas such as the back and posterior flanks, where increased blood loss would be expected. Contour Aesthetics provides a cost-effective, high-quality professional service by a physician who is also a qualified Vaser practitioner. Contact: Contour Aesthetics, 083 786 9336, Visit

INSTANTLY remove those bulges! NO repeat treatments in the same area required!

The # 1 alternative to traditional liposuction that’s safe and less painful. • instant fat removal • melt excess fat and suction it out • minimally invasive, using gentle ultra-sound technology • instant, smooth & predictable results in most areas of the body • improved skin retraction • fast patient recovery • performed in-clinic with no stay-over • procedure performed by a Vaser certified doctor. Give us a call for a private and confidential consultation, complete privacy guaranteed. Visit our website, for more information.

Do you want to SEE the fat being removed?

083 786 9336 Weekdays 8am - 4pm Saturdays 9am - 12pm Unit 102, The Cube, 37 Zenith Drive, New Town Umhlanga


To advertise: 031 - 573 1731

Healthy/Beautiful Life Treating Horses with Cranio-Sacral Therapy

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY and stuttering Reasons for stuttering are many and are not well defined. Emotional trauma and physical head injuries sustained at birth are a possible reason for stuttering. Cranial nerve distortions play a huge part and are often ignored. Cranio-Sacral Therapy has vast potential as it assists the body to release tension deep within the central nervous system.

Thomas was a physically, chemically and emotionally traumatised early-retired race horse. Normally, a horse retired early from competitive racing will never race again because of the high cost of rehabilitation, diet and medication. Treatments would include painkillers, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, anti-depressants and cortisone steroid drugs. However, Thomas’s owner did not want to go this route.

Felicity Fernandes (RCST) Hilton 083 225 1733

African Print (Kitenge) Exclusive Wear: • Ladies’ kaftans with head wrap • Smart tops • Formal skirts • Chic dresses • Men’s shirts

033 - 386 9430 082 624 7590


Felicity Fernandes, a Cranio-Sacral Therapist, was called in to visit Thomas. He came to the fence to meet Felicity. “I thanked Thomas in advance for allowing me to hold and learn from his graceful aristocratic body. On the first touch Thomas lowered his head so I could put my hands on his right cranium. He licked his lip then blew through his nostrils. His huge eyes softened. Thomas guided me with his strong neck so that I was on his left front side. My hands stopped above his front limb on the brachial plexii (shoulder nervous system). With both my hands here he began to tremble, a sign of trauma release. I could sense deep muscles pulling and tightening and releasing,” explained Felicity. The treatment continued across Thomas’s left elbow, his knee joint and then onto the other leg. “At this point it felt complete. I thanked Thomas. He turned to me, bowed his head with droopy eyes, yawned, nibbled on the grass then slowly joined his mates.”

• Detox with AIM’s: Herbal Fibre Blend • Superior Nutrition: AIM Barley Life • Get these and more at cost price • Or work from home • No joining fee • No minimum monthly orders • No strings attached


Call, or SMS e-mail address to:

082 725 5043 033 - 396 1733

Cool Winds Beauty & Wellness Centre

March Special: Full Set Acrylic Nails With Tips Only R190 On Natural Nail Only R120 (1st Fill at 1/2 price).

Relax Body, Mind & Soul

Cranio-Sacral Therapy was developed 100 years ago by an Osteopath for use on a variety of human disorders, diseases and discomforts. It addresses the central nervous system, bringing enormous relief.

033 - 343 4659 or 033 - 343 5410 2 Hilton Avenue, Hilton

Horses and dogs respond well to the same treatment. Felicity treats horses and their riders, as well as humans of all ages. Contact: Felicity Fernandes, registered Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Hilton, 083 225 1733.



Healthy/Beautiful Life Enhance Beauty Just as a frame enhances the certificate or picture it surrounds, so permanent make-up enhances the eyes, lips and brows and makes them stand out. With permanent make-up, getting up in the morning, going to work or training in the gym has never been so easy with your make-up already done! Apart from making life easier, permanent make-up can also be used on people who have lost their eyebrows through chemotherapy or for the reconstruction of breast nipples after a mastectomy. Admittedly, make-up has never been top of my agenda, so when I decided to try out permanent make-up, eye liner seemed to be a good place to start. As a tomboy I just hadn’t had the time to learn these kinds of things as I was too busy climbing trees and scraping my knees! I arrived at Enhance, which is owned by Sandy Gavin, and was made to feel very welcome. After filling in the usual forms, the whole process was explained in great detail. The longest part of the whole process is the numbing of the eyelids before the process starts. This is done by means of a gel gently swabbed around your eyes. As I hardly ever wear make-up I left the decision of what colour to do up to Sandy. The little machine then buzzed as it applied colour to my lower lid. It wasn’t painful at all, merely uncomfortable. The make-up has to be looked after carefully the week following the procedure to ensure the maximum benefit. Comments from friends and family have been amazing. And every time I look into the mirror I wonder who this stranger with the beautifully framed eyes is looking at me! • Natural enhancement of your natural features • Colour intensity lasts approximately 2 to 7 years and can be adjusted at any time • Lipliner to correct or enhance lips • Full lip colour to give colour to your face • Eyeliner to frame your eyes • Eyebrow enhancement to change shape or fill in gaps • Areola construction/reconstruction • FDA approved products

Contact: Sandra Gavin, 033 – 396 1185. Review by Tasha Jardim for Mum’s Mail.

Enhance Beauty Clinic 033 - 396 1185


To advertise: 031 - 573 1731

Tiny Life Making the Most of TV Time for Toddlers TV is here to stay, and with dedicated channels for little ones many parents feel there is no harm in allowing their young children to watch for a few hours a day. But how much is too much? Mother and Toddler Mother

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that NO TV should be watched by 0 to two year olds. The makers of Brainy Baby and Baby Einstein had to offer parents refunds after research showed that babies who had watched these DVDs actually understood six to eight words less than their peers who had not watched the DVDs. After two, TV watching should be limited to one to two hours a day. As adults, we can add meaning to what we see on TV as we have real-life experiences to draw on and our language is fully developed. Young children, though, have limited understanding of what they see. They learn best through all their senses. Compare watching a dancing triangle on TV to drawing a giant one on the driveway, walking along its lines, and then going inside to cut your bread into triangles for lunch.

Weekly Stimulation Classes

• Stimulates all the senses and promotes learning • Develops perceptual motor skills • Unique range of climbing and clambering equipment • Original Clamber Club action songs and exciting props • Gives parents great stimulation ideas for home

• Ballito: 076 222 2946 • Durban North: 083 785 4332 • Kloof: 083 259 2746 • Pietermaritzburg: 083 445 1441 •

Domestic Childminder & CPR Course Course includes: • Basic Childcare • First Aid, CPR and Choking • HIV and AIDS Awareness • Stimulation and Play • New Courses: • Basic Housekeeping • Home Based Care for the Elderly

CPR courses for Schools, Moms, Dads, Grannies and Babysitters. Booking Essential! Contact Gail Starr (033) 386 4451 • 083 445 1441 or

So what to do? • Choose age-appropriate programmes. • Watch the same programme over and over just like you would read a book. Memory is stimulated and understanding improved with each viewing. • Talk to your children about what they are watching. • Encourage children to interact with the characters on TV – hop like the rabbit, dance to the music etc. • Turn off the TV when no-one is watching. • Set a time-limit for watching. • Let children choose between two suitable programmes. Source: Ashleigh Thompson, Toptots Mother and Child Workshop, Hilton, 083 415 9903,,

For franchise queries contact • 082 876 7791 •


Young/Party Life Kiddies’ Party Planning Workshop Let’s be honest. Kids’ parties for some parents are a nightmare. Overspending, venues, theme ideas or even just having strangers in your house can be stressful.


For Hire

033 - 344 3903

• Plain & themed various shaped tables • Chair covers • Personalised banners • Custom made piñatas and centre-pieces on request NEW - 8 YEARS AND OLDER FUN PARTY FURNITURE

Basic tips to save your sanity: • Stick to the budget. • Know your child’s routine (e.g. if baby sleeps from 2pm to 4pm don’t have an afternoon party). • Invitations create expectations. Check RSVP dates, add dress codes and avoid a grumpy dad by checking the final rugby date! • Keep a big party box for stocking the basics e.g. multi-coloured balloons, candles, bit and bobs. Stock up while shopping. • Décor - use stuff around the house or borrow. Black and white table cloths are compulsory as they go with any theme. Recycle two litre cooldrink bottles for water balloon skittles.

Visit our showroom Durban/PMB and Howick and surrounds. FREE party packs with advance bookings! BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! CALL NOW: 084 264 7180



Kiddies’ Party Furniture is a hiring service for DIY moms. For the past six years they have assisted with various aspects of parties. Original themes can be expensive which often leads to overspending. For this reason Kiddies’ Party Furniture has decided to hold its first “Party Planning Workshop” starting in March. The aim is to equip mums to create unforgettable parties (décor, food and games ideas etc.) within a budget. Group bookings are welcome. Cost: R100 per person per workshop. Please enquire about the various dates available.

Stockists of Paul Mitchell Baby Don’t Cry Products

51 Macleroy Road • 033 - 394 6855


Be creative, your child will love you for it.

SPECIAL R4999 incl. VAT


• Platform & Roof • Step Ladder • Slide • Cargo Net • Double Swing Set • Installation • Many add-ons available Tel: 0861 11 55 37

Contact: Glenda, 033 – 344 3903,

Terms & Conditions Apply


To advertise: 031 - 573 1731

Young/Party Life Children’s Party Venue

Pietermaritzburg Incorporating ‘Lincoln Cottages’ B&B/Self-catering • Tranquil spacious garden setting available for children’s special occasions • Jungle gym • Pool • Braai area • Sun deck & plenty of space for a jumping castle & play area. We cater! 033 - 396 4576 • 072 218 6346


For all ages & abilities • Heated pools • Showers/change rooms • Enclosed parking • Gym equipment • Tuck shop • Safe, park-like surroundings


ODETTE 082 466 8577

SIMPLE ELEGANCE Themed Décor for Girls & Boys, Jumping Castles & More. Nozie 082 624 7590

Kiddies’ Party and Décor Hire

Call 083 235 0548 THE ONE STOP PARTY Jumping Castles & Children’s Party Planner


Specialising in Kidz Themed Parteez! We provide: Themed Party Table & Chairs, Tableware & Décor, Jumping Castles, Chocolate Fountains, Popcorn & Candy Floss Machines, Cakes, Sand Art, Face Painting & So Much More...

Anthea on 082 302 5835•


Educated Life Early Intervention Is Critical

‘The hassle-free solution to lost property’

It is thought that around 15% of children under the age of 18 are affected by a developmental, behavioural or learning disability. With these disabilities seemingly on the rise, there is much that remains poorly understood, from cause to cure.

Catherine Dalling 076 555 7942

However, there is one widely accepted fact: early intervention can have a profound impact on the quality of life for young people at risk and their families. The key is early detection… and the role of parents and educators is critical. With proper intervention, a child can overcome developmental, behavioural and learning disabilities. In some cases, intensive, well-designed and timely intervention can improve conditions once thought to be virtually untreatable, such as autism. Well-implemented programmes can brighten a child’s future and the impact a disorder has on the family.

Practice Number: 0193267

Personalised Name Labels & Stickers and so much more...

‘Stick with us and we’ll stay Stuck 2 U’

The Audiblox Programme helps to:

• Increase intelligence • Sharpen attention & concentration • Develop accurate perception • Improve long & short term memory • Promote logical thought • Improve reading • Build self-esteem & self-confidence

Anne 033 - 386 3040

As a young person grows and develops, parents may watch with both wonder and worry. Friends, family, books and magazines all offer advice to guide parents through the complex developmental process. But the most important way to monitor the healthy growth and development of a child is through an active partnership of parents, educators and health care providers.

• Onsite Audiologist • Hearing Screening & Testing (All Ages) • Quality Hearing Aid Fittings • Worker’s Compensation Cases & Medico-Legal Cases 331 Burger Street, St Anne’s Medical Centre, Suite 104, Pietermaritzburg 033 - 342 6881

... the joy of learning. educational books for the developing mind Baba Genius books are educational books for the developing mind, which stimulate your child’s brain & encourages skilful learning for the years to follow. Ages 0 - 4 years. Solina Naidoo • 031 - 764 3319 • 082 852 9707 •

As a parent (or educator), you may not think you have the training to monitor the development of your child but you bring to this partnership powerful observation and experience, strengthened by a sense of love and responsibility. If you are unsure of whether your child’s development is proceeding as expected a visit to your doctor or health care professional is time and money well spent. Source: Midlands Assessment and Therapy Centre, Howick, 079 772 3379.


To advertise: 031 - 573 1731

Educated Life PMB Gymnastics Academy For many, gymnastics for small children might be regarded as a challenging sport. It requires concentration, skill, perseverance and courage. Being a parent, why would you even think about allowing your child to be involved in this type of sporting activity? Contrary to public opinion, however, many children actually go through the benefits of gymnastics while outweighing the risks.

Pietermaritzburg Gymnastics Academy Gymnastics improves posture, co-ordination, stamina, flexibility and discipline of mind & body.

• Boys & Girls • Age 3 & up • Fun filled programmes • Birthday parties welcome

At the PMB Gymnastics Academy well-structured programmes for children aged three to 18 are offered. Children are guided through the programmes at their own pace, keeping safety and Contact Sherri on 083 547 5981 enjoyment as the top priorities. The programmes are designed to develop children both socially and physAre you or ically. From a young age children learn to your child not interact with other children and adults coping? while learning valuable social skills. The • Psycho Educational Assessments physical benefits of gymnastics include • Art/Play Therapy flexibility, strength, co-ordination, bal• Adolescent Therapy/ Assessments ance and motor skills. Gymnastics classes Is your child a square Individual Therapy lay a foundation for all other sports as well peg in a round hole? • Adult • Couple Counselling • Family Counselling as assisting children with low muscle tone. We can help! • Trauma Counselling The PMB Gymnastics Academy is a safe, clean environment for young children to grow and enjoy the sport of gymnastics. The club follows programmes laid out by the South African Gymnastics Federation and caters for both recreational and competitive gymnasts. All the coaches are qualified and motivated to ensure children enjoy classes. So if you would like to lay a good foundation for your child both socially and physically, gymnastics is a great way to start. Just be prepared for footprints on the wall and your child being upside down more than on their feet! Contact: Sherri Pegler-Page, PMB Gymnastics Academy, 083 547 5981,

Claire Hartshorne Psychologist

Jenni Underwood

033 - 343 4086 083 395 1321

Practice No. 0059978

Cell: 084 240 9610 Tel: 033 - 345 2041


ENROL NOW FOR 2012 We give children from 3yrs - 11yrs the ‘unfair’ advantage! • We create a LOVE for MATHS • We promote intuitive thinking • We enhance problem solving capabilities • We cultivate a photographic memory Please contact John Cato on 071 855 8840 or visit for further details.

Present this advert and get an introductory lesson FREE!

5 Ways To Change Your Child’s Life (and your own)

With our revolutionary programme in 6-10 weeks, you can: 1. Improve reading and comprehension 2. Improve marks 3. Increase self-confidence 4. Change their life with one-on-one tuition by Qualified Teachers 5. Guarantee results We Serve: • Hilton • Pietermaritzburg • Participating schools

We offer an extensive range of quality educational toys and games to pre-primary and primary schools.

Suppliers of:

To ensure a quick response, phone Devon White today

Contact Liz Meyer on 083 955 9105 to set up an appointment at your school.


Read and Learn Better, Faster and more effectively From Grade 1.5 to Adults 033 - 343 3226 • •


Relaxed Life Tasha’s Chef’s Table



Gorgeous Workshop Parties for Mums & Kids

In January Tasha Jardim of Tasha’s Fudge launched her first Chef’s Table dinner at Tasha’s Fantastic Fudge shop in the Jacaranda Centre in Hilton. Tasha aims to host these dinners once a month throughout the year. Never one to let the grass grow under her feet, Tasha has turned to her true passion - cooking. A qualified Cordon Bleu Chef by trade, the food game is no mystery to Tasha.

Lara 084 587 0880

On the last Friday in January, the spick and span factory, used to the aroma of fudge, was all set to entertain a handful of foodies. Seating was done so that guests met new people. At the head of each table was a host who kept the conversation flowing while the kitchen kept the food coming!

Teapot House Now Open!

Busy Bees Playgroup Ages 18 months - 4 years Children’s Yoga 3 - 12 years Budding Chefs’ Cooking Classes Mums and Tots/5 - 12 years Mia 033 - 343 4699 072 481 6693 Hilton

“Happy people are the fizz in the soda of life...” Anonymous Make sure you capture happy moments on film so they last forever! • Family photo sessions • Maternity • Newborn • Kiddies

On the menu was: Home-made Mushroom Soup or Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé for starters, followed by Coq au Vin or Stuffed Fillet for mains. The dessert was Tasha’s Chocolate Mousse or Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie with Hot Fudge Sauce.

033 - 330 6036 • 083 943 8430

Pony Magic

Horse & Pony Gifts & Apparel for Adults & Children

Some diners had trouble choosing between the two desserts and ended up having both!

An exciting range of horsey products designed for horse crazy kids! The range includes T-shirts, riding shirts, caps, mousepads, pencil bags, homework bags & a variety of bags. Unique products can be made to order, eg. bedding.

The happy sound of laughter, clinking of knives and forks and the filling of wine glasses made it an evening to remember.

Pony Magic stock now available at: • Allison’s Saddlery • The Haybarn• Equestrian World • Midlands Tack & Feed • Nuts About Toys & Books • Banbury Saddlery (Benoni)

Corporate Branding Also Available Contact us for a variety of Pony Birthday Party options Nikki Austen 071 492 4565 • Tracy Tamsen 082 891 4808 or e-mail

Contact: Tasha, 083 381 8483,


To advertise: 031 - 573 1731

Relaxed Life Karkloof Market The Karkloof Market, outside of Howick, 2.6km along the Karkloof road (access on the D507), is a weekly market (Saturdays 7am to 11am) that has been going for a number of years. When I strolled through the market in January I noticed more and more “homepreneurs” emerging. There were also the regulars like Wedgewood Nougat and Rita Leah Home-cooked Meals (well known for her quiches and beautifully rare roast beef). Visitors have a lovely choice when it comes to breakfast – a regular fry up English style, or creamy scrambled eggs and ham, freshly made pancakes or home-made bagels with salmon and cream cheese for example. There really is something for all tastes and ages. Then it can all be washed done with a good “Bean There Coffee”, water or a Frankie’s cooldrink. Communal tables, with benches supported by big white buckets, provide seating for sitting and chatting with fellow shoppers. For your weekly shopping, there are organic sprouts, home-made breads, wellcrafted cheeses as well as chickens of quality. There are a number of stalls where baking is definitely not just a hobby! The muffins, brownies, doughnuts, biscuits and tarts offer shoppers so many treats to choose from. A speciality stall of German pastries and goodies makes mouth watering viewing. Veggies and salad goodies and fruit are also available. On the premises is a huge play area for kids, tastefully enclosed, where bicycles can be ridden and parents can sit in the shade and enjoy the morning. In a separate building next to the market is a gallery with several pieces of beautiful art produced by local artists. A browse around is a definite must. Contact: Andrea, Karkloof Market, 082 820 8986.

eni Steam Railway


THE INCHANGA CHOO CHOO STEAM TRAIN 8:30 & 12:30 Sunday 25 MAR Kloof Station (Stokers Arms) to Inchanga Station Craft Market (All Return Trips): • Adults R150 • Pensioners R130 • Children R120

At Inchanga Station: Craft Market, Museum, Food to Suit most Tastes, Picnic Area.

Online Booking

Review by Tasha Jardim for Mum’s Mail.

Umg or phone 087 808 7715 or 082 353 6003



• TB Awareness Month • 5 – 9: School Health Week • 6: World Spelling Day • 7: World Maths Day • 8: World Science Day • 8: International Women’s Day • 8: World Kidney Day • 15 – 19: National Water Week • 17 – 24: S.A. Library Week • 20: World Head Injury Awareness Day • 21: Human Rights Day • 21: World Down Syndrome Day • 22: World Water Day • 24: World TB Day • 26 Mar – 1 Apr: World Salt Awareness Week • 31: Earth Hour.


• ENVIRONMENT FORUM: Mon, 4pm, PMB Chamber of Business. Contact Marie, 033 – 345 2747, pcb@pcb. • WOMEN IN BUSINESS FORUM CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS: 6 & 7 Mar, Zimbabwe; 13 & 14 Mar, Zambia; 19 & 20 Mar, Namibia. Contact Ali Engelbrecht,,


• MSUNDUZI HOSPICE EASTER EVENT: 24 Mar, 8am – 1pm, Hospice House, Prestbury. Stilt walker, Easter egg hunt, clown magic show, tea garden. Cost: R10 entry. Contact 033 – 344 1560. • GOD’S WAREHOUSE (WHEATFIELD MISSION OUTREACH): Assists families who have no food. For food drop-off points contact Debbie Schroeder, 083 230 6643, • CANSA SHAVATHON: 3 Mar, 9am – 3pm, Knotts Salon, Nottingham Rd. • A WALK FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T: 18 – 20 May, PMB – Durban. To raise funds for Quadpara Association. Cost: R200. Contact Jo Wilkinson, 031 – 792 8833, 072 717 6300, • MSUNDUZI HOSPICE CHARITY SHOP: 200 Zwartkop Rd, Prestbury. Mon – Fri 8am – 3.45pm, Sat 8am – 1pm. Donations welcomed. Contact 033 – 344 1560. • HELP FERAL CATS: Donate food or cash to the SPCA for sterilisation & care of feral cats. Contact Maureen Vider, PMB SPCA, 033 – 386 9267. • ASSIST: Offers counselling, emergency care safe house, “Baby Safes”. The organisation needs: baby & children’s clothes & equipment. Contact Rene Morcom, 033 – 347 5544. • ESTHER HOUSE: Safe place for abused women & children. Contact June if you would like to assist,


N R o t


• SUPERVISORY SKILLS: 6 Mar, 8.30am – 1pm, PMB Chamber of Business. Cost: R695. Contact Maureen, 031 – 563 4302, 082 820 2412, maureen@trainsmart. • JUST BOUTIQUE: Food, craft & health workshops for kids & adults. Contact Lara Edmonds,, 033 – 342 4984. • INTERIOR DECORATING COURSE: 10 lessons, evenings (starting 8 May/14 Aug), 15 lessons, mornings (starts 18 July), 11 Centenary Rd. Contact Brenda Horner, Décor School, 083 372 1737, decorsol@lantic. net. • GENERAL SEWING & SOFT FURNISHINGS CLASSES: Mon afternoons. Contact Brenda Horner, 082 372 1737,





• BOOKS2YOU: 5 Mar, 10am – 3.30pm, 6 Mar, 7.30 – 2pm, Treverton Prep, Mooi River. Contact Paula, 082 907 1573.


• LYSISTRATA – GREEK COMEDY BY ARISTOPHENES: 12 – 16 Mar, 7.30pm, The Theatre, St Anne’s College, Hilton Ave, Hilton. Cost: R50, R35 concessions. Bookings: 033 – 343 6100. • MOUNTAIN VIEW ENTERTAINMENT: • Sun, 12pm – 4pm, live music (Jammo) • Wed, 6pm, Music Circle (Jammo) • Wed, Friendship Club & Pizza Specials • Fri, 7pm, Movie night. Contact deseree@live. • LOYISO GOLA – COMEDY: 24 Mar, Golden Horse Casino, PMB. Contact 033 – 395 8000. • 99% ZULU COMEDY SHOW: 30 Mar, Golden Horse Casino, PMB. Contact 033 – 395 8000. • JOHN VLISMAS: 31 Mar, Golden Horse Casino, PMB. Contact 033 – 395 8000. • JAMMO: Music & entertainment, every Fri, 6pm, Cliffy’s, PMB. Contact Tracy, 071 355 8714. • DRUMKIDZ PARTIES: Contact Bhavna, 081 587 2599,


• MINIATURE LIVE STEAM TRAINS: 1st Sun, Bisley, PMB, miniature live steam trains. Contact Andries Keyser, PMB Model Engineering Society, 082 557 2119. • INCHANGA CHOO CHOO: Last Sun of the month, departing Kloof Station – Inchanga (return trips), 8.30am & 12.30pm. Departing PMB station different times. Next train: 25 Mar. Contact 082 353 6003,


• KARKLOOF MARKET: Sat, 7am – 11am, 2.6km outside Howick on Karkloof Rd (access on D507). Contact Andrea, 082 820 8986. • INCHANGA CRAFT MARKET: Last Sun of the month, 9am – 3pm, Inchanga Station & Railway Museum. Contact 076 564 6357, • MIDLANDS ULTRA TRIATHLON MARKET: 4 Mar, 6.30am, Midmar Dam. Contact Caryn Glasson if you are a vendor, 076 811 2193. • POSH CAR BOOT SALE: 21 Mar, Jacaranda Centre, Hilton. Contact Tasha, 083 381 8483. • NITE MARKET: Last Thurs, Cliffy’s, PMB. Contact Tracy, 071 355 8714. • CAR BOOT SALE: Last Sun, 9am – 1pm, Cliffy’s, PMB. Contact Tracy, 071 355 8714. • SHONGWENI FARMERS’ & CRAFT MARKET: Sat, 6.30am – 10.30am, cnr Alverstone & Kassier Rd, Assagay. Contact 083 777 1674. Visit • PMB FARMERS’ MARKET: Sat, 6am, Alexandra Park. Contact 082 886 0687. • CITY HALL CRAFT MARKET: Sat, 9am – 2pm, opposite City Hall. Contact 033 – 396 2807. • THE FOOD MARKET: 31 Mar, 8am – 1pm, Hellenic Community Centre, Durban North. Contact 084 505 0113, Send your April 2012 Diary Dates to & with “Pietermaritzburg Diary” in the subject line before 10 March 2012. Entries will be published space permitting & at the Editor’s discretion. Please confirm all details of events with contact person. Please visit for more diary event information. e. & o.e


To advertise: 031 - 573 1731

COOL WINDS PRE-PRIMARY AGES 4 MONTHS TO 5 YEARS • Well trained staff • Stimulating environment BASSWOOD SHUTTERS


• Hours 07h00 to 17h30 • Open most holidays • All meals included • Grade R from 2013



At all Hirsch’s Homestores • UMHLANGA / GATEWAY - 031 - 566 7002 • BALLITO - 032 - 946 2922 • HILLCREST - 031 - 765 5854 • SPRINGFIELD - 031 - 263 2346 • PIETERMARITZBURG - 033 - 342 5902




2 Hilton Avenue, Hilton 033 - 343 4659 • 082 885 6896

SWIM ALL YEAR ROUND IN A HEATED POOL! We offer Solar & Heatpump Pool Heating

ECO POOL HEAT PUMPS FOR ALL YEAR ROUND SWIMMING! From 3.8kw - R9999 fully installed!

SPECIAL! 4 Solar Pool Panels Installed for R4499 Dominic - 082 800 3215 Glen - 082 800 6591 Fred - 071 602 1523 032 947 1802 • 032 586 0253

Your donation will help us get sick children healed and home where they belong. Contact the Children’s Hospital Trust at to participate and order Plaster Day stickers for your school. For more information visit Call 021 - 686 7860 or follow us on The Children’s Hospital Trust, fundraising for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and Paediatric Healthcare in the Western Cape

Mum’s Mail • Tel: 031 - 573 1731 • Fax: 031 - 573 2204 •

Mum's Mail PMB/Midlands March 2012  

Established in 2003, Mum's Mail has become one of the most indispensable resources for parents, grandparents, teachers, business owners and...

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