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Mumbai Dabbawala When the name Dabbawala arrives on the tongue of people, suddenly an image of a man appears in a white dress running a bicycle on which number of lunch boxes were hanged. And in reality too this is the daily work of a dabbawala. Just taking the freshly made food from customer’s home and deliver it to their offices and work places in the lunch boxes. By telling this, it looks so simple work. But when you will see the whole process practically, you will become wonder. Because we deliver nearly 200,000 dabbas or tiffins per day during the lunch time and the dabbawalas who deliver the tiffins were just nearly 5000 in numbers. This difference does not affect our work. The important thing is that these 200,000 tiffins were delivered with great time accuracy daily. The time management is impressive in such a way that every single tiffin can be delivered at an accurate time to every customer. Important thing is that we do not use any type of management theories for our process. Most of us were semi literate people and not highly qualified and does not know these management theories. We simply do our work daily. And this is the reason why the whole world knows about Dabbawala today and wanted to know about the management theories used by us. We became the topic of case study in many different management institutes and companies. Today many big companies invite us for seminar presentations and workshops to share our success story. The process of delivering tiffins started before 125 years by a single person and the process continuously going on till today without any interpretation with a great success. In this success there is a strong hand of housewives from whom we carry the lunch boxes. Because they are trusting us from a long time that we will successfully deliver the dabba to their loved ones at the right time. After getting the dabba from customer’s home it goes on 3,4 hands before the delivery so that there are no chances of any mistake and the right dabba reaches to the right person every day. Every day the process going similarly on and on and on.. and make the customer feel happy. Visit us@ Call us @ 090 04 485539

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We are the dabbawalas. we deliver nearly 200,000 dabbas or tiffins per day duri ng the lunch time and the dabbawalas who deliver the tiffin...