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Rena Nathanson, Bananagrams Inc, ...Inspirational

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Rena Nathanson, Bananagrams Inc, Inspirational Business Mum 2012

In the seven years since Rena Nathanson established Bananagrams as a commercial business, she has taken a word game dreamed up by herself and her family for their own amusement on holiday to an international audience. Sales have now passed 6 million units worldwide (at a UK RRP of £14.99) with distribution in 31 countries.


hen Rena decided to take Bananagrams to market in 2005, the first manufacturing run was for just 50 sets which she and her family sold personally in the UK and USA. They sold out instantly, as did the following manufacturing run of a further 500 games. This gave Rena and her family the confidence to invest in fullscale production and to launch the game to the public at the London Toy Fair in 2006. It has gone from strength to strength since. Bananagrams is sold in major high street retailers and online: distributors include Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, WH Smith, Waterstones and John Lewis in the UK as well as Amazon, Target and Barnes & Noble in the USA. Among many awards, the game won the Toy Industry Association’s award for Game of the Year in 2009, in the face of stiff competition from established commercial toy brands. The original Bananagrams game is now a modern classic, taking its place in homes across the world. It’s available in seven language variants, including English. Building on the success of the fruit-themed game, Rena’s Bananagrams business has launched four other family word games which are steadily growing their sales and reach: Fruitominoes, Zip-It, Appletters and PAIRSinPEARS, as well as Jumbo versions of Bananagrams and Zip-It. Through a successful partnership with a publishing house, Bananagrams now has over half a million puzzle books in circulation too. Bananagrams was pushed to become a commercial reality as a result of of the breakdown of Rena’s sixteen year marriage. She decided to monetise the Bananagrams game to support herself and her two children, then aged 10 and 7.


“The business was born around the kitchen table on a family holiday.” Rena explains, “Three generations – me, my parents and my two children – loved playing board and word games but found the slow pace of many frustrating. We experimented with alternatives. My dad said we should come up with ‘a word game that’ll drive you bananas’ – so we set about developing Bananagrams. When playing one day my father exclaimed ‘This anagram game is driving me bananas!’ - and the name Bananagrams was born. My mum created a prototype banana-shaped pouch to store the tiles in. Originally we just created the game for our own pleasure, and to share with friends. We gave some as gifts. It was so well received that we began to consider marketing and selling it.” “What makes us stand out is the fact that our games are created by a family, for families. In a market dominated by large corporations, we have stuck to our principles and kept control of the concept, quality, packaging and distribution of Bananagrams. I’m the CEO, but all the family is involved in and passionate about the games. My children Aaron and Ava were the first and most critical product testers. They were with me on the stand helping promote Bananagrams (in banana costumes!) at the London and New York toy fairs where we launched. It’s a real family concern.” The game uses a set of letter tiles, shared between players, who have to create a freeform crossword grid of words using all the tiles as quickly as they can. It is a fast paced and exciting game, which can be played by ALL ages at the same time. No turn taking makes it especially appealing to younger players. Abe Nathanson, Rena’s much loved father and a lynchpin of Bananagrams’ development and success, lost his battle with cancer in 2010.

Dealing with his loss has been tough for Rena, but also gives her the drive to continue growing the business that her father was so proud of. She comments, “Dad had been involved right from the start in coming up with the game idea and was a tremendous support at every stage. He had a background in inventing products and his knowledge of things like patents, manufacturing and his belief in the game were key for us all. It has been very tough to carry on without him, although it also motivates us all because we know how proud he was of Bananagrams and how excited he would be about our plans for the future.” Rena’s own career has spanned many jobs, from graphic designer to picture framer, from gift shop and art gallery manager to charity fundraiser. Her broad experience and adaptability stood her in good stead when it came to learning rapidly the financial, production, distribution and import/export skills she needed to drive Bananagrams’ successful and profitable expansion. So where does Rena see herself in ten years’ time? “In an ideal world, living bi-coastally in the US and the UK… with more time spent by the sea! Bananagrams will still be my life, just hopefully a little less high maintenance perhaps one of my children (my son is showing an interest) will be Second Banana to my Top Banana.”

Appletters Pairs In Pears

As for the future, world domination remains firmly on the agenda as Rena explains, “We have had an extremely successful Toy Fair season in 2013, despite the blizzard that hit the East coast making the NY Toy Fair quite a challenge! We picked up some very good new clients as well as at least five new countries… for which we’ll be producing brand new language versions. We have substantially expanded our sales network in the US as well, so we are well positioned and very much looking forward to growing and strengthening our brand across the globe.” Rena’s business inspiration continues to be her father. “I try and think ‘what would he do in this situation’… His patience, determination and attention to detail are important lessons that I feed off of every day. My motivation as a business woman to keep expanding is, quite simply, the need to pay the bills and look after my two children! I am also very proud of the fact that we employ 23 people full time in the US, and knowing I am responsible for their productivity and well being is very important to me. We are, in essence, a family and I am fortunate to be in a position to grow the legacy that my father left behind.”


Double Bananagrams w ww .ban an ag ra Fruitominoes



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Rena Nathanson, Bananagrams Inc, ...Inspirational

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Rena Nathanson, Inspirational Business Mum 2012


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Business Mum 2012

Jessica’s Recipe bag


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Business Focus Whether your business is a global conglomerate, an international empire, a nationwide enterprise, a regional organisation or a single-person operation, the factors that lead to success remain the same. The most important factor for any business is reputation, which is gained through marketing campaigns, advertising and, most importantly, word-of-mouth and customer recommendations. We have some suggestions for tempting new customers to spend their hard-earned cash with you during 2013…

• Corporate Social Responsibility

Customers are starting look at a company’s approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). If quality and value are equal then a customer is likely to opt for the company they feel is most socially responsible, which basically means the company that is concerned with their social and moral obligations, not just their profits. With climate change and carbon footprints hot on everybody’s lips at the moment, customers are obviously keen to support a company who strives to give something back. An increasing number of companies are employing someone to handle their Corporate Social Responsibility in order to lead the way for others to follow. But whether CSR is here to stay or just another fad, a good reputation, loyal customer base and an ability to move with the times will ensure your business has a long and successful life.

• Employees

Boost morale amongst employees by organising a corporate activity day. From rafting, clay pigeon shooting, go-carting and crazy golf to a spa day, craft classes and even a casino evening, there is an event out there sure to give your team a boost! By boosting the morale of your staff you will be rewarded with their hard work, extra effort and even loyalty.

• Finances

Get all your paperwork, books and accounts in order, so you can best assess your financial situation. If your business isn’t doing as well as you’d hoped, now is the time to act. The sooner you tell your creditors you can’t meet their repayment demands, the sooner a deal can be reached that suits both parties.

• Setting Up

As viewers of TV's Dragon's Den will testify, it's increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs to find financial backing. There was a time when the UK was passionate about investing in new businesses and, while the rest of Europe tripped over entrepreneurial red tape, the UK prided itself on its capitalist approach. However, today entrepreneurs are finding it harder than ever to identify backers ready to take a gamble. Taking the plunge to start your own business is a big step; getting it right is essential. Once you have hired all the staff you need and you’ve moved into your premises, you must ensure you carry out all the health and safety checks, inspections and procedures necessary. As most employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees while at work, you must ensure you have Employers’ Liability Insurance to ensure you have a minimum level of insurance to cover against any health and safety claims.

• Women

No matter how hard we try to deny it, we live in a traditionally patriarchal world; there are only a handful of women who spring to mind when looking for inspiration to start up a business. Businesswomen are often portrayed in the media as hard-nosed, uncaring women, totally focused on money and power. However, this is certainly not the case. Women make excellent bosses, not only because they understand the pressures of juggling a family life with a career, but also because, as everyone knows, women can multi-task, unlike men!


Mums Who’ve Made It is providing mumpreneurs with the opportunity to get their products into the homes of real mums! It’s an At Home Party business with a simple concept – “mums selling products made by mums, to mums.” The concept will be tested in the first half of 2013, with a view to national roll out later in the year. Mums supporting mums – what could be simpler? The idea is the brainchild of mum of three, Michelle Horne. She said:

“When you become a mum your whole world shrinks. Invariably, you socialise with other mums, your life revolves around a much smaller geographical area and your buying decisions will often be influenced by other parents. Mums Who’ve Made It is designed to be a collaborative working business. It’s about mums supporting mums right through the chain.” Any mumpreneurs interested in a real opportunity to get products into the hands of real mums for just the cost of your product should contact: Michelle Horne on 07795 481 671 or email

Things magazine

NEW ONLINE MAGAZINE LAUNCHES As a child I loved to make things - with paper and glue, with needle and thread, with dough and icing... I loved to create things, but often found they didn’t come out how they looked in the book and were far more complicated than expected (Tracey Island on Blue Peter anyone...?) I wanted to create a magazine that was beautiful to look at, easy to follow and would inspire parents and children to create lovely things together. My magazine contains a range of easy and difficult makes, as well as things to do and ways in which to discover the great outdoors. With a bit of quirky fashion, lifestyle and fabulous family travel thrown in, and the all important parties section for your little princesses, cowboys, footballers, ballerinas, truckers... After having my first child in 2010 I decided to leave my job at the Radio Times, as Deputy Art Editor, to launch things magazine. Finally going live in October 2011 in our short life so far we have been rated in the Top Three Best Craft Website’s in the Telegraph magazine and won a Mumprenuer UK Bronze award. We are working with the best brands in the children’s market as well as discovering the best new talent in the boutique and international market. With loads more ideas, developments and collaborations in the pipeline we are excited at what the future holds for things magazine… follow us on twitter @thingsmagazine like us on facebook


Some tips for the aspiring Mumpreneur An increasing number of women are making the switch from nineto-five drudgery to running their own business, allowing them to take control of their professional lives and achieve a better work/ life balance. It’s a tough trading environment though, with banks and consumers alike cutting back - so it takes some savvy to survive. How can you make sure you and your business survive? Here are some tips to increase your chances!

and the banks aren’t keen on lending, and if you need some start-up cash it may prove difficult. There are solutions though. ‘Bootstrapping’ (or running your business at a bare minimum of cost while you establish yourself) is a viable alternative if you’re willing to put personal funds into your venture, especially if you’re confident that you’ll soon be earning enough money to cover expenses.

Network, network, network

Networking is imperative to succeeding as a small business. It can generate contacts, lead to sales and even provide a sounding board for new ideas. There’s a wealth of national and local networking events, curry clubs and business breakfasts, which can all prove a useful asset in a mumpreneur’s business armoury. If finding the time for these events is problematic, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Crowdfunding is also exploding in the UK. LinkedIn can similarly prove a useful source If you think there might be support for of contacts and sales leads. your business you can put yourself at the mercy of a Kickstarter campaign, and let the general public chip in to help get you off the ground.

Don’t slack on your market research

Consider trading as a limited A simple one, but nonetheless very company important. Market research is a vital early task, as it’ll tell you whether there’s really any demand for your product or service. It can also help shape further business decisions, including how you position yourself and the ways to best target your market.

Trading as a Limited Company brings a range of benefits, chief among them is greater tax efficiency and legal protection. Operating as a sole trader, you’ll pay Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions on everything you earn. If your venture goes It’s a difficult time to succeed as a small well, once you get into the higher echelons business, but using some nous it’s possible Although it can be an arduous task, of earning you could be seeing a significant to upset the odds. thorough market research will ensure amount of money going to HMRC. Mark James is a writer and works for that money isn’t wasted on things such as unsaleable goods or poorly targeted In contrast through, operating as a Limited Crunch Accounting marketing campaigns. It’ll also help you sell Company you’ll pay corporation tax on your ( you goods or service in the most effective profits (i.e. your entire earnings minus your expenses). If you’re bootstrapped, those manner to your target market. savings could be the difference between success and failure. Limited liability also If raising capital is difficult, consider means if things go south your house and alternatives possessions will be protected. The UK economy is bruised and battered 29 27 9

Business Opportunities

Unleash the potential of your business Are you wondering how to grow your business? Do you want to get press coverage? Are you a DIY marketing mum in need of support?

Look no further than.... Mumpreneur Marketing. Mumpreneur Marketing is a marketing and public relations consultancy dedicated to helping business mums achieve success through affordable and authentic marketing services, and training workshops designed for mums who do their own marketing. “At Mumpreneur Marketing we understand the challenges of running a business. We will show you how

Thinking Of Starting Your Own Business? It can be quite a daunting prospect, especially as the hardest part, is trying to decide what you want to do. Well, think no more! W’ve done a round up of some of the best options availabel when it comes to being self employed. These ‘Out Of The Box Businesses’ are the perfect solution to anyone looking to test the waters without taking a huge risk.


creative marketing and PR can take your business to the next level,” says founder, Kate Miranda. “Kate provided me with visionary ideas as well as practical solutions to grow my business. I am continuing to work with Kate on marketing and PR campaigns.” Alison Pinto, Menus4mums.

Visit For a free consultation contact or on 07557 796 906

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? SPECIAL: Marketing & PR package £299

Business Opportunities

HORSES ON THE MOVE FRANCHISING LTD Horses on the move is an innovation in the horse world. Aiming to provide bespoke horse transport and self drive hire .The service is tailored to suit the horse and owner. Jayne Sansom founder and director of Horses on the move Ltd has been manufacturing horseboxes for many years and progressed into self drive hire along with transport, after finding there was a massive call for this market has decided to expand the business through a franchise module. Jayne juggles her business around her husband and two daughters, Sophie 16 and Ruby 4 and 12 of there own horses, Jayne says it is the perfect business opportunity for any busy mum looking to venture to running their own business, you have all the support you need from head office that you never feel alone and the hours are flexible around the school run.. Each Horse’s on the move operation is part of Horses on the move franchising Ltd, where you can run your own business while being part of ours. We supply everything to become a successful business from your own territory, insurance, full training to having your own dedicated page on our website plus our marketing expertise behind you all included in the package. We deal with the finer details while you get on with running a business day to day and enjoy the rewards of your hard work whilst being your own boss. Whether you are interested in joining the business or need to move you horse from one place to another or are thinking of buying a horse box information is available on or for a detailed discussion call 01889504154 to book an appointment


Little Pickles Markets was started in 2010 by Jessamine Hislop-Newton a mother to 4 of her very own Little Pickles. Little Pickles Markets provide parents, carers and grandparents the chance to buy and sell great quality baby and children’s items in the warm and welcoming environment of their markets. Knowing how expensive it is to kit out children, we love providing this service to buyers during the recession, saving them money. All markets take place indoors in pushchair/ wheelchair friendly venues. Entry is just £1 for grown ups and your Little Pickles go free. Spaces/Tables to sell your nearly new items in £8-£10 depending on venue. Little Pickles Markets currently have 30 organisers running markets in 7 counties. We are looking to recruit more organisers across the country to share the joy of our markets with local parents, so if you are interested please get in touch. 2013 also sees a very exciting progression within the Little Pickles Brand, we have just launched our first Little Pickles Baby and Toddler Show. This South Coast show will take place on 12th May in Bournemouth and more Little Pickles Baby and Toddler Shows will take place across the country throughout the year. For more information on local Little Pickles Markets or joining the team then visit our website Or come and find us on facebook or twitter.


The Mumpreneur Conference & Awards 2013 We are very excited to announce the launch of our 2013 Conference & Awards taking place on Saturday 28th September 2013 in Birmingham at The Holiday Inn, Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham, B5 4EW This event is being held to not only celebrate the achievements of the Mumpreneur Awards nominees but also to announce the winner of our sought after Inspirational Mumpreneur Award 2013 we can promise you is an, inspirational, informative and most importantly FUN experience which will include some amazing speakers, fantastic food, delicious drinks and exciting awards! This will be the fifth annual Mumpreneur Conference & Awards, with an added twist... we will be holding our first EVER Gala Dinner on the same evening! There is the option to buy an all day ticket entitling you to have access to both our daytime and evening events. Ticket are options are as follows:

Ticket Information

Mumpreneur Conference Early Bird 29 Mar 2013 £38.00 Mumpreneur Cocktail Evening Early Bird 29 Mar 2013 £38.00 Conference & Cocktail Evening Early Bird 29 Mar 2013 £69.00

For More infomation please visit: Tel: 07855240442 Email:


Gala Dinner

There will be entertainment, music, dancing and cocktails all evening along with the star event... The announcement of the winner of the 2013 Inspirational Business Mum!! You will be greeted at 7pm by a champagne reception in the Albany Foyer, this will be followed by a delicious fourcourse meal which consisting of:

Carrot & Corriander Soup Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb in a Mint & Redcurrant Jus with a Medley of Seasonal Vegetables & Potatoes Double Chocolate Truffle Freshly Brewed Coffee & Mint Crisps

SOUTH WALES MUM STEPS UP AND INVENTS NEW PRODUCT TO STOP TODDLER TANTRUMS. I'm sure most of us would agree that looking after a toddler is fun, but hard work. Whether we have kids ourselves or not, we've all witnessed a terrible two year old, screaming down the roof of the supermarket or disturbing the peace and quiet of the local park. A common reason for these tantrums is that kids don't get to do what they want — they seek more independence than adults can safely give them.

When Sally Marlow's normally happy 18

month old daughter started to become agitated and upset before every car journey, she needed to find a solution. The reason for the misbehaviour was that Jess wanted to get in the car herself, but of course she wasn't big enough to reach the seat. So Mum and Dad, just like many others up and down the country, lifted her in. Sometimes kicking, screaming or crying, straining their backs, banging her head, and making everyone involved generally grumpy and stressed-out. Not what you want just before the school run traffic or a long car journey. So Sally began looking for a solution — some sort of step that Jess could use to climb into the car seat herself. With no luck finding a product to buy, she started using a foot stool, the sort you put under the sink for kids to stand on and brush their teeth. However it was getting in the way, taking up space in foot well — plus of course it wasn't secure, wobbling precariously when Jess tried to use it. So Sally resolved to make something herself, and discovered an hidden creative streak. Two years on, and Jess is almost too big for My Car Step, but Sally's business is growing fast. The product she came up with is as simple as it is genius. A single piece of plastic, it slides underneath the child's car seat, creating a secure and discreet step the perfect height for toddlers to climb in unaided. Kids love My Car Step because it makes them feel grown-up. Sally says "When Jess first started using the prototype, she got super excited and felt really independent, plus of course we could all enjoy heading out in the car without the anxiety of an impending tantrum. Though of course she wasn't happy when the prototype got taken away for patenting!" The major benefit of all this of course, is it makes setting off in the car smoother, quicker, and more fun for everyone. Sally says she's also had great feedback from parents and carers who struggle to lift a toddler due to back problems, pregnancy or other physical limitations. It's great for nannies who lift kids all day long, and also grandparents, who are often the main source of

childcare for working parents. The design is so clever that it fits the front or back of any car and can be used with group 1 car seats that are fixed to the car seat by the seat belt or isofix. It takes a few seconds to slot in place, without any fuss and won't damage your upholstery. It's light-weight but strong (Sally was keen to stress that My Car Step has been rigorously safety tested, and is reliable and sturdy to use) compact and even has an easy to carry handle. As a Mum and teaching assistant, she knows how much impact the daily routine has on both child and carer, saying "I am so proud of My Car Step, it's taken a lot of hard work and determination to get this far, but I hope My Car Step helps others like it's helped us". You can find out more about Sally and her progress so far at or by emailing Sally directly on Take the drama (and back ache) out of car journeys, by letting your toddler climb in by themselves. R EVI EW. . . . I thought this looked like a very sturdy product. There was NO need for any outer packaging except postage packing and this was fine. The instructions were very clear and precise. This step fitted perfectly underneath our car seat; I was worried that it would be too big but fitted perfectly. It was very easy to install. My just turned 2 year old LOVED this! She is very independent. It made the process of getting her into the car easier; as no longer had to fight with her to get into her car seat!! The quality is excellent; very sturdy and imagine will last a long time. I think it offers excellent value for money; even if just for the fact no longer have to fight to get her into the car. I would definitely consider buying this product. It is perfect. I have already told my friends and family about it. Fantastic product, very easy to install and does exactly what it says it does! It is worth everypenny of the £39.99 cost price



Successful Mums

Never give up… never give in… and never take ‘NO’ for an answer! This is the philosophy of Barbara Fowler of MyBabylog. Barbara is a 63 year old (but young at heart) Bournemouth Grandmother – who believes that 2013 is going to be her year. She is the Founder of the award nominated MyBabylog! MyBabylog memory boxes are the perfect place to store all your baby keepsakes safely. Made from a super strong material designed to protect your special items for the future, and finished with delicate hinges and a clasp to ensure all your treasures are kept securely inside, the baby memory boxes make a lovely gift for new parents and are the ideal baby shower gift for a mum to be. Having helped her husband David in his business for over thirty years in Poole - besides helping her daughter Siobhan achieve her dreams by getting her master degree in 3D Animation from Bournemouth University. Now that Siobhan is happily married with Noah who is three and a half and Isla who is almost one year old. Barbara feels that she is free to pursue her own dreams which were put on hold many years ago. And now that her family boxes have been ticked… Barbara decided to create her own memory chest box and so MyBabylog was born.

From Kitchen Table...

MyBabylog once designed (yes, around the actual kitchen table!) was manufactured in China. Trying to create, develop, manufacture, import, and store has been a huge learning curve and not without its many problems. Bournemouth University assisted her when she needed help and support. She has always been so impressed with the students from Bournemouth University, and the assistance they’ve provided her with.

Bournemouth and Poole Maternity Units...

In the last couple years she I has personally delivered a Pink and Blue MyBabylog Memory Chests to Bournemouth Maternity and Poole Maternity Units as a gift for the first baby girl and first baby boy born on Christmas Morning. When the business allows Barbara intends to donate 10% of MyBabylog Memory Chests to the charity BLISS for Premature Babies - and has already had various discussions with them.

The Next Stage…

The ‘New’ Coffee and Cream MyBabylog arrives in the UK in February and the first port of call is a very well known high street baby shop – this is already in the pipeline. This will be followed by all other major high street outlets. Awards and TV... Barbara has been recently been nominated for the Venus Business Women’s Awards for 2013, and has previously been featured on the well known TV programme ‘High Street Dreams’ with Jo Malone. Barbara Fowler of MyBabylog – there’s no holding her back....

What do we want for our children? – to be a curious and inquisitive child or bored and indifferent? Clearly there is no need to answer the question posed in the headline above – but I still pose it because it sometimes seems to me that curiosity is one of those personality traits which we don’t do enough to promote. Stimulating curiosity among those children who, for whatever reason, have lost their curiosity quotient (if I may invent such a measure) is core business for us at Thinking Child. When I was designing the Literacy Box for example (a collection of over 200 homework ideas to support literacy outcomes at Key Stage 2), I made sure that the box was designed to stimulate interest. I also made sure that the same ideas were made available directly to parents – in smaller more affordable Family Fun packs. This way parents who are really interested in stimulating their child’s motivation and learning don’t have to wait for the school to take the lead. I’m finding that parents are indeed taking the initiative: wanting to understand more aboutHow children learn as much as What they learn. You can download a free sample and see more about us on the website. You can also view a video showing the product being used and comments from both parents and staff. You can also call us on 0844 332 0123 or email us at for more information.

I launched Reading Chest ( in 2010. It is a through-the-post book rental service for children, specialising in reading scheme books for 4 to 9 year olds and works along similar lines to DVD rental companies. As a former primary school teacher, I knew the importance of establishing a good reading routine at home. I came up with the idea for Reading Chest after buying extra books for my son when we didn’t get quite enough from school. I was struck by the expense, especially as they were finished with so quickly. I decided that there had to be a better way to help parents become more involved in their child’s reading development and so the idea of Reading Chest began – to provide easy, affordable access to a wide range of new and exciting children’s reading scheme books, and make it fun. Reading Chest offers a wide range of reading schemes such as Collins Big Cat, Oxford Reading Tree, Bug Club, Treetops, Project X. Books from these schemes, at the appropriate reading level arrive in packages addressed to your child (we all know how much kids like opening their own post!). When they have been read, simply pop them in the letter box in the pre-paid envelope and wait for more to arrive. Reading Chest members also receive other goodies such as book bag, bookmark, reward chart and stickers. Certificates are awarded via the Reading Chest web site and budding literary critics can even see their own book reviews published online! Reading Chest offers 3 different membership categories, starting with the Bronze package at £9.95 per month. The Gold package at £15.95 per month offers unlimited swaps of books and can even be shared between siblings with different reading levels. Liz Walker

Sue Dixon


Successful Mums

Belt Up Kidz is a Retrofit buckle

that helps prevent young children from removing their arms from the shoulder straps of their Car seats, Highchairs, Buggies & Trikes. The buckle is adjustable to allow child growth across the chest area; the clips can also be adjusted further up the straps as the child gets taller. The great thing about Belt Up Kidz is that it is easy to use as it is assembly free as you just clip it on and go, also it is easily portable so you are able to transfer onto different items of equipment. Once on there is a central clip for everyday use so you can take it on and off in seconds.Belt Up Kidz comes with a choice of two covers, either a pink princess or blue dinosaur cover.

Having spent 18 years as a town planner, Jane Piper decided she wanted to do something more creative, positive and fun. In May 2012, Jane launched The idea was to create practical and versatile products that you can’t get anywhere else. All the products are handmade from her home in Wimborne, Dorset. Lotte Lulu uses high quality British oilcloth that is not just wipeable but also washable (at 30oc). All the bags have a waterproof lining so you can use them for anything. The Bella extra is a particular favourite because it’s size makes it ideal for those family day trips, weekends away and holidays. “We’ve had the most amazing time. The business has grown above all expectations. It’s meant a lot of hard work, but it’s so much better when you’re doing it for yourself!“ Jane ‘s first love, though, is design. “I tend to design products I need/want. I wanted something pretty and practical to store my makeup in, so I created the Bitsy boxes. They are now my best seller and can be used for almost anything, anywhere.

The cost is only £10.99 including free P & P (UK) and is available from


We are an innovative team of ladies from East Yorkshire that specialise in creating unique, high quality gifts and gift sets delivered to the door to make any occasion extra special. We understand that when you send a gift you want it to arrive in perfect condition and give the receiver real pleasure and joy so we take extra special care when crafting, packing and sending all our gifts. We make sure that our beautiful product range is also combined with brilliant customer service every time.

Gift range

We offer a wide range of products to suit different budgets and tastes and for all occasions. Our “alternative bouquets” are a refreshing change from traditional floral arrangements, using practical items such as baby clothes for New Baby gifts, and on-trend and colourful socks to make a thoughtful and unusual present for your mum, friend, sister or auntie. If bouquets aren’t your thing, the range includes gift sets beautifully compiled, professionally wrapped and decorated with ribbon, giving the real WOW factor! That personal touch is completed using one of our personal message gift tags. Where possible, we like to source products locally, so we’ve teamed up with some wonderful Yorkshirebased producers to make our gifts extra special. Our Chilli Chocolate Indulgent Hamper (left) contains organic chilli hot chocolate, chilli chocolate vodka, and two handmade chilli chocolate flavoured bars, all sourced from small Yorkshire businesses.

So with no little arms escaping - you will have peace of mind with less distraction!

Visit our Facebook & Twitter pages as well as our website and check the fantastic independent reviews as well as Customer feedback on our Belt Up Kidz webpage.

For that perfect gift with a difference!

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We offer a friendly and reliable service, so if you have any questions about any of our products, please call us on 01482 638355 or e-mail hello@ and we will be delighted to give you more information.


Mothers Day Memento Photo Book £27.50 A child-friendly washable fabric photo book printed with your special photos and captions. Ordering online is easy - upload your photos & text then choose the colour of your text & a ribbon for the hanging loop. Gift vouchers also available.

Flourish Necklace Price £45 Description - British jewellery designer Kit Heath has been inspired by Japanese blossom to create the Flourish necklace a great everyday piece of jewellery and perfect for Mothers Day!

Spa break for two at

Melvell e Hall Wisk your precious mother away for a two day pampering extraviganze, food, ferry and treatments all included just £199 normal price £524

Beautiful Bouquets for Mother ’s Day S AV E 1 0 % & F R E E D e l i v e r y Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to surprise your mum than with a stunning bouquet delivered to the door with your own personal message. That’s why we are delighted to bring you the gorgeous Mother’s Day range from Flying Flowers with a fantastic 10% OFF and FREE Delivery. With Roses, Lilies, Carnations and much more, plus every bouquet priced just £19.99 and over comes with FREE Guylian chocolates…what more could mum ask for? To spoil someone special and send your mum the perfect gift simply visit or call 0844 453 3777 quoting promotional codeMPNMUM. All orders for Mother’s Day must be received by 7th March.

Mother’s Day Sweet Scented £21.99 Mumpreneur Price£19.79

Code: FM00402F

Perfectly Pink £24.99 Mumpreneur Price£22.49

Code: FM00562F

Exotic Rose & Lily £29.99 Mumpreneur Price £26.99

Code: FM00461F

Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. For full terms and conditions see website. 18

Revitalised, Refreshed, Relaxed! Enter our SpaSeekers competition for the chance to be pampered in luxurious surroundings

Mumpreneur has teamed-up with the UK’s leading spa agency SpaSeekers to offer one of our readers the fantastic opportunity to be pampered at a top spa. Finding quality time to spend with your daughter when juggling a career can prove problematic. Opportunities to whisk off your child to partake in some serious bonding can be few and far between. Therefore, to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 10 March, Mumpreneur has launched a competition with SpaSeekers to give one lucky reader and their daughter the chance to be spoilt rotten at a top spa. The winner of the competition will be given a £200 voucher, which can be spent at The spa agency boasts an extensive list of more than 350 venues in the UK, so wherever you are based, you will be only a stone’s throw away from relaxation and some perfect mother-daughter bonding time. Have your choice whether to spend the day at a spa, make it an extended break, or visit a health farm. Once you have picked your destination, you can look forward to a calming massage, a revitalising facial, or just enjoy the fantastic facilities our locations offer. SpaSeekers works with the most well-renowned and illustrious brands in the industry, including QHotels, Champneys, Ragdale Hall, Marriot, De Vere, and Saks Hair & Beauty Dove Spa.Furthermore, the agency’s customers benefit from receiving a vast array of exclusive spa deals. Visit to find out more.

To enter the competition, all you need to do is simply send an email to explaining what is your favourite spa treatment and why. Entrants must email before the closing date: midday on Friday 29 March. A winner will be contacted after being picked by random, week commencing Monday 1 April.


Another Remarkable Achievement for

Anna Kennedy “Anna’s singlehanded determination to help families living with autism, while also being a fulltime carer to her two sons, is truly inspirational” – Tesco Mum of the Year Judges Anna Kennedy is a woman who has stood up and fought for the good in her life, and she is a shining example of how you can turn things around. She has shown her remarkable dedication on countless occasions, boasting many rewards for her efforts including an OBE from Her Majesty The Queen, to which she can now add Tesco Mum of the Year. Deemed the ‘Achieving Mum of the Year 2013’, Anna’s compassionate achievements have not gone unnoticed! Out of thousands of remarkable mums she has been awarded one of the highest titles, taking her rightful place alongside women who have also campaigned, fought and inspired their way to the top of the awards. This is exactly what Anna has done for Autism. Setting up schools for those who have been diagnosed with this incurable but manageable condition, holding countless campaigns and fundraising events to raise awareness, and founding a charity that has changed so many lives, her spirit has continued to reach out and inspire others, bringing hope to more than 2 million people who are touched by autism each day. Being a Mum is a tough business, but even more so when you have two children affected by autism. This is what mother Anna Kennedy has faced, yet with a strong desire to ensure her sons were given the education they needed Anna’s campaign to soon grew to help other children, adults and families get the care they needed. With such passion to succeed, Anna’s campaign for autism awareness has produced amazing results, 20

which includes the establishment of schools, college and adult care, alongside resources for those with and affected by autism. Turning her struggle to find education for her two autistic sons into a bigger campaign to bring autism to the forefront, Anna Kennedy is a determined woman. Dedicating her life to her family and the inclusion and equality of children and adults with autism through her charity, Anna Kennedy Online, and setting up her own award-winning specialist school, Hillingdon Manor, Anna continues to campaign for awareness, with several projects always on the go. Once rarely addressed or talked about amongst families and the wider public, autism has been brought to light in the last few years by campaigners such as Anna , giving individuals and families hope and support whatever stage they are at. Education is one of the key aspects of campaigns; with campaigns to not only bring fair education to those with autism, but to educate the general public in autism awareness. Her quest to gain better awareness and support hasn’t gone unnoticed; with Anna now making it on to The Queen’s honours list, being awarded an OBE for raising autism awareness and setting up education and care facilities. As a result of her battle for fair education, Anna has founded and become part of multiple high quality services and institutes for those affected by autism and Asperger’s, whether child or adult. Her determination has achieved the largest range of specialist facilities in Europe for individuals diagnosed with autism, aged 3 all the way into adulthood. Anna’s story is one of real triumph, changing the attitude and awareness of autism and creating new ways to include those with and affected by autism into society. An example of this is with the success of the very first Autism’s Got Talent show, which took place in May 2012. Showcasing the unique talents of those with autism and giving them a huge stage from which to display their wonderful talents, this superb show was the talk of the town, with Anna and her team are now preparing for a return of the show this year. Find out more about Anna’s remarkable achievements by visiting her website at www. and read her story at Tesco Mum of the Year on Channel 5 on Mothers Day March 10th in the afternoon.



Shopping News

3 of the best

FROM Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym Price £67 Features 17 developmental activities & quality fabrics to make learning fun for your baby


lo ve

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Hug & Hide Owl £16 A fun toy featuring a baby-safe mirror, crinkles & a teether. Great for on the go.

Izziwotnot Gruffalo & Mouse Cushions £30 each www.

Image: Next Kidswear

Lovingly hand knitted by Nanny Murray. sell trendy animal onesies made from unbelievably soft fleece. Unlike fancy dress they’re durable, long lasting and make the perfect christmas Present.

Also have Sheep & Bunny's! Available in 0-6 or 6-9 Months. 0-6 Months £12.95 6-9 Months £13.95

Buy one today at www.kigs. and use the discount coupon “mumpreneur” for 10% off! Home cooking to go by Fill n Squeeze Ltd

WE loves

The Long sleeve top with Zebra Zip Mouth is ethically made in South Africa using 100% fair trade African cotton. A great fun top with great detailing, Including a working zip on the zebra’s mouth!


This cute girls pyjama set is made from 100% Cotton. It has two cubs on the front cuddled up looking very sleepy. The wording reads 'little cubs sleeping in Africa'

clothing and fair trade clothing for babies and children up to seven years old, fabulous clothing, gorgeous designs that are all very well made!

Party Baby is a mum run website based in London! We stock organic Free postage on all UK orders.

Beautifully comfy, plush cushions with embroidery for any Gruffalo fan.

Parents wanting to feed their babies freshly cooked home-made food, but with the portability and convenience of shop bought are guaranteed to love the latest new products by Fill n Squeeze. This allows parents to cook food, hand-blend and then fill into convenient pouches to either freeze or chill until required. The pouches are BPA free, freezer, microwave, bottle warmer and include name and date labels. When ready to use, simply squeeze the contents onto a spoon - or the child can suck food directly from the pouch making them extremely convenient for parents, but great fun for children too. Starter pack £19.99, pack of refill pouches x 10 £3.50 from, Amazon and from all Jo Jo Maman Bebe stores. Just fill, squeeze and off you go!



itaggy competition 2 prizes both from our new ranges iTaggy Beep Beep collection and the iTaggy Little Owl Collection Car Themed Beep Beep iTaggy Fabric: Blue Gingham / blue fleece Dimensions: 24cm x 35cm (approx.; excluding ribbons) Ribbons: 16 assorted coloured and textured (styles may vary) Machine washable at 30 degrees

Car themed for little ones

This is a stylish and practical iTaggy, that is the perfect size for a first comforter and stylish enough for those bigger kids to love and cherish. The range of ribbons are vibrant and tactile teamed with the eye catching gingham makes this ideal for little ones who love to touch, snuggle and explore. This print will appeal to those parents with an eye for stylish and modern accessories but with the feel of those good old traditions. Each iTaggy is handmade and embroidered with feature design on one side.

Owl Themed Cute Little Owl iTaggy

Fabric: patchwork cute little owls in pink and blue / cream fleece Dimensions: 24cm x 35cm (approx.; excluding ribbons) Ribbons: 16 assorted coloured and textured (styles may vary) Machine washable at 30 degrees

Owl themed for little ones

Part of our colorful collection of Cute Little Owl children’s range This cuddly fleece and cotton iTaggy with a cute little owl embroidered motif will make a gorgeous addition to baby’s nursery. This iTaggy has a patchwork design to one side and cream fleece to the other with a Cute Little Owl embroidered design This is the perfect size for little hands and the rich colorful ribbons make this irresistible to those bigger kids too This owl print will appeal to all ages; a stylish and modern accessory with that lovely retro feel. Each iTaggy is handmade and embroidered with feature design on one side. All our our items can be personalised and the lucky winners will be able to add a name to their choice of Itaggy. They can choose from either collection. To enter the competition, all you need to do is simply send an email to with your name and address. Entrants must email before the closing date: midday on Friday 29 March. A winner will be contacted after being picked by random, week commencing Monday 1 April.

Sincerity Gifts showcases an array of beautiful handpicked products that ooze appeal and offer real inspiration in choosing a gift for any occasion. The award winning website was created by two mums, who have seven children between them, with a desire to create an online boutique that would charm shoppers as well as supporting unique lines and sourcing original items that are often handmade with distinct designs. Whether you are seeking accessories to enhance your home and garden, wanting to find a present for him or her, or wanting to discover new gift ideas for new arrivals in the Mother and Baby section, you’ll find an abundance of choices with enticing surprises. Find quirky and unusual items amongst the Organic and Ethical pieces or buy British within the Best of British range. For those seeking the individual touch, you will find a range of personalised gifts. And best of all Sincerity Gifts caters for all occasions and budgets.

Visit us at Contact Monica Cove or Maria Howard at Join us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest @sinceritygifts


Beauty & Bridal

Perfect Day

So, you‘ve got the ring on your finger, now comes the mammoth task of planning your special day. Insight would like to take you through a useful time plan to help you organise the run up to your wedding. 12 Months to go -Tell everyone, set a date, decide on the type of ceremony you would like, look at venues – and book one ideally, pick your team of attendants, write up a guest list and research suppliers. 6 Months to go – Go dress shopping, pick attendants outfits, book florist, DJ and vendors, choose and send out save the date invites, make fiancée go suit shopping!, organise honeymoon, choose rings, start a beauty regime, start planning/ collecting venue decoration ideas and plan your hen/stag nights. 4/3 Months to go - Book in hair stylist and make up artist including trials, organise any favours for guests, send out invites (4mth mark), buy the rest of your outfit including accessories, check with fiancée that he has got his suit and go for your dress fittings taking lingerie and shoes with you.

Creations by Charlotte

3/1 Weeks to go - Go for manicures and any other beauty treatments make sure you have all transport, tickets and passports ready for the honeymoon. One of the best parts of wedding planning is finding ‘The Dress’ that you love. Once you have chosen your dress, the rest of the planning will come together; you will be able to relax knowing the general look and feel of your special day. It can be hard work going from one bride shop to another and when every woman comes in all different shapes and sizes it can be hard finding one that suits when the main sizes in bridal shops are a standard size 12. On a more hopeful note, there are more and more boutiques opening up their stock, sizewise, for the more curvaceous bride. If you don’t feel up to planning it all on your own, you could always get someone else to help with it all, Harmony bridal coordinators, as featured in this issue, will help when it comes to planning your important day. 26

With 8 years of experience in specialising in bridal hair I can help create the final touches for your special day! Previous experiences include working with top stylists in London, along with many fashion shows, cat walks and Wedding Fairs. I have a portfolio should you wish to check out previous styles designed by myself. Each client has a bespoke package made to best suit your needs, whether this be treatments including colour and cut before the wedding day, or simply bridesmaid practise evenings and hair on the day! Bouncy Glam blow drys to sleek and shiny bobs! Based in the Sutton Coldifeld area but willing to travel to suit your requirements!

Please contact me for a consultation - Creations by Charlotte Tel: 07429 132514 Bringing you the best the Island has to offer at a fraction of the cost

Enjoy fabulous deals on everything from Getaways, Attractions, Eating Out, Shopping and so much more… The Price Is Wight offers amazing money-saving packages across this gorgeous Island - here are a few to tickle your taste buds Take a leap from the rat race and visit one of the No matter what your holiday requirements are, IOW Escape the world with a prettiest corners of the country. There’s always has something for everyone, family fun, fine dining, magical Five-Star stay @ something new to see. The gorgeous Isle of Wight beaches, walking, cycling, dinosaurs, sight seeing Enchanted Manor, near is like a mini-UK - packing all the best bits of the and so so much more making it the perfect holiday Ventnor, from only £120.00 mainland into one holiday hotspot. It may be small, destination for anyone. per couple including but this diamond-shaped Island has such a wide Champagne Breakfast. Refresh and revitalise with range of sights, activities and amazing places to dine a Two-Night stay for Two @ Multi award-winning Enchanted Manor - (as seen on and stay, you’ll need to go back time and time again. There is an array of fabulous restaurants, bars, cafes, tearooms and dining spots which make good use of the flavoursome and fresh produce available Enjoy a Five-Star Michelinrated break @ The Hambrough in Ventnor from only £330.00 for a Two night stay for Two People…normally up to £600.00

TV) - is set in stunning romantic woodland overlooking the dramatic St Catherine's Point coastline. If you’re bored with run-of-the-mill accommodation you’ll love the magnificent bedroom suites, opulent decor, hand-carved four-poster beds and thoughtful extras. * One-Night stay is just £120.00 normally £240.00 * Two-Night stay is just £240.00 normally £480.00 * Three-Night stay is just £360.00 normally £699.00

This deal is for a minimum Two-Night stay in an Executive Bedroom and includes Full English Breakfast, dining at The Hambrough or The Pond 3 course table d’hote menu on one evening plus Return Car Ferry travel with Wightlink.

Over half has been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty and is criss-crossed by more than 500 miles of paths with which to explore.

For those of you seeking the ultimate in luxury and fine dining The Hambrough has it all. Robert Thompson and his team welcome you to try why Michelin Star Chefs are so different. With views to rival any and gourmet food this is simply perfect.

TPIW works with many local businesses to enhance your experience here - we will have weekly offers for you on everything you can see or do on the Island and bring you the best the island has to offer

For the more adventurous there is mountainboarding, archery, tree climbing, paragliding, falconry, coasteering, and more whilst for those of you lookingto relax you can take in the beautiful beaches and scenery available on the doorstep.

from the Island’s natural larder. Enjoy fish from our local shores, meat bred here on our farms plus fruit and veg grown organically and sourced from local suppliers. Or partake in one of the most popular pastimes and get stuck into a taste of the traditional by savouring a freshly-made cream tea consisting of warm scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream.

The Island boasts a wide variety of accommodation for visitors of all ages - with something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Melville Hall Hotel & Utopia Spa, Sandown, including Fine Dining Dinner, Treatments, Spa Pass & Return Car Ferry for only £198.00…normally £523.00

This deal is for a two-night break for two people Sunday to Thursday nights - with weekends available at a £20.00 supplement per person. Included is a Fine Dining Dinner on your first night, the choice of Two Treatments - from Back Massage, Golfers Swing Massage, Decleor Quick Boost Facial, Mini Manicure or Pedicure - plus return car ferry travel from Southampton. Island Motor Homes luxury high end motor homes with all the extras. Brand new superbly equipped larger than normal begin your adventure exploring the IOW. Drive in style • 3 Double Beds • Fully Equipped Kitchen • Fridge Freezer • Shower, Toilet & Wash Basin • TV/DVD & Freeview Deals from now until 30th October 2013 Prices starting from £199.00 for 3 days normally £695.00 Go to and start saving. Call us on 01983 840294 for further info. All discounts are between 30% to 90% off 51

Easter Events & Gifts

Easter Fun For Everyone Easter-that time of year where our diets (if they’re still going) are ruined by chocolate eggs, bunnies or a variety of sweets! Earlier this year than normal, there’s not much time to plan for that first big bank holiday of the year. Don’t panic, we’re here to give you the very best advice on what to do over the Easter period, whether it’s a short break you need or just a day out to amuse the kids, we have got plenty of suggestions to keep you going!


Beat the rush and get that summer tan early, destinations such as Cyprus or Crete are ideal. Easter is the perfect time to go, with prices lower than summer and resorts less crowded. A last minute booking is a great way to find a bargain and there’s no time to worry, just hop on that plane and go! However, the British Isles can offer great accommodation and attractions everywhere! Venture across the pond to the Isle of Wight or the Isle of Man and escape from the mainland to beauty and seclusion. Yet, there’s still plenty to keep you busy with the Tiger and Big Cat Sanctuary (IOW) or visit the impressive Rushen Castle (IOM).

Short breaks

The British countryside is rich in wildlife and has a wealth of incredible views; many bed and breakfast accommodations are available and will welcome you with open arms. Insight suggests the beautiful region of Suffolk, with miles of unspoilt coastline and many arts and crafts events.

Activities/ Days Out

Insights own region has an array of choice when it comes to attractions, including the Birmingham Sealife Centre (not just for kids), the Belfry Golf Course or even take a trip on the canal cruises in Birmingham’s Convention Quarter. If you fancy being productive with you’re extended weekend, workshops and specialist learning courses can be found in your local area. Whether it’s cookery or craft you’re interested in, use the Internet to search for the perfect course for you. The most important thing to remember is that Easter is not just for the children but for you as well! No matter if you’ve only got two days off or two weeks make the most of 2013’s first Bank Holiday, remember your next one’s not till May!

Do you h ave a mum who deserves nothing l ess th an the best? We have Champagne afternoon tea at The Hambrough - 5* Michelin star Robert Thompson Exquisite afertoon tea with Chapagne at the islands finest eaterie rrp £60 TPIW deal price £40 for two people... treat mum 28

Meet, Greet and Skate with the Professional Skaters of ITV’s Dancing on Ice All abilities welcome! Icy Time with Matt Evers & Friends is coming to Sheffield, Bracknell, Slough and Plymouth!!

Check out for more information

Cuddle Kids Ltd

Cuddle Kids Ltd. was set up with the help of a toddler 1 year old Poppy was our inspiration to find a product that kept her dummy “off the deck”. Within days the babydumdum range was born with our very first product - the dummy/soother clip & chain in 3 designs - Pink Bunny, Blue Duck and Orange Giraffe. There is a terrific “HOW TO USE” video on the blog section of our website starring Poppy and Lucy http:// The success of this cute but clever product spurred us on to expand the range and develop the business. Next came finger toothbrushes to start early understanding of tooth and gum brushing with baby. This winter saw the launch of our enchanting baby onesies and we had our own TEDDY BEARS PICNIC with Poppy, Etta, Yuna & Lilia. The girls chose their own outfits Yuna definitely wanted to be a Panda! Other designs available are a stripey Tiger with a tail and a cute little cow with horns. Cuddle Kids Ltd is our business name with our web site being www. All our products can be ordered from the web site with free delivery. We also have listings on Amazon and ebay with fantastic feedback. Our aim is to continue to grow the business bringing useful and fun items to parents and young ones. Give us a call on 01932 882155/07802 724038 or e mail us on sales@ if you have any queries or talk about what we do. We would like to thank TWM, VLA and Carly’s Childminding. With best wishes to everyone at Mumpreneur from Heather, Lucy & Judy

WIN A FR EE B A B Y ON E S IE Answer the following question Who wrote Goldilocks & The Three Bears? The first correct answer picked at random by Mumpreneur wins a baby onesie of their choice - 3 sizes available (6-12 mths, 12-18 mths or 18-30 mths) Send answers to


30 32


Simple, quick and tasty…Pea & Ham Risotto Feeling the cold snap? Warm up with a deliciously comforting plate of risotto. The beauty behind one of Italy’s most famous dishes is its versatility and, contrary to popular belief, its simplicity. It only takes 20 minutes to make and can be made with only a few ingredients.... Use the freshest ingredients to create a seasonal treat or worried about waste? It’s the perfect dish to use up your leftovers. Riso Gallo is one of the largest rice producers in Europe and one of the oldest rice-growing concerns in Italy, producing high quality risotto rice for over six generations. The extensive range includes the three best known varieties, Aroborio, Vialone Nano and Carnaroli, as well as a Risotto Pronto which is a 12 minute version, for those on the go! To create a traditional Italian risotto all you need is Riso Gallo risotto rice, an onion and garlic, good quality stock, a glass of white wine and your choice of ingredients .... here’s a simple recipe to get started with leftover ham/bacon and frozen peas.... Enjoy! This is a scrumptious risotto using Riso Gallo Carnaroli rice - the ‘king of rices’ which gives balanced consistency with bacon and peas Serves 4 175g/6oz pancetta, chopped or lardons or leftover ham 2 tbsp olive oil 1 onion, peeled and finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped 225g/8oz Riso Gallo Carnaroli Risotto Rice 1/2 wineglass dry white wine 900ml/1 1/2pt chicken stock salt (if needed) and freshly ground black pepper 175g/6oz defrosted frozen peas Place chopped bacon in a non-stick pan over medium heat and cook until crisp. Drain on kitchen paper. Reserve. Heat oil in a pan and gently fry onion and garlic until softened but not brown. Add rice and stir around to coat well in the mix. Pour over wine and bubble until absorbed, stirring with a wooden spoon. Add a ladleful of stock and continue stirring over medium heat until absorbed. Add pancetta to pan with next ladleful and continue stirring as before until absorbed. Season with freshly ground black pepper - and salt if necessary (pancetta is salty). Continue adding stock (you may not need it all) until rice is just tender and creamy. Stir in peas and add final ladle of stock, stirring until absorbed and peas are cooked.

CALORIE CONQUEROR Zotrim, scientifically proven, all-natural slimming aid helps you eat less and lose weight with ease. With Zotrim feel full sooner during meals and for longer after meals so you eat and snack less. Zotrim contains extracts from three South American plants; yerba mate, guarana and damiana. One study in 2010 showed a group of young women ate almost 20% less calories at lunch when taking Zotrim.

man seasoning Anthea has two great children, worked hard and had a good life. Graduating with a law degree, life’s pattern was mapped out before her. And then in 2010 a Lupus diagnosis struck Anthea and her family hard. Lupus, often overshadowed by the big C, Cancer. Like breast cancer, Lupus afflicts the soft tissues of the body with over 90% of suffers being female. The joints, skin and internal organs can all be affected by the overactive auto immune system. Personally she was unable to use her hands that ulcerated and made the simplest of tasks painful. Her family had to fill in and do daily tasks. The biggest whammy was the diet change – no salt – zero. That meant that no processed foods (extremely high in salt); with salt addicted taste buds yelling out for TASTE it was not easy. Anthea scoured the supermarket shelves for salt free seasonings without much luck. So with individual herbs she became a blending alchemist in her kitchen. It was her son who gave the thumbs up to one blend of thirteen herbs and spices. Her family and friends loved it; Made All Natural Seasonings was born. So put down the salt shaker and start eating salt free! Telephone: 0781 77 55 678

Now diet effortlessly and successfully! Visit or Freephone Natures Remedies Ltd on 0844 875 3470 Available from Boots, Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Superdrug, Morrisons and Lloyd’s.



Goats Cheese and Spinach Frittata with Salad INGREDIENTS 6 eggs 150g young spinach 1 tbsp fresh thyme 100g goats cheese 70g parmesan 1 onion 50g fresh thyme 2 garlic cloves 1 lemon 1 whole broccoli 200g cherry tomatoes 100g watercress 100g radishes 3 tbsp olive oil Salt Pepper

Preparation time Cooking time

10 minutes 30minutes Serves 4

How to cook

1. Finely chop the onion. In a large saucepan approx 25cm in dia heat 1 tbsp of olive oil, add the onions and fry until soft, add 2 crushed garlic cloves and 1 tbsp of chopped thyme, fry for 1 more minute then add the spinach leaves and cook until they wilt, turn the heat down to low. 2. In a large bowl whisk the eggs. Add the zest from the lemon and season with salt and pepper. Pour the eggs over the onions. Turn the heat up slightly and cook until the eggs start to set around the edges. 3. Cut the goats cheese into small pieces and lay on top of the egg mix. Continue to cook until the frittata has half set. At this point turn on the grill to the highest temperature. Sprinkle the Parmesan over the top and place under the grill for 10 minutes until it has cooked through. Remove from the grill and set aside for a few minutes before serving. 4. To make the salad. Thinly slice the radishes and cut the tomatoes in half. In a bowl add the watercress, tomatoes and radishes. To make the dressing mix together 2 tbsp of olive oil with 1 tbsp of lemon juice, season to taste. 5. To serve cut the frittata into slices and serve together with the salad.


Award Winning Websites

Websites That Make You Say WOW! Having worked our way through hundreds of websites during The Mumpreneur Award judging process, it became VERY clear that there are many mumpreneurs out there with fabulous websites! We wanted to ensure that these sites were rewarded, and that their customers could see that their high standard is being recognised. Any business with an online presence can nominate or be nominated for one of these awards and the nomination process os really simple! So, what are we looking for: •The website should be visually pleasing •The website should be easy to navigate •Ecommerce sites should include a simple payment process •The website should be clear and easy to understand •The website should include ample information about the products/services provided Here are a selection of businesses whose websites met the criteria and who our judges felt, deserved to be recognised for their ongoing effort when it comes to their websites. Each one of these companies has recently been lucky enough to be presented with a Mumrpeneur UK Website Award and wanted to tell their story! Visit now to nominate your website - it’s free and easy!

Purveyors Of Quality Cosmetics, Makeup Brushes, Skincare, Hair & Nail Care Products Any special occasion should go hand-inhand with a special and memorable gift, and if you want a gift with the wow factor then Beau Baskets are the right people to help you. Beau Baskets have luxury gift baskets for every occasion all of which contain high quality products that have been carefully and thoughtfully selected for each basket. “I have always enjoyed the experience of giving a gift, knowing that you have chosen something for someone that will make them smile and then actually seeing that happy moment when you present them with it, is truly what makes, what can sometimes be a stressful search for the ‘perfect gift’ worthwhile”. Says Laura Stubbs, Managing & Creative Director. Laura’s dream is to make Beau Baskets become the first thought in people’s minds when they require a special gift for someone and, for her to contribute too many happy occasions for people across the UK "We carefully choose all our products, aiming to fill our baskets with high-quality products sourced from luxury brands that are either from UK Designers/ Manufacturers, Organic or Natural products." I am thrilled to be working with companies within the fantastic MediaCity UK, Salford and to have a base within a Designer Florist in the stylish neighboured of Spinningfields, Manchester. To have been recognised by Mumpreneur UK already with the website award has been brilliant and I am really looking forward to the exciting times and challenges ahead”.

Beauty Chamber is Operated and Managed by a Qualified Beauty & Make Up Therapist, rest assured your Beauty needs are in Good Hands. We are committed to bringing you, our client, some of the best beauty brands, products and good old fashioned Customer Service & Professional Advice available and where you can buy from an authorised official stockist. Our aim is to bring premium, tried & tested professional beauty products together under one roof for our clients. Beauty Chamber are Authorised Official UK Stockists of Ahava, A'kin & Al'chemy, Ardell Lashes, Bdellium Tools, Barielle, BM Beauty, Butter LONDON, China Glaze, Colorsmash, Dadi'Oil, Denman, Dr Lewinns, Emani Mineral Cosmetics, Ecosoapia, EcoTan, EcoTools, Essie, Everyday Minerals, FaceFront Cosmetics, Korres, Konjac Facial Sponges, Misa Nail Varnish, Model Mirror, Nailtiques, Neve Cosmetics, Orly, Palladio Cosmetics, Poshe Nail Care, Pedikur Hand & Foot Care, Pupa Milano Cosmetics, Qtica, Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Seche Vite, Sigma Brushes, Simply Beautiful Cosmetics, Sleep In Rollers, SpaRitual, Su-do Professional Tanning Products, theBalm Cosmetics, Zoya & Zoom Nail Care, Z Palette Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have, for a fast friendly reply. Twitter - @beaubaskets


Allya Rafiq is the founder of Peep Baby Nursing Covers

Elephant Trading Company ... a trunk full of treasures - stylish homeware, gorgeous accessories and unique imaginative gifts, while our Little Elephants range offers a charming selection of gifts and fun things for children and babies. Elephant Trading Company is the inspiration and creation of Julia Harris who has had a lifelong love of finding original and thoughtful gifts for family and friends and treasures for the home. In 2010 she took the brave step of giving up a full time job to turn a passion into a small independent family business. Entering into a new world has been both exciting and daunting but with hard work and the support of family and many loyal customers a ‘trunk full of treasures’ continues to grow. ‘We are passionate about our personally chosen products which have been selected for their quality and style, to add that special touch, whether it is for you, your home or as a gift. We are keen to promote British based independent crafts people as well as Fair Trade items all of which contribute to an eclectic mix and delightful blend of contemporary and classic styles. We and the products are constantly evolving!’ Enter MUM13 at the checkout to receive 10% off your order during the month of March. Shop our collection online at or by phone 01372 842342


After having our second child, I was determined to carry on breastfeeding in public places. However, I found that the nursing covers out there were either “one size”, which never seemed to fit comfortably, or did not cover the entire upper body fully, or took too long to adjust with straps, poppers or fasteners. I simply could not keep my hungry baby waiting and required something which was easy to wear, stylish and elegant. This inspired me to create the Peep Baby Nursing Cover. I sourced material in the UK that was lightweight, so that the poncho can be worn all year round. The stylish cut around the poncho leaves your hands free to push the buggy or just to get on with your daily tasks. There is also a roomy kangaroo pocket on the front for any essentials, like breast pads. The best thing I love about my ponchos is that they do not look like nursing covers and can be worn both ways, as a mum and a trendy chick too. Due to customer feedback, Peep Baby Nursing Covers will soon be launching a wider range of sizes in a variety of new colours. The Peep Baby Poncho gives the freedom to breastfeed anywhere, anytime and to publicly celebrate the gift of motherhood and can be purchased at and and “I have worked very hard on my website and am delighted it has recently won a Mumpeneur Award.”

Fired Treasures in Mill Hill Fired Treasures in Mill Hill, North London was started by Ceramic artist Ruth Sacks and opened its doors in October 2006 as a pottery painting studio and has grown over the past six years into the creative arts studio it is today. We now offer a large range of fun activities for the whole family such as Decopatch, Make-a-Bear, Glass fusing and Enamelling and a variety of workshops, classes and camps throughout the year to keep all our customers up to date with new ideas, techniques and to keep creatively active. We specialise is baby hand and footprint keepsakes and offer a wide range of choices, from silver jewellery to ceramic imprints, plaster outprint casts and simple prints on pottery, there is something for every budget and taste. Our staff are knowledgable and experienced and will help you get the best prints every time. The studio is a relaxing, fun place to hang out with friends and family and even if you are not painting, we can offer you a delicious range of hot drinks, cookies and confectionary to keep your tastebuds happy.

Tel: 02083716709 Follow us: Twitter @firedtreasures


Every woman deserves something beautiful; never more so than when you’re a hard-working mum. In June 2012 Becky Chapman set up her online business, Silvertonic Jewellery, offering a wide range of beautiful and unusual sterling silver jewellery. With a background in customer service and retail, Becky places great emphasis on the customer experience and aims to provide a website that is easy to navigate with customer service at the heart of everything she does. All orders are delivered free in beautiful packaging making them the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, that special occasion or as a well-deserved selftreat. Within one month of trading, Becky had secured an account with international brand Hot Diamonds. “This was such an exciting moment for me” Becky says, “before I was allowed to become a stockist my website had to be audited and approved. When I got the go-ahead I was delighted as this was a real affirmation of all the hard work I had put in to creating the business” Silvertonic Jewellery is also ‘Assay Assured’, an accreditation awarded by the Assay Office to online retailers who meet their strict guidelines for hallmarking and product description. This accreditation means that customers can buy with confidence, knowing that all products are hallmarked correctly and from a bona fide seller. Becky has two small children, Isobel (4) and Samuel (2 1/2) and fits the business in around looking after them. “I have never been so busy!” says Becky, “running your own business is hard work. It can be very difficult finding time to do everything but winning an award such as the Mumpreneur website award definitely helps to keep me motivated.” “As the business grows I hope to be able to stock more brands as well as promoting up and coming designers” Becky is pleased to offer a 10% discount to all Mumpreneur Magazine readers; simply enter the code ‘mpm10’ at the checkout.

O o h l a l a – A little slice of French heaven now online. Are you looking for a way to get quality products from France straight to your front door? Well is the company to turn to. This fantastic website is the unique combination of a delicatessen and boutique and every item has been hand picked by an expert team. You can be confident that you will be receiving quality products at amazing prices. Products on are shipped directly from suppliers to your door, reducing costs and ensuring products arrive in optimal condition. Elodie Gontard established as she wanted the French products she loved to be available to everyone in the UK, not just those able to shop in exclusive food courts. Elodie has successfully dispelled the myth that the finest French products are only available at premium prices. Shopping with will not break the bank and it will introduce you to a wonderful selection of gourmet foods, delicious wines and beautiful hand-picked artisan products. There really is something to suite every taste and budget! Elodie is passionate about her business and she explains how, “When I shop, the things that matter to me are quality, product traceability and environmental considerations. aims to bring specialty French products to the UK market in a way which embodies these values.” With these points in mind, it is easy to see why is the success it is.

To bring a little piece of France to your home, visit

w w w. z o u f. b i z

Handmade Naturals’ is a family owned and managed business established in 2007. They manufacture a range of skin, body and baby care products which are made from 100% natural and high quality oils, flower waters and essential oils. All their products are handmade at their workshop in Cheshire to a very high standard. They are naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants & fatty acids to protect, nourish and care for the skin and do not contain any Parabens, SLS, petroleum’s or any other synthetic additives, preservatives or other chemicals which could be harmful to the skin.

The business was started as a response to the lack of availability of affordable baby care and skin care products which offer a 100% natural product. Too many of the high street brands were found to contain synthetic preservatives and cheap and highly processed natural derivatives that resulted in a product which didn’t do what it claimed. Over the past five years the business has grown well and enjoys an ever expanding regular customer base and has won a number of industry awards. It has recently invested in a high quality, secure and fully recyclable pump dispenser system for its key skin care products.



Founder and Director Karen Daniels-Ward Charlotte Rose Interiors is an internet based independent family business.

Spring Cleaning! Whether you’re thinking of giving your home that lick of fresh paint, looking for inspiration for the kids play room, or even just searching for that finishing touch to give your home that welcoming feeling, we would like to give you a few hints and tips to really make your home feel fresh and welcoming this season…


Think about a colour that works with the lighting in that room, as well as a colour that you won’t get tired of! Note that colours need to adapt to seasons all years round and stand the test of time.

All the beautiful pieces on the web-site have been carefully hand-picked for their quality and style.

Our furniture is hand crafted from the highest grade solid mahogany, oak, walnut, beech and ash. Exceptional build quality throughout. Environmentally friendly - Our timber is sustainable and produced from managed plantations. This means a great deal to Charlotte Rose Interiors!

Co-ordinating furniture throughout your home is dull and difficult. So, it’s a good idea to link upstairs and downstairs, as well as finding bedroom and bathroom furniture that works together. Likewise with living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

Charlotte Rose is now an extension of our company and my personality.

With our Bespoke range made 'in-house' in the United Kingdom.



Later in life (children grown) I started a company, along with my husband, and my passion for interiors really took flight.

Our beautiful furniture is made mainly in Italy, Mainland Europe and the United Kingdom.

Pay attention to whether you’re drawn to painted walls, or elaborate wallpapers; however, painted walls are much easier to do! Walls are the unifying element that ties a room together, yet they’re also the easiest things to get wrong.

The use of lighting is crucial, especially when getting the mood just right: soft, dispersed light from lamps, dimmer switches, candles, and backlit mirrors all create a glamorous, enticing atmosphere. Remember kitchens need adaptable spotlights for work surfaces, as well as good overhead lighting.

I adored the furniture, porcelain, jewellery and paintings but I also became aware of how to mix antique furniture with new contemporary furniture and accessories.

I have personally visited companies to view their products and to find out how things are made and where they are made.



My love of beautiful furniture was born when, at the tender age of seventeen, I was lucky enough to become part of the team at Phillips Fine Art Auctioneers in Leeds.

If you have enjoyed your stroll through our online store don’t forget to bookmark our site and visit us again soon. We are constantly adding new designs in furniture and accessories from UK designers. So please keep watching our website.

Little Additions

Making your living space reach its full potential can be tricky, especially with the amount of choice out there on the High Street, not to mention online and in specialist boutiques. Yet, whether you’re an antique lover or fancy a more contemporary feel, the best thing about choice is that there’s always something out there for you, so shop around!

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we are always happy to personally answer any questions you may have. Enjoy and Happy Shopping!!! Charlotte Rose Interiors would love to hear from any talented designers, artists and artisans in the UK who would like to showcase their work on our website. We would welcome you and would love you to come and join us! We love made in Britain and British design. I simply adore what I do and hope this comes across in my website.

Co-Owned by innovative team Brenda and Jim, this company, whilst still relatively new having formed in 1996, have created possibly one of the most stylish tile companies that Mumrpeneur Magazine have come across!

• Tel- 0121 788 4533 • Mobile- 07957104017 • Email- SALES@ARCERAMICS.COM Office 6, 94 Bell Lane, Marston Green, Birmingham, B33 0HX


In The Tub

Nothing beats a long, hot soak in a bubble bath at the end of a stressful day and us mumpreneurs know all about stressful days, don’t we ladies?!

But it’s not just the water and the bath oil that creates the perfect environment... the bath, the accessories and the extras all make a difference so with that in mind we went on the search for those elements, large and small that make the PERFECT soak in the tub...

Kurvstone Cutout £4074.00

Starck Organic Bath Spout £247.00

Classic £2995.00

Soapmarine Soap Dispenser £11.99

Inigo Basin Set

Blue Painted Boat Bath £1433.00

Axor Starck X Electronic Basin Mixer £598.00

Blow The Budget If you’re feeling frivolous and fancy having a real blow-out shopping trip why not treat yourself to one of these stunning copper baths... ‘This solid-copper, hand-crafted bathtub has an old world feel that will unquestionably make it the centerpiece of a unique bathroom’ Here at Mumpreneur Magazine, we couldn’t agree more! Now, if only we had a spare $69,995 to spare! Anyone feeling generous?


Spa Bucket Set £14.99

Transistor Radio Cables & Clobber Bag £28.99

Specialists in: • Bathroom design & installation. • All general plumbing, tiling, electrical, plastering & carpentry work undertaken. • Professional & guaranteed workmanship assured. Email: Tel: 07775626820 APB Bathrooms 144 Cropthorne Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 3JJ



How Helpful Can A Kitchen be? The kitchen is the heart of the home where everyone gathers and spends most of their time – but it is also a place with several potential dangers. Hot pots and pans are moved about, sharp knives are used and curious children explore and are eager to help. At helpful kitchens ltd we aim to reduce risk and to prevent avoidable accidents in the kitchen and around the home. With a little bit of careful planning you can create a safe and functional kitchen for the whole family, young and old. Opposite, we have highlighted some of our most vital features and safety measures;

Paired with these simple but effective solutions, we stock a range of child friendly utensils to not only keep your children safe, but also to keep them involved at meal times. At helpful kitchens “family comes first.� We are a family orientated business and we want to share our values and our experience with you so that your children and loved ones are being cared for whether they are being supervised or left to their own devices. This is our main daily consideration and all work revolves around this strict ethos. To get in touch with us, find out further information, find more in-depth safety ideas or for home consultation/bespoke kitchen orders, please contact us on 07000 000 000 or email


Place your oven at a safe and convenient height

Place the oven and microwave at a height that makes it easy to see the interior and convenient to take hot dishes out. Place the microwave above the oven to keep it out of reach for small children.

Hob guard – prevents accidents by the cooking unit

Mount hob- and topple-guards. They are adjustable in width and can be adapted to the size of your cooking unit.

Corner bumpers

Reduce the risk of your child getting hurt by sharp edges.

Mount cabinet/drawer catches or locks

Keep dangerous liquids, knives or detergents out of children’s reach.

Anti-slip underlay

Keeps the rug in place and reduces the risk of slipping.

Door stop

Prevents children getting their fingers caught in doors. This is something you definitely want to avoid. A door stop keeps the door open and your worries at a safe distance.

Have a step stool nearby

They are handy for reaching high shelves or for letting children be part of the action. Use anti-slip strips to prevent slipping.

Helpful Kitchens


Why not register with us and we’ll help find the right Nanny for you and your family

07453 899 402

es o h s -DO hool evels O T sc ck l y u -b ck sto ders t e -ch cess or untan -pro et acco and d -me brea y -bu k mil

Diary of a Mumpreneur

Amanda Dilworth, Owner of Ruby and Freddies tells us about her journey so far... Stress? pah! I laugh in the face of Stress (and cry occasionally too!) I have spent a lot of time in the last month making decision and emailing people! Doesn’t sound very tasking does it? But it really was. I had to decide on a manufacturer-tick, Choose the first design to have made-tick, decided yarns, style, colours and where to have the design on the garment - tick, tick, and tick. My designer Sarah on this first design has been a pleasure to work with, it hasn’t bothered her that I am a novice and her patience to my endless questions has been incredible. The manufacturer has also been great, having someone so speedy and cheerful on the end of a phone/email has been a big help and a clear bonus to manufacturing in the UK.

But a week ago Sarah emailed me with the finished design. It is gorgeous (of course I am biased) and now I have to hope all of you like it too...We have very much decided to stick to our London theme but for now that is the only secret I shall let on, in approx four weeks I should have the sample in my hands-eek! I have also met up with a wonderful lady, Emma, about skirts. Over a cuppa in the local cafe we decided we were going to take the kids fashion world by storm one skirt at a time! Like normal I don’t do things by halves so the process has begun with having our own material made up. Budget and time will be the only barrier but that’s fine, we can do it can’t we Emma?

In between now and the next issue it’s the boring bits like clothing labels, packaging etc which has to be done. I can honestly say that when I began this journey I had no idea how much work goes into producing children’s clothing. It’s incredible and such a lot of fun but I can honestly say once I have that sample in my hands I will be able to relax for a moment. I shall leave you with this...whilst doing some sticking with my eldest she turned round to me out of the blue and said “You really are a super-mum” So to all you super mums out there, have a wonderful day! @RubyAndFreddies




Hosted by Insight Magazine, The Bridal Suite Magazine & Something You Fancy

The City Rooms, Hotel Street, Leicester LE1 5AW 16th May • 7.00pm – 11.00pm teacup of champagne on arrival!

Ticket only event £15 per ticket available from Jenny call: 0116 288 8753 or email:

Enjoy the party! and watch out for that rabbit hole...



Flutter Necklace £14

Fudge £7

Garden Hob and Slow Cooker £145 Bundle of 6 small dark slate hearts with chalk marker pen £25

Personalised mug set £65 Small dark slate heart memo board with bow £11

So many of the most amazing Small Independent British Companies are run from a kitchen table when the kids are in bed, or tucked away on a vintage market stall. The kind of companies with that true ‘wow’ factor, companies who create a real talking point in the home and companies set up by real people with a real passion for what they do. SomethingYouFancy has been created to pull these companies together so working as one to give you so much more than just a shopping experience. By buying through us you are supporting local communities across the UK. Launched by 2 sisters (one mother of 3 little monkeys and one very doting aunt) we can 100% guarantee each company we sell products for is honest and genuine. Sourced carefully either by ourselves personally, through word of mouth or by Insight Magazine which too is a small independent company. You can read their latest issue online at Happy Shopping! Love Hearts Sweet Tree £22

Floral spotty Linen cushion £40 Personalised Cookies £7.50


Snowflake alpaca throw blanket £95

Retro Print - Money can't buy me love £12.95


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