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Zzzzz... Getting a Good Night’s Sleep


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Weekly Local Classes

Precious bonding time in a bubble of splashy fun! There’s nothing quite like the feel of your baby’s skin against your own. It’s one of the best things you can do to bond with your baby and being in cosy warm water enhances those cherished moments.

classes held...

In Liverpool and surrounding areas

Our world-class teachers could have trained as private pilots – five times over – in the time it takes to fully qualify with us. You can trust us to take the very best care of you and your little one.

To give your baby a splashing start call

01925 243 643 Let’s teach your baby to swim!








Letter from the Editor

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4 - Count the Kicks 5 - Flying in Pregnancy Snow Business 6 - Metanium C G S S 7 - Sensory Experiences from Womb to World 8 - Ask the Expert Healthcare & Travel 9 - Sweet Dreams - products for a restful night 10 - Annabel Karmel - Lunchbox Loveables 11 - Early Years Advertising 12 - 17 - Regional Activities for Little Ones 18 - Family Festival Fun Greenbelt 19 - Glamping at Glan Gwna 20 - 21 - Pian Di Cascina Italy 22- 25 - Country Kids Luxury Family Resort, France 26 - Powder Byrne Ski resort 27 - Kids Skiwear 28 - The Seatcase 29 - School years World Book Day 30 - Commando Dad 31 - Prezzo Competition 32 - iCandy Orange oarding with ump Flying while Pregnant








Zzzzz... Getting a Good Night’s Sleep



Kids Skiwear Trends

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Great 2019 Get-aways




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20/02/2019 21:52


MummyandMeSpring2019IssueCover.indd 1

It’s a beautiful time of year, a time for new adventures and new beginnings. A time when change is afoot and buds of new life begin to show. A time to celebrate love, our wonderful Mothers and hunt for eggs. Our Spring issue is always a favourite! This issue, we bring you some of the best ideas for getaways in 2019. Whether you fancy camping, glamping, skiing or sunbathing - we have something for you! We also bring you news of great products that can help you on your travels with little ones in tow, along with advice on travelling while pregnant. As big fans of books, we take a look at the importance of story-telling with children and celebrate World Book Day. Books are a great way to help little ones unwind before bed and with our feature for World Sleep Day (March 15th), we bring you products and tips that will help the whole family get a better night’s sleep. We look forward to seeing you again next issue, when we celebrate a whopping 7 years of Mummy and Me Magazine!

Michelle Thompson

Magazine Founder & Director

Mummy to Eden (7 years), Bethany (6 years), Faye (4 years), Aimée (3 years), Felicity (17 months)

info dme myan @mum gazine ma k .co.u 790 : 07 o it d E r 9004 72

/mummyandmemagazine Magazine Founder & Director Michelle Thompson

Hello lovely readers!


Assistant Editors Sue Bennett & Gill Pryce

Researchers/Critiques Eden, Bethany , Faye, Aimée & Felicity Thompson

Special Needs Consultant Anita Harris

Educational Researcher Danielle Furber Artist/Illustrator Ilan Sheady

Creative Learning Consultant Alan Bennett

Creative Designer Neil Bennett

Photographer & Stylist Elanza Butters

Why shouldn’t I use a home doppler? If you saw someone collapsed in the street would you check their pulse and walk away? Or would you call an ambulance? The same goes for your baby, if you notice a change in your baby’s regular pattern of movement, they could be unwell. Do not take the presence of a heartbeat that all is ok. If your baby is unwell or in distress the only time something can be done is when there is a heartbeat. When there is no heartbeat it is too late. If you notice a change in your babies regular pattern of movement call your midwife.

Do not use your home doppler for reassurance




What you need to know about...

Flying in Pregnancy


esearch by travelinsuranceexplained. into travellers’ understanding of the rules and guidance for pregnant women found that there was a severe lack of awareness, even with people and their partners that had flown overseas when pregnant. Fiona Macrae from offers advice to expectant parents on what they need to know before jetting off on holiday with a baby on board.

due date, which could be a couple of months potentially leaving the new parents facing heavy bills for extending their stay abroad. What happens if I give birth abroad without travel insurance? Those travelling overseas without the correct travel insurance policy while pregnant, could be left to foot a rather hefty bill for the time spent abroad, which includes accommodation, passport and possibly a visa for the baby, visas (depending on the country the parents may have to leave and reenter the location to renew their visas which could mean lengthy travel several times over the duration of the stay), as well as additional expenses for essential items the baby may require.It is also worth remembering that when you travel, the NHS doesn’t travel with you so expectant mothers planning to travel should carefully plan which country to visit. Different regions of the world have varying levels of healthcare, for example a developing country may have limited access to specialist staff and medical equipment such as incubators. How much does it cost to give birth abroad? Premature births abroad can cost upwards of £100,000, when you take into account the cost of medical bills, accommodation and other expenses. While the UK has the benefits of the NHS, it’s easy to forget that even in a wealthy country like the USA, healthcare is not free and there is likely be an eye watering bill for the baby’s delivery.

Can you fly while pregnant? Most airlines will have their own rules and regulations; however, you can fly on most airlines until you’re 28 weeks pregnant, but check with your airline as there is no set rule. It is always advisable to carry a note from your doctor or midwife confirming your delivery date. You don’t want to be denied boarding just because you look “Travel insurance is a must have for any holiday and even more so for expectant parents. Should more than 28 weeks pregnant! you give birth abroad, any treatment your baby Does a pregnant passenger need a doctor’s note needs will generally be covered under your travel to fly? insurance policy, which is especially important if the If your airline allows travel past 27 weeks into baby needs additional specialist medical care.And pregnancy, most airlines won’t allow a pregnant although we don’t want to think of the unexpected passenger over 27 or 28 weeks pregnant to check happening while on holiday, it’s always best to into their flight without a doctor’s note confirming plan.” Fiona Macrae details such as your health status and delivery date. What are the risks when travelling pregnant? Flying does carry an increased risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pregnant women have a higher risk of developing DVT, so you should speak to your GP or Midwife before you travel. What happens if a baby is born prematurely overseas? If a baby is born prematurely abroad on holiday, then the care of the premature baby, including medical bills, accommodation and other expenses, will generally be covered under the parents’ travel insurance policy. However, it is not recommended for a baby that has been born prematurely abroad to fly home until it has reached its original

Pregnant or had a baby in the last 12 months? You are entitled to claim free prescriptions if you have a valid Maternity Exemption Certificate. Speak to your GP or midwife who will be able to help you get one.

Check before you tick




is here to help!

We all know how unpredictable babies can be!

Even if you follow a regular routine, no two days are the same, and there are certain trigger times1 when your baby may be more prone to nappy rash 1.Morris H, The bottom line on nappy rash, British Journal of Midwifery, September 2012, Vol 20, No 9, pages 540-543


we ani ng


for Nappy Rash For occasions when it does strike, Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment can be used to treat nappy rash, relieving the irritation and redness. Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is a medicine. Always read the label. 9242 Mummy & Me


com mon cold

3 teething

4 antibiotics




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fi rst sleep throu gh the nigh t

dia rrh oe a


from Nappy Rash For daily protection, use Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment or Easy Spray Barrier Lotion at every nappy change to help protect against the irritants that can cause nappy rash.


babies’ bums

Sensory Experiences


from Womb to World


eing a baby means facing new experiences daily. All of which are the foundations of learning to do all the things we take for granted as a grown adult. As a parent, one of the most effective ways you can aid your baby in their development is to help encourage sensory play. Sensory experiences happen for your baby even before birth. At only three weeks gestation (when your baby is the size of a tiny bean) the first sense has begun - touch. As your baby grows, the uterus provides the security your baby needs (like a big cuddle). The warmth of the uterus also plays a huge part. At around 26 weeks gestation, your baby will begin to open their eyes and at around the sixth month they are sensitive to light in the womb. At this early stage, prior to their birth, your baby is experiencing the sense of sight. The sense of movement begins to function at five months gestation. By birth, this sense is relatively advanced but will only reach full maturity in adolescence. By the last trimester, the sensory system is quite well developed in order for your baby to be able to deal with the outside world. When you are in the second trimester, your baby’s sense of sound is developing and some Mums like to talk, sing or play music to their baby. Some of the sounds your baby hears from within your womb will amaze you. You may find that they recognise voices or that they are not bothered by familiar loud noises. Inside your womb, your baby hears the gushing waves of amniotic fluid and your heartbeat. These noises (or similar sounds such as shushing) can prove to be soothing post birth.

Although the senses begin to develop in the womb, it is only when the baby is born that they are put to the test. At birth, the sense of sight is the least developed. You may notice how your newborn becomes attracted to lights and then contrasts of colour. The development of sight happens rapidly and this becomes more and more apparent as your baby begins to recognise faces and objects. Sound is carried by airwaves which are then picked up and registered by receptors in the inner ear. Determining the direction of sound is something that a baby picks up on quite quickly. You will notice how your baby moves their head when they hear your voice. Sensory experiences for your baby happen all day, every day! As a parent, it is your role to help your child explore the world around them and sensory stimulation is a fantastic way to do this.

Bo M ok i um n m for y yM o 'We see many pain O ur As physiotherapists weuncomplicated, bring our T free pregnancies. However, we are also extensive knowledge of anatomy , experienced in treating antenatal fitness and evidence based practise spinal and andofcan offer a range of topelvic deliverdysfunction you a selection Women's physiotherapy Health Services under oneinterventions' roof.

Obstetric Physiotherapy Diastasis Recti Stress Incontinence Postpartum Physio Check Pre & Postnatal Pilates* *Babies Welcome

'We see many uncomplicated, pain free pregnancies. However, we are also experienced in treating antenatal spinal and pelvic dysfunction and can offer a range of physiotherapy interventions' - Sarah Johnson Clinic Director

0151 724 2060 (South Liverpool) 0151 924 4553 (North Liverpool)





Birth & Beyond

ASK the

Exper t

Each issue we will be putting YOUR questions to our panel of experts.

This issue, Emma Cronin, registered nurse and midwife, and one of AXA PPP healthcare’s Health at Hand nursing team gives advice on

‘How to Get the Birth YOU Want’

The number of live births is on the increase, as is the average age of mothers. In fact recent reports highlight how the fertility rate for women aged 40+ was higher than the rate for women aged under 20, reaching the highest level since 1949.

Is it still possible to achieve a ‘natural’ style birth, without having a home birth?

The rise in birth rate is thought to be due to improved medical care allowing older women and women with underlying medical conditions who may not have been able to have children in the past to conceive. Rising immigration is also a factor.

“The emphasis is on natural birthing techniques such as women keeping mobile and in upright positions using gravity, water and birthing pools, birth balls and birth stools to support women in labour,” explains Emma.

Each birth is a very unique experience – whether you’re having a boy, a girl or twins, with your husband, partner or alone, age 16 or 46…You will want it to be special and safe and personal to you. Here are a just a few of the options to consider: Can I choose to give birth at home? Midwives will usually support your wish to have a home birth if the birth is considered low risk and without any medical complications. You give birth in a relaxed, familiar environment receiving one to one care from a midwife. NICE recommends home births for low risk mums, because evidence shows you are less likely to receive medical interventions, such as forceps. The National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit (NPEU) ‘Birthplace cohort study’ found that, ‘giving birth [in the UK] is generally very safe… For women having a second or subsequent baby, home births and midwifery unit births appear to be safe for the baby and offer benefits for the mother.’ This said, the NPEU ‘Birthplace cohort study’ found that for a first baby, a planned home birth increases risk for the baby and there is a 45% chance of being transferred to hospital during labour. Also, women can have pain relief, but can’t have an epidural at home.



Midwifery Led Units are staffed by midwives specialised in uncomplicated, low risk, normal births. They are not available everywhere – there are currently around 53 nationwide.

Like home births, evidence suggests that midwife-led units are safe – The NPEU Study found that planned births in freestanding and attached midwifery units had no significant differences in adverse outcomes compared with those in an obstetric unit. There are also fewer interventions than births in an obstetric unit. Note - you can’t have an epidural in MLU, and you may have to transfer to a hospital obstetric unit if complications develop. There is also your Hospital Obstetric Unit. These are where most women give birth and are led by consultant obstetricians who can perform instrumental deliveries and caesarean sections. “Having opted for a hospital birth doesn’t mean you can’t have a natural birth,” explains Emma. “For the majority of women, birth can be a wonderful experience, even in hospital. Some midwives are trained in acupuncture, aromatherapy, water births and hypno-birthing techniques – it’s not all about drugs and monitors. Midwives will support your choices wherever possible.” For more information on pregnancy, postnatal care and early childhood, visit AXA PPP healthcare’s pregnancy portal.

*Always speak to your own midwife or GP for any urgent concerns.

Sweet Dreams...

Early Years


1. Brilliant Bedding... We suggest the utterly adorable and highly practical GroBag (we particularly love their new Sea Horsey GroBag from £23.50) available from for tiny tots and the fabulous new super soft, chemical-free organic cotton bedding by Frugi (£59) for big kids available at

ost parents would agree that parenthood brings with it some disruption to your sleep, whether that be those night-time baby kicks in pregnancy, night-feeds with your newborn, or toddlers wanting to share your bed. Therefore, the precious sleep you do get needs to be as blissful as possible. Mummy and Me have been putting some products to the test and now bring you some of, what we feel, are the best products on the market for you and your little ones to have a good night’s sleep.

2. Lower the lights... For babies we suggest the fabulous, award winning Groegg 2 with colour change and room temperature display - £24.99 gro-store. com for older children, we love the range of super cool lights by Aloka, with remote control colour change. Available from Amazon - £30.

3. Mattress Matters... Slumberdown has launched three, new cot bed mattresses to ensure every baby sleeps tight at night. Under the Slumberdown Little Slumbers brand, each cot bed mattress uses a fibre rich filling to provide a firm and flat support and is supported by research to stay cooler than foam, giving parents the assurance that their child is sleeping soundly, and safely - £39.99 Amazon

4. Sleep Safe...

Introducing Bluebell, the next generation support system for parents. The Bluebell baby monitor easily attaches to baby’s clothes and silently observes baby’s breathing, skin temperature, crying, activity level, sleep/awake status and also will alert if no breathing or movement is detected and if baby rolls onto their tummy - R.R.P £299 available at

Attention Mummy and Daddy! - For the ultimate sleep experience, try a tailor made pillow from Nanu. Design your pillow at according to your height, weight and favoured sleep position! Spring offer 2 for £35.




Early Years

Annabel Karmel’s

Lunchbox Loveables

Annabel Karmel recipes for all ages and all occasions. Visit her website

Great base for any lunchbox, and my fun animal-faces are a fun way to get kids involved in the food prep.

ANIMAL BAGELS HOPPIN’ FROG FACE BAGEL Put the half bagel onto a board. Mix the cream cheese and chives together in a bowl. Season. Spread over the bagel. To make the frog’s face. Cut two thin slices of cucumber and chop one black olive in half for the eyes. Make the mouth by cutting two strips of cucumber for the lips and a thin strip of red pepper for the tongue. PIGGY FACE BAGEL Put the half bagel onto a board and spread with a little butter. Place one slice of ham on the bagel and trim around the edge with scissors to make a neat circle. Make the snout by cutting a piece of cheese into a circle (use a round cutter for an extra smooth circle). Then cut a thin slice of radish with two small cut out pieces of olive for the nostrils. Use two radish slices for the eyes and a black olive chopped in half for the eye balls. Then for the ears, cut out two triangles of cheese and a slice of radish cut in half. For the tail, slice a thin strip of spring onion and soak in ice cold water until it goes curly!

10 |

Great For: 12MONTHS+


TOMATO SNAIL WRAPS INGREDIENTS 2 slices of White bread 40g Cheddar cheese, grated 1 tbsp mayonnaise 1 spring onion, sliced 1 tomato, deseeded and chopped 10 cherry tomatoes* 2–3 tbsp sweetcorn, cooked Cocktail sticks (with sharp ends removed) *These Snail Wraps are fun to make with your child but when putting into lunchboxes for young children, remember to cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters and remove cocktail sticks. METHOD Put the bread onto a board. Remove the crust and

cover with cling film. Roll out until you have a thin thickness. Mix together the cheese, mayonnaise, onion and chopped tomato and spread the filling equally across the sandwich slices. Roll up tightly to make a spiral effect. Wrap in cling film and chill for 20 minutes. Slice each roll into 4 pieces. Attach a cherry tomato to each wrap with a cocktail stick to make the heads. Put sweetcorn onto the ends of cocktail sticks for the eyes, and attach to the tomatoes. MAKES 8 MINI SNAILS PREP: 12 MINS (EXCLUDING CHILLING)

BingLive-ItNGL-JointPrintAd-Mummy&Me-125x90mm.indd 1

20/02/2019 16:32

Groups & Activities

Our pick of playgroups and children’s activities from across the region

Early Years


Toddler Cafe

St.John’s Tots

Stay & Play (0-4)


Lymm United Reformed Church, Brookfield Road Mondays 9:30 - 11:30am (Term Time)

St John’s United Reformed Church, Warrington Mondays 10am - 11:30am (Term Time)

Knutsford Children’s Centre Manor Park North Mondays 13:30pm 15:00pm

01625 374 904

Bramhall Library Bramhall Ln South Mondays 11:00am 11:30am librarys@

Stay and Play

Tiny Tots Time

Broken Cross Children’s Centre Parkett Heyes Rd Tuesdays 9:15am - 10:45am (Term Time)

Baby All Kinds of Play Sandy Lane Children’s Centre WA2 9HY Tuesdays 13:30pm 14:45pm

01625 374 470

01925 425 580

Jolly Bolly’s

Bosom Buddies

Bollington Community Centre, Thursdays 10:00am 11.:30am (Term Time)

Westy Children’s Centre Thursdays 10am - 12:00pm Drop in

St Ann’s Carer & Toddler Group At Ann’s Church Centre, Orford Fridays 9:30am - 11:15am Term Time

Fun and Sign Oakenclough Children’s Centre Fridays 14:00pm 14:45pm Call for info

01925 570 870

07929 345 146

01625 374 180

01625 575 557

12 |


Ash Grove Children’s Centre SK11 7TD Wednesdays 9:30am - 11am 01625 374 484

Toddler Time (12-24 months) Knutsford Children’s Centre Manor Park North Wednesdays 10am - 11:30am 01625 374 904

Early Years


Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Toddler Morning Newton Lane Mondays 9:30 - 10:45am (Term Time) 01829 770 995

Breastfeeding Support Group Blacon Children’s Centre Tuesdays 9:30am - 11:30am (Term Time) 01244 976 225

Bickerton Baby & Toddler Group

Little Fishes Toddler Group

Under 5’s Storytime

Bickerton Village Hall, Malpas Mondays 9.30am - 11:30am

Burley Hall Village Road Mondays 10am - midday

Chester Library Northgate Street Mondays 11:15 - 11:45am


01244 336 668

01244 976 220

Wesley Toddlers

Sunshine Tots

Play & Weigh

Wesley Church Centre, Chester Tuesdays 10:15am 11:45am

Holy Ascension Church, Upton Tuesdays 9:15am - 11am

Lache and Handbridge Children’s Centre Wednesdays 9:15am - 11:15am

01244 323 037

Dodleston Babies & Toddler Group

NCT Bumps & Babies

Dodleston Village Hall Thursdays 10am - 11:30am

Cafe Nero, Foregate Street Thursdays 10:30am 12:20pm

0770 465 9251


sunshinetots@ 01244 38358

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Toddler Morning

01244 977 791

Chester SANDS

Newton Lane Fridays 9:30 - 10:45am (Term Time)

Chester Rural Children’s Centre Fridays 09:30am 11:30am 3rd Fri of Month

01829 770 995

0151 338 2227




Our pick of playgroups and children’s activities from across the region

Early Years

Wirral & Ellesmere Port

St Werburghs Sensory Play Park Grove CH41 Mondays 9:30 - 11 (Term Time) 0151 647 8404 Call for details

Wallabies (0-5yrs) Wallasey Library CH45 5DX Mondays 11:00am 12:00pm FREE

Stay & Play (0-4)

West Kirby Methodist Church CH48 4DQ Mondays 9:30am - 11am Donation

Lady Lever Art Gallery, CH62 5EQ Mondays 9:30am - 11am

0151 625 3224

0151 478 4136

Little Stars Playgroup

Stay and Play for Babies

Moreton Baptist Church, CH46 Mondays 13:10pm 14:30pm

Christ Church Toddler Group Moreton CH46 0PA Mondays 9:30am - 11:30am 0151 604 0049 christchurch

Active Tots (0-5) Brassey Gardens Children’s Centre Birkenhead Tuesdays 09:30am - 11am

0151 639 2334

0151 677 7902

Bromborough Children’s Centre CH62 7BW Mondays 13:30pm 14:30pm 0151 334 1381

Cheeky Monkeys (0-3 years)

Hummingbirds Sing-a-long

Sunbeams Playgroup

St. Catherine’s, Tranmere Tuesdays 10:00am 11.:30am (Term Time)

Woodchurch Library, CH49 Tuesdays 10:30am 11:30am

Moreton Methodist Church Tuesdays 13:15pm 14:45pm

Hillside Primary School, CH43 Wednesdays 09:15am 10:45am Call for info

0151 677 8068

0151 678 9339

0151 677 9960

0151 652 7379

14 |

Little Angels


0151 652 1916

Fun Tots (0-5)

Early Years

Twinkle Twos 0-2 years

Baby & Toddler Rhyme Times

Let’s Play Drop In

0151 337 6425

Rainbows Group & Sensory Room (Autism Support 0-8years) Call for info Bromborough Children’s Centre, Wednesdays 16:00pm - 17:00pm 0151 334 1381

Rock Ferry Children’s Centre Wednesdays 9:30 - 11:00am

Ellesmere Port Library Wednesdays 10am & 11am

0151 647 4445

0151 337 4684

Stanlaw Abbey Children’s Centre Wednesdays 13:00pm 14:30pm

Baby Stay & Play 0-12 months

Baby Babble Under 1s

Wiggle to Giggles 0-5 years

Breastfeeding Support Group

Ganney Meadow Nursery School Thursdays 09:15am 10:45am

Seacombe Children’s Centre Thursdays 09:30am 10:15am

0151 666 4819

0151 630 1845

Brassey Gardens Children’s Centre Birkenhead Thursdays 09:30am 10:30am 0151 652 1916

Parklands Children’s Centre, Little Sutton Thursdays 09:30am 11:30am 0151 337 6324

Make & Explore

F.A.B (Friendship Breastfeeding & Babies) Support Group

Stay and Play 0-5 years

Heswall United Reformed Church Thursdays 10:30am 12:00pm

New Brighton Children’s Centre Fridays 10:00am 11:30am

Prenton Primary School Fridays 13:00pm 14:30pm

0151 342 8522

0151 630 2731

0151 652 1916

Williamson Art Gallery Thursdays 10am - 12:15pm 0151 666 3537




Our pick of playgroups and children’s activities from across the region

Early Years

Liverpool & Knowsley

Stay and Play 0-4 years Picton Children’s Centre Mondays 9:30 - 10:30am 0151 233 1200 Call for details

Faz Tots Fazakerley Primary School Mondays 09:30am 11:30am 0151 474 3060

The Old Police Station, Lark Lane Mondays 09:30am 11:30am £2.50

Big Art Parent & Toddler

Music & Movement

Walker Art Gallery, City Centre Mondays 10am - 11:15am

Millennium Centre, L25 2PR Mondays 13:30pm 14:30pm 0151 288 8309

0151 728 7884

0151 478 4136

Tots & Co Playgroup

Tots Health Club

Allerton United Reformed Church Tuesdays 9:30am - 11am Also Wed 1.30-3 07923 541 491

Boogie Babes

Stay and Play

Dingle Lane Children’s Centre Tuesdays 10:00am 11:00am (Term Time)

Toxteth Library Windsor Street Tuesdays 10:15am 11:45am

0151 233 4930

16 |

Parent & Toddler

0151 233 3069


Stoneycroft Children’s Centre Advise on potty training, weight... Tuesdays 09:30am 11:30am 0151 233 4770

Come And Meet Every One (CAMEO) Mossley Hill Parish Church Tuesdays 13:15pm 14:30pm 0151 724 6391

WAM Toddler Group Wellington Ave Methodist L15 Mattel Tuesdays 09:30am 11.30am 0151 733 4495

ABC Playgroup St Michael in the Hamlet, Aigburth Wednesdays 09:15am 11:30am 07950 147 565 / 07786 372 750

Early Years

Playbox Mums & Tots

Once Upon a Story Tim 18m+ Garston Library, Bowden Rd, L19 Wednesdays 10:30am 11:00am

Branch Buddies

St Anne’s Stars

The Branch, Banks Road, L19 Wednesdays 13:30pm 15:00pm

St.Anne’s Church, Aigburth Road, Thursdays 09:30am - 11:00am 0151 727 1101

0151 233 6868

0151 233 6868

Garston Park Church Tots

Sing A Long A Tots

Tab Tots

Island Rd, L19 Thursdays 09:30am 11:30am

Church & Mossley Hill Children’s Centre, Dovedale Thursdays 09:30am 10:15am 0151 233 6868

Salvation Army, Cavendish Road, L9 1HQ Wednesdays 9:30 - 11:15am 0151 525 4785

07720 315 840

BAMBIS Feeding Support Group Dingle Lane Children’s Centre Fridays 09:45am 11:00am 0151 233 4930

City Tots 2 Blackburne Place, L8 9UB Fridays 10:00am 12:00pm 0151 703 1870

Toxteth Tabernacle (Use Dombey St Entrance) Thursdays 09:45 - 11:15am

Minnows Playgroup St.Peter’s Church Woolton Thursdays 13:30pm 15:00pm

0151 709 1907

0151 428 6810

BAMBIS Support Group

Greenbank Parent & Toddler

Belle Vale Children’s Centre Fridays 11:00am 12:30pm

Greenbank Sports Academy Fridays 12:30pm 14:30pm

0151 233 1705

0151 280 7757




Early Years


ith many festivals popping up across the country, it can be difficult to know which festival would be most suitable for your family. Combining great music, great activities, new experiences and family fun without having to pay an extortionate amount may seem impossible...but Greenbelt Festival may be just what you’re looking for! Greenbelt is a festival of arts, faith and justice. Greenbelt saw its first festival way back in 1974 and has continued to thrive year-in-year-out (so they must be doing something right!). Having had a few bases in its lifetime, these days Greenbelt takes place in the beautiful grounds of Boughton House in Northamptonshire. Easily accessible for all attendees off the A14 or by train at nearby Kettering station. The site itself is car-free (so very safe for young children), with golf-buggy taxis should you require when little legs tire, or to ferry your camping gear onto site. To experience Greenbelt fully, we would certainly recommend camping! If you don’t have your own equipment there are several options you may wish to explore and you can find out more at Aside from being great fun, camping at Greenbelt means you get to experience all that the festival has to offer at your leisure, and although there’s no shortage of great food stalls, it also means you can bring your camping stove and save some pennies if you’re on a budget. The Greenbelt guide gives you a full schedule of what’s on offer throughout the festival and there really is something for everyone; whether that’s enjoying bands like Ozomatli and CC Smugglers- or learning how

18 |


to play an instrument yourself, taking in a Tatty Bumpkin [children inspired by yoga] class or watching one of the superbly entertaining shows by Professor Pumpernickel with his laboratory of lunacy. Being a festival of faith, one of the highlights of the festival is the Sunday communion (something most people attend which makes for a great atmosphere!). If that’s not for you, then you can enjoy a festival favourite - ‘Beer and Hymns’ at the Jesus Arms or take in a Goth Eucharist! There literally is something for everyone! Greenbelt prides itself on being inclusive and doesn’t shy from controversy, playing host to acts like ‘Pussy Riot’ and the children’s area featuring ‘Drag Queen Storytime’. With many festivals it’s not just the entry ticket you have to pay out for, with many charging for activities once you’re inside too! Refreshingly, this is not the case with Greenbelt! Once your ticket is paid for, your family can enjoy the festival and all it has to offer (aside from if you wish to experience some of the culinary delights on offer from stall holders etc). At no additional cost, in 2018 children could enjoy activities such as; Bhangra Tots, Circus Skills or the Family Twist. Outside of the specially tailored ‘Children’s area’ kids can enjoy additional activities such as forest school activities or BBC weather presenting. Geared to families, Greenbelt offers great facilities for the very smallest Greenbelters too with Baby Bathing times to under 5’s play tents. See our full review at and featured in our next issue. Visit to book for this year’s festival benefiting from a discount until end of April!

Early Years


The Park offers a heated outdoor pool open through the Summer months, Clubhouse with Sky TV, evening entertainment, café/pizzeria and on-site shop. The park is a great central location for exploring North Wales, with most tourist attractions less than half an hour away. Explore; the historic Caernarfon Castle, enjoy Dinas Dinille beach, see the beautiful Aber Falls at Abergwyngregen, enjoy the market town of Conwy, learn the history of Bedgellert, visit beautiful Betwys y coed, sun yourself at Anglesey, or put on your walking boots and head up Mount Snowdon (just 6.5 miles away). Snowdonia is an adventure playground, there is so much to see and do, or just relax in the tranquillity of Glan Gwna Holiday Park itself. Holiday Homes available sleep up to 8 people so great for bringing along the Grandparents! Facebook Group ‘Cabin 147 Snowdon Drive’ or Tel. 07830 329 170

Experience North Wales


Experience all North Wales has to offer with a staycation in the beautiful Holiday Homes in the scenic grounds of Glan Gwna Holiday Park in the heart of Snowdonia.

at one of our Holiday Homes in

Glan Gwna Holiday Park

10/10 “Beautiful site and great base to explore North Wales”

( review)

Set 1.2 miles from historic Caernarfon Castle, close to the breathtaking views of Snowdonia, our cabins on Glan Gwna offer a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, poolside bar, on-site entertainment, BBQ facilities, all in a beautiful setting. Our cabin accommodation; 147 Snowdon Drive (sleeps up to 7 guests) and 246 Riverside (sleeps up to 8 guests), are perfect for the whole family to enjoy - even room to bring the grandparents! Beautifully furnished accommodation with balcony/patio and free WiFi. Family Friendly

Swimming Pool


Free Pets Parking Welcome

For further information & bookings join our Facebook Group ‘Cabin 147 Snowdon Drive’, or call Jenni on 07830 329 170 WWW.MUMMYANDMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK



“ TOP 20


AWARD WINNING FAMILY HOLIDAY IN CENTRAL ITALY Where kids have fun and parents can relax... - Run by parents for parents

- La Tavernetta restaurant

- Playground & lots of toys

- Arrival shopping service

- Morning bakery delivery

- Pool with slide & bean bags

- Massage therapy

- Homemade meal service

- Heated splash pool

- Baby & child equipment

- Organic veggie box

- Toy box in every home

- Babysitting service

- Eco Villa - we care

- Chickens & tractor rides


“Once visited it’s hard not to fall madly, deeply in love.”

Liz Burgess - Mum to Leo & Phoebe

It all started 13 years ago with an old farmhouse in acres of land with heavenly views across the rolling Umbrian hills. A unique place to go on holiday where parents can unwind and relax while the kids explore the magic of an outdoor holiday. The sense of tranquillity that comes from waking up to stunning views of rolling Umbrian hills means you can relax while the kids are in their element; Playing by the pool, in the fort, picking raspberries, collecting eggs for breakfast. Happy children allow parents to relax and unwind. The eco-friendly homes are all unique and have fresh and immaculate interiors which will provide you will everything you need to make your stay at Pian Di Cascina comfortable and feel like home.

“ Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Gubbio lies Pian Di Cascina,

a beautiful stone farmhouse with traditional shuttered windows that open out on to breathtaking Umbrian countryside. It’s a magical sight perched in the saddle of the hill and thankfully as we are travelling with a toddler and a 5 year old, just a 30 minute drive from Perugia airport. It just works - family life has been carefully considered - and the children and I immediately feel at home here. The secluded pool is surrounded by olives and fruit trees and more of those amazing views - there are several shady terraces for lazy afternoons lounging and for the little people more toys, a slide and a heated splash pool. Days at the villa start with a creamy espresso and a rich custard brioche (delivered to our terrace fresh from the local bakery each morning), we admire the view and move at a slower pace lounging on the terrace watching the children having a whale of a time. Umbria is a magical place and has an easy family friendly attitude all of its own - children are welcomed with a smile here - a holiday with your children can be just lovely it seems. We feel happy and relaxed here in Umbria, once visited it’s hard not to fall madly, deeply in love… “ (Liz Burgess - Mum to Leo & Phoebe)

• Gorgeous accommodation designed with family living in mind. • Every property has a private terrace and indoor/outdoor space to relax. • Lovely large pool with a slide and adult sized floating bean bags and a heated splash pool with toys for younger children. • Huge play lawn with a ride on park, under 5’s zone, zip slide, fort, playhouse, sand pit, table tennis, castle, swings, slides and much more. (including plenty of loungers for parents to relax in!) • A box of toys in every property. • Bakery delivery to your door - in time for breakfast - fresh croissants, bread and pastries from the local bakery. • Guests can order an organic fruit and veggie box for arrival. • Shopping service - you can preorder everything for your arrival including dinner. • Baby items for arrival including formula, wipes and nappies. • Vast range of complementary baby and child equipment. • Range of home made family meals available any time - just heat and enjoy on your terrace with a bottle of local wine from our selection. • Baby-sitting service, massages and help to book wine tasting tours, guided sightseeing and fabulous meals out. • Eco-friendly villa, considering the environment in everything they do.




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For Kids Baby Equipment Crèche, Kids’ Club Petting Farm Swimming & Tennis Lessons and more...

2, 3 & 5 bedroom accommodation available

Discover Fun For Kids Relaxation For Parents

For Parents Expert Wine Tasting Spa Treatments Gourmet Meals Babysitting Washing & Ironing Service and more...

Quality Family Time Together Hidden away on 30-acres of farmland in the South of France, Country Kids is an ideal escape for families. With Kids Clubs for every age, tractor rides with farmer Syl every morning, and date nights for Mum & Dad – there’s no better place to escape and reconnect as a family. Reservations: 24 | WWW.MUMMYANDMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK Sylvain & Laure +33 (0)6 77 54 56 00

Early Years “This holday encompasses everything you would want from a vacation and much more!” Michelle - Mummy and Me

Nestled in the beautiful countryside near Octon in the South of France, lies this absolute gem of an exclusive resort. Country Kids offers a safe, childproof, enclosed luxury family resort. Children can enjoy an on-site petting farm, beautiful grounds featuring plenty of play equipment, a gated luxury swimming pool, tennis courts, mini golf - and of course their fantastic kids club from créche to their ‘Big Kids’ programme. For parents; an on-site adult only pool, jacuzzi, wine cellar, bar area, the pure relaxation of an onsite spa, and babysitters to allow you the time to unwind and have romantic evenings. With several years in the hospitality industry around the globe, Country Kids owners, and parents themselves, Laure and Sylvain fell in love with the resort back in 2015 and decided to use their skills and experiences to turn it into the 5 star luxury family resort it is today. Laure and Sylvain are your hosts during your stay at Country Kids and welcome you as part of their family. Their highly skilled team of staff work effortlessly to ensure all aspects of your stay are to the highest standard; from their on-site chef who delivers exquisite food to cater for all requirements, to their highly qualified kids club staff who ensure your little ones are well looked after and having the time of their lives.

The beautiful resort of Country Kids offers suitable accommodation for all size families from 2 bedroom apartments in ‘ The Old Dairy’ suitable for up to 5 guests, to their most spacious ‘ Farmhouse’ 5 bedroom accommodation suitable for up to 12 guests. With a total of seven properties on the site, Country Kids is a quaint resort that provides a safe haven and you will soon feel at home.

As a family of seven, accommodation can be a stumbling block when it comes to booking a holiday, as is the case for families wishing to travel with grandparents, so we were delighted that Country Kids had several options that would accommodate our family without having to compromise on luxury!” Michelle, Mummy and Me




Early Years

Shortly before your stay, you will receive a ‘Pre-Arrival Form’, this enables you to request any baby equipment you may require (you won’t need to bring anything as they can supply high chairs, cots, pushchairs, baby monitors and anything you can think of!). The form also lets Country Kids know what delicious meal you would like waiting for your family on arrival and any additional baby food you would also like prepared – literally everything is thought of, so you don’t have to. If you’ve forgotten to pack nappies and wipes, that’s no problem too as their on-site shop has all these items and included within your package, so you use what you require at no additional charge Once settled, you meet with concierge - Alice, with so much on offer, Alice’s job is to ensure you get the most from your stay at Country Kids. “Meeting Alice was wonderful, she helped schedule our week of activities from our children’s swimming and tennis lessons, through to the luxury spa treatments for my husband and myself. When you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, a ‘schedule’ can seem a little daunting – but it works!

During Spring, Country Kids offer self-catering luxury family holidays for the months of April and May with optional extras. Book from June to Mid-September to enjoy their amazing ‘Absolutely Everything’s Included’ package.

“ Staying at Country Kids in June meant benefiting from the ‘Absolutely

Everything’s Included’ package. This includes full catering for all the family from breakfast through to evening meals, along with drinks, wines and alcohol (either served by the wonderful bar staff on tap or from the ‘help yourself’ well stocked wine cellar filled with everything from fine wines to Champagne!). The ‘Absolutely Everything’s Included’ package also includes two off-site activities per person meaning once your holiday is booked and paid for, you don’t have to worry about any additional costs on arrival. Our children enjoyed a pony riding lesson and we had a wonderful afternoon hiring a boat - all included in our package. There is also a whole wealth of services which are on-site and a stones throw from your accommodation. Our children benefited from a professional swimming instructor for lessons, whilst Mummy and Daddy enjoyed a Wine Tasting experience. At the on-site Spa, each adult also enjoys one massage and one spa treatment – absolute bliss!” The package also includes 2 babysitting nights with your own dedicated babysitter in your apartment. I have to say that I was quite nervous about this at first having never left our youngest (only 9 months at the time), however the evening is amazingly co-ordinated by host Laure who remains on site visiting each babysitter in each apartment and providing absolute peace of mind. Having a larger family, Country Kids had arrange for 2 qualified babysitters to be in our apartment. There are some great local restaurants to sample, but we opted to stay on site enjoying the beautiful surroundings from the Jacuzzi whilst sipping champagne from the wine cellar – absolute luxury. They even take into consideration potential hangovers, collecting your children early morning to enjoy a ‘Pyjama Party’ with their Kids Club friends from 7am.” Michelle, Mummy and Me Magazine

24 |


As my husband said “ this has been the busiest, yet most relaxing holiday with children ever!” ” Michelle, Mummy and Me Magazine

Early Years

Each day, breakfast is served at the bar area, following which your host ‘Farmer Syl' rings a bell for all children to gather to ride the tractor down to the on-site farm to feed the animals.

At Country Kids, everything is maintained to a high standard with twice daily cleaning services, weekly washing and ironing and exemplary attention to detail. With a 70% rebook rate, Country Kids are certainly doing something right.

“ To have a luxury holiday which also has a farm attached to it for the children to enjoy was extraordinary, a totally unique feature that our children loved! Each family collects their food scraps in a bucket to take with them each morning to feed the farm animals. This truly was one of the highlights for our little ones! ” Michelle Mummy and Me Magazine

“ Would I rebook? In a heartbeat! We will definitely be returning to Country Kids! This has been the most amazing holiday, providing relaxation I didn’t think was possible on a holiday with 5 young children. This holiday encompasses everything you would want from a vacation – and much more! ” Michelle, Mummy and Me Magazine Find out more and book your stay at

Ha ppy C loth in g fo r P la y fu l K ids Colourful and Fun Boys, Girls & Unisex clothing for 18m to 5 years

for the personal touch ...

All items listed on the website are made and ready to ship on the same day as you order! All of our clothes are handmade in the UK

pick b u.c om

Join us online and share a

#Pickbu moment




Early Years

Powder Byrne was the first UK tour operator to marry bespoke skiing experiences with quality service, sharing a passion for powder skiing, an intimate knowledge of the Alps, and an ‘everything’s possible’ approach. Powder Byrne prides itself on its loyal following of regular clients, families, couples, groups and solo travellers alike, thanks to their unique approach, dedicated staff, and focus on delivering the best experience for each and every client. St. Moritz is a big draw for skiers. It’s one of the most traditional Alpine locations you’ll find in Europe and its fantastic location means it receives over 300 days of sunshine per year as well as great snow records. These elements, combined with the incredible Upper Engadine landscape, are the reason that this legendary resort has become synonymous with style, elegance and class over the years. Often defined by charming, elegant and chic, St. Moritz benefits from a ‘champagne climate’ with constant sunshine over all sides of the resort, and, boasting 34 mountain restaurants, there’s something for even the most discerning of tastes.

• Discover a world of endless luxury at the Kulm Hotel, which oozes tradition and history. The combination of over 150 years of experience and the hotels traditional Swiss elegance makes for an unforgettable stay in a world-class resort. Most distinguishable by its traditional decor set amongst a breathtaking landscape, you’re in for a treat.

Dinoski, a new luxury children’s skiwear brand, designed for boys and girls aged 2-7 years. The collection features all-in-one, animal themed skiwear, which are waterproof and warm, sprinkled with just the right amount of wild. The three ranges are based on our intrepid characters Spike, Hop and Cub. Spike is a green dinosaur inspired suit with navy blue spiked detailing on the back and arms, and three white horns on top of the hood. Hop is a bunny-inspired suit in lilac with rabbit ears and a bunny tail. Cub is the final suit in the collection. It is based on a roarsome yellow lion to make any child feel like the king or queen of the slopes. All suits are unisex and include 150D fabric with microfiber insulation, anti-stain coating and aqua seal zips. The skiwear has breathable lining and outer fabric, 5K waterproofing, quick dry spandex thumb mitts, inner boot covers and outer over boot leg zips, as well as a removable faux fur trim and adjustable hood which can be worn with, or without a helmet. All suits are machine washable at 30 degrees and can be used at low heat in a tumble dryer. Already stocked with retailers throughout Austria, Andorra, France, UK, US & Switzerland, the new Dinoski skiwear collection has a RRP of £185 per suit. Retailers include Kidly, Not On The High St, Internet Fusion (Surfdome), Absolute Snow, AS Adventure, Alber Sport, Les Enfants & Yellowstone Club.

26 |


Early Years


2. 4. 3.

n o s Focu 2019



4. 6.

5. 1. Blue & Coral Wedze Ski suit - £49.99 2. Whistler Snow Boots - £16.99 3. Barts 3D Nylon Bat Skiing Mittens Navy - £22.99 4. Poivre Blanc Punch Pink Leopard Ski Bib Pants - £141 5. Giro Launch Combo Helmet & Goggle Set, Matte Bright Green Tagazoo - £80 -

6. AI Riders On The Storm Goggle Hood Coat - £239.20 7. Dinoski Cub Lion ski suit - R.R.P £185 - Kidly & NOTHS 8. Enchanted Kids Printed Ski Jacket - Purple - £34.99 7. Wed’ze Children’s Ski Suit Ski-P Suit 500 Pnf Pink £36.99 -





e s a c t Sea 2+

Suitable for ages 2yrs and over

at and e s g n o l a l l The pu laces p g n i o g s case for kid head lockers t over st aircerqaufir ed Fits mseom R bly No As

Ideal overnigfhotr an stay EN71

10% OFF Using Websit e Offer Code NEW10

The Seatcase manufactured under license by Mainetti (UK) Limited, Oxnam Road, Jedburgh TD8 6NN.



ntroducing The Seatcase, the all new pull along seat and case for kids going places. EN71 certified for safety, it is suitable for children ages 2+ and has 11 litres of space-plenty of room for teddy, a games console and more. The Seatcase is ideal for overnight stays or weekends away with Grandparents and is easy to stow away in aircraft overhead lockers for longer journeys. It also provides somewhere for a child to sit at airports and Railway stations-no more sitting on dirty floors- and can be used in cafes and restaurants to lift little ones higher up to the table.

28 |


The Seatcase is lightweight and easy to use with no assembly required. It incorporates a foldaway handle, an easy opening swivelling latch and a simple press of the yellow buttons in the wheels enables the arms to be lifted, ready to use as a seat. The Seatcase comes in a choice of 6 bright colours and is available from our website (Enter NEW10 for your 10% discount). Also available at

Afraid to read to your child?


tage fright may be causing parents to close the book on story time, according to a survey conducted by Chessington World of Adventures Resort of 2,000 parents and children across the country, with over a third of parents (36%) admitting to feeling nervous or self-conscious about reading stories to their children. Widely acknowledged as an essential part of a child’s daily routine, yet story time is not on the agenda for one in seven (14%). In response to these findings, Chessington will introduce Story School, a storytelling masterclass hosted by professional storyteller, Kevin Graal, who will guide parents on the most effective story time techniques. “You don’t need to be a brilliant reader or storyteller to read a children’s book well or tell a story,” says Kevin. He adds: “You just need to be playful and remember how much children love and need storytelling. Then you can relax and really enjoy the experience of sharing stories with your children!” Chessington’s research also found over half of children (55%) find story time more exciting when parents get into character, using different voices and even costumes. As part of Chessington’s Story School initiative, Kevin will teach parents simple skills to

School Years

help them feel confident when reading and find their voice to bring stories to life to inspire their children’s imagination. A Theme Park, like Chessington, might not normally be a leading voice in the world of children’s literacy. However, as the Surrey Resort brings to life yet another children’s book this year, author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler’s Room on the Broom, it wanted to understand the current state of play of story time in the UK, fully aware of the importance of literacy for its young guests. Chessington World of Adventures Resort, said: “It’s saddening to hear these statistics, especially as research has shown children who are read a bedtime story from their parents as infants perform better in maths and English at the age of 16 than their peers who did not*. Opening on Sunday March 10, Room on the Broom – A Magical Journey is the second children’s book Chessington has brought to life by author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler, following in the footsteps of the Resort’s Gruffalo River Ride Adventure. Visit

Moonlite storybook projector - a great new way to tell bedtime stories. Get yours from Argos, The Entertainer, Jojo Maman Bébé or Amazon and visit mymoonlite. for more information. Books in the range including; The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Tale of Peter Rabbit. An interactive experience with your child, click on the selected words to add sounds to your story too!

07720631299 _cherish_photography cherishphotographyliverpool

Liverpool based mobile photographer, specialising in Newborn, baby and family shoots WWW.MUMMYANDMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK




Daddy and Me


TOP TIPS FOR DEALING WITH HOSTILITIES Establishing boundaries The brief: Conflict is an inevitable part of life. One of the best ways to avoid it, or minimise its impact, is to establish firm boundaries and good discipline in the unit. Discipline Discipline is the act of teaching your MTs to obey rules, and using age appropriate sanctions to guide behaviour. Its purpose is to keep your MTs safe, and to teach and guide them. It is not about punishment. Discipline begins by establishing nit regulations, or family rules.

Boundaries are the limits that are deemed acceptable in your unit. They are underpinned by rules - and consequences. It is a myth that MTs don’t like boundaries. They need them because they give them security and something to push against. Without boundaries, your MTs will ultimately feel insecure. Boundaries need to be clear and consistently implemented. Everyone in the unit - including adults must operate within the same boundaries.


Consistency is key, but that does not mean that you have to consistently do something that isn’t working. You need to find what works for you and your troopers, and stick to it. If that stops working, change it. There is no one set of strategies that all parents can consistently follow when bringing up troopers. It’s all about trial and error. Mistakes are great because you will learn from them and hone your skills as an effective dad.

Unit regulations Your MT, even up until the age of three, has a very limited vocabulary. Therefore, when setting rules remember: Do: • Use touch, body language and tone of voice as ways of non-verbal communication. • Maintain eye contact to engage your MT. • Always be a model of behaviour that you want your MT to emulate. Don’t: • Use too many words. • Set too many rules. • Confuse your MT with conflicting signals: e.g. telling them not to do something but laughing; saying something is OK when your body language shows that you are angry.

A COMMANDO DAD IS RESPECTED NOT FEARED - BY HIS TROOPERS Hitting shows a distinct lack of self-discipline. It is not appropriate behaviour. • If you ‘solve’ conflict by hitting your trooper, you teach them that conflict resolution begins with physical violence. This robs them of the ability to develop vital life skills, such as reasoning, compromise and adaptability. • Escalation becomes a problem. If you start with smacking, where will you go next?

30 |

For BTs: BTs are too young for discupline. BTs under one year are too young to grasp the concept of cause and effect. • Do lay the foundation for later discipline by using ‘no’ when the BT is engaged in a potentially unsafe or undesirable activity, and a visual cue, such as wagging a finger. • Always provide an alternative toy/activity to distract them. • Always praise your BT for good behaviour • Use the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach: your BT is naturally inquisitive. Keep objects that you don’t want your BT to play with hidden away and out of reach. Baby proof your home. Dealing with tantrums The most effective way to deal with a tantrum that has begun, or is about to begin in the distraction technique. MTs have very short attention spans. Make this work in your favour. • Entertain: make it an SOP to take a (small) bag of decoy objects on sorties away from the unit. You need something to keep their minds, and hands, busy. The most effective thing I used was a box of plasters, but you could use any small toy, such as a rattle or ‘buggy book’. • Role Play: surprise your MT out of their tantrum by acting out of character or doing something surprising. I found pretending to cry - very loud and theatrically - would often make my MT laugh and could change the mood instantly. Find out what works for your MT. • Engage: make an alternative suggestion for something to do and do it together, immediately.


BT: Baby Trooper MT: mobile trooper. A trooper that can shuffle, crawl, stand up and, eventually walk.

Your chance to WIN!

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, date night or simply as a ‘thank you’ this Mother’s Day enjoy the delights on offer at your local Prezzo. Prezzo has 185 restaurants nationwide and all offer a wide variety of pasta and pizza on menus available across all of its restaurants for both lunch and dinner and to suit all budgets and palates. Separate allergyaware menus are available across all Prezzo restaurants. For your chance to win £100 to spend at your nearest Prezzo restaurant, visit and enter our competion online or email ‘Prezzo’ to




With its ingenious integrated ride on board, lightweight chassis, generous basket, and ability to convert into a double or twin pushchair, the brand new iCandy Orange can cater to any parent’s needs. The Orange travel system allows over 30 unique configurations to provide ultimate flexibility.

Find your local iCandy stockist at

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