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Mumbai Dabbawala: Everything About Us Mumbai Dabbawala, sometimes known as Dabbawalla, Dabbawallah, Dabbewala is a man whom you can see in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The Association of Dabbawalas are called as wonder among the people because of their unbelievable smart & hard work. They look unique than the other citizens of India by their get up. A white dress and a white Indian cap on the head & a identity card makes them unique by their looks. As you & the whole world knows, our daily work looks very simple. During the lunch time, we carry freshly prepared food from customer’s home & deliver it to their offices at the exact time & without any mistake. By reading this you will think that it’s a very simple job & nothing special in

that. But when you will know us in detail, your thought will definitely change. The Office of Dabbawala is situated in Mumbai. We deliver 200,000 tiffins daily during the lunch time only in Mumbai and we are just 5000 in numbers. A dabba moves on to six different hands before reaching to the customer. So, the chances of any mistake are 0.01% only. Almost all of us were semiliterate people. So we don’t have any big idea for our management. Because of our time management we have many achievements. Our name in Guinness Book of World Record, registration in Ripley’s “Believe it or Not”, World record in Best Time Management are enough to tell our success story. The way we perform our work : The process of carrying and delivering the dabbas is divided into different time slots. The tiffin after carrying from the customer’s home taken into the wooden crates and transferred into goods compartment of the train. After that at the destination, unloading takes place and each tiffin is arranged according to the destination area & building. The dabbas now arranged into the special crate with 150 tiffins. Similarly the tiffins were collected from the destination and in the same way they reaches to their home. For this work we only charge Rs 200/tiffin per month. Toatal area we cover is nearly 60 Kms . This is the way in which we daily assures to the housewives that their loved ones receives the food daily at the right time. For more facts about us, you can visit the Official Website of Dabbawala @

Mumbai Dabbawala: Everything About Us