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The Mummo Motherhood Manifesto

In a nutshell, here‟s what we want to be able to provide for our children:

happiness - inner confidence and contentment, based on feeling safe, secure and unconditionally loved

health - lifelong physical and emotional wellbeing

hope - optimism about people, life and the promise of the future

And here‟s a list of what we, as mothers, would find helpful in enabling us to bring up our children in the way that we want: Support networks - online and in life - involving both other mothers and appropriate ‘experts’ such as health visitors Recognition and appreciation for the invaluable role that we play as mothers Training: access to parenting courses and other relevant learning opportunities to help us be the best possible mothers Time off to recharge our batteries, both alone and with our partners and friends Shared maternity / paternity leave so that our children have the possibility of having both parents involved in their early lives Genuinely flexible working for anyone at any level, so that we can rejoin the workforce if we choose (without having to take several steps down the career ladder or sacrifice our family life) and so that our children‟s fathers can opt to work less and parent more Realistic and fair pay, so that we are rewarded on an equal basis with anyone else doing the same job either full-time or part-time Excellent, flexible childcare that we can trust, and that can support an irregular work schedule Childcare costs treated as a valid business expense, to help us in starting and running our own businesses A healthy environment: For example: an even greater focus on healthy lifestyles and environmentally friendly behaviour, with initiatives designed to make this way of living “cool” a move away from consumerism to emphasise the importance of „being‟ and „doing‟ rather than „having‟, including a ban on advertising to children in any medium a „social conscience audit‟ applied to all products and services aimed at children (including TV programmes) to ensure that they promote positive values and a healthy approach to life

Mummo Motherhood Manifesto  

What could politicians do to help make our lives as mums easier and enable us to be the kind of mothers we want to be? This document puts fo...

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